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  1. Today I have a very unique sort of challenge for you. I have been asked by an anonymous Game Master to run this peculiar challenge, because they really wanted to see what kind of characters the roleplayers of Iwaku would try to pair with each Princess. They didn't want anyone to be influence by the Player of the princesses, as sometimes you can't help but try to appeal to the player themselves rather than the character. They want to see what you think the Princess herself would be romanced by, and I thought this was a really fun challenge idea. 8D

    In this challenge, you are creating a PERSONAL GUARD for each princess. You will be designing a character you think pairs well with that princess, and then explain why and how you think those two would fall in love with each other.
    You can create a match for one princess or ALL the princesses! You can even do more than one if you want to! The reward is a challenge well done, but there is potential that the GM who created these characters might contact you and ask you to play one day if they love your submission.

    Settings Notes!
    • The setting is "Not China". Basically a fantasy land world with Chinese style and influence.
    • The three princesses are being escorted to a neighboring country for arranged political peace treaty marriages.
    • Your character is a Guard for a Princess.
    • The gender preference has been left neutral for all princess, so you can make a male or a female guard.
    • Magic and non human characters ARE on the table.

    Meet Your Princesses:


    Princess A is the Eldest Daughter. A tall, willowy beauty with a frosty demeanor! She takes responsibility and duty very, very seriously and is ready to lecture anyone who'll let her about frivolous behavior. She values honor and loyalty, and absolutely hates false flattery or lying. Once you've lost her trust, it is very difficult to regain it- or even to get her to talk to you. She can be a little haughty and aloof, but she is also fiercely protective of those she loves (even if she doesn't show it) and will coolly and calculatingly DESTROY anyone who hurts them. She's got a good brain for politics and despite her coldness can be highly effective in diplomatic situations. She's wound a little too tight, and although she would scoff at the suggestion, someone needs to teach her to let her hair down once in a while, or at least keep her from being *too* much of a shrew... She enjoys sweet food and drink, intellectual debates, and playing her lute.


    Princess B is the Middle Daughter. A free spirit full of passion and fire! She seems at times to be simply interested in boys and clothing, but to assume she is frivolous is a grave mistake. Her interest range farther then the mountains and deeper then the ocean, but no body ever cares to talk to her about that, so she instead dreams of freedom from her dull existence and plays the games that are expected of her. Given half a chance she will flirt with any and all, just because she can, and given a full chance she will strip out of her fineries and try something new, be it pottery or archery. Never tell her she can't do something, because she will assure you she can and even if she can't she will try and try again. Her own games with people are just a way to keep those that could hurt her at bay, but it also keeps everyone out. A shallow reflection is all she gives to those that give a fleeing glance.


    Princess C is the Youngest Daughter. A small, fragile, sweet young girl with delicate sensibilities! She is often considered as spoiled because of her taste in expensive and extravagant things, but she is just drawn to things that she finds beautiful. She loves all things beautiful, shiny, creative, colorful, peaceful, feminine and harmonious. Having a naive disposition, she knows very little about how the bigger world works and believes that everything is inherently good. This belief often leads her to place her trust in the wrong places, or to not understand that some people don't have the best intentions. She is a lady of grace, compassion and poise, tackling difficult situations as a peacemaker and with as much courage as she can muster up. The fact that she has many fears or is quick to cry often lend people to believe that she is too fragile and easily broken, but she has a surprising inner strength and a soft-spoken command.

    Now Create Your Guard:
    Use this bio template. Remember, the more details you put in to your character the better! If you want a little help with character development, the Roleplay Institute has a bunch of great workshops and exercises you can borrow information from.

    [b]Princess you are Wooing:[/b] (A, B, or C!)

    [b]Character Name:[/b] (Cause you kind need a name.)

    [b]Gender:[/b] (Handy to know!)

    [b]General Appearance:[/b] (A description, a picture, or both!)

    [b]Outward Personality:[/b] (This is the personality everyone sees or assumes about the character.)

    [b]Inner Personality:[/b] (This is what your character is REALLY like.)

    [b]Background History:[/b] (Basic background about your character about who they are and where they came from.)

    [b]How they got this job:[/b] (It might be handy to know!)

    [b]Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?[/b] (Because that is the purpose of this challenge!)

  2. Princess you are Wooing: B

    Character Name: Kuzan

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:
    picture (open)


    Outward Personality: Kuzan in a very animated individual, always seeming as ease be he in a rowdy watering hole on before a noble. His family allows him this luxury being both feared and respected in equal measure even if Kuzan found their politicking ways distasteful and with permission put himself up for hire for a variety of services as a way of seeing what mysteries the lands had to offer. He has a good singing voice and is a passable cook, fond of doing both in the wilderness as he seeks his fortune. He always has a story of his own exploits to tell, many of them dirty and many of them to be taken with a handful of salt, even more of them are both.

    Inner Personality: Kuzan doesn't hide much, he is as he appears to be with the only part of his life he does not discuss openly being the price someone else paid for his his inability to settle down, the already slightly overgrown ruins etched into his memory.

    Background History: Kuzan's family is something of a rarity in the realm. Wealthy, militarily strong, and not beholder to anyone beneath the emperor they often hire out section of their might to turn a profit off of minor feuds and rivalries while maneuvering themselves silently into a position of dominance within the realm. Kuzan, a black sheep had no stomach for the games of court and left to travel the realm with ample his ample coin and the training all in his family receive holding him in good stead. He was a free spirit, indulging his wonderlust even when his heart threatened to bond him to a peasant girl. He allowed himself to leave only with a promise to return, six months too late to save her he did.

    This was a life changing moment, for the first time his being longed for permanency, and that was when an interesting "offer" reached him.

    How they got this job: The third oldest son of a powerful family is useful to have around, and any pretext would do.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? A fellow free spirit having personal doubts but with many unbelievable stories who can flirt back and make a game of it while having many stories of the outside world to tickle her fancy... some of them are even true!

    Others will follow.
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  3. Totally going to woo all three, but here's a start.

    Princess you are Wooing: C-ko is mai waifu.

    Character Name: Chu Shun (Family name first!)

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:

    Very handsome- beautiful, even. His Imperial Guard uniform looks oddly shabby on him, as if he outshines it.

    Outward Personality: A glib, silver-tongued flirt who doesn't obey the rules of propriety if it means making a fast friend- but is the soul of politeness when needed. Roguishly charming and witty, he is always around to help and isn't afraid to speak his mind, lend an ear, or give a shoulder to lean on. He's especially good at cheering people up and is very perceptive of people's likes and dislikes.

    Inner Personality: He's well aware of how good he is with people, and he uses it to his advantage with no compunction whatsoever! As much as he talks, he rarely lets on anything about himself or leaves himself open to meaningful relationships. He trusts no one but himself and tends to think of people in terms of usefulness or interest rather than, well, people. At the same time, he's got an innate unquenchable curiosity about people, and he can't help but try to find out more about them- strictly as an observer.

    Background History: He is actually a SECRET AGENT from an enemy kingdom sent to ruin the peace treaty by seducing a princess. Born the younger son to an aristocratic family, he found himself forced to earn his keep by taking a soldier's commission. Being naturally gifted with charm and a penchant for stealthily sneaking about, he found himself being assigned to tasks that required more finesse than brute force. Eventually he became chosen as part of the King's secret service, working his way to the top until he was considered the finest agent available... and chosen to infiltrate this escort, to sabotage the marriage and achieve his country's own political agenda.

    How they got this job: References were faked and palms were oiled so that he would be assigned to this mission. You don't want to know what happened to the guy who was supposed to get it...

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? I think he will try to seduce the princess thinking she's the easiest target, and end up falling for her himself! She's naive enough to trust him even though her sisters (at least A, I imagine) think he's skeezy, and he's beautiful and charming. And she's the sweetest, nicest, most trusting person he's probably ever met and I bet she could get him to open up before he realizes it and for once in his life HE WILL FEEL BAD. Then everything will go to hell because he really WON'T want her to get married, but by doing so he's betraying her and if she finds out who he really is, she'll hate him. INSTANT DRAMA.
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  4. Princess you are Wooing: A

    Character Name: Mesonus de-Barash

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Outward Personality: Overbearing and mostly silent, yet somewhat polite. He will use his size to intimidate others into obedience or at least compliance. Is very staunch on the rules and will not deviate.

    Inner Personality: He is quite unschooled and so will often abstain from speaking so as not to reveal his lack of education. He is quite inquisitive, however, and has a keen mind to learn and understand, and has a secret love of the arts and music. He has a great sense of justice, and a great respect for law and order. He secretly plays an instrument called a Serpent.
    Show Spoiler

    Sound like this.

    Background History: Mesonus comes from a family of military warriors, but being minotaurs, he was taught from young that a warrior life was what they were born to do. Any other ambition was treated with a patronising discouragement. Being an obedient and loyal son, he threw himself into the royal guard and rose through the ranks as a trusted frontguard, proud of his heritage but humble of his station.

    How they got this job: Mesonus was chosen from among the royal guards by the king himself for his strength and his willingness to follow orders unwaveringly. After several failed and frustrated guards, the king decided that a guard of such stature would be the best fit for her. Someone who didn't talk too much and would be able to protect her, and keep her in line.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? I believe that not having to fight someone about responsibility and duty may open her up a bit more. Maybe the fact that he's seen as boorish and slow-witted, just a dumb brute, she may pick up on the fact that he watches her with an intensity beyond guarding. It will all start with a simple question, maybe about something mundane, but I think they will forge a good intellectual partnership, and then move beyond that.
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  5. Princess you are Wooing: A, B and C

    Character Name: Liang

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance: Liang is a tall, lightly built man with an abundance of wiry elongated muscles. When he moves he does so with the grace of a cat, despite his length. His face is soft but not round, A firm jaw and chin making it look rough, while soft eyebrows and full lips give it just enough mildness to be considered attractive by some. He tends to wear form fitting outfits, the kind that give him freedom of movement, in his favorite colors: green and brown.

    Outward Personality: Witty, humorous and very unreliable. He likes to flirt with girls a lot and will occasionally try to impress them with feats of daring and agility. He occasionally might seem like an emptyheaded oaf not thinking about anything but his muscles, especially when he's trying to have fun.

    Inner Personality: Despite his rather jovial and carefree outer personality, He's capable of deep thought and fairly intelligent. He's fun loving, and doesn't care who knows it. But he's also honest and loyal to a fault. He might not be booksmart, but he is a quick thinker who could find his way trough many a conversation by analysis and wit alone. Other than that, he's known to brood when he thinks no-one is watching, perhaps about the dark secrets of his past.

    Background History: No-one exactly knows where Liang came from, some say he's an elven prince who tries to blend into human society. Others say he was orphaned on the streets in a faraway town. There's a multitude of stories about Laings past but they all have several things in common. One day, he showed up and an army base nearby the capital and asked if the army still needed capable scouts. He was accepted in after a show of his abilities, and since then he has only exceeded expectations. In the few wars the followed, Liang never seemed to get hurt or lost, and his information almost always was of value. He never seemed to age either, but many seemed to attribute that to the strict regime and diet he held himself to. Practicing with spear and sword in the morning for 2 hours, and eating nothing but fruits, nuts and vegetables. As the wars passed, several promotions were offered, and he always politely refused them, saying he preferred the scouts role, and didn't want to get bogged down by paperwork.

    How they got this job: It was believed he was the most capable man alive for the trip. After recommendations and urgings from several of his generals, the king had no choice but trusting the seemingly young man with the lives of the princesses.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?
    I believe he would attract the eye of the younger princess right away, his grace and poise appealing to her sense of aestethics. As she would speak to him, she would be the one who would discover his thoughtful side first. He would encourage her in her endeavors and his sharp eyes would not her inner strength, and compliment her on it. In a quiet moment, he would confess to her how much he enjoyed her company and the wish to always protect her from harm.

    The middle princess would be attracted to his jokes, his playful manner and his spirit in challenges. Feeling a tinge of jealousy of how close he got to her younger sister, she would first put up a facade as usual. Innocent flirting and playing manipulative games until one day, he catches her watching as he practices his swordmanship. With a smile and a raised eyebrow, he would ask her if she would like to try the stances. Surprised, she would accept and together they would practice, quickly turning into a morning ritual, feelings growing gradually as she got good enough to become a sparring partner for him.

    The older princess at this point, would have ignored him most of the time, because of his frivolous nature. She would think he was not doing his duty and generally act cold towards him, until she sees the effects he has on his sisters. With worry, she would confront him about the situation, and he would frown at her, telling her he loved them both. She would not believe him, call him a liar and a rogue and retreat back into her coach. Over the days, though, she would notice the care he put into training the middle princess, and how happy the younger princess seemed whenever he was around. Then, during an attack by enemies, he would get hurt flinging himself in the way of an arrow bound for her, as she questions him why, he responds with surprise that it was his duty to protect her. she visits his sickbed often, and often they debate over many a different thing. Then one day, he asks her why she doesn't allow herself to have any fun. Is she that afraid of not meeting expectations? She grows silent and leaves, but her feelings have grown, and soon, she has to admit she loves him too.

    (*coughs* Okay, I apologize in advance to not keeping entirely to the letter of the challenge, but I felt like this was a fun thing to do. ^_^; )
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  6. Princess you are Wooing: C

    Character Name: Kyoko Morimoto was her given name. But she goes a false name which is Chisame.

    Gender: Female

    General Appearance: Kyoko was a pretty girl, she got it from her mother and father certainly. Her hair was cut shorter than most girls, you could mistake her for a boy at first glance and she bore tattoos all over her body some pictures, some words all in different languages mostly Chinese.
    Show Spoiler

    Background History: Kyoko Morimoto was daughter of Lord Morimoto who was a powerful daimyo in Northern Japan, much further than the capital. Some had said there is an Emperor of the South and there is an Emperor in the North. Morimoto had for sure been the latter but as most daimyos the family had bowed down to the Shogun and Emperor. Kyoko was born in a powerful family to say the least.

    She had been taught the ways of a lady and as a child she had read the works of philosophers and had heard every folk tale in the land. It wasn't long before she was due to be married and when she was it was too a member of the Imperial Family, the Emperors younger brother Hiro. Normally it would be an honor for a young lady like herself however Hiro wasn't the best of men. There were plenty of stories of him sleeping around with whores, fighting dirty like a commoner, and drinking up whole cellars. It wasn't promising.

    Of course before marriage there was a meeting between the man and girl alone to talk and get to know each other. Kyoko acted polite enough to Hiro but Hiro did quite the opposite, he informed her on what she would do everyday and that if she dared changed any of those rituals without his consent that she would punished brutally. Kyoko knew that surely this man had no sense of honor and so she ran away first chance she got. She had made way to the western shore and took off on a small ferry to Tian Jian city in the Hebei province, a most promising place for her to start a new life.

    However along the way the ferry was boarded by pirates who didn't think twice in killing everyone on the boat. Kyoko had hid behind a stack of barrels. As the pirates were plundering the pirate hunter Lazy Lord Tsuro had finally caught up to them with a southern wind that gave him the advantage. They dealt with the pirates and found that most on the ship were dead. They began to take goods for themselves when they found Kyoko, a young girl huddled up and crying.

    Lord Tsuro had her brought to his cabin, he had recognized her for being Lord Morimoto's runaway daughter. Lord Tsuro had told her that he would not return her if she wanted too and he too understood the possible sting of an arranged marriage, but there was a catch. She had to do work for the boat, perform and live the life of a deckhand aboard Lazy Lords Tsuro's ship. It wouldn't be an easy one but Kyoko knew it was better than the life she had awaiting for her in Japan. She was given a new name by the crew, she was dubbed Chisame, which meant small shark.

    They called her Chisame because of the way she fought, she would take small katana into battle and be able to out maneuver her opponents and easily attack them from behind. Someone had said she attacked like a shark and that was when it started. Kyoko or Chisame had learned how to fight on the boat and live a hard life of eating whatever they found and living in the sea. It was only about six months until they had stopped at a port on a small island off the coast of Japan and there were two samurai who had been sent to search for Lord Morimoto's daughter.

    Lord Tsuro wasted no time once he learned of their presence and sent Chisame off with a fisherman to China. Chisame didn't want to leave but she knew that she had too other she would have to go back home. Chisame had cried for the first day and the fishermen had tried to cheer up by teaching her how to fish. Chisame accepted his offer and found that she had a knack for fishing, she had made the fisherman quite a lot of money and when they got to China the fisherman had sold the fish and gave her half of the money he earned.

    Chisame accepted it graciously and found that it was quite a large amount of money. Chisame spent it on a cart, a donkey, food and water. By the time she was finished shopping she still had half of the money from the farmer, she decided that it wouldn't last forever and she needed some way to produce income. She decided she would put her skills that she learned as a sailor to use, she went out to find mercenaries that she could hire but found that most of their prices were to high.

    Finally Chisame settled upon a few commoners she found at an Inn. She had wanted to start her own escort business to escort people from city to city in china but she didn't have the manpower she needed. Soon enough she had trained the five commoners into soldiers, teaching them the ways of combat and discipline. She was proud of her work and began to get jobs. She built up a reputation across China, she was famous for being able to beat any bandit or wild animal that came across her path. Chisame had even saved the Empresses's brother's life. It was not a false reputation to say the least.

    It wasn't long until a group of bandits decided they needed to silence her business and raided her caravan in the night. They killed everyone they saw and stole everything else. Chisame was lucky enough to only be stabbed in the leg. She had crawled through the night and eventually passed out. When she awoke she found she was in a buddhist temple and one of the monks had found her outside the boundaries and brought her in. She told them her story and they offered to teach her in the ways of Buddha. About the different types of suffering, nirvana and the middle way.

    Chisame had found these teaching most relevant to her life and she began to play the part of monk the best she could, however being a girl meant she couldn't become a monk, she found that her life at the temple was only half full and she left the safety of the temple not long after. Her Father had heard of the tales and someone had brought back a painting of the girl and it was no doubt that it was his daughter. Lord Morimoto sent out Samurai to China to go look for his daughter and sure enough they found her but she didn't not give up easily.

    Chisame killed two of the five Samurai that had found her and ran away towards the capital city. Over the course of five days running away she had finally made it to the capital and found the member of the Chinese Emperor's family that had owed her a favor. He promised her safe haven in working for the family, as a bodyguard for the youngest princess. Chisame took his offer and the Samurai couldn't get her without starting a war between Japan and China, they left her alone.

    ( I realized as I was typing this that it is a slightly alternate universe so replace the names of cities and countries with the appropriate ones!

    Outward Personality: Everyone had heard the tales of Chisame, the ultimate warrior. The tales had pointed to her being mysterious and self reserved, a good mercenary that only spoke when spoken too and that never told a lie or hurt anyone.

    Inner Personality: Chisame was rebellious until she had learned the ways of Buddha. She had then become a much more thoughtful person, more poetic in the way she moved and talked. Chisame was empathic and caring. Chisame had a good heart to her and was always willing to try something new.

    How they got this job: See history

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for Princess C? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? Chisame has experienced a lot of the world, most of her life has been running, hard work, revenge or loss. She needs someone to show her the good in life and remind her what it like to live simply. But Chisame could also teach the Princess how to live the life of a poor man which would make her appreciate her life all the more and might draw them together.
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  7. Princess you are Wooing: A

    Character Name: Wu Ya(Crow, also formerly known as Di wu ya, or Little brother Crow)

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance: A tall and slender looking man, scruffy and unkempt, garbed in shoddy and heavily weathered rags. He looks more like a mangy stray dog more than he does his name sake, Crow. That is until managed to get a glance of his eyes behind the matted bushy bangs that hide nearly half his face. Cold, eerie, and unsettling, most people cannot manage to keep eye contact with him when he does actually exposes those impossibly deep wells of blackness that he calls eyes. His nose has a slight hook to it, giving him a distinct look that as plays a part in his name, as it almost seems like the crook of a beak. He has a particular slouch in his posture, hands always hanging limply by his sides, continuing to give me more of an eerily strange stance, most common folks think he were some monster doing a poor attempt to look and act like human. His particularly intimidating weapons, Iron Claws made to look like crow’s feet bound together by a long length of chains wrapped around his waist, doubling as a makeshift belt, doesn’t much help in stopping him from looking like some demon. Most people react to him with fear, no one willing dare to insult him on the terrible condition of his clothes or the ragged sandals or talk out loud about the rumors how he was the bastard spawn of some poor woman and an unholy beast from hell.

    Outward Personality: The aura he extrudes is pure and complete intimidation, due to his appearance and silence. He rarely speaks and he when he does, he speaks in low, almost whisper like tones, turning the small sentences into large statements. He never ever seems to express any emotion on his face, adding more the creepiness shrouds him like a cloak. He is even completely expressionless as he kills, which is something he excels in. The unearthliness clings onto him paired with his skills in battle makes him the ideal hired blade to strike terror into the hearts of enemies and panic amongst even the bravest of ranks.

    Inner Personality: Alienated. Always feared and shunned, Wu Ya never had much encounters with common people and in the rare occasions that he did, the good was far and few. He has a huge issue with trust, making actually very shrewd in his business of being a mercenary. The hardships he faced in his life has forged him to either fight or die, as the shunned ones are shown no mercy, the feared ones given no quarters. He has honed his mind for warfare, but there are the rumors, lingering, making the inner workings of his mind that much more of a confusion…Especially when it came to an inextinguishable feeling for a certain someone that fate kept throwing back into his way.

    Background History: Abandoned from birth, Wu Ya was left in the forest to die of exposure as a newborn. It was through the pity of an old deaf hermit that he was able to grow into a young boy. It wasn’t until he was about 7 years until he heard another person speak.
    It was the Captain of the Northern Army and a squad of Northern Troops, exuberant at finally finding the last of the Deng Sorcerers who had escaped persecution for almost 15 years, revealing himself after he was found bartering in a small near-by village for wool and cotton, tracking him back to his hut. Not discovering the boy until after they slaughtered the old man, the captain was bewildered and amused when he found the terrified child trying to hide under a table, and decided to take this monster child in as a pet.
    This is where people first called him Di Wu Ya, mocking him of his peculiar appearance, abusing him for entertainment. The soldiers particularly enjoyed dropping him from guard towers to “see if Little Brother Crow could fly.” Though not lethal, the damage left its mark as arms would never move quite the same again. When he reached adolescence, the abuse intensified as the young boy was force to act as a training session for the new troops known as “Monster Slaying”.
    Beatings and near fatal gashes inflicted on him daily, the boy just internalized it all, every blow hit until he learned to dodge and every new technique he seen repeated again and again until one day he had a revelation; you hit someone hard enough, and that person will never be able hit you ever again. It started when a trainee lazily scattered the some farming tools and Wu Ya managed to pick up a Weeding Tool. The Eastern Army had managed to launch a surprise siege against the Northern Stronghold, finding little resistance. What did they did find was a strange looking young man, the rumored captured demon minion of the Deng, unconscious amongst a pile of crudely mutilated corpses, battered and bleeding to death.
    Wu Ya regained consciousness in place he didn’t recognize, finding himself on a bed. When he heard the door open, he instinctively grabbed the closest object to him to arm himself and kill whoever was going to hurt him next. A young woman with skin like that of the purest snow that caked in the trees entered into the room, her soft and fragile features retracted ever so gently as she recognized the hostility in his eyes. That did little to stop her from closing the door behind her, moving without fear to rest herself down on the chair next to where he was lying down, gently resting the steaming bowl of water and rags on the table before matching his confused gaze with her unwavering one.

    “You have been a great help to my kingdom.” She bowed her head deeply towards Wu Ya, a rush of air following after, the fragrance of spring suddenly accompanying the gesture. “We are grateful for your aide in vanquishing our enemies and wish to continue to have your aide. Please consider our kingdom’s offer for this alliance.”
    How they got this job: It didn’t take long for Wu Ya recognize a soldier’s uniform after the Princess’ Father thought she had been alone with the stranger for too long. Though the young lady managed to prevent Wu Ya from hurting any soldiers, he quickly fled the room and tried to return to the hut he grew up in. Having no idea how to navigate the forest, all Wu Ya did was get himself lost in the snow. It was he blacked out that he found himself waking up indoors.
    Though she could not convince her father to take him in any actual military position, The Lord knew that with proper training, the boy could be an asset someday, yet too dangerous to be left completely unchecked. He place Wu Ya in a troupe of Mercenaries under the Eastern employ, to be trained as a Covert Force to deploy in less than diplomatic situations. Wu Ya kept his Crow moniker and got familiar with the weapon that was most similar to the one he used, The Chained Iron Claws, even managing to have customized sets to fit his motif.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? And this is where the weekly Historical Fantasy Drama piece would start, with the emotionally muted, yet very vulnerable Wu Ya trying to forge his own identity, learning how to exist in a world that he doesn’t know, while paralleled to that is him training to become the very demon everyone has painted him as, knowing that by only playing this role would he be able to stay in life of the one person alive that still treats him like a person. The story would progress with different small arcs, moving the nature of Princess A and Wu Ya’s relationship into many different places, building up the biggest conflict of the story; As their adventures grow, Princess A starts developing feelings for Wu Ya, She is then pulled into an arranged marriage from the Southern Kingdom, an alliance solidify their two nations into one powerful force. THEN ALL THE TRAGEDIES WOULD ENSUE and the final quote at the end of the series could be like Princess A saying something sad and tragic like “… You always believed that you had the heart of a monster, that when you looked at yourself, all you saw was a demon looking back. No monster could make me love it as much as I have loved you. No demon could make me still shed tears when you are away. Even if the no one remember you as the man you truly were, everyone from this day forth will know that Crow’s Shadow is the safest place to be.” And the new country’s flag is like some fancy emblem in a Crow’s shadow or something! BAM!
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  8. Here we go again.

    Princess you are Wooing: B-hime, aishiteru!

    Character Name: Fu (written with upside-down Pinyin)

    Gender: Totally male, really you guys, totally.

    General Appearance:

    Fu looks young. And gawky.

    Outward Personality: A little awkward and gives off the appearance of trying too hard. Fu is clumsy, easily flustered, and far too easily teased into taking a dare when it would be smarter to back down. Prone to trouble, the young guard is too concerned with machismo and looking brave and tends to not think before acting, causing accidents or making REALLY bad first impressions.

    Inner Personality: Fu is actually a sweetheart and just very self-conscious. Most of the macho posturing is a misguided attempt to fit in, and Fu's actually a pretty considerate person and very good at heart. The hotheadedness, well, that's actually quite genuine... But a lost temper isn't the only time that Fu gets passionate! All the extremities of emotion are felt with equal strength.

    Background History: Okay, so Fu ISN'T really a man. She's a young woman playing the very dangerous game of impersonating a male in order to number amongst the Imperial Guard. The youngest of a clan of sorcerers- and of seven sisters- she was the last to leave home, and the only one who had no skill for the family trade. At her birth, she was blessed with the name of Luck (Fu), and it was said by a fortune teller that her fate in life was to be supremely fortunate. As years went by and she grew into a clumsy girl with no head for magic and an unwomanly figure that no man found appealing in a bride, her family came to scorn and lament her seemingly ill-chosen name. Shamed, she struck out to prove that she DID indeed have supreme luck. If she were to fool the Imperial Army into thinking she was a man, and complete a mission successfully, she would indeed need the utmost of good fortune...

    How they got this job: Even Fu isn't quite sure how she managed! Somehow her name was confused with that of a more experienced soldier, and she was recommended for this mission instead of the other guard. The mistake wasn't caught until after the princesses had embarked...

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? Fu is approachable and will likely be something of a kindred spirit for Princess B, as both are prone to passionate extremes and share a longing to do and be more than what their families want from them. I think that Fu's wish to prove herself and live up to her fate is an interesting contrast to the princess's wish to escape hers, while still letting them easily understand the other. I feel like the princess is likely to flirt and tease Fu, which will of course fluster the poor "boy" and may then lead to the princess taking Fu under her wing a bit. I think it would be interesting for the untameable princess to rise to the occasion and actually be the one giving advice to someone like Fu, and I think that once she discovered Fu's secret, she'd find the whole idea exciting and just the sort of adventure she's been searching for, and she and Fu will soon be thick as thieves. Throw in a little flirting and the princess's interest in "trying new things", and they could end up as a really cute couple.
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  9. Princess you are Wooing: A

    Character Name: Quiang Chou

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance: Quiang stands tall around six feet, his chin and his shoulders are kept high as he knows that one must take care of their posture. His body, well-defined and muscular due to the intensive training that he had went through during his younger years. He is proud of his built figure but does not hold it like a trophy. His face has very handsome, sharp features and his eyes can easily variate between intensity and softness. His hair is nice and kept aside from a small ponytail which shows the more spiky part of his hair. He can often be seen wearing his usual guard armor but on certain days he can be seen in a simple cloth white shirt, pants and boots.

    Outward Personality: At first glance, seeing Quiang's hard-eyes accompanied by his strict posture and code of conduct while on duty many would think that he's really diligent in his work and or/ really angry with his work. He can be often thought as the stereo-typical cold, detached, aloof guard who is only caring for the pay that he receives or he can be thought up as a really strict guard who cares about everything in his line of work hence the unintentional glaring. Both being very annoying assumptions that Quiang lately has been pestered by.

    Inner Personality: Quiang yes, is diligent with his work, but not enough that he'd be inconsiderate to his Princess's feelings and or be a complete stickler about it. He is actually just a pure gentleman, polite, proper, and hard-working. He's very caring and compassionate but it's overshadowed by the code of conduct he follows strongly.

    Background History: Quiang being born to a high-ranking noble and his beautiful wife he was a child who could grow up to be something, at first it was perfect. His parents loved him and cherished his life, but when he turned one he was stolen from their home.

    He ended up growing up in the country-side being taught how to fight and read at the same time. The kidnappers were a revolutionary faction who were working against the king. He learned how to fight with a spear and his speech became polished. The faction had malicious plans that Quiang was meant to carry out despite those plans conflicting with his personality.

    It was around his seventeenth year whenever he had somehow miraculously came home. With the false rumor saying that he escaped his captors when really the faction sent him there to slowly climb the ladder of the royal guard. It took him a couple years to finally grab that spot of the eldest princess's guard and the first part of the rebellions plan was finished. But now after the time he's spent with her he's not sure if he ought to push-through.

    How they got this job: Quiang started by joining the guards in general. He made sure he had a clean reputation and a nice list of good traits/accomplishments over the years. His hard work and determination along with the fact that he had noble blood made him a prime candidate for the Royal Guard. He wouldn't mind guarding any of the three of them in particular he was fine with all but somehow fate let him with the Eldest. The one which he coincidentally thought was the most beautiful and basically the one he had a minor crush on.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?: Quiang is basically perfect for the eldest princess seeing as he is a gentlemen and she's a proper lady just with a more colder side. Quiang's natural caring-self would slowly but surely start to court the lady like a proper man should she eventually falling for his courteous personality and for the fact that he was capable of being marriage quality being a noble's child after all.

    Leaving him with the choice to give her to the rebels or keep her with him, starting to conflict him later on.
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  10. FINE, I'll do the challenge.

    My character is Jackie Chan throughout this entire movie. For A-ko.

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  11. Woot, a way I can incorporate my obsession with panda bears. XP My apologies if this isn't the best thing ever. I did my best during what free time I had, it was fun. <3

    Princess you are Wooing:

    Character Name:
    Xiang (Lucky)


    General Appearance:
    Picture (open)

    Xiang is 5'10" with an impressive athletic build from years of hard work and martial arts training. His eyes glow with a soft golden color surrounded by black, smudge-shaped markings; an affect of his magical talents. Most of the time, his head is bald. When he does grow hair though, it's a simple black. His lips are thick (perfect for kissing), which makes his smiles nearly irresistible. Over his armor, he wears the furs of a panda bear. It keeps him warm and represents his animal spirit.

    Outward Personality:
    He's a well rounded, polite person. Many people assume him to be a joker of some kind because of his appearance and optimism. Really though, he's serious when a situation calls for it. Otherwise, he is a fun loving person. He has an energy that's refreshing to some, and he is good at inspiring people with supportive words. Xiang can be on the dumb side, though. Nobody was willing to educate him as a child, so there are times when his speech lags, he's slow at math, or mispronounces some things.

    Inner Personality:
    Xiang sees no reason to hide who he truly is. The man people get to know on the outside is the same on the inside. The only part of him that he hides (or at least tries to) is his childlike behavior. Mentally, he's not fully matured thanks to his neglectful parents. He's therefore sensitive beneath his brave, manly exterior.

    Background History:
    Xiang grew up in a poor village. There were too many orphans on the streets, and thievary was the most common 'occupation'. Fortunately for Xiang, he had a roof over his head. However, like many other children, his parents were absent. They weren't dead, they were just gone a lot. His mother always came home exhausted with her clothes nearly falling off her shoulders, and his father worked as a courier who spent more times making deliveries than sitting at home. They loved their child, but could do nothing more than leave their money behind so he could shop at the market and pay someone to teach him life skills when it could be afforded.

    When he was old enough to be on his own, he bid farewell to his rotten village. He left a note for his parents, saying they could stop supporting him because he was never coming back. Xiang spent many years on his feet, never truly finding a place he belonged.

    While camping in a forest of bamboo, he was approached by an injured panda bear. The animal wasn't at all hostile; she was calling for help. Unable to ignore the poor creatures suffering, Xiang used the last of his medical supplies to treat her wounds. His kindness was returned with a well deserved blessing. The panda kissed his cheek with her nose as thanks and shortly after, Xiang passed out.

    When he woke from the sudden embrace of sleep, Xiang felt...different. He went to a pond to wash his face and noticed with a startle that his face was different. His eyes were lit up with the same color as the precious metal of gold, and he wore markings similar to that of a panda's. Much to his surprise, that bear he rescued was sitting beside him at the pool of water. She gifted him with a magical ability. Nothing fancy like creating fireballs or exhaling ice breath. Instead, he was given the power of luck. From now on, he had a much better chance at success. This was exactly what he needed to rise above his vagrant life.

    The panda, like himself, had no family to go home to. When he returned to his treks, the bear followed. On the way, he strengthened his fighting skills with retired warriors he bumped into. Their services did not go unpaid, however. Thanks to his magical fortune, it wasn't uncommon for him to discover money and other valuables during his travels. In truth, all of the fortunes he gained were a result of his blessing. As years past, he was able to shape himself into a capable fighter whom the cosmos favored.

    As he got older, so did his companion. When the panda bear passed away, he made use of her fur, bones, and teeth. Even though she was a dear friend, she was also a plentiful resource. Since he was a poor boy to begin with, he learned to be practical. The remains he didn't take for himself were put in a fine burial though, decorated with some of the finest treasures. Her soul rested within some mountains where grave robbers could not disturb her. Though, should anyone be bold and lucky enough to survive such mountains, they were well deserving of her expensive shrine.

    Wearing his companion's fur is an honor to him. He also wields a reinforced stalk of bamboo for a weapon, using it for balance and a distraction to his enemies more than anything. When he fights, he fights in her name because without her, he'd be nothing. Xiang now works as a guardian of sorts, particularly in the royalty department because of his riches, combat skills, and protective instincts.

    How they got this job:
    Xiang demonstrates unique fighting skills. He's kept around not only for protection, but entertainment because he tells wonderful stories of fact and fiction. There's so much about him that peaks the curiosity of even the snobbiest of snobs!

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for B Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?
    He feels there is a lot they can teach each other, and he sees a kindred spirit within her as they're both passionate and wild. Also, Xiang promises her the life of freedom and adventure she's always wanted if she's willing to help him develop better educational skills.
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  12. Princess you are Wooing: A

    Character Name: Ales Dusek

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance: Tall and lean with dark suntanned skin, rust colored hair, and green eyes. He doesn't immediately look like he has any muscle on him as he is so wiry, but once the clothes come off you can see the toned muscle under the skin. He has many many scars just about every where you can look. There are several large tattoos on his back, and every time you ask him about them he has a different story. Even with the way he dresses he is clearly a foreigner and doesn't bother trying to change or hide the fact.

    Outward Personality: A cocky, conceited, careless son of a bitch. Shameless. Does not give any fucks. As far as Ales in concerned he doesn't have anyone to answer to but himself. Despite the fact he clearly has to with -someone- be it his boss, master, or princess. Somehow he makes it look like whatever he has been ordered to do is something he was going to do anyway. Ales is a liar, and everyone knows he is a liar. But again, he seems to have this ability to always sound believable. It might be the way he answers questions so bluntly and straight-forward, and speaks so plainly with everyone no matter what their title or station is. No one really likes him, yet it's impossible to hate him. He enjoys taking things at his leisure, and can find the good side of just about any situation. He'd rather be kicking it up than working.

    Inner Personality: Ales is in a weird place. Not the location, but his state of mind. He thought he had life all figured out. His stint as King of Thieves was amazing. Ales was on top of the world and he thought everyone around him was too. He feels betrayed, let down, confused and a little bitter. Yet, he hasn't put two and two together yet to realized HE is also part of the problem. That he dug himself a hole to bury himself in. Ales knows that there's something in life that he's missing and wants, but he just hasn't figured it out yet.

    Background History: Ales was born clear across the world in a place most people refer to as the Badlands, Devilrock, or various other suitable names perfect for the worst place on the planet. The terrain is all desert, rock and mountain. Dry heat and terrible conditions for living. So of course this place is a den of thieves and villainy. Centuries of banished and exiled people creating their own tribes. Raiding and pillaging each other, or even getting ambitious enough to travel outward to invade, burn, steal, or hock their pilfered merchandise.

    Being born a whore's son, Ales took to the life naturally. A kid's gotta eat. The older he grew, the better he got at being sneaky. Petty pickpocketing turned to planned hijacking. Fibbing became masterful lies. In fact, he got so damned good at lying, thieving and backstabbing, that Ales rose to the ranks of greatness. A king of thieves. An emperor of ill repute. He took what he wanted, when he wanted and people followed. He was charismatic and clever, successful and conniving.

    But the trouble with power is that people want it. And for all of Ales' clever tales, when he was neck deep in knives there was not a person there to save him. Not a friend, not a companion, not a single loyal man. He tried to build himself a kingdom out of liars and thieves, and he was the biggest idiot of them all. The moment there was an opportunity, all those men he collected turned on him in a split second.

    Someone decided killing Ales was too kind, whether it be their own idiocy or someone still having a bit of regret for the man they called King. So they tied him up and sold him in to slavery. The first caravan leading out to the farthest kingdom in the world. Off Ales went on a new kind of adventure.

    How they got this job: That IS the question, isn't it. Here is a foreigner, that no one seems to know anything about. Yet, somehow he is now a royal guard for a princess, on a very important mission, for a country and imperial army he is not even a member of. He denies being a mercenary, he is clearly not a soldier. He wasn't hired by the neighboring country. All that's known is the general saying he NEEDED to be there, and he was "a good man for the job". There is a large possibility that his has A BIG BAD SECRET.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for PRINCESS A? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?
    There would be a lot of conflict between A and Ales. She believes so strongly in duty, honor and loyalty, and he thinks it's a load of bullshit. AND he's got no problem voicing that opinion. He'd announce right off the bat he finds this mission stupid. That she's just gonna end up married to some asshole, that there's probably going to be a war anyway, that all of this is a waste of time and you might as well do things for yourself. Over time and adventures, he's going to respect the way she so fiercely defends her sisters, how she defends her beliefs even when he's being dick. He'll start to realize that it could be possible to have a real connection with someone, to trust someone and rely on someone. And for Princess A, maybe he can help her discover that duty and honor is not the only thing to live your life for. That even with all that responsibility it's even MORE important to take care of yourself and find time for enjoyment. Those moments can be fleeting... as they will find out when the time comes to drop her off and she has to choose between duty, honor and responsibility... or the heart. 8D
  13. Princess you are Wooing: C

    Character Name: Zhao Shen (formerly known as Shan)

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:

    Outward Personality:
    You would probably see him as just another nobleman in the king's court; typical, unassuming and quite plain. But if you notice the type of crowd that gathers around him, your initial thoughts would probably be replaced by something a little more...respectable, in a sense.

    Zhao Shen, like most noblemen, is a man of fine tastes. He has much appreciation for beauty and women. Of course, most people would consider such things rather frivolous, but the man seemed as though he has not a care in a world. You would wonder, why would such a man exist? For one who would easily throw his wealth here and there for such meaningless things; is he not aware of the political situation this country is in? Does he not know what goes on in court?

    Oh, but he does.

    He may look like a good-for-nothing fool, frolicking about in court, but he is a man with a plan. That was all just a ruse, of course. And part of the act is that you have to look the part; and he does that rather well.

    But then you start talking to him, and you finally figure out the ruse; he is actually quite a smart man. He can be a rather loquacious sort of character, but his charismatic personality and charm about him that you couldn't resist locks your attention to him. You try to turn away, perhaps to find another conversation partner to talk to, but you find this to be a very difficult attempt. You find yourself staring at his dark eyes, the way he moves his mouth in speech, his body language, the choice of words he uses, and then back to those eyes; they just can't seem to leave you. A warm sensation begins to fill your chest and belly as this goes on.

    It's almost as though he wanted something from you...

    Inner Personality:
    Oh, if only you knew the machinations of his mind. No, love, he is not a very nice man.

    You may think he is flirting with you, enjoying your company, but deep down inside, he is judging your usefulness. Questions on your position, wealth, assets and the sort comes into mind. Zhao Shen draws you deeper and deeper into his web, and in his lair, he will strip you bare of your secrets. If he does find you useful, he would have you around for as long as he needs you. When the time comes, it will be you who is down there and him rising above you.

    Oh, and he does it very, very thoroughly.

    That aspect of his adds to his almost-bursting ball of ego. It is in such acts that he feeds that ego. In a way, it becomes his driving force to accomplish his goals. But at the same time, it can sometimes blind him from the danger around him, particularly from those he would underestimate. But really, when you're surrounded by a herd of bumbling fools whose job is to play politics without knowing the danger they are in, you really can't help but feel that you're better off than they are.

    Even so, with such a position, one would feel a certain loneliness. Zhao has come to terms with this (at least, he thinks he has) and fills it up by immersing himself ever deeper into his web of plots.

    As ruthless as this man may seem, there is still some form of humanity left in him. Perhaps you may call it his 'caring' side, or morality. He is aware of his wrongdoings, and he understands the trouble and pain it would cause for another person to be involved in it. Unless, of course, he has no care for them at all; to which he would milk them as long as they can stand. But for relationships, and love? Just a fleeting feeling, to him, as long as it does not get in the way of his plans and hurts anyone who did not deserve it.

    Background History:
    Shan was formerly an orphan who roamed the streets. While most people would consider him a poor boy, begging for food, they fail to realise that it was not just food that he takes from them.

    "Why, it's not my fault they carried such heavy purses. I was only helping them,"

    One would say that he did enjoy his life as a thief and a poor boy as a his theatrical role, as he would have liked to put it. He spent years observing the people in the city, often times practicing their mannerisms and pulling off his roles in different situation. Of course, like most stories, not all of them can be tricked just like that. Despite his brilliant mind, Shan was still a child at heart. And throughout his life, only one girl saw that part of him.

    She was just a plain village girl who lived near the city. The girl lived with her father in a small house in the village. And every time she goes there to sell her father's wares, she would pass him by. Many times he considered just robbing her, but there was something about the girl that stopped him from doing so. She was so naive in her kindness that he found himself calling her both stupid and beautiful. Before he knew it, he fell in love with her.

    He was brought in to the family and became a foster son of sorts to the girl's father. For a while there, he was content leaving his street life for something as simple as this. If anything, it brought him much closer to the girl.

    But war was everywhere, and at a certain point in time, the country was at war against their neighbouring country. The king was unable to feed his army due to lack of funds, and thus the soldiers were off about their business, finding supplies and nabbing it for themselves, by hook or by crook.

    Shan one day returned to a burned-down house with two bodies lying next to it. One was the man he had called father for the first time that morning, and the other was the love of his life, sprawled naked in a disgusting manner.

    The soldiers were still razing the village when he overheard a particular name spoken by them; a lord who was in charge of this squad.

    "Lord Yao," he repeated, branding the name into his mind.

    Perhaps that was the day where any form of humanity or morality (of sorts) left him; these people have no care in the world for what they do. He found himself agreeing to that statement, giving him every reason to want to eliminate them.

    There was a lord who lived nearby that went with the name 'Zhao'. The man was sickly man and was probably forgotten by the lords and ladies of the king's court. Shan decided to end the pathetic man's life right there and then, and took on the role of his nephew. His thieving and acting skills never left him, it just lay dormant in him, knowing he would return to such a life.

    Using his skills and observation, he was able to rise above his station to that of a respectable one. And, being the thorough person he is, he was able to wipe out any records of who he was in his past life. His one and only goal was to find the man named Yao and deliver a fatal blow that killed the boy named 'Shan'.

    Now, Zhao Shen has taken his place and complete Shan's revenge.

    If only he knew who his real father was.

    How he got this job:
    Through the years he spent in court, scheming and plotting, he has attracted the attention of the king. Zhao Shen proved himself time and time again of his deductive skills and prowess in the art of negotiation. Despite his mediocre skills in swordsmanship, he was smart enough to avoid such violent conflicts.

    As such, the king finds him a suitable candidate as a guard to the princess. One would find this odd, but it would seem that king only sends those he can truly trust for such a task. And for some reason, he chose Zhao Shen for that purpose.

    Not that he's complaining; he was truly honoured.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for Princess C? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?

    1. She reminds him of the village girl, in some way.

    2. She would, in her own way, remind him that life is still beautiful.

    3. Her innocence attracts him to her. It gives him the feeling to want to protect someone small and fragile, much like how he felt for the village girl. But at the same time, it drives him away (*insert moral-goal conflict/crisis issues here*).


    1. Average Swordsmanship
    2. Negotiation
    3. Stealing (he was a thief)
    4. Very thorough in what he does.
    5. Perfectionist
    6. A method actor


    1. Has the compulsion to lie and is determined to live through the lie.
    2. Perfectionist.
    3. The Princess.
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  14. So many princesses, so little time. I may come back with characters for the others, but for now, I just have one for B.

    Princess you are Wooing: B

    Character Name: Feng Bai Li [ Feng meaning wind, and Bai Li meaning White Dawn. Through a wordplay, his name could also mean White Black. ]

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:
    Bai Li, often simply called Bai, lives up to his name. His hair is black, trimmed to just below his shoulders, but his eyes are an unsettling clear white throughout. Despite this, he is not blind, though he tends to fool people into thinking that he is. He is a very tidy person, as evidenced by his dressing habits; he tends to wear greyscale clothing, with the only accents of color being a light blue or green ribbon, or a flower pinned to a lapel. His apparel is elegant and well-tailored to his thin frame, without hanging loosely or pinching, and while his features might not be described as striking, there is a certain pleasantness to his canted eyes, angular cheekbones and small nose and lips.

    Outward Personality:
    Bai is pleasant, charming, and gentle; however, his personality is a study in contrasts. He loves order and regulation, and is an expert in all matters of propriety and law, yet his personal study is always untidy, and he pretends that he is blind to those ranging in rank from general to shop owner, always letting out a peal of good-natured laughter when he finds that the game is up. Diplomatic and compromising, he never seems to take offense, and will respond to any remark with a simple smile; however, he is very insistent on certain points, refusing to give in if he knows that he is right in an important matter. He is quiet when others have something to say and assertive when he feels that he must speak, but no matter who his opponent in a verbal sparring match is or what he or she wants, a neutral observer will find that he always gets what he wants in the end.

    Inner Personality:
    In reality, though, there is much more to Bai than the perfect young gentleman that he seems to be. If his apparent personality is contradictory, his true nature is downright paradoxical. He accepts defeat in a game of chess with perfect grace and after extorting a promise to play again, then returns to his study wanting to smash a china vase in frustration. When he wants to refuse to give in to a young nobleman in a martial contest, the laws of propriety force him to bow and concede; the frustration, accumulated over months, once caused him to collapse during a court session, only to recover and continue his work. Under the cover of his elegance, Bai is akin to an earthen dam attempting to hold back a flood; with every day, the pressure builds, without release, and every day, he grows more secretly irritable with the pretense that he is forced to uphold.

    Background History:
    Bai was born to the concubine of a nobleman, in a house full of potential heirs. Growing up, he was spoiled and cosseted, with the result that he threw terrible tantrums and developed an uncontrollable temper. When he was passed over in the line of succession, this willful child was forced to grow up very quickly. At the age of ten, he began to study arts ranging from classical literature and music to swordplay and politics. Soon, he began to comport himself in a manner more befitting a gentleman of good breeding, as his father would have said, and after passing the civil service examination with highest honors, he cut off his power-grubbing mother and began to rise in the ranks. However, his actual personality improved little, leaving him acting childishly to those that he knew well. After demonstrating his martial skills in a contest, he was chosen to act as a courtier, and has lived at court ever since, slowly improving his facade of maturity and perfection.

    How they got this job:
    He was the first thought on the mind of the advisors to the king when they were asked to recommend someone who might improve the manners and restraint of the middle princess. Bai Li, they said, was a perfect gentleman. Surely, he would be a good influence upon the princess.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for Princess B? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?
    I think that this character and Princess B are, in some senses, complete opposites; in others, they are exactly the same. Both have certain facades, but they want others to see different things in them.
    Bai would be irritated by the way that she expresses things regardless of the propriety, but would also envy her ability to do so. He could teach her restraint, and she could teach him to express himself normally again, without the need to hide so much of his emotional state.
  15. Princess you are Wooing: B

    Character Name: Xiang Da ()

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Outward Personality: The general air of bemused apathy radiates from Da - he just doesn't seem particularly passionate about anything. He's wry and often silent, only expressing his thoughts in occasional bursts. When pressed to do anything particularly strenuous, he'll balk and likely complain. He has a taste for good food and an eye for luxury.

    Inner Personality: While Da does have a taste for the finer things in life and a desire to lead a fat and prosperous life, he has too strong a sense of justice and fairness for this to come to fruition. Within the heart of the seemingly lazy man is a strong individual with morals and principles that cannot be bent. He chooses his fights carefully and would rather be underestimated and have an easy victory. For him, pride is a folly that brings men to ruin (a place he'd rather not be!).

    Background History:
    As a child, the Xiang family was a poor one that made their living farming. They had high hopes and dreams for their sons, however, and insisted that the boys get what little education they could, even going so far as to make them walk every morning to the nearest town once they'd gotten past learning to count for better schooling. It was a difficult life for Da, who was the middle child and never exceptional. He was made fun of by the other children in the class for being so poor and having to walk so far to and from the town. He was never the brightest and was picked on by some of the boys who felt he sullied their education by being a poor boy in the same class.

    After being bullied for many months, Da sought the help of a man in town who had once trained royal guards for the king. This instructor was not at first willing to help Da, but eventually gave in due to the boy's determination and hardships. Da lived in a small storage room in the house of his new teacher so he could devote his time to training when he was not being taught history and characters. It was not an easy path for a young boy and he did not begin his journey with any boon greater than a certain degree of endurance gained from walking so far every day. Eventually, however, he became stronger and learned much about fighting. It also instilled in him the lifelong desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves, remembering back to himself as a child.

    The original intent of his training was satisfied when he became too intimidating to be harassed. For a time, he thought that he desired vengeance, but the taste of it was too bitter for him to become the bully in turn and Da realized that what he truly wanted was a life of enjoyment after spending so long struggling. He traveled to the capital city once his mentor declared him a proficient pupil and there he spent his days doing sellsword work to fun his nights of alcohol and feasting.

    It was his exceptional training that made his work truly shine and, by chance, he once saved the life of one of the king's retainers while hunting his mark.

    How they got this job: Earned a debt by a retainer of the king, having proved himself a capable hand with a sword.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other? A calm demeanor, paired with the confidence of a man who has decided his path in life and has no regrets or grudges seems the complement to such a passionate spirit. A mild exterior with a heart made from a steel core of fairness. The live and let live attitude serves only to allow the spirit of such a free bird to soar while offering safe roost.
  16. I-it feels like this is a scary princess fight now...oh well...'^_^
    Also, it sounds kinda Mulan-2 based. Or it could just be me. Can I get kudos anyway, for relating it to something relevant, please? :3
    Well, here be my charrie! And like the idiot I am, I chose the most popular princess!

    Princess you are Wooing: B (I TOTALLY didn't use to decide...)

    Character Name: Chen Huan (O~h, you want to know what it means? Google it! >:D)

    Gender: Girl, pretending to be a boy to be a high ranking guard. (Because it's not truly me if there's no gender confusion).

    General Appearance:

    Outward Personality: Chen can seem controlling and brash, and generally overbearing. She is usually too concerned for other people, and can seem nosy, but really she's just trying to look out for you. Chen likes doing things the safe way, even if it's longer or harder, since she hates to risk somebody getting hurt. She acts sensible, to the point of sometimes being uncaring, and is always polite. Also, Chen tries to act manly, which she generally succeeds at.

    Inner Personality:

    Background History:

    How they got this job:

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?

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  17. Princess you are Wooing: C

    Character Name: Now known only as the masked warrior.

    Gender: Male

    General Appearance:

    Tall and foreboding, he is a mountain of a man usually dressed in simple peasant garb, or something more flamboyant is the situation requires it. He detests armor and never wears any unless forced to. His weapon of choice is a simple stave and he wears a hand-carved mask that covers his entire face which he never removes. framed by long hair that reached past his shoulder blades.

    Outward Personality: Outwardly he appears appears a lowly brute, and a mute one at that. He only ever speaks to the one he protects. Then he does speak his tone is surprisingly soft and refined, but never much more than a whisper.

    Inner Personality: Quifo as he was once known is a gentle man, well educated, and having a strong belief in the use of minimal force to resolve conflict. He is however bound to his duty to protect the princess and will ensure her safety above all.

    Background History: Quifo is from a long line of mystics and fortune tellers, and has sometimes had visions himself but not for a long time. He foresaw the princess' death and immediately rushed from his family temple to the capitol, urged on by the spirits of his ancestors, some of whom want to increase the family's' prestige and others seeking to punish him for a mistake he made when he was young. They were both young, he thought she was willing... The mask is his penance and hides a surprisingly attractive face.

    How they got this job: The emperor heard the plea and the prophecy, and he immediately knew that no one else should hear it lest the princess find out or the people panic, and there was only one man with the knowledge of what was coming and how to stop it, and his family's reputation was beyond dispute.

    Why do YOU think this character is perfect for ____ Princess? I might have this backwards but she is perfect for him, if not the other way round. She might not like the large silent man at first but she would remind him in his past and his mistakes, but see a chance to redeem himself by saving her, while viewing any other feeling as unwanted, and who doesn't love a little angst. It's also the perfect setup for him to save her by the skin if his teeth, appear to be mortally wounded only for her love to bring him back, his broken mask showing her his have for the first time and symbolically representing his redemption.
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