Woo. A few ideas.

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  1. Uhm. Short and to the point. Yes. I've been wanting a MxF romance, for the first time in a while. I want to be ze female. Smut can happen if you're eighteen. It doesn't have to happen. And here are my plot wants!

    SoldierXSiren. Think Borderlands, if you've played it.
    Royalty and their childhood friend, who is also their guard.
    Mining space ship
    Dragon rider and a mage are thrown together during war

    We can tweak these however you like, and I'm up for any suggestions. :3 PM me.
  2. Hi Helium! :D
    The two last sound interesting. Do you have any further plot idea, or is that to be made?
  3. Kind of. In a way.

    No, not really. That's about all there is right now to those plots. But we can think something up. :3
  4. Thinking time then! :3
    For starters; What roles do you want in the?
    I'm assuming you wanna be the Dragonrider? :P
  5. LET US GO TO PM. :3
  6. But I dun wanna! D: