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  1. Hello fellow creators! My name's Mariano and for about half a year now i've been building my own original setting to roleplay (basicly for a tabletop roleplay enviroment, but i could use it for some other things like stories and such).

    In any case, it will be soon ready for the alfa test in about a couple of months, so i'm making a thread and requesting artists to help me create the illustrations for the world map, for the different races and for the different tools, animals, beasts, monsters, weapons and other things unique for my world so i can have visual reference to show when we start using this and so i can see if it reflects what i'm trying to show.

    So, let's get down to business: my original idea is to ask anyone who can draw, paint or however generate the images i'm looking for to make the illustrations for one of my races. I'll show you the most weird looking ones (the hardest to visualize, i think) and i'll ask anyone up for some adventure to draw them. Then i'll ask the ones that want to keep developing this to work with me to make the other ones (for a total of 10 races, one of them being the mix of two others races and one being half animal, half human so any number of animals are available) and so i'll try to maintain a line of work about the illustrations.

    In return, i can't pay you since i'm in Argentina (we can't get dollars or any other currency without bleeding out) but what i can do is offer you the first version of what i got of my setting, i could do a fanfic for you of something you ask me to (i'm good at writing, if a little slow), i could GM for a RP you want... Obviously, if you want to play anything, i'll do it, but if you liked this world, i'll be glad to test it on you. If i can repay you in any other form you can think of, please tell me and i'll be glad to try.

    Ok then! Ready to see what i'm looking? GREAT! I really hope you're as excited as i am!!!

    Name: Agrap
    Base Culture: Based on the Tuareg culture (desert people, resilient and strong, free before everything)
    Personality: There are three different social classes on Agrap culture: the Kel-Talmigús or nobles who are the ones that direct society and make the highest dealings, protect the others and make all the comercial dealings who are proud of being the true Free Men. These are proud and strong, usually gaining their position trough intermarriage with others (most nobles marriage between nobles or with the better of the other classes) so they are healthy and tall, but also are the ones who present the most battle scars since their work is to protect the Jaima or village.

    The Kel-anigu are the common people, usually shepards and laborers, also the little time merchants, artisans and artists are from this class. They look up to the Kel-talmigús and work hard and honest for anything they want, so they should reflect this on their clothes and limbs. In the other hand, they're almost never under danger since their society is pacific and they got nobles to do the hard and dangerous work. They should be bigger, thougher and a little less proud, more looking to the Kel-Talmigús than up proudly.

    The last class are the Iklan, who are basicly slaves. They work for the Kel-Talmigús and are considered part of their master's herd, but have the right to earn certain income and to be treated fairly. They are usually cowards as their masters try to emphatize their need for the Kel-Talmigús to protect them and they are regularly part of the prize (or the thing to be burnt) in he raids between tribes, so these guys also would have scars and be les healthy than the others. Usually, their frontal plates have a seal of property carved on it and are not allowed to leave their master until he says so, so any Kel-Talmigús should be surrounded by them (around 8 slaves can maintain 1 noble).

    In any case, they are a spiritual people, that usually meditate and use psiquic powers so you can picture them like this, and their mental powers could be seen like the biotics of mass effect.

    Physique: Imagine them like the Kroggan from the Mass Effect games, at least i like to show them like that, but i belive they need some other unique features. My description of them, visually, would be this:
    The Agrap are reptilian humanoids about 1.70m tall and weighting between 130 and 200kg with a broad head covered with plates that resemble a crown on the forehead. They have a hump where they store fat rich in nutrients, in water and lipid, so they can survive weeks without food or water, and their legs are solid, with a calf turned backward completed by three bone claws. They have a small residual tail and are covered with scales, changing their skin once a year
    however, the most distinctive feature of the Agrap is the fact that they have four hands of three fingers and four forearms born only from two elbows.

    Clothing: The Agrap wear light-colored clothing that prevents burning their skin and that isolates them, traditionally blue. They use some kind of leather moccasins protected by bone bands as a shoe. When going to war, their armors made of heavy bone, their glass Panges and kitin shields are feared by all the territories that touch the mountains of the Door to the Desert. Usually they wear blue tunics of several layers, and wear headdresses on their heads, like turbans for men and veils more like hoods adorned with gold chains for women. Males cover their faces
    in front of strangers with their turbans, but women often wear a veil for practical reasons.
    They live in perfectly rounded and sealed leather tents, which can rise their lower parts during the hottest hours of the day to let the wind come and go and refresh the tent.

    Landscape: I think i'd like them in the desert, maybe with the Jaima behind them, but i'll let you choose. I know not everyone is good with backgrounds and i am in need of an image for the species, so i'm not bothering you for nothing in particular. If you really want to do something, maybe you can draw a scene in the slice of life style.

    That's the way their arms look like.

    Greek, Krogan is greek

    Getting fucking medieval!

    Ok, i'm posting more races if you ask me to, so i'll leave for you to see some of the other ones i have prepared so far.


    Areva: Humans, african. They are aristocrats, great mages but weak against magic (it runs deep on their veins, so it brands them and makes them be part of any magic). Based on argentinian native americans, the Selk'nam or Onas, Tehuelches and etc.

    Bitelos: Humans, caucasian. Slaves, since the Areva were more advanced and conquered them. Never knew freedom, never needed it, and are since then a race that lives only to serve. On the other hand, they can't use magic nor psiquic powers, but they are immune to dark magic.
    Loosely based on fragments of the animistic religions all around the world.

    Sohi: Humans, Asian. They are fearless sailors who live along in the same government with the Wanizame. They follow a philosophy that allows them to be every day better and strive for the betterment of themselves. There is a group that follows mother earth and they're like druids. They are being hunted by the others to unite their race, but it's not so easy when the living earth wants to protect you.
    Loosely based on the Japanese and the Ainu peoples.

    This photo is from an actual Ainu druid.

    Indahera: Their racial gods have died, but they as a race have brought them back with necromancy so they are a race that uses souls to feed their gods, but as long as they have existed, they have just bought slaves to sacrifice. Their bodies resemble those of a carnivore deer with front legs like a gorilla's arms, and a second pair of arms spawning from their shoulders.
    Loosely based on Mayan, Inca and Aztecs cultures.

    Jrieet: Insectoid-humanoids bound to their godess of shadows, immortal and cannibalistic. Based on the Drow (dark elves) presented on the novels from D&D on Forgotten Realms

    Dayoun: Beast people, half men, half animals. Directed by the Leomans, who have the power of the empire tht spans all the other etnicities of animal people.
    Based on Persian Culture and influenced by Werewolf, the Apocalypse.

    Solar: The mix of two other races, usually consecrated to a power (magical, divine or psiquic) but with physical malformations. They look like 2 of the other races barely mesh together on some kind of abortion. Their skin is metalized and they're becoming more and more stable with the years.

    Wanizame: The men look like shark men, females look like nagas. Underwater culture allied and sharing their lives with the Sohi, they are based on the Maorí and Polinesian culture.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kuammach: Rock men, people born within and from the rock. THey are the embodiments of strenght, resilience and justice.
    Based on Babilonians and Asyrians.

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    She calls her sketches, i call them art! Awesome "Sketches" made by @Isho13
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  9. [​IMG]
    A Jrieet Harlequin, dancing it's dance of death. More by @Isho13


    And this is the idea of the Sohi that made Leila Palavecino.


    And another Agrap idea by Alejandra Ugarte (i think)

    Thanks to all, ladies! I love you all and i'm really happy on how this is turning out!
  10. I could make you a world map. I am fairly good at making maps and have created a decent number of maps. I usually draw by hand and if needed scan end turn into a viable digital version with GIMP. I am also experimenting with making a fully digital map (I should really see about making a fully digitally drawn map soon...).

    Some examples of my work (digital versions) can be see in my showcase (link in my sig).

    Anyways we could always talk details if you want (free feel to PM me).
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  11. Thank you for your interest! I got a guy already working on the maps but some more would be great.
    If you hand me your facebook i can add you to a FB group where all that work with me in this are