Woodcadia Summer Camp (OOC and Sign Ups)

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  1. Setting: Salisbury, Maryland, Summer 2010
    Plot: As a new year of business at Woodcadia Summer Camp starts, so does another summer of vengeance. This is no ordinary year at Woodcadia, because it is the 100th year anniversary of the infamous "Woodcadia Drowning", when a 16 year old girl by the name of Alice Crawford was killed by a group of girls. New campers, new girls to torment. Will the campers stop Alice's reign before it's too late?

    • Alice is going to an NPC, but you can take control of her if you wish
    • Feel free to play as a camper or a consular, but please list what they are in your CS
    • No Godmodding
    • No wipping out another person's character without their given consent
    • Use Spoiler tags for sexy moments and triggers (not everybody wants to see those things)
    • Your CS should include name, age, appearance (image or description), personalty, background, occupation, and relationship status (not required)
    • Have Fun!
    Name: Giana Tallson

    Age: 16

    Personalty: Giana is a bit of a loner, often depressed, and insecure

    Background: Giana was born and raised for most of her life in inner city Baltimore. When she turned twelve, her parents sent her to a friend's house in Salisbury. Life wasn't quite paradise there either, as she ran away due to the abusive parents there. Giana lived on the streets for a while before making her home at Camp Woodcadia.

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Relationship Status: Single
  2. "trigger"?
  3. Basically that is a moment of abuse of or violence against another character that may upset some players. Hope that helps! :3
  4. Oh ok... Usually see that for particularly gory descriptions but for normal fights that seems a bit stupid tbh. Fights, even in an RP that doesn't focus around combat, are often key plot points and players will miss out on quite a lot if they don't read them.
  5. Fights are pretty much exempt from the Trigger rule.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.