word challenge #2

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  1. Just like the first challenge, this is a challenge where I would put forth a word and you can do what you want with it.

    For this second challenge, the word is "RING"

    Tips and guidelines:-

    1) It can be in any form: poetry, story, facts.
    2) It can have various meanings: the lateral meaning; which is an object, the ring of a phone, ring of fire... e.t.c.
    3) It can be descriptive, narrative or whatever style you are comfortable in writing.
  2. What is it other than what young girls dream of as they lay there heads to rest? What is it more than what carries through your ears after a terrifying sound? What is it greater than a simple tone telling you someone you love wants a word? What is it crueler than the enclosure of people around you mocking your every word and movement? A simple little word with lots meaning. Who would have guessed a ring could have this much inscription on it?
  3. I was crafted from white gold and promised to a young bride on her happiest day. My diamond was princess cut and so big I thought it might break away but it was set right and I held it tight. She wore me with such love and pride. Shown off to everyone every chance she had. The giggles and cheers would fill the room as her eyes filled with tears. I’d always be confused but deep down I was sure it was ok.

    The day came when my side came to know a plain band and we were good friends. Polished and bonded well. This changed what I meant and her hand reached for many different things over the long years we had together. Tears stung her eyes as she set me around her neck for a few months twice in her life. I’ll never understand the days of humans but she clung to me and wore me as she could anyway she could all the while. Time and distance forced such change to her hands as she let go of so much in her tender years that the later ones brought her to me with more and more long nights. She would look at me and talk to me. Odd? Perhaps but gifted I was to her with a promise. A promise of forever.

    Today I find myself rather still upon her tired and spotted hand. The days have grown slower and much short. Tangled in the daze of time my shine has remained but hers has started to fade. The candle in the window flickers weaker and weaker as her heart settles into a tired pace. I feel her fading smile and hear the tears in the room. The long age I’ve spent upon her hand has come to an end. Her light is going out. Stillness over takes the room as her breath fades. Calm warms me as I know she is happy joining him on the other side I only I too can join them.
  4. the toll was crisp, clear, beautiful, and yet dreadful the funeral procession was approaching and everyone could hear it approach the dreadful ring could be heard from heaven to hell and even the void the dreadful, beautiful ring of the bell to let death know it was time to collect another soul. dreadful for those who were close to the deceased, yet beautiful for Mother Void for that ring signifies dinner.
  5. Ring (Lord of the Rings Gollum and Precious)

    Precious, my sweet,
    how I love you so,
    you can make me unseen,
    when I have you I can do anything.

    Before I had you I was nothing,
    now I'm everything,
    I was once alone,
    but now I'm with you.

    I starved,
    and you saved me,
    I cried,
    and you made me laugh,
    when I got bored,
    you suggested we play.

    Precious, my sweet
    Precious, Gollum loves,
    Gollum loves you,
  6. Things a ring cause​

    This is a mother,
    waiting by the phone
    hoping for a phone call, saying her little boy's coming home
    later that day, tears rolled down her eyes
    her baby boy had died
    he bled out in a battlefield firefight.

    This is a wedding, the old chapel set in Rome
    great music and memories,
    underlying a rather somber tone
    later that month the Bride sat at a table and drank alone
    The groom, behind closed doors,
    made one of her friends his own
    The bride, had to smile through tears
    at the woman's obvious moans.

    This is a halo, of an angel pure and white
    ripped of his wings by the enemies acolyte
    the earth is but a prison
    he is forced to roam
    he will soon die, he thinks
    but I surely know
    in two years time he will lie, facedown
    in the Appalachian snow.
    his halo rusted, will fade to heavens high
    back into the hands of the acolyte​

    This is a poem,
    of an object
    a simple ring
    now we all have learned
    it is a rather depressive thing.