Wonderland Roleplay: Nightmares and Daydreams

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  1. Possible Ideas for role-play:

    Consider the part Roles play in Wonderland. Their are people born into a specific part, and they are given faces. How many roles are their? There has never been announced a set number. And so, I propose that each person can make up to two characters. You can be born a royal, born to have a certain skill set, or born as a Hybrid, or even a Vapor Animal. This role-play is really just a collection of random adventures so far, and there is no real plot aside from make a living.

    Below are the thing each Role is allowed to do, according to my version of Wonderland:

    Royals/ Upperclass:
    Those who were born in the upperclass life. They have all the money entitled to them, and are not above scandals, rumor, and corruption. These include Dukes, Duchesses, Lords, Ladies, King and Queens, Princesses and Princes. Royalty can belong to either of the four following Factions/Countries: Black Spade,White Diamond, Blue Clover, or Red Heart. If you are to be in a romantic relationship, please inform the person you will be in a relationship with and talk it over with them.
    There can be only One King and Queen in each Faction/Country. They can have as many children as deemed fit. But for starters let’s say that they all have two Kids. There may be revelations as the Role-play progresses, such as Half-children, illegitimate children, and so on. There can be as many Duchesses, Dukes, Lords, and Ladies as you can imagine. Remember though that the classes lower than the Kings/Queens want to be in good favor with their higher ups. You can hold parties, activities, and the like. Do it up, your rich. The Royal and Upperclass Roles, move around a lot whenever it should benefit themselves or their Monarchy.

    Skill Set Born/ Worker Classes:
    The Roles who have actual jobs, not that they all have to be good ones. If you are born into a Working Class Role, you are blessed with the skills that make you really good at something. Examples of certain classes are: Bakers, Entertainers, Musicians, Blacksmiths, Cooks, even Mobsters, and Gangsters. Practically any job in which you have to make a living. For the most part, Working Class Roles cannot leave the Faction/Country they were born into, unless your Working Class is part of the Mobsters/Gangsters, or you are a merchant, in which you are required to travel.
    You can start up a famous chain of businesses, inside small towns if you so desire, and try to make a name for yourself. You know, if you’re really good, you could work in the castles for the Upperclass! The whole point of these types of roles is to make a living for yourself. And if you can work it out, your families. The Roles of Merchants of course are in their own little hierarchy of Gang Families that are usually under the control of someone in the Upperclass Hierarchy, you may be given orders to “off” people, or take businesses under your control. It’s not all fun and cuddles for everyone. Mobsters, Gangsters, and the like are experienced in weapons of course, as are some royals, and that can be off your choice.

    They are the half-animal, half-human residents of Wonderland. Hybrids can actually be born into any other class, including Royals/Upperclass, Skill Set/Worker Class, and even Vapor Animals. They are the most versatile, and are all born with of course the appendages of the Animals who they are attributed to. Hybrids can only be of one animal and one human. No half-cat, half-rabbit Hybrids. A Hybrid is born with a certain item, that when in their hands, will turn into the weapon of your choice.
    Hybrids only difference from most Roles is their animal-appendages. Which by the way would be the same for Hybrids. For example, a Cat Hybrid will have cat ears, and a cat tail, alongside slitted cat-like irises. Something like that. Hybrids are of course probably some of the most fun Roles in Wonderland, but that doesn’t mean everyone can be a Hybrid. The Hybrids, of course, are all over the four Factions/Countries, and if you’re interested in romance for your Hybrid, remember to ask that person, and that love is no one-minute process. In my book things like this take time. And as a side note, I don’t think two Hybrids make a whole animal or human. They would probably just make another Hybrid corresponding with the more dominant of the two parents.

    Vapor Animals:
    The Vapor Animals are very similar to the normal Hybrids, in the fact that they have animals appendages. But their are two very important differences. One is that they are mostly a nomadic, drifter type of person, only able to survive by their cheap tricks, coy smiles and freeloading ways. The other is their unique ability to disappear…. the ability that Vapor Animals possess that allows any part of their bodies, or their entire body to simply vanish in a puff of smoke. Vapor Animals don’t conform to any type of rule system, scattered across the four Factions/Countries. They only do what they want, when they want, and whenever it is beneficial to them.

    There are of course those that I forgot to mention at first, Talking Flowers, and large Monsters like the Jabberwocky, The Jubjub bird, and the Bandersnatch, and other Mythical creatures can talk and could be mentioned, but they hold no real interest for the Role play. Personally, in my experience, they just serve as horribly trivial, and time-consuming obstacles. I suppose the Merchant Roles and Mobster/Gangster Roles would run into lots of these obstacles. And everyone scared of the three aforementioned beasts, there’s no getting around that. Only the Hero can defeat them. And there probably won’t be a Hero Role. I don’t know, I haven’t decided that yet.

    Please tell me of any changes you think I should make, or if you are interested in what I’ve come up with. Gladly Appreciated. alice_in_wonderland_anime-wallpaper-1400x1050.jpg
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  2. ooh i'm interested in this
  3. Looking at the dates, this may be a bit delayed, but I'm more than a little bit interested in this.
  4. No! Don't worry about it. I'm still doing this, that is, if your interested.
  5. I am indeed! ^^
  6. @Eleyvan That's great, welcome aboard!!
    @oxo Are you still interested in this roleplay?
  7. May I join?
  8. Yes, of course!
  9. Sign me up, nerds
  10. Yes. Of course you can join, friend.
  11. So I was thinking I"d probably get two more people on this and then maybe....we can get this started and plan out characters and such.
  12. Sounds good to me.
  13. I'll add in
  14. @Kitty It's nice to have you
  15. Very interested, but I would change two things. First, it would be great to have some sort of plot going on behind the scenes at some point - Wonderland isn't Wonderland without something happening (and if you don't, I will make things happen >:D)

    Second, you're missing a class of people: the Nowhere People / Mad People, which are similar to the Worker Class with two exceptions: they have no facton affiliations, and second they have a... tendency to chaos.
  16. Id love to join ^_^
  17. @Grimoire Love to have you!! Welcome aboard!
    @Yiyel You are welcome to join, and if you are joining us, do you think you could help me figure some of these things?

    So with these newest additions, I'll be starting a conversation so we can plan out the finishing touches and make our characters and such. We can still take people though.
  18. Oooh yes, I can definitely help. :D

    Just PM me with the details and what you need.
  19. I would be very interested in this idea.
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