Word Chain

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  1. Make a word chain!

    Use the last letter from the word in the person befores post.


    First post:Hungary
    Second post: Yogurt
    Third post: Tactical

    And so on. No using words more than once. And please, if you aren't sure of the spelling: FIND OUT BEFORE YOU POST!

    STARTING WORD: Fractal
  2. I voted for Gaiman's The Ocean at the end of the Lane and then promptly went to see if it was available from the library. There are 10 people waiting for the book @_@ Looks like I'll be buying a new book next month.
  3. I voted for the Oracle Glass. My first choice was Howl's Moving Castle but I've read and listened to it multiple times, and I figured I should try something new. ^_^

    >.>' The Oracle Glass had a pretty cover so... yeah.
  4. Science
  5. Supernova