Woods at Dawn (LYDIA and Leucothea)

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    It was a hard way of living, but Genevieve Langdon wouldn't change it for the world.

    The only indication that she was at least half human was her backpack full of clothes, a hairbrush, soap and shampoo, which she carried either on her pack or in her wolf form's mouth as she lead her pack throughout the Dawn Woods in Vermont, USA. Being the Alpha was both a very stressful role, and also the most enjoyable. She was constantly worried that she would make a mistake that would result in the demise of her Beta or any of her Deltas, but Genevieve liked the feeling of always having other wolves to back her up.

    However, being the Alpha of the Langdon pack meant making tough decisions for the sake of her wolves, which was why Genevieve was on her way to meet the Alpha of the other pack that roamed the Dawn Woods -- the enemies of the Langdons, to possibly settle on a truce.

    "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Genevieve's twin brother and Beta, Rowan, asked as she packed her belongings.

    "Yes, Rowan, I'm sure," replied Genevieve. She was dressed in her nicest casual clothes -- a striped button-up shirt and jeans -- for the occasion. The other wolves in their pack sat around the campfire, pretending they weren't eavesdropping on the conversation. "I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself."

    "You don't know that the other Alpha didn't arrange backup," said Rowan, his arms crossed over his chest. "At least take Evan. He can step in if anything happens."

    "I do not need to take Evan. Rebekah, when you spoke to their messenger, didn't you both agree to no backup?"

    Rebekah, a beautiful African-American girl, nodded. "Rowan, she'll be fine."

    Genevieve clapped her brother on the shoulder. "Rowan, you're in charge. I'll be back in a day."

    And with that, Genevieve made her way in human form to the Destiny Falls, where she had agreed to meet the other Alpha.

    She sat on a rock beside the river, listening to the calming rush of water falling over the small waterfall, as she waited for the Alpha from the other pack. She didn't know what to expect, but she hoped that she could make it out of this confrontation with a truce with the other pack. Too many people had been injured because of this silly feud.
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    They sat in a group, thinking hard about what the outcome could be. Sure, they had agreed on no back up, that would be the safest way to keep the peace, the safest way for Draven to shut the alpha down on pure force alone. Ace had done some research on the pack Alpha, and once he knew it was a female, the less worried they became. A female could run a pack sure, but Draven was feared for a reason. He could destroy.

    "She should be there or on her way, this is a serious matter and one we should not take lightly. Draven, are you sure you want to make this truce? We have never felt the need to do a truce before, we have taken more of what they have then they have of us. We can survive this new enemy as we have done with all others" Ace stared at his Alpha with crisp blue eyes and a furrowed brow. It was unsettling to have to resort to a truce with another pack, having two Alpha's would only complicate things further. Even with a combined force, there would always be division. Of course.

    Draven packed his bag full of a few things, a water bottle, a few snack bars(protein), and an extra thin jacket, in case it got cold during the night and their truce wasn't settled. Sure his wolf form would have warmth in its own. Never be too sure. Draven zipped up his backpack, after listening to his packs concerns, he decided to speak. "Even with our own protection, this truce can do us a great deal. This new enemy is one we know nothing about. This truce is only necessary.. I'll be back by morning." With little resolve he packed up his things and headed towards the direction of the waterfall meeting place, hoping to bring peace any way he knew how.

    It was quiet, only the sound of the rushing waterfall came from the distance, Draven was only looking at one thing. A gorgeous female awaited him and for a brief moment he lost breath. She was small and fragile looking, Draven felt as if he could snap her in half just by shaking hands with her. It was truly a sight, but he needed to be serious. Setting down his things, Draven took a set on an old fallen tree trunk and cleared his throat. "I assume you are the Alpha?" the look on his face was anything but friendly. Serious.

  3. She had heard the other Alpha approach, of course. Genevieve smiled warmly when he sat down and nodded at his question. "Yes, I am," she answered. "My name is Genevieve Langdon."

    Genevieve had heard of the other Alpha and knew of his feats. He had destroyed many people and considered him an invaluable ally. He was very gorgeous, Genevieve noticed, but she would not let it get in the way of what she had come here to do. "I'm very pleased you agreed to meet me. I believe that forming a truce will be very beneficial to both of us, and our packs."
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