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  1. Curiouser and curiouser...

    Welcome to Wonderland, where nothing makes sense and strange things happen.

    We're all mad here...

    Fill out the skeleton then jump in!


    How you winded up in Wonderland:

    ((I'm not going to ask for history because it's not relevant.))



    Name: Eria Sparks
    Species: Angel
    Gender: Female
    How you winded up in Wonderland: Fell from heaven and hit her head.
    Appearance: Beautiful blonde with big breast, long tan legs. Bombshell. Wears a small flowy white dress and Jesus sandals.
    Skills: Can heal people, seduces people into agreement.


    Eria blinked her eyes open. She seemed to have awakened in a vivid forest. The last thing she remembered was holding on to golden cloud. Then, a great fall.
    "Where am I?" she thought to herself. A million sweet scents filled her nose. She felt soft grass around her. Long rivers snaked around.

  2. Name: Jefferson hunt
    Species:Demon hunter
    Apperence:Scruffy brown hair and green eyes.Wears a brown waistcoat,black shirt and tie,scruffy black trousers and a top hat
    How did you wind up in wonderland:Fell down the wrong portal now cant get back
    Skills:Is a portal jumper

    "You my friend are in wonderland" jefferson said leaning on the tree his top hat making his face shadowed.He put out his hand to help her up
  3. Eria grabbed his hand, giving a meek smile. "Wonderland? Where's that?"
  4. "No where really,its more of a dream you cant escape" he said now leaning on the tree after helping her up, he had a smile on his face although it was hard to tell due to the fact he was standing in shadows
  5. "Is there any chance I may get out? You see, I come from a place called Heaven, and I think God might me missing me," Eria looked around, starting to get a homesick nauseousness.
  6. "Not that i know off" he said stepping forward again and lifting his hat slightly. "Well someone here might know but no one here really likes me".
  7. "How come?" She asked. "You seem perfectly nice."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.