Word Connection

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  1. Rules of the game:

    You have to post a word or phrase in response to the word/phrase above you. The word/ phrase has to be in some way connected to the previous word, and you have to explain the connection.

    My Word: Ginger
  2. Cat (because my cat is ginger)
  3. Chef (There is a chef named Cat Cora)
  4. Creme Brulee (a chef makes creme brulee)
  5. Desserts (isn't creme brulee kind of a dessert? Maybe I am mistaken but nonetheless it this is my connection ;) )
  6. The Sahara (it's a desert - dessert/desert lol)
  7. Friend (I have a friend named Sara... Sahara? o.o)
  8. Boyfriend (just adding the word Boy on there)
  9. Single (you guess why I wrote that xD by the way, sorry for the spelling error but english is a b*tch with that ^_^ )
  10. Mingle (it rhymes! lol)
  11. Tingle (because you guys reminded me of that weird fairy dude in LOZ Majora's Mask and Wind Waker)
  12. Pins and Needles (you feel tingly when you get pins and needles in your legs and feet)
  13. Pain (when it gets out of control)
  14. Drugs (part of the title of a short story series I wrote once - called "Drugs, Prostitution and Pain")
  15. rockstar (casue they do a ton of drugs)
  16. Fangirls (Because every rockstar has at least one.)
  17. One Direction (a band with lots and LOTS of fangirls!)
  18. Glee (don't they use similar name for Nationals and regionals?)
  19. Santana Lopez (one of the Glee characters and a member of the LGBT community)
  20. Jennifer Lopez (They share the same surname)