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  1. Inside the base right now: [​IMG]
    Outside the base: [​IMG]
  2. But . . . nobody told me just one O.O :P

    okay um . . . Howel's Moving Castle then
  3. I voted for Gaiman's The Ocean at the end of the Lane and then promptly went to see if it was available from the library. There are 10 people waiting for the book @_@ Looks like I'll be buying a new book next month.
  4. I voted for the Oracle Glass. My first choice was Howl's Moving Castle but I've read and listened to it multiple times, and I figured I should try something new. ^_^

    >.>' The Oracle Glass had a pretty cover so... yeah.
  5. Science
  6. Supernova
  7. Astorath kissed Melody's forehead and looked up at Harmony.
  8. done w/ post.

    ball's in your park on how natalia acts from there.
  9. Well that certainly came out of nowhere.
  10. "Perhaps." Harmony shrug, "She does like you, but I don't want to risk waking her just yet."
  11. "Yeah, it's not in Lyra's nature. Yours and Mel-Mel maybe."
  12. "I'd rather not become a manipulative ass."
  13. Guys....I got a question to ask....would anyone here be interested in being my editor for a large story i'm writing?
  14. "She hid Melissa away."
  15. cool

    as we wrap up this introductory arc (I get the sense we're getting near to the end, now that blood puppets are on the field and Lorentz is actively looking for sam), we should probably hash out the play by play leading up to lorentz's defeat and wiping out the blood puppets

    -since your WIP post says Lorentz is searching for sam, sam and cross could fight Lorentz in the factory, where sam has rigged up some explosives. good chance for cross to show off his gunplay, while sam does his MacGyver thing. and Lorentz has all sorts of toys to throw at them. battle should eventually swing in Lorentz's favor....
    -...leading to jade escorting the girls away from the fighting,only to have to join the fight as Lorentz changes his focus on Natalia, Erika, and Raven. now all four girls get a chance to show off their military or magical skills.
    -I personally would like a chance for Sam to jump in front of Raven, shielding her with his body, and using the Empiric Field to dissipate a magical assault; gives a chance to show off the Field's defensive properties while also teasing their future relationship
    -at some point, the blood puppets should start showing up in greater numbers -- with someone mentioning that containing them is going to be a priority.
    -as the fight winds down, Lorentz has to get worn down as well (he IS one guy and a bunch of blood puppets fighting against Jade, Cross, Sam, Raven, Erika, AND Natalia....). he makes like a tree and leafs, leaving the blood puppets to overwhelm the good guys...
    -...only for Natalia to save the day by ripping them all apart and flattening the factory.

    sound about right?