Woo~ New meat.

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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mika or Mi-chan for short. It's nice to meet everyone. So far, I like this site. I like roleplaying a lot.
    Pfft. Dunno what I should put. Oh, well. If you wanna learn more about me, just visit my profile, mkay?
    Thank you very much~♥
  2. *Deimon appears from the shadows.*

    I am Lieutenant Deimon Kisaragi of the 9TH SOCOM, the Ghost Faces. I wish to welcome you here.

    *Deimon gives Mika a melon.*

    It's the best I could do on such short notice...
  3. -takes melon and blinks in confusion-
    Uh, well. I guess I can't refuse.
    Thanks for welcoming me here. ^___^
  4. Welcome Mi~chan! I'm glad that you finally made a page!

  5. -salutes TK- Well, I finally got around to doing it.
    And don't rip peoples arms off for me~ -feels extremely flattered-
  6. Tell that to Scavenger, not me.

    *Deimon tackles Julez.*

    FYI, Julez is mine and I am hers.
  7. *Lands into the thread with a loud thud.*

    Bloody jump jets. Hello I am Soldato, local provider of death and other such nonsense in Cbox. Welcome to the forums and remember to keep all extremities inside the cart for the remainder of the ride.

    *Hands a sign on his chest saying, "Tree" in an attempt to camouflage*
  8. *Snuggles Deimon*

    Yeah.... ummm the whol entity under the name of Feild commander McCarthy is my boyfriend.

    *drags Mi~chan into the snugglefest*

  9. A-ah, I'll pass...

    I'm in full kit right now...
  10. -tries to wiggle away from TK- Gahh!! No! Help me somebody!
    -dramatic tears run from eyes-
  11. *Looks at Deimon*

    This is only because the new one is crying out in help.

    *Punts TK away with a mechanical foot before resuming his "Tree" camo.*

  12. *An M-93 Pickaxe crests a hill. It fires it's five inch 70 caliber gun, putting a 127mm Kinetic Energy Penetrator right through Soldat. The hatch opens, Carl climbing out.*

    Sol, would you rather take another KEP through your frame or do you want Julez to demonstrate her element to you?
  13. Welcome to the site.
  14. *Snarls as a giant metal spike impales Sol*

    Now, where was I? MI~CHAN IS AWESOME!
  15. *Falls over like a tree shot by a tank cannon*


    *Goes Nuclear*
  16. .________.|l|
    Thanks for the welcomes, by the way.

    And I'm awesome? You really think so? * 3*
  17. Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions at all just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadow mi~chan noticing a wolf tail*
  18. Yes, you awesome person!!!!
  19. *Deimon facepalms.*

    Seriously, Carl... A Tank Destroyer?

    It worked, didn't it?
  20. ^///^ hahaha~