Woo~ :3

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  1. I guess I'll start off by saying hello to everyone since I'm new, obviously.
    Well new to this site, not much to rp.
    I've been away from any roleplay for a long while so I am a bit rusty. Sorry.
    Anyways, I hope to make friends and rp with you all. Don't be afraid to stop by and say hello.
  2. HEY HEY HEY WElcome
    *dose a pokemon battle pose*
  3. /Does pose with.

    Thank you. I'm glad to be here. :3
  4. AH-CHa!
    hahaha no problem and im glad to be here two!
    and its nice to meet a veteran, im a newbie, I started last week :)
  5. Hello xgk~ (and Edward ^^)
  6. Haha. Actually I'm not a veteran. Far from it actually. More like a newbie, but a little more experienced. I left rp for a long while so I lost my touch. I'm way down the latter.
    Still it's my pleasure to meet you. I hope we become friends. :3
  7. yea? ill accsept :)
    fancy meeting you here XD
  8. Hello! Thank you very much for the welcome. I'm happy I'm here getting to know people. Haha. Generally I'm ignored.
  9. Welcome to the forum! I am one of the humble admins...Well not really humble...But that's okay.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us.
  10. Lol. I can't ignore anyone. I just need to say "Hi!"
    Although I'm not like that at my school. Buuutttt, that is starting to change. My true self is coming out at last >:D

    And we'll all totally become friends. Maybe even thread buddies, idk.
  11. Das good? ja? :)
    and trust me im also diffrent in real life, im not this social but im still crazy :)
    *pokemon trainer pose*
  12. I almost died from laughter today o.o
    I just remembered that. It was so hard to breathe xD. Oh shit I'm starting to laugh because of the memory XDD
  13. OH NO DONT DIE :o
    *runs to you and shows you werid images*
    SuRvIvE :,(
  14. Haha. I'm sure you're very humbled my good chum. No worries. Thank you for the welcome. I hope I do as well. I'm setting myself up for good times.
  15. Okay. Okay...I think I'm fine now. I'm calm. Just have a big smile on my face but calm none the less. Thanks Ed (I think. lol)
  16. hahaha well any way we need to talk to xgk
  17. Hey there, you're up early ^^

    Welcome to Iwaku, hope you enjoy yourself, all that jazz. *floats past with cookie for ya*
    Skimmed over your snake-man sheet, gotta say I'm loving him already.
  18. I'll call her Gen.


    HEY GEN!!!! How's it going? =3
  19. otay its Gen

    and kitty......can i have that cookie?
  20. You might wanna go with Ela when referring to me Edward, there's someone called Kitti on this site already and while it's fine if we're not in the same topic, some folk get mixed up.

    Also, cookie is for new member, so no I'm afraid you can't have it.