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I must remember to celebrate the highs, and put them down in words.

So right now I'm thankful - very thankful. I've found a new place to live, with people who I think are going to be alright. And my best friend and virtual soulmate, Maria, who I thought was moving far away, has just found a place 5 minutes from where I'm going to be. It's a converted chapel, and she's fallen in love with it, and she's moving there with her daughter, who is also one of my muses.

So the two women who have been huge inspirations in my life aren't going to vanish from it, and I don't have to face the prospect of moving to a town alone.

They turn me from a weakling into someone of supreme strength. And when I heard they were moving to the same town, I thanked God. I give the guy a hard time most days, so I'm glad I remembered to thank Him for this one.

Job's going great, and my boss is turning out to be another woman who I can confide in. I think it takes a lot for someone to understand me, and to have these three people wanting to spend time with me is something I could only have dreamed of when I was growing up, friendless and terrified of the real world.

So, thank God for Cornwall and for this new life and these new (or perhaps first) friends who have helped become more than just "the kid who couldn't get over his brother's death".

There is someone I want to be. And he's so close now. I just have to achieve a few more things. It's a shame it's taken this long... but I guess we all move at our own pace.

Thank you. To whoever is listening. Thank you.
Good to hear. :)

Glad to hear everything is going well for you mate. It truly is!
Can't imagine Asmo as a weakling....

But congrats, glad to hear we'll be seeing more epic posts and complex plots with you muses being 5 minuets away.
Good to hear, with all the negativity in the counseling section, it's great to see things going right for someone.
This thread make me feel good enough so I didn't have to rant my brain out about my visa expiring in 5 days and no renewal as yet forthcoming.
I'm really thrilled for you Asmo. It makes me happy to know you're happy.
All the best wishes for your happiness now, and future.
It gets better.

There's a distinct and world-shattering possibilty that I am standing on the precipice of falling in love.

More to come...
Glad to hear all of this, dude.

Here's to many more good things to come. *Raises his beer*
Er.. that's affirmative. I think I might have just met the one.

Holy fucking shit.


*Takes off troll mask.*

Anyway, this is great news! Glad you got yourself some good vibes. :D
That's it, everyone Toast to Asmo *Raises Beer*
Oops, false alarm. She was the AntiChrist.

Oh well.

Moving on.
The world was not prepared for grandfatherly pats on the head from Asmo, or any other kind of outwardly expressed emotion.
Oops, false AntiChrist alarm. I've just spent the entire day with her.

She confuses and infuriates me.

This will be a very weird relationship.

She's a Cambridge graduate who believes in pure logic and rational argument, likes to fuck with people's heads and believes that 90% of the human race are beyond redemption. We've had blazing arguments, I've trolled her to the point of fury, she's torn apart my entire belief system and I've taken her to a truckstop for a date.

It's a relationship of constant trolling and intellectual joust. We'll rip each other to pieces if we have the chance. And until then we're gonna fuck like bunnies.

Distracted Asmo is distracted.