Wonderland Vandals (me and moll-E)

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  1. The story of how a group of friends in high school in became the Wonderland Vandals. Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming, four misfits want to rebel and find a way out of the "city" they live in.

  2. Name: Grace
    Role: Bass
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Personality: Fairly quiet, very loyal to her friends.
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, shaved in back with bangs and side-bangs, blue eyes, fair skin, shaves her eyebrows. Average build. Ears are pierced all over, lower lip has double snakebites (one rings one studs), she has antibites, her tongue is pierced in two places, and her eyebrows are pierced (two on left one on right).
    Style: Combat boots, skinny jeans, and hoodies.
    Instrument: Fender Precision Bass

    Name: Beth
    Role: Vocals
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Loud, obnoxious, vulgar, offensive, aggressive, hot-headed.
    Appearance: Short, messy, bleach blond hair with a little bit of blue from when it was dyed, grey eyes and pale skin with freckles. Bottom heavy figure.
    Style: Spikes everywhere, always wears a leather jacket with a flannel shirt under it.
    Instrument: Skull Microphone

    Name: Alix
    Role: Lead Guitar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Personality: Friendly to people who don't claim to have authority, total bitch to anybody with any sort of "power."
    Appearance: Black hair with pink bangs, back is always in sloppy pigtails, pale skin. Covered in tattoos, has a septum piercing and an industrial piercing in her right ear.
    Style: Skinny jeans and jackets with patches from various bands.
    Instrument: Worn Lefty Telecaster

    Name: Andi
    Role: fan/friend/associated act (Infanticide Victim)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Andi likes to keep to herself for the most part. She's an underachiever in school, but works hard when it comes to her personal interests. Being musically inclined she often has headphones with her. She often stays up late on her laptop and ends up sleeping through her classes.
    Appearance: Andi Finch.jpg
    Style: Hipster/geek
    Instrument: Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
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  3. Name: Caty Jones
    Role: guitarist, and back up vocals
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Personality: laid back, but caring. smokes too much and has "mild" trust issues
    Appearance: Tall slender. brown eyes. Blue Mohawk that's always flipped over the right, covering her eye. eyebrow piecing on the left, on bottom lip piercing numerous ear piercings on both sides
    Style: ripped jean, torn shirt, and a leather jacket
    Instrument: http://www.vintageandrare.com/uploads/products/38753/1379624/original.jpg

    Name: Lala (short for Lavender) Smith
    Role: drummer
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    Personality: bubbly, and sweet. generally really freaking adorable.
    Appearance: ever-chaging hair color, and they're usually in flawless pigtails. Three piercings (on on each ear and a cartilage on the left)
    Style: fish netts, cut offs and a band shirt
    Instrument: http://www.hudebni-nastroje-olomouc.cz/files/Ludwig-Drums114901128.jpg
  4. Beth leaned on the wall next to Caty, "You know that's bad for your voice," she said as she lit a cigarette of her own.
    "Says the girl in choir," Grace retorted, putting out her cigarette on the picnic table "what's up?"
    "I quit choir," Beth said with a shrug, "how about you two?"
  5. Caty took a drag, and and stared down art her friend from the corner of her eye "why'd you quit choir?" she asked in the half curious tone her voice tended to carry.
  6. Beth shrugged, "Not interested in it anymore. Besides didn't you two already quit the school band?"
    "So what," Grace said with a laugh.
  7. "not like there's a big guitar section in Band, and well the teacher didn't like what i suggested i could do with my flute," Caty said flicking the ash off the end of her cigarette.
  8. Grace laughed a little at the memory.
    "Anyway," Beth said, "There's a show tonight at the Vomit House. You wanna go?"
  9. 'Yesssssss" a high pitched voice called from an unseen source. Lala rounded the corner nearly bouncing as she walked, with the usual grin on her face. "I don't know, do they allow kiddies there?" Caty teased.
  10. "They let us drink," Beth said with a laugh, "I don't think they give a fuck about age." Just then the bell rang, "Shit, I'm gonna skip, phys ed can suck a dick, I'm headed to the Vomit House, see who's there, anyone else?"
  11. "Do i look like i want an education?" Lala asked, linking arms with her. "I had art class already, so i guess i'm down too," caty said. She removed herself from the wall and glance toward Grace for her response.
  12. "If everyone else is going," Grace said with a sigh, "I'm guessing I'm the only one who drove, again."
  13. "Hey i can't drive it's not my fault," Lala said with a giggle. She loved pulling the age card.
  14. They arrived at an old house covered in graffiti and litter. There were a few older punks hanging around, most of them smoking, and a few were gathered around a TV in the kitchen to watch a movie. Grace joined the group watching a movie.
    "I'll get us drinks," Beth said, "Come on Lala."
  15. Lala obediently followed, gleeful due to the promise of alcohol. Caty lingered near the most heavily decorated wall, admiring the new additions, and pondering making one herself.
  16. Beth came back and handed Caty a beer, "So what do you think you're gonna draw?"
  17. "Not sure yet, an adorable blood thirsty monster maybe," Caty replied. She pulled out a fresh cigarette and held it thoughtfully between her lips.
  18. "Need some paint?" An older girl was holding a backpack.
    Beth laughed a little, "Hey Alix, what's up?"
    "Not a lot," Alix said with a laugh, "How're you doing Caty?"
  19. "Same as always, how's life," Caty asked. She gave one final stare the wall, and turned her attention toward Alix.
  20. "What do you need?" Alix opened her backpack, "Hell, I have glow in the dark."
    Beth patted Caty on the back, "Gonna see how our hyper little demon is doing." She lit up a cigarette and tapped Lala on her head, "What're you up to?"
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