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  1. Alice
    Here is your classic Alice in Wonderland tale, but with my own twist. Now see here, a girl name Alice, age 16, was on her way home from school. She decided to take a shortcut through the woods of "terror" to get home faster today. She always heard silly rumors of how the forest can completely drive one insane and make one delusional but see, poor Alice payed little attention to those rumors and thus payed the price. As she was walking between trees listening to her screamo music, she didn't notice how the forest seemed to become more dark and dense. Too busy in the moment of music, the trees around her started to sway to some sort of creepy yet lovely chime, but Alice could not hear it for she had her ears blasting with the sound of scream. The deeper the girl walked in, the darker the forest got, and soon came a scent that was almost paralyzing. The girl stopped in her tracks finally noticing something was happening. Putting her earbuds and music away, she sniffed the air and looked around. "Where the hell.. What.." She slowly turned in circles utterly confused on which way was home or how to get out but see there was no getting out once one entered the forest. As she inhaled more of that mysterious scent, her eyelids started to become heavy with each blink. She yawned softly and rubbed her eyes. "I..feel..so sleepy.. what is.. that smell.." She mumbled to herself, struggling to stay awake. But with another step, she couldn't help but fall, and fall, and fall and fall... into a deep sleep....
    Alice found herself leaning against a tree trunk as she slowly awoke. The smell was gone and.. so was everything else! She scrambled to her feet in a panic, looking around. Everything was so.. colorful yet scary. The trees had frightening features and the flowers looked deadly. She looked at herself, her face twisted with confusion and irritation. "Where the fuck are my clothes!??? Where's my bag!?" She looked at this grotesque outfit she was wearing. How did this even get on her? She went from wearing ripped skinny jeans, a band tee, converse and hoodie to this fanciful outfit? I mean I guess it is a bit cute, its not so preppy but more dark but still! She wondered if she ever had her phone still, which she did checking her pockets. She fiddled with the device but there was no service so she put it back in her pocket. As Alice walked around this strange world, she noticed there were flyers everywhere on the trees. They read: WANTED FOR TREASON! ALICE! BRING BACK TO THE RED QUEEN'S CASTLE FOR A BOUNTIFUL PRIZE! DEAD OR ALIVE, OFF WITH HER HEAD- The flyers weren't suggesting her were they? It must be some Alice right?... Right?...
    Alice found herself running from hounds. More like big ass wolf beasts than hounds. This place was like her own personal world but a nightmarish twist. She was breathing hard, running from her pursuers. "So that damn poster did mean me, but what the hell did I do!?" She cussed under her breath, running away from the strange knight like guards and their wolves. Was everyone after her? But why? What did she do to deserve death? She hoped she at least met some people who didn't want her head. Not paying attention the poor girl tripped on a tree branch, which seemed to purposely move, and she slid down a hill, falling into a hole large enough for only her. She fell on her bum with a thump before regaining her composure. Wiping her dress off and her hair from her face, the girl found a door that was smaller than her. She would have to crawl through it to get through and those beasts were still after her so it was her best shot. She opened the small door and started crawling her way through as fast as she could. Luckily she made it through and shut the door, magically it disappeared. Alice was amazed at where she ended up, it was a beautiful garden with a large pond in it. It seemed to go on for miles. She wonder what lie ahead and who she would meet, she continued her journey through this wonderland...
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  2. Cheshire Cat


    Cheshire had been in this world for as long as he could remember, and very possibly longer than that. Time was irrelevant, nonexistent even. He had been nothing, then he awoke as himself in a land that declared him as still a nothing. Maybe they were all correct, but he would not be the one to admit it. If he were one to give in so easily to the ideas of others, then he would not exist right now. And he very much wanted to exist, so he did. He had stolen his name on a whim from the land itself. It never really forgave him for that. 'Shire' meant the division of land, and 'chess' was a board game who's board was divided much like this world was. He wasn't sure how he knew those things nor did he question their accuracy, yet they were true. That was a certainty. Why was Cat at the end of his name? Well, the locals referred to him as one, as did the Queen, for his habit of silence, disappearance and getting under peoples' feet in the most skilled of ways without being trampled on. One of the reasons the Queen has yet to successfully behead him.
    A poster was now in his hands. It had the words Wanted and a freshly painted picture of a girl on it. Again, he wondered where his ability to read came from, but was only met with the memory of darkness. He held the paper into the air, arms outstretched in front of his body, comparing it to a very similar looking girl who was walking beside the large body of water. They had quite the likeness, he had to admit. His body was well hidden amongst the foliage of the trees where he hid in silence. Occasionally, his entire being would seem to disappear entirely, only to reappear several trees down in the exact same position he had been in before becoming seemingly invisible. He crept to a lower branch, swinging his legs freely back and forth as he sat upon it. "Are you lost, pretty girl?" he called out to her softly, an ever present smile playing on his lips.
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  3. Knave of hearts
    "Find her now" he yells at the guards as he runs his hands through his scruffy blond hair " And take the tracking hounds this time you fools" he says again trying to calm himself down. He walks over to a black war horse that wore the queens royal armour and he jumped onto its back thinking he was the best person to hunt alice down. He rode off into the forest with his own personal hunting hound at his side hoping to regain the queens trust if he finds her and kills her himself.
    After a while of riding he heard the running off the water and he rode over to it letting his horse drink, the sound of its armour making a loud sound as it lowered its head to drink.
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  4. Alice
    Alice felt at peace in the garden as she walked along the ponds edge. The girl sat down on the lush green bright grass, watching the little colorful fish play in the pond. She watched them closely, looking at what seemed to be faces they had. "Am I on drugs?" She mumbled, hearing giggles from the fish. She shook her head and sighed softly. Slowly falling on her back, the dark haired girl stared at the whimsical swirly clouds in the twilight sky. She saw shapes, one of a crown, a cat, and a hat. Normally she wasn't the type for cloud watching but she had nothing better to do in this mysterious land. Besides escaping from those beasts she hasn't met a single soul that would not want to chop her head off. She turned onto her side and closed her eyes, her breaths calm and slow. As she rested her eyes, a cat-like figure was wondering about the trees behind her. Alice hadn't notice for she was naive at times to her surroundings but its not like she could notice, this person was almost translucent. Startled by the male voice, Alice sat up in a panic, turning around to see who it was that snuck up on her. The girl pulled her dark strands of hair behind her ear, looking up at the person. She wasn't sure how to answer his question so she just nodded. "I suppose so.." She quietly said, not sure whether she would have to run or be at ease with this one. Suddenly she was alarmed, not too far away from her she heard clanking of armour. "No.." She looked around but couldn't see all that far down, there were trees in her way but maybe that was a good thing. The trees would shield her and give her time if needed to run if it was who she thought it was that is. She stayed low just in case who ever was near by could see her through the branch and leaves of the trees. Alice was worried but didn't want to run off when someone was speaking with her so she would stay to see what this being would have to say before running elsewhere away from that noise of metal armour...
  5. Cheshire Cat

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    Cheshire allowed a purr of pleasure to gently rumble in his chest at his being correct. He usually was about most things, but no one here ever gave him any credit for it. "I assumed as much." His eyes softly stared at the girl who the poster declared was named Alice. The fish in the pond were staring at him again, and the girl too, he noted. So the Queen truly was after her head, as well, instead of it merely being one of the Knave's sport huntings. He pushed himself from the branch and fell, disappearing as his body was met by a cloak of leaves that concealed his descent. Instead of appearing on the other side, he was suddenly crouched down behind Alice's shoulder, padding around her in maddening circles, twisting this way and that, backwards and forwards, round and round as he studied her. The fish began to giggle and laugh, snapping his attention to them instead, eyes suddenly alight. "Shut up," he said in a tone of hushed death. A carnivorous smile momentarily flashed over his features as he said this, ripping a dagger from its sheathed position at his hip, pointing it at the fishoids. They instantly scattered, burying their fish bodies beneath the mud at the bottom of the pond, humanoid faces silently watching him with expressions of shock. They did shut up though. Still... they were listening.
    He flicked the blade into the water without it making even so much as the smallest of splashes, striking one of the fish straight through its pretty little face and out the other end. The remaining ones gaped up at him in disbelief, mouths moving silently in shock. As a group, they gulped and completely submerged themselves beneath the mud, no sign of their having been there aside from the dead one. Cheshire reached into the water and slipped the body off of his short blade, lying it on the bright green grass. It dissolved completely within seconds into the earth, soon replaced by a single white rose bud. He rolled his eyes at the delicate reincarnation and crouched down beside it, using the wet blade to slice into his hand. A drop of blood fell onto the flower and soon the entire bud was red, before blossoming to become a red rose with a small card in its center. He read it aloud, "By order of the Red Queen of Hearts, the Just and Beautiful, with to whom no one could ever compare---" he hummed softly to himself, clearly skipping a good portion of the card that was all praise to the Queen. "--- and so, it being your five thousandth, seven hundredth, thirty-second offence, the Wisest of up all hereby decrees, oh, Cheshire Cat, 'Off With Your Head!'" he finished in finality. It didn't seem to phase him though, having already collected another five thousand, seven hundred thirty-one other identical cards in his life time. He stuck the card in his pocket and turned back to Alice, who he had been distracted from, with a small bow of apology. "They were her spies," he explained, the same secretive smile once again playing on his lips. "Their giggling has alerted the idiot Knave of your -our- presence, so it would be best that you -we- run. Now." Just like that he was gone though, fading into thin air and once again leaving Alice to her own devices.
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  6. jabberwock-steve-thorpe.jpg
    The Jabberwock​
    Beyond the garden, along the edges of Wonderland, a large Dark creature reared it's head back, Large long steps shook the ground as it walked. It knew she had arrived, It was "her". Huffing into the air a misty breath he looked on into the direction of the gardens, of Alice. Turning away, the large beast moved along the Twisted landscape and biding the time. Dropping shadows along the ground where it stepped. The Jabberwocky moved sluggishly along and suddenly cam across a dark firgue standing in the wake of it's many endless shadows.​
    The Mad Hatter

    Beneath his roughly brimmed, exaggerated, top hot, a crazed set of eye gazed up at the Jabberwock. Smiling wildly, he began to speak to himself, stepping on wards to the beast,​
    "One foot in front of the other foot, in front of the one foot in front of the other foot, in front of the one, Alice."
    His mouth twisted and curled as he looked straight up to the creature, Its might growing by the second. Hand articulating with fingers the motions of walking along the air. In a Huff of chaos the Jabberwock flung himself at the Hatter to only eat the shadows he dropped.
    Laughter resounded in the land, as if to sound the bells, All would know the changing of the land, and many would fear the coming of the Jabberwocky.
    Off into the twisted reality that was this Wonderland, Perhaps to put on a spot of tea. ​
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  7. "Search" the knave whispers into the hunting hounds ear. The hound ran to the hushed talking and barking as he went so the knave could follow.He look around to see if there was any need to get on his horse for the ride but he finally convinced himself thinking he would look more scary on the back of his horse, the knave got onto the back of his large war horse again and followed the hound a smile on his face.
    " Don't dare move " he yelled as he rode up to a girl he presumed to be alice he let his hound sniff her just to make sure it was the girl the queen was hunting. He made his horse pace back and fourth blocking all her escape roots as he was not in the mood for a chase through wonderland. He then relized he had heard two voices not one then he finally worked out who she was talking to "Chess come back here before i send my dog after you" he said in a joke like tone but at the same time was being quite strict.
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  8. Alice
    Alice watched the strange male dally and talk about pointless things she didn't care for. She had a bored expression as he talked and talked about the fish than his own death penalty. Alice stood up ready to leave when he was finally done talking and disappeared. She rose an eyebrow wondering if she could do that to but didn't bother trying. As Alice was about to run off into the woods she was stopped by a sharp haller. She groaned, "Its him.. What luck.." She mumbled to herself before turning around to face him. She was not at all intimidated by him, if anything she wanted to laugh at his attire. Alice controlled herself and stood quiet, glancing around her to find a way out. That damn prancy horse and hound was blocking the ways and so was he. She rummaged through her pockets to see if she had anything in them. She found a small vial, not noticing it was in her pocket before. Hearing the man speak she shook her head smirking. "You won't find him.. He's probably long gone by now and so will I.." She quickly took out the vial, not bothering to read it, she popped it open and drunk it all. If she had read the tag on it, it said drink me and there was some type of purple liquid inside. The effect of drinking this had caused Alice to shrink rapidly to the size of a thumb. Seeing now she could escape, she ran as fast as she could zig zag style to the pond. Diving into it, she swam underneath the water to the other side of the large pond. Picking up her wet dress she climbed up onto the grass and spouted a few cusses at the guard before running off into the forest....
    Distancing herself from the man on the horse and his hound, Alice slowed her pace to a walk. Everything around her was now huge and she was small like a mouse. She didn't mind being tiny if it meant she wouldn't be seen any longer by those brutes. Alice decided to climb up a tree, or attempt to climb up it. Slowly and carefully she hopped onto leaves of a vine that lead all the way to the top branches. From there she knew she could travel from branches to branches without any trouble, well that was her thought anyway. Alice walked along the branch which seemed to extend to others. She wasn't sure if the trees were on her side or the queen's but by the looks of it, it seemed they were helping her get across. She wondered if she would ever grow to her normal size, she would have to find another vial somewhere to make it possible. For now Alice hopped and climbed across branches, not knowing which way to head and not caring really, just as long as she was away from the queen's servants..
  9. "Great" he mumbled he was not in the mood to chase her through wonderland but maybe if he got to a vile before her he might be able to catch her. He whistled for his hound who had wandered off to slightly then the knave looked around the area for any trace of chess the saying " Your head will roll soon cat" before riding off. He rode through the forest looking for the next possible vile after a while he decided to set up camp lighting a small camp fire and warming his hands next to it.
    It had only been a few moments after setting the camp the knave stood up and got back on his horse again riding off in search of Alice or the vile. He talked to himself as he rode although most of it was hard to make out due to his thick irish accent, he was never quite sure we're he had picked up the accent but all he knew was that it was definitely not from wonderland.
  10. The Caterpillar

    From atop a tree the catipillar yelled "will you shut up man your bumming my high dude" and tossed an apple core across the wall of the castle of the garden of wonderland and it splashed in to a pond near by. insted of hitting a patroling gaurd. Cattapillar though he saw some one in the garden by the pond and was curious if they could help fill his bong again it was empty and tabaco for it was hard come to come by and anyways he need a new high the stuff he smoked was kinda dry and no longer efective. as he came over the hill he saw a man on horse and a girl he wonderd up the them and said to the man "hey dude do you have like any tabaco for me im strait out could you spare me somthing the stuf i smoke is no good no more any ways i ll trade you theses rare mushrooms that i found around my home their very tasty "
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  11. (( Holy crud, revenge .-. Holy, tobacco stuffed, crud. ))

    Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire watched in amusement at Alice's escape, not having seen the drinking of her vial as a possible solution. Ah, well, he couldn't predict everything that happened in Wonderland with pin-point accuracy. She had spunk though, that much was clear. It took a good amount of self-control to stop himself from snickering at the majority of the names that she had called the Knave. He would miss her, but not much. Maybe he would pop in and check on her later. After some of his more demanding errands had been taken care of. For example, that poor pig needed saving, and he still needed an invitation to the Queen's court hearing this evening. Or was it tomorrow evening? Nevermind. It didn't matter, although part of his was mind assured him that it very much did.

    A tirade of repeated and furious blasts from a car horn accompanies the disgruntled cockney accent, followed by the chugging, methodical sound of an ancient car engine. The cacophony, accompanied by further irate cursing, continues to grow to a crescendo until through the trees a beat-up old Reliant Regal emerges, a three-wheeled joke of a vehicle adorned like a New York taxi with paint that looks as if it's faded decades ago. At it's wheel is a man with dazzlingly white hair despite his middle-aged features, five o'clock shadow covering a face perpetually locked in a furious expression.

    As the tiny van passes through the forest, the trees seem to part like startled pedestrians attempting to evade a road-raging drivers. Or, as startled as trees can get; even their fastest attempts to move out of the path of the Regal are ponderous and measured, accompanied by the groaning of bark, hence the slowness of the van's passing and most likely the temperament of the driver. “I'M FACKIN' LATE FOR SUMMIN' IMPORTANT ALREADY, AN' YOU CUNTS AREN'T HELPIN'!” he howls out of his window as he passes, “REMIND ME TO COME BACK HERE AND BURN THIS WHOLE FACKIN' FOREST TO THE GROUND!”

    The cigarette dangling from the edge of the man's lip finally fizzles out. Muttering further threats, he reaches into the pocket of his dirty white shirt to retrieve another, tucking it into the corner of his mouth and lighting it seemingly without thought. Finally he seems to reach his intended destination, not that the patch of forest that he brings the Regal to a sputtering stop in is any different to the rest of the wooded expanse that surrounds it. He reaches over to tug on the door handle, only to find it stuck. With a snarl of barely-contained rage, he kicks the door frame soundly a few times to force it open before climbing out.

    He looks like someone who hasn't slept in days, and has the temperament to match it. Heavy bags hang under his eyes and the aroma of cigarettes, cheap whisky and coffee hangs about him so potently it could almost be a fog. Taking an absent-minded drag from his cigarette, he reaches into his trouser pocket. What he retrieves could not be more at odds with his appearance; a pocket watch, golden and pristine, in immaculate condition and polished to a shine. He snaps it open, stares down for a moment then mutters a curmudgeonly, “bollocks...” before returning it to his pocket. His eyes dart up to the trees themselves and he sighs before starting to shout, seemingly at no-one in particular.

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  13. " of course I don't you fool" he said then started to ride faster the armour on the horse making a sound of metal hitting against each other. " That's it" he says as he jumps off his horse and starts to take off the heavy armour as quick as he could as he did not want alice to get hold I the vile that would make her big again. After a while he finally got the armour of the horse who occasionally reared and stepped to the side making him fall, he placed the armour under large hoping he would be able to pick it up on the way back.
    The knave finally got back on the horse and continued his search for the vile. He was breathing heavily as he had not been riding in a while and had spent most of the time trying to regain the queens trust after trying to kill her but at least if he had needed to fight he could it was just riding that he struggled with.
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  14. Alice
    Alice was sitting atop a tree branch, watching civilians live daily lives in the town nearby the forest. "People actually live here.." She questioned as she swung her legs to and fro still tiny as ever. She happened to notice a car running rampage on the streets and giggled. "Talk about drunk driver.." She commented to herself, amused by this being who had terrible driving skills. The figure came to a stop in the car right beneath her. She heard the old man shout out in what seemed to be irritation, mentioning her name. She didn't dare answer him, well even if she did he wouldn't be able to hear her for she had too small of a voice in this size. She wondered if he worked for the Queen as well and wanted her head like the others but something told her not quite. He seemed to be in a hurry, frequently checking the time on his pocket watch. She decided why the hell not and plucked an acorn off a leaf. Standing up on her tiny legs, she angled it over his head and dropped the nut. Pop! The acorn hit him right on the head. Hoping that would get his attention she waved her hand at him sitting on the branch above his head...
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  15. Finishing with the shouting, the white-haired man takes another drag of his cigarette and checks his pocket watch once again. This seems to be a reflex, muscle memory, something he does without even really being aware of it.
    “Late, goddammit...” he mutters, staring around the trees once again. Impatience seems to be a defining characteristic of this man; absent-mindedly, he scratches his chin and is about to consider shouting some more.

    That's when the acorn drops on his head.

    A tidal wave of language that would make veteran sailors blush erupts from the driver's mouth as he whirls his head first to look down at what has just hit him, then upwards to find its source. When he finds himself looking at a miniaturised Alice, however, the cursing abates. “Aww bugger me, what the bloody 'ell you been drinkin'?” Barking in the distance causes him to snap his head around to stare over his shoulder, though his eyes do not seem to register anything.

    Muttering something under his breath, the driver turns back to look up at Alice. “Well, nevermind that. You've got the Knave on your arse, girlie, so we best be makin' ourselves very scarce unless you find the idea of us both bein' a head shorter fun.” He reaches up, holding his hand out next to Alice's branch. “Hop on, now. We're late as it is.”
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  16. Alice

    Alice answered his question with a shrug. She didn't know what she drank but she knew it made her shrink. She was immediately alarmed when she too heard the hounds somewhere by. The Knave was still after her? She cussed under her breath and climbed down from the branch onto the mans hand. Everyone who came across her so far seem to know her but why didn't she know any of them? This world did seem awfully familiar to her but she couldn't put her tongue on it. Maybe it was just her bad memory kicking in, she did remember how she had a wild imagination when she was little but couldn't remember her dreams from that far back in her life. She like this man though so it was ok to stick with him for now. Who knows, he might even have a potion that could turn her into her normal size. "Say, you wouldn't happen to have a vial that would make me normal would you?" She tried to speak as loud as she could so he could hear her...
  17. “Normal's not really summin' you're gonna find round these parts, love,” the white-haired man observes with a leering grin as he lifts Alice away from the branch, “you left it behind when you took a trip down here to the nuthouse.” Wheeling around and back over to the car, he reaches down and attempts to haul open the door to the driver's seat. There's the sound of metal scraping against metal, a sharp and grating assault on one's ears, but the door does not budge. “Aww, come the fack off it!” the man snarls, before swinging the hand carrying Alice over to his shirt pocket and dumping her in beside the half-empty packet of cigarettes. “Don't touch my fags, awright? Those've gotta last me, so they do. And there ain't no time for pit stops, we're way behind schedule.”

    Grunting with the effort, the driver hauls his way in through the open window, managing to get into his seat. Behind them, the barking of the dogs is growing closer. Reaching up to grab the cigarette in his mouth, he takes a deep drag from it before hurling the remains out the window. “Now then, let us make like a tree and fack off outta here.” He turns the keys and the small engine splutters begrudgingly to life. “An' speakin' of trees...” he begins darkly, leaning out of his window and beginning to bellow at the forestry that surrounds them, “...I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU WANKERS TO CLEAR A FACKIN' PATH! D'YOU KNOW HOW MUCH VODKA I'VE GOT IN THE BACK HERE? I WILL MOLOTOV YOU CUNTS INTO TUESDAY IF YOU DON'T SHIFT YOURSELVES!”

    The trees around them begin to let out long, drawn out groans as they start to shuffle out of the Regal's path. “Typical bloody trees,” the driver grumbles, “Gotta tell 'em five times before they do what they're told.” He slams his foot down on the accelerator, popping the vehicle into first gear but holding it in place with the clutch whilst the trees finish getting clear. Finally, with the last oak finally no longer in the way, he guns the engine and sends the old van careering forwards.

    For a beaten up old bucket of rust, the Regal moves with surprising speed and grace. It's driver holds the steering wheel with one hand, almost absent-mindedly, but his control is without question. “Now we're fackin' getting somewhere!” he says, and for the first time since Alice has met him he sounds vaguely cheery, “Let's get you clear of this bastard woodland, love.”

    The bizarre little vehicle charges in amidst the trees and woods, leaving the sound of the hounds behind as Alice and her unusual new companion speed towards the end of the forest.
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  18. Alice

    Alice chuckled, "Yeah, I guess you're right on that note.." Nothing in wonderland was normal, so her being the size of a mouse was probably considered the normal. Hearing how she left the vial behind she shrugged and would just have to deal with being small for now. Being placed in his pocket, she stuck her head out and held on, nodding. She wasn't a big smoker herself, tried it once and well let's just say that would be the last. She giggled, amused by his actions and language at that. She had nearly forgotten that just about everything in this land was magical and mystical. She watched as the trees had moved and they were on their way but where too? She wondered for a moment before asking, "Exactly where are we headed?" She shouted over the roaring engine so the man could hear. She felt at ease but knew it would only last for a few moments before she would have to run again from the Knave who seemed to barely miss her each time he gets a chance. She sighed softly and rested her chin upon her arms, looking out the window at the scenery while the old man drove..
  19. Mad HatterIwaku.jpg
    Stumbling through the winding and crooked woods, his arms flailed, as if conducting a genius symphony. "Nothing is as it seems, and what it seems is far from the Nothing." His eye watched a tiny Alice climbing the branches and a gleeful spark of a smile erupted on his face. This was quickly changed by the sounds of a white haired Man ranting about his disorient destination and to be there on time. "On time" He muttered as he furthered flailed about and hid in the brush. Watching the two converse His smile returned as the drove off and disappeared into the shadows.​
    After some time, We find the Man siting at the edge of a rather long table, Gears turning through the wood and steam puffing out at random junctures. He plucked up one and 45 teapots and poured some tea into a small cup, and looked around the empty table. The trees curled in over the table and below a checker board floor decorated the long dead and dry grass. He sat sipping lightly at the beverage, watching intently the turning gears and listening to the maddening sounds. Waiting patiently for something he tapped his fingers wondering How far along the Jabberwock walks.​
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  20. The Cat pillar wonders of toward a wild rose growing near by and pulls off a leaf and whilst doing this his pipe smoked puffed out of his pipe made from some old thimble attached to an old tea spout that had been modified by him so that he could smoke from it. Caterpillar turned to the little man on the shoe of Alice and said "excuses me who are you dude?"
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