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  1. The school randomly selects a group of friends, who aply for a trip to a Medievil home. The catch, you have to act like a medievil family, each person will be assigned a role (Eg. Mother,Father, Daughter, Son.). They, like medievil familys are suplied with servents, but the cannot punish them like medievil family's would have.

    You and your friends arrive at this house, it is HUGE it could take days to explore and you would get lost very easily. You go to your rooms to sleep, you have been awake for hourse and you awaken to a scream adn rush towards the room it came from and a random staff member is lying on the bed covered in blood, you rush to the door to call an ambulance as you are not allowed any technology and it is locked. You go to back door but it has already been checked, locked there are no windows on the first floor and the windows upstairs are far to high. Your trapped.

    Some unknown attacker killed this person, and you don't know who, they could be a friend, a staff member or someone hidden in the depths of the house, It's up to you to find them, or a way out. This person could be anywhere, and how did they get in? Why are the murdering the staff? and why are they playing these games with you? Leaving notes, as clues. They repeatedly say

    "Welcome to Wonderland, this isn't a fairytale, beware."

    you get another

    "I'm hosting a tea party, please come
    - love from the mad hatter.

    Who is this phycopath and what do they want with you and your friends?
    We need an answer.

    Welcome to wonderland, but this isn't a fairytale, you need to MAKE the happy ending.

    Good Luck.

    There is only six people MAX allowed in the role play :P v

    Ledashia shook her head as she awoke. She shuddered at the horrible memory of the previous night She walked down stairs and began making a large breakfast fro everyone. Once she finished and served it up on plated and turned of the stove placing the food on the table, which sge had already set. She threw her hair up in a messy bun and opened the curtains the light filled the riom and dust rise from the curtains She looked down at what she was wearing and shook her head, she was in a simple sky blue dress, that looked like those stereotypical house wife dresses, she didn't even remember getting dressed.

    She looked quite beautiful actually even though she was so obviously a mess. The sun danced off the glimmering trail of dried tears and made her skin look like it was glowing. The dress complimented her figure and showed if her curves in a perfect fashion. Her hair, even though it was messy looked beautiful a single ringlet falling and resting on her cheek and brushing her sholder.
  2. Alice- http://s1355.beta.photobucket.com/u...rt=3&o=7&_suid=135926709169707073306664929494
    Alice woke and dressed simply, pulling on the strange purple, white and black dress that she found draped over the edge of her bed. The auburn haired girl brushed the strangely ornate brush through her hair. She didn't know what was with this, but she couldn't leave. She'd tried already. The horrors of the night before were fresh in her mind. Though to her, they weren't exactly horrors. She was strange that way. She finally emerged from her room and made her way into the kitchen.

    'Hey Leda, smells good.' She said, smiling at her friend. It was already obvious that the girl was the mother figure. Which made Alice.. the daughter? Interesting. She sat at the table, running her fingers over the carvings on the table edge. It was enscribed as the tea party from Alice in Wonderland. She almost laughed. 'Does this all make me THE Alice? or just a coincidence?' She asked lightly.

    They've arrived, they're awake. His thoughts were gleeful. Now the party could really begin.

    (Rosie has given me permission to be the murderer XD )
  3. Kanin practically flew into the kitchen in a mess of fabric, damp hair and a silver pocket watch hanging by his belt. "So sorry I'm late!" was the first thing that gushed out as soon as he sat down next to Alice. He had woken up to hearing the two girls already chatting downstairs while he was only just waking from the dream world. Of course, he blamed his old fashioned clock for putting him into such a predicament. Blasted thing was always making him late! He readjusted the long sleeved blouse that he had been forced to wear, being the only thing that didn't have a dozen strings attached to it, along with the dark blue vest, which he had worn over it. He looked around the kitchen with such panic at the idea of him possiblely upsetting the girls though, he didn't even notice how his hair was making them wet.
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    Ledashia smiled and said "Thanks. Just trying to pre-occupy myself you know?" she started to clean the kitchen, not eating at all. She laughed out loud, the sound it's self wasn't all happy, there was a kind of fear behind it "If your Alice, I'm the white queen" she said, knowing it wouldn't be true and as Kanin came in she blinked and said "Not a problem, everyone else is too. We have an excuse" she said referring the the woman who died. She felt horrible, they couldn't even get outside to bury her, so they put her in the cellar to avoid the smell. She flinched away from the water drops that were flung at her and she smiled fondly and put a hand on his shoulder "It's fine, sit down and eat something" she said, hoping no one would notice she wasn't eating, she would just lie and say she had.
  5. 'this place is totally wacky. I'm pretty sure the original mad Hatter didn't go around killing people. But then again, how do we even know that the murderer is the same person leaving the notes?' Alice asked, smiling at Kanin as he entered in a whirl of clothes and wet hair. 'You look like you fell into a dishwasher.' she commented dryly, giving him an appraising and mischievous grin. 'Okay, so we have Alice, the white queen, and now the white rabbit? All we need now is the Knave, the red queen and the caterpillar.' She said with a slightly sarcastic roll of the eyes. Any idea of what we're meant to do in this place seeing how we're totally screwed for going outside.
  6. Kanin pouted childishly, not liking either of the comments. Maybe Leda was right though about having an excuse to wake up late for this one time. On the ther hand, he wanted to awake first, so continued to dub himself as tardy. The others were just even more so. "Dishwashers didn't exist in Medieval times..." he countered back at Alice, without a second of time between her statement and his. He tilted his head curiously at the plates stacked on the table, then contently took the one that had a clock face for a design, filling it up with only veges.
  7. Alice prodded Kanin's shoulder lightly with one finger. 'Hey man, lighten up, seriously it isn't the end of the world. you're always so worried about being late. like dead set, I don't think you were EVER late to class. Like.. Ever.' She said, grabbing a china plate too and gladly helping herself to some bacon and sausages. 'I'm starving. Aren't you guys?' She asked, noticing that Leda wasn't eating at all. She wrinkled her nose at Kanin's plate. 'You're a vegetarian?'
  8. Leda smiled at the two and rolled her eyes, going to pour herself some orange juice "I am NOT the white queen" she said taking a sip and turning to put the juice away "and no there weren't, congrats" she ruffled his hair on the way past, she needed to keep herself busy, keep what had happened out of her mind. Leda had been across the hall from the body, and the one the find it, smelling something and going to look. She had screamed, at least she thought she had screamed, it was a while until anyone came.
  9. "Yes, actually, seeing as how you have never noticed before." To prove his point, Kanin took a large bite out of his makeshift salad. He never liked the idea of animals getting killed just to make some peoples' taste buds happy. Fruits and vegetable could taste just as nice, too. His fingers drummed along the top of the table as he chewed, then immediately grabbed up the watch after swallowing. A nice, healthy time. "If I remember correctly, you were always falling asleep in class, Alice," he noted with a teasing smile.
  10. Alice shrugged, tapping her black painted nails on the tabletop a moment. 'Yeah well, there wasn't much else to do in geometry. It's the lamest subject in the world. I mean, who wants to learn about how a triangle fits into a circle anyway? They're two totally different shapes that should NEVER have intercourse in the first place.' She said airily, finishing off a piece of bacon with a wicked grin. 'You know, we've hung out for like a year, yet I still can't figure you out. What's with the eager student thing? I could never understand it.' She leaned closer to him, pushing her now empty plate aside as she'd devoured the food instantly. 'Leda, you should eat something.' She added, turning away briefly to look at their friend.
  11. Leda smiled and said "I already have" truthfully, she didn't think she could stomach it. She just gave them a fake smile and said "I'm going to go have a shower ... Well bath... And everything" she walked up to her room and filled the tub. She added some of the soap so bubbles formed and slipped in. She closed her eyes and thought about anything rather than what she saw
  12. Kanin politely waited the few seconds until Leda had left the room until he answered. "In school you learn," he said simply. "The more you learn, the faster you can respond. The faster you respond, the more you can get out of life before your end comes. Whether soon or far off in the future, at least you could tell yourself that you tried to live it to the fullest with as few regrets as possible." He blinked with an almost expectant smile, before popping some letuce into his mouth.
  13. 'Yeah, but you can live life to the fullest without spending pointless days in a classroom. I don't plan on getting a job that has anything to do with circles and triangles mating that's for sure.' She said, glancing after Leda with a concerned look. I hope she's okay.. She thought to herself before continuing her conversation. 'I don't know, I just don't see the point of it. I mean, school is the reason we're stuck in a house with a murdering psychopath.' She paused, eyeing him off. 'It isn't you is it? Because if it is..' She paused, picking up her plate. 'I won't hesitate in smashing this over your head.' She warned, only half joking.

    He crept around in the passageways of the house, slipping through open panels and trading all their original clothing for things more suited for his little charade. the blue and white for Alice, white, more regal clothing for the queen, and the waistcoats and clocks for the rabbit. Yes, everything was in play. On each bed he left a note.

    My teaparty will commence at five. Do join me for tea, or else, you may regret it
    Oh and dress for the occasion
    ~ the Hatter
  14. Kanin put down his fork. "If I wouldn't even dare to kill a fish for an easy lunch of tuna sandwhich, why would I kill a servant for absolutely no reason?" he asked very seriously. "Anyway," he continued hurriedly, realising he should of finished his breakfast by now, "Different people like different things and you can't find out what you do or don't like unless you learn about them at some point. For example, I hate geography, too, but remember how there were those creepy braniac kids who always scored one hundred? They actually liked learning about the shapes that cause most people's brains to haemorrhage." He quickly finished up the rest of his food, taking Alice's plate from her hands to be washed along with his own.
  15. Alice reluctantly let go of the plate, laughing a little. 'That's GeoMETRY, not GeoGRAPHY.' She laughed, pushing back from her chari. 'Geometry is shapes. Geography is countries and topographic maps. For an eager learner you kinda fail.' She teased. 'It's cute though. That you'd be sitting here lecturing me about learning and you got mixed up.' She said, flirting ever so slightly. She was usually just a very straight forward person, used to calling her friends out on their screw ups. 'You know, I would think you'd be more suspicious of me. I mean, aren't i the perfect serial killer type? Creepy, not caring about death and all that? I should think I'm number one on the suspect list. Yet you don't seem suspicious at all.'
  16. Ledashia opened her eyes and stepped out of the tub, getting a towel and wrapping it around her and rinsing off her hair. She slashed her face before she dried off, getting rid of the tear stains. She stepped into her room to get dressed but the clothes she had brought were gone. The looked around the room and found one piece of clothing, other than her undergarments hanging there. It was a lacy dress, linger at the back which dragged on the floor than the front which stopped right above be knees, showing off her tan legs and the oblique fabric stopped at the top of her breasts, showing a little cleavage, but the lace worked its way all the way up to her neck. She didn't see what other choice she had. She desperately looked around but found nothing but s note that made her shiver. The fear set in. my god he had been in her room, she almost screamed. she breathed in and out and told herself to be calm, it worked after a couple if minutes. what about the clothes she didn't want to wear that if HE gave it to her. Perhaps she would have to borrow some if Alice's stuff, but for now she was stuck in the clothes. She put it in, and it fit her perfectly. She frowned and dried off her hair, then pinning the blonde almost white curls up on top of her head. She then walked down to the kitchen to find Alice. She walked in shyly and said "I don't think it was you" overheating the conversation "you were down here the while time and he was in my room, I'm sure it was a he. Instinct." She shook her head and said "can I borrow something to wear?" She asked Alice "I don't want to wear this" she looked down at it.
  17. Kanin was blushing ever so slightly at his slip of the tongue, keeping his face down, intent on scrubbing the plates for the time being. He was surprised though at the question of why he didn't suspect her, not having expected her to ask that. The truth was that he just didn't but while it took him the extra second to come up with a more valid reason, Leda came back down and beat him to it. Ah, well.... Finished with the dishes, he dried his hands with a towel as he took in the dress she was wearing. "That looks very," an embarrassed cough, "nice on you. The color suites you wonderfully." He complimented.
  18. Alice turned around to see Leda in the white dress. She let out a low whistle. 'Well hello gorgeous. That looks amazingly sexy on you Leda.' She complimented, wiggling her eyebrows playfully. 'If you don't want it I'll wear it. Here, i'll trade you right now.' She said, reaching around to undo the zip on the back of the dress, totally forgetting Kanin's presence. Not that she cared anyway. She really had no shame what so ever. She stripped right down to her undergarments, the thin black bra and underwear framing her curves nicely as she offered the dress out to Leda, still oblivious to Kanin.

    (bringing in a new character. his name is rocky tumblr_m129fx9gAq1qepkogo1_500.png )

    Rocky woke late, yawning and stretching. The smell of food lured him into the kitchen to see Leda, dressed in white and Alice standing in her undergarments. 'Uhh Alice, did you lock yourself out of your room or something? Or am I having an exceedingly good dream?' He asked, grinning as she rolled her eyes, flicking him with her dress. 'Leda doesn't like her dress, so I'm trading.' rocky raised an eyebrow. 'in front of our young impressionable friend?' At his words Alice turned and saw Kanin. 'Oh.. shoot, sorry i totally forgot you were here!' She exclaimed, apologising but still not covering up.
  19. Ledashia blushed slightly and said "thanks Kanin", looking down at glancing at him. when Alice offered to trade here stripped down to her underclothes, and complimented her she flushed a deeper red. The gravly embarresed girl shook her head to Alice's offer, turning her head to the floor" uh ill stick with it thanks." Leda looked away awkwardly "morning Rocky" she pulled out the note and stuck it to Alice's forehead and said "here. He left a note" she shuddered at the thought of her being in the same room as the evil man who...she shook her head, curls bouncing and sat down, going a Pale Shade if white all of a sudden
  20. (( Reminds me. Here's a pic of Kanin, or at least a bit like how I imagine him but without the thin rimmed glasses ->
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    Kanin masterfully diverted his eyes, muttering how he was far too busy to turn back around. What with the empty food plates needing to be refilled and all that. Once he was finished, but Alice still had yet to put back on her clothes, he began to chastise Rocky on his lack of shame and overall tardiness this morning. "Just because something may be visible or for the taking, it doesn't mean that you should look or take it. It's very similar to greed. I will, however, excuse the lateness factor since it is understandable but-" and he continued on, mostly just targeting his perverted nature. Something that he usually didn't complain so openly about.