Woodland Preparatory Academy for Girls

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  1. Woodland Prep is an all female institution that has been running since 1300's and has been running perfectly ever since. The Headmistress of this school is the descendant of the very first headmistress, and she runs the school with an iron fist.

    The students are all children of anyone who wishes for their daughter to reach her full potential and become the brightest in her chosen career field. Poor, middle class, upper class, it doesn't matter. Any young lady is accepted into Woodland Prep.

    For years, the entire staff of the school has been a hundred percent female, but alas, on this day January 9th 2015, misogyny has struck the school. The government has demanded that a man named, Bartholomew Stern, be instated as a teacher at the school. The headmistress attempted to fight this decision, but her unyielding command was not as strong as a jealous and insecure male influenced society. And so on the first day of the new school year at Woodland Preparatory Academy for Girls, the very first male teacher was given the position of fourth year math instructor.

    Some of the students were upset about this turn out, and some were curious and excited, after all, they hadn't seen a man since they were enrolled at the age of eleven.

    In an attempt to make peace with the angered students and the disgusted staff, Professor Bartholomew--Barry as he prefers to be called-- enrolled his thirteen year old daughter, Natalie. That was a horrid mistake on his part, for there were two girls who absolutely despised his very existence in the school, and so they hatched a plan.

    The first girl, Jade was a sixth year, and the second girl, (name) was a fifth year. These girls were the top of each of their classes and on the academy's honor roll. They had the favor of the majority of the staff as well as the headmistress. So when they began acting on their plan to force the male teacher out by means of targeting Natalie, no one stopped them.

    This role play is about two older girl bullying and manipulating a younger girl under the pretense of 'grooming her to become the best'. This role play contains, bullying, graphic violence, and sexual themes. However no sexual actions will be depicted.

    Depending on the actions of the characters, this rp may end with Natalie dying via an accident or suicide. Our goal, however is to have her and her father leave the school alive.

    • No Godmodding
    • Only two spots are available
    • No WIP or Reserve posts. Your CSs must be completed when you submit it to this thread.
    • For the second older girl, there will be no 'Doesn't really want to do this but she has to'. The older girls are cruel.
    • Natalie can not have been abused in her past and neither can the other older girl.
    • Don't bleep or symbol out the language. Either say it or don't.
    • The rarely takes place in class.
    • Jade is 16 and the other girl is 15.
    • All posts must be third person past tense and at least 10 sentences.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: [Real]

    RP Sample: [At least two paragraps]
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  2. ((WHOA this seems like a super cool rp!! time to unleash my inner mean girl, haha!!))

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: May Shizuka
    Age: 15
    Year: 5

    Personality: She is very smart and appears to be the most mature of the two. May gives the impression of being sweet and understanding, but she can be incredibly manipulative and is good at guilting others into doing what she wants.
    Bio: Born to a well-to-do family, May was born between two sisters. Having had the privilege of being young enough to get away with anything and being old enough to figure out how she was doing it, she tormented her sisters to the bone while being able to still remain the apple of her parents' eyes. She was sent to the school at age 10 where she made many friends, Jade included. Together they got into many sticky situations but managed to sneak their way to the top of the class... and then came Natalie.
    RP Sample: Looking down at her nails, May let out a slight laugh. This Natalie business would be a piece of cake. The way she planned it, she would treat her as her younger sister: she'd look out for her, take care of her, and show her around the school like any good person would. What nobody knew was how badly she treated her sister back home.

    As she walked down the hallways, she thought back to when she first arrived. She was observant, keeping her cool and collected look as she tried to pinpoint who everyone was and what they were doing with themselves. And who was to notice but Jade? It was a blessing to run into her; she never met anyone whom she could relate to so well.

    Of course, Natalie meeting the both of them would be nothing but a curse. And she would make sure it was exactly that.
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  3. @baker ramsey
    Awesome! :D Accepted! When we get someone to play Natalie we'll start. :3
    Also in your bio you put June instead of May.

    Name: Jade Meyers
    Age: 16
    Year: 6​

    Personality: If sharks could take on human form, they would probably look like Jade. The girl is the epitome of viciousness. She completely and utterly despises all males and thinks they should be wiped from the face of the earth.
    Unlike May, Jade doesn't utilize manipulation as a tactic, instead she goes straight for the kill or she makes use of blackmail.

    Bio: Jade Meyers was born to a single mother living at home with her own mother. As she struggled to raise Jade, her mother had to endure countless insults from her mother about how she ruined her life when she got involved with Jade's father and if she had stayed in school she wouldn't be stuck with a child at such a young age. Jade's mother did her best to shield her daughter from such words but since she was almost always working, Jade was usually alone with her grandmother who despised her very existence. Jade couldn't understand why she was so hated when it was her dead beat father who was the cause of all of their misery and despair, and so she developed a deep seated hatred for him.

    At the age of eleven, Jade's grandmother tricked Jade's mother into going on a relaxing vacation and enrolled Jade at Woodland Prep. By the time her mother realized what had happened, Jade was already settled in and wished to stay at the school and so her mother allowed her to.

    RP Sample: Getting May on board with the Natalie plan had been easy. The other girl had always stood by her side through thick and thin, Jade hadn't even considered the fact that she might say no. Now the only possible kink in the plan was the Headmistress. Granted the woman held no favor for 'Barry' and his offspring, but she probably didn't want any possible media drama. But that would be relatively easy. Jade and May hadn't gotten to the top by being loud and obnoxious, they had gotten to the top quickly and effectively. There would be no loose ends. No drama. No evidence. They just needed access to all possible resources, and the headmistress held the key to them.

    She able to book an appointment easily. Most students were either still in awe of the new teacher or outside protesting his presence. The secretary waved her into the headmistress's office as soon as she stalked through the main door.

    "I know why you're here, Ms. Meyers." Headmistress Camille murmured from her seat behind her desk. The woman was wearing red horn rimmed glasses and flipping through a stack of files.

    "Oh?" Was all that Jade said in response.

    "And my answer is yes. But take care to avoid any...Unpleasantness." The middle aged woman said swiveled in her chair so that her back was facing the student. Her changed in position signaled the end of their conversation and Jade stepped out of the office and into the hall.

    The smirk on her face resembled that of a hungry wolf.
  4. This is almost a month old ...
    But I am going to post a CS for the other girl just in case.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Natalie Bartholomew
    Age: 13
    Year: 3

    Personality: She is quiet and laidback, she can be extremely talkative once you get to know her.
    Bio: Its always just been her and her dad, so when he took the job at Woodland Prep, Natalie went along with him. She has had a great life, always getting her way and what she wanted, but she never let that go to her head. She has always stayed sweet.
    RP Sample: Natalie sighed as she said goodbye to her bedroom, she was now trading it in for a dorm room. She would no longer sleep safely among her stuffed animals, they would all be packed up in a box and put in storage until her dad decided that this wasn't the job for him. Not that Natalie held any hopes for that, her father was particularly excited to get this school year under way. Natalie on the other hand was still a little apprehensive, she hated being the new kid and she didn't know how she would present herself once she got to Woodland. She only knew that she needed to make a friend and fast, so that she wouldn't be lost the whole time she was there. She heard her father call her name and she sighed looking around at the now empty room, she headed down stairs.
    Once in the car, her father looked over at her and smiled, "Thanks for taking this road trip with me NatPat. Hopefully things go as smoothly as I hope they will." He ruffled her hair a little and took off down the road. "Dad please do not call me that nickname at this school I do not want to be made fun of." Her father for a moment looked hurt, but he quickly recovered "Ahhh I keep forgetting your a teenager now, not my little girl." He winked at her, and she laughed. Hopefully things wouldn't be that different here, maybe it was like a normal high school? Well minus the boys. Natalie squinted her eyes out the window, and wished that she could turn back time and just stay home.
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  5. @baker ramsey

    Wow I never thought someone else would post in this thread! xD Well if baker ramsey is still up for it, we can start, if not we can just do a one on one if you want.
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  6. totally am!!!
  7. Awesome! Looks like we got an RP to start :D
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