Woo~ New meat.

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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mika or Mi-chan for short. It's nice to meet everyone. So far, I like this site. I like roleplaying a lot.
    Pfft. Dunno what I should put. Oh, well. If you wanna learn more about me, just visit my profile, mkay?
    Thank you very much~♥
  2. *Deimon appears from the shadows.*

    I am Lieutenant Deimon Kisaragi of the 9TH SOCOM, the Ghost Faces. I wish to welcome you here.

    *Deimon gives Mika a melon.*

    It's the best I could do on such short notice...
  3. -takes melon and blinks in confusion-
    Uh, well. I guess I can't refuse.
    Thanks for welcoming me here. ^___^
  4. Welcome Mi~chan! I'm glad that you finally made a page!

  5. Error | IwakuRoleplay.com

    Wasn't sure if this is close enough to RP, but here's the last of Mason's backstory, at long last! @Atomyk and @Verite here is one of those canon fictions I promised. I feel proud of this.
  6. Tell that to Scavenger, not me.

    *Deimon tackles Julez.*

    FYI, Julez is mine and I am hers.
  7. *Lands into the thread with a loud thud.*

    Bloody jump jets. Hello I am Soldato, local provider of death and other such nonsense in Cbox. Welcome to the forums and remember to keep all extremities inside the cart for the remainder of the ride.

    *Hands a sign on his chest saying, "Tree" in an attempt to camouflage*
  8. *Driving along in Final Fantasy XV*

    *All of a sudden Ignis goes "I believe this would make a fine addition to Wiz's new dish." And the "Find Aegir Root part of my quest completes*

    *Was literally just driving*

    I have no idea what happened, but I think Ignis may have made a deal with Satan. I don't ever want to know what just happened.
  9. A-ah, I'll pass...

    I'm in full kit right now...
  10. -tries to wiggle away from TK- Gahh!! No! Help me somebody!
    -dramatic tears run from eyes-
  11. *Looks at Deimon*

    This is only because the new one is crying out in help.

    *Punts TK away with a mechanical foot before resuming his "Tree" camo.*

  12. *An M-93 Pickaxe crests a hill. It fires it's five inch 70 caliber gun, putting a 127mm Kinetic Energy Penetrator right through Soldat. The hatch opens, Carl climbing out.*

    Sol, would you rather take another KEP through your frame or do you want Julez to demonstrate her element to you?
  13. Welcome to the site.
  14. *Snarls as a giant metal spike impales Sol*

    Now, where was I? MI~CHAN IS AWESOME!
  15. i was bored so i searched it up


    overview for MurderMemes

    >redditor for 5 days
    >since Jan 2017

    oh geez you weren't lying
  16. How goes it?
  17. Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions at all just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadow mi~chan noticing a wolf tail*
  18. Yes, you awesome person!!!!
  19. *Deimon facepalms.*

    Seriously, Carl... A Tank Destroyer?

    It worked, didn't it?
  20. ^///^ hahaha~