Wonderland: The Festival of Lights

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  1. Maine
    Maine chuckled at Otto's comment but continued to eat his food in silence. It wasn't until one "Mr Green" approached the group that Maine even looked up from his food. The man had definitely seen his share of combat. There was a certain air to him, something similar to the sergeants he met in the Army. Maine made a mental note to never mess with this guy during his time here.

    Nyx on the other hand stared at the schedule with a giant grin on her face. It was completely obvious that she was excited beyond belief. "Its like I'm a high scool student!!!" she thought to herself. Her joy was quickly interupted as Maine grabbed the schedule from her hands. He skimmed through most of it, just checking the times. It was about 2 hours until the next activity: training. Looking at the rifle and sword he realized he was a bit too ambitious trying to come to breakfast prepared.

    Maine handed Nyx back her schedule and continued to eat as Otto was talking with the new kid, Jian. The kid was young and pretty nervous to be here. While the others continued to trade questions, there was one real question that Maine had: how the heck did such a young kid end up with the EI....?
  2. Location: Fine Blessing Inn, 5:30 AM


    Winter had always hit the Walled City earlier and earlier, it always started with the bitter winds blowing from the north. All the small song birds that left the region, being the only creatures brave enough to by pass the walls.

    Sitting by a small fire she had started a few hours earlier, a young woman with flowing orange hair sat staring at the flames that matched her hair so well. For the Mahoreopmec the winter always seemed to be the hardest season, the cold kept them locked inside for several months on end. It made reckless souls go stir crazy.

    For this woman named Geneva, this had been the norm for the past few generations. Everything was routine, the cycles of the seasons, the coming and going of orphaned Winged Fledglings that came to her Inn, and finally the very simple life she currently lived.

    “Sehr gut.” She mumbled to herself as she felt the warmth of the flames embrace the cold dining hall she was sitting in.

    Geneva then looked up, the old moose mount was still hanging up on the wall, dust gathering on it. She had bought it at a Festival trade booth many years in the past, around 70 rubles which was, and still is, a hefty price to pay for an item. The sutler had said his father had trapped the beast, though no one had ever seen a moose since. It was an item of curiosity, one could be assured of that.

    For the first time in ages, this Inn was quiet. The only Winged Fledging that had enrolled at the Inn was Xylian. Even the normal landowner had gone beyond the walls for his research on complex magics Geneva didn’t care to learn about.

    “I should wake that child up soon, the good Lord knows she doesn‘t have the will to do it on her own yet,” She thought to herself.

    However, Geneva decided to let Xylian sleep in for the morning. It was still early, after all.
  3. Tay zipped through the town, the cold not bothering her as much due to the slight bit of human blood in her veins. Her wings flowed out behind her as she ran to her next job. With the snow all around, it almost looked like she was ice-skating. She closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue to catch a snowflake when--
    Tay found herself sitting on the ground in front of the Inn with an aching skull. She rubbed her head as the door opened.
    "Uh...Hallo?" The figure said, in the doorway, slightly confused.
    "Er...Ich habe eine, ah...botschaft," Tay replied, standing up slowly.
    "Yes? What is it?" Geneva asked.
    "The supplies for the inn have been received at the store, and are ready to be picked up," Tay recited, bowing slightly when done.
  4. Xylian

    Snow. Cold. White. The girl under the covers borrowed even deeper as if by doing so she would be transported somewhere warmer, and brighter. She had a nice, cozy room and yet the warmth it provided appeared to do little for her. She hovered in that stage of sleep where you were aware of yourself, lying in a bed in a room in an inn, and yet you stubbornly refused to open your eyes and face reality.

    "Eiro ..." she murmured under breath, head under the covers. You could easily have mistaken her for a bunch of pillows tucked under the sheets, except for the twin dark purple pigtails peeking out--from the foot of the bed.
  5. Meera

    Tiny footprints lead away from the repair shop nestled between great oaks that were now heavy with snow. Meera had left early as she always did and went out to the wall. Looking around she made sure no one saw her and she ran through the park and over toward a small clearing near the wall.

    Meera kept to the tree line and looked up. Nothing grew close to the wall but from where she stood she felt a need to be near it. She never got closer than was allowed and she always made sure no one was witness to her offerings. Looking around once more she smiled.

    She never understood why she liked to come here, but she did. In her hands were a small clutch of flowers. Thin and dying she laid then on the snow. They were a sharp contrast to the brilliant white of the snow. Tender tulips softened the winter with warm yellow and pink. Stepping back even more from the wall Meera smiled. She had grown a small garden in her Uncles basement with a few lights she found. They werent much but she was proud of them.

    Letting out a soft sigh she and fixed her hat and scarf then turned to go back home. She giggled and hummed as she skipped in the snow making small showers of white cover the toes of her boots.
  6. Definetly isn't related to Stan Pines' Sham Total?
  7. Despite all preconceptions of a genuinely happy person Adene was not a morning person and she hated the cold even more. The combination of 5:30 and the frigid set her teeth on edge. Her body was shaking underneath her two jackets and 9 foot knitted scarf. In the early hours of the morning Adene looked like a big gray blob walking down the quiet streets to work at the ungodly hour before noon! Unwilling to take much more of the cold walk Adene slipped into the Fine Blessing Inn to warm up for a few moments.

    When she entered the room the fire in the hearth intensified within it, burning brighter and warmer than before. Adenes cheeks were flushed with the cold and she was still shaking as she went closer to the fire. Adene started to concentrate on her breathing so she could calm down as the supplies for the Inn were being discussed. Adene's hands emerged from her jackets as she pulled off two sets of knitted gloves to warm her hands close to the fire. Sighing in bliss as she was starting to get warm Adene waited for the discussion to be had before she offered greeting to Geneva. In all honesty Adene was much too consumed with the thought of being warm again to really notice if there actually was a conversation going on.
  8. Xylian

    Xylian finally sat up in bed, yawned and looked around the room. She was half-asleep ... until the yawn she made created a wind so strong it blew her collection of knick-knacks off of the shelves! She blinked, wide-eyed! Not again! But then she was waiting for Geneva to hear the commotion and come to investigate ...

    After a few minutes, she huffed (nothing happened this time) and crawled out of bed. It was really early but she might as well get up and start her chores. After all, the sooner you did them, the sooner you were done with them!

    Unless something happened and ... yeah, probably not going to happen. But it never hurt to dream!
  10. Location: Fine Blessing Inn, 6:45 AM

    Geneva then handed Tay several deutschmark coins, many still of which were still the old copper vintage.

    “Okay my child, just make sure you get the middle sized garlands from the shop. They are the best ones for this small café. You know that Mahoreopmec don’t care about these silly plants as much as the humans do.” Geneva said.

    “Yes ma’am.” Tay then saluted Geneva as if was a military officer, “Will you be doing any major celebrations this year?”

    “I’m honestly not sure yet. Things have been slow as of late.” Geneva said.

    “Oh…But aren’t they always slow?” Tay asked.

    Geneva then nodded, it appeared that she had a customer coming in. There was no need for them to know that business was slow.

    “Welcome my friend, please make yourself comfortable. My assistant will be with you shortly,” Geneva said to Adene while peeking into the main hall of the small Inn.

    The orange haired woman then clapped her hands, “Xylian come on down we have a guest.”

    “Now where was I? Oh right. Tay once again make sure they are the middle sized garlands…”
  11. Xylian

    Xylian scrambled to the closet to pull out her uniform! Oh no, a guest! She mustn't keep the guest waiting! She started hopping from the closet, to the bed--blast these socks were so hard to pull on while standing! Then back again, she nearly forgot the apron!

    Her uniform resembled a maid's outfit, in fact it was a maid's outfit. Long black sleeves and a skirt, high collar, white apron and a white skirt beneath the black dress. She was still trying to pull on the shoes, hopping on one foot while looking for the hat that went with it.

    Minutes later, she bolted out of the room and into the main lodge, skidding to a halt! "I am here, ma'am! Forgive me!" she said quickly, dipping into a quick curtsy, trying to catch her breath. She cast a shy, sheepish grin at the guest, Adene.

    "Greetings, ma'am. Please make yourself at home and welcome to the Fine Blessing Inn. Would you like a seat while I fetch some tea? Or--or coffee! We even have orange juice, if you prefer. Breakfast will not be long. I can make you eggs, bacon ... Biscuits will take a little longer, however."
  12. Meera

    Reached the main stage and looked around for someone that might look offical but wasnt able to see anyone just yet. She found a stack of boxes, some chairs all lined up and other odds and ends. This had to be the place to set the decorations. There was no way she could reach the lightpost to hang the lights. She knew that would be someone elses job.

    Setting down the box of white lights she turned on her heel and raced back to her Uncles Shop. It was still very early and most of the towns people were still sleeping or just awaking. Her soft panting and tender foot falls were the only noise on main street. The white snow crunched under her boots as she jumped off the curb, crossed the street and ran up the three steps into the shop. Out of breath and rosey cheeked she closed the door and tugged her hat off.

    "Very good, now you know where to go next. Geneva put the order in for more garland the day before last, you better not damage them, now go" He ordered her as she tugged her hat back on and messed up her hair. Muttering softly at not being given the chance to warm up or even eat Meera dropped her eyes and did a sshe was told.

    Grabbing the box she struggeled with the door knob and her load. Her Uncle paid her no mind as his full attention was on a steaming cup of. He offered her no assistance and ignored her completely. Balancing the box on her knee Meer started to hop and twist into a little dance. Once free of the door jam she was on her way to her next delievery.

    It didnt take her long to get over to Geneva's Inn. Huffing softly as she struggled with the box she went up the steps and only lost her balance once. It was hard to see around the box as she pushed the door bell and waited. All one could see was a large brown box being held by tiny mitten covered hands.
  13. He smiled and pulled her in close. "It's weird when you say nice things."
  14. well APPARENTLY he only wanted me to come up with a new name for MAGE, to which I said team MASE(Maize)

  15. Xylian

    Xylian gave a friendly smile and clasped her hands behind her back when the box was put down and the girl introduced herself. "I'm Xylian! I work here for Miss Geneva. It was really something for you to bring it all the way here by yourself and across the ice, too! Oh wow, you must be cold and chilly! Do you want to warm yourself by the fire for a bit, some tea or hot chocolate or something?"

    Before the girl could reply, Xylian was talking again. "It'd be really rude if we sent you out in the snow and didn't give you a chance to warm up. It's really cold this winter but I never did like the cold. Oh! I'll be right back!" She skittered into the kitchen to boil some water really quick and make a cup of hot chocolate.

    She returned when the water was hot but not scalding about several minutes later. She handed Meera the cup. "I hope you don't mind. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. It's one of my favorite drinks."
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  16. Kunari gently follow his lead.
  17. Meera

    Took the mug and blushed. She held it tight in her hands and took a sip. "Thank you ever so much, I'll pay for this, I promise." Meera nodded as she sipped again and the mug was nearly empty. Blinking a few times as the hot coco warmed her. "Its very good, thank you, but I can not stay. I dont want to be a bother, my Uncle will be expecting me back."

    Handing the mug back 3/4 empty Meera bit her mitten to remove it and started to dig into her pocket. "Here you go, its all I have but I can bring more if this wont cover it" Holding out her hand to Xylian she smiled. "here" she offered once more. She jumped when she heard the other voice. "Oh I better go, I dont want to be any trouble." Meera was started to shake but it wasnt from being cold.
  18. "Absolutely not." He leaned over and kissed her.
  19. Meera

    "I, well thank you." Looking past Xylian and then back she smiled and then looked down. "I..." She was trying to say something but her stomach was in knots. Bitting her lower lip she took hold of the door knob and started to turn it. Looking back at Xylian her eyes danced with hope. "Ah, you wanna play sometime, I mean like we can just, ah...eat cookies or something?" Meera just blurted it out and then looked away.

    "Ah, no no, never mind, Im sorry. Work is best. Sorry" Sighing she rubbed her eyes and made sure her hat was on right. Stepping outside she tried to smile again. "Thanks again, Im sorry for being rude, I know work is best. Besides I dont want either of us to get into trouble. Bye" a small frown wormed across her lips as she went down the steps and back out toward her Uncles shop.
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