Woolves' Crockpot Cookbook

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  1. Scifi, futuristic.
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  3. official genderbend (as seen in the manga)
  4. is this how you do it?
  5. yes
  6. kewl. do i reply or post something new?
  7. I can't see the picture. Like it won't let me click on it or anything like that.
  8. the box at the bottom.
  9. So what are we on here for?
  10. sry, just saw it, to look at the pic. do you wanna be one of them?
  11. Idk. I can't really see it.
  12. hmmm...
  13. about what?
  14. who should @shadowkitten3 be? have you been reading this at all?
  15. well the only other girl is blackstar, but @shadowkitten could be patty I guess...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.