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  1. Wonderland

    There is a city on the edge of the world. Surrounding this city are tall walls, hard to climb, smooth as glass and very deadly. Nothing grows upon these walls, no vines, no trees within ten meters of it. Even weeds dare not grow in the ground next to it.


    The city is a place of peace, but also of ignorance. Many people walk past the thick forests that cover their view of the wall without even realizing it is there for their whole lives. New arrivals are occasional and very surprising to these townsfolk. They arrive at the gates with no explanation or memory of how they got there or who they were before that, it is like they have just been born into the world.


    They are accepted graciously by the town, swallowed up into it's mundane and steady routine. They follow a set unwritten laws, that govern the town and keep order.

    The Laws:
    1. Every being inside of the wall must work.
    2. Every being must take responsibility for their actions.
    3. No one may openly question the wall.
    4. No one may try to climb or damage the wall.
    5. No one may interfere with the Mahoreopmec.​

    This system has made the town a safe place to live. These villagers are naively unaware of the corruption and violence of real life. They cannot accept that anything in their town would stray from these laws. They are like mindless zombies.


    However, this is not the case for everyone living in this paradise. In the center of the town lives a band of winged beings called the Mahoreopmec. Rumors claim that they were first summoned here by a red haired witch.

    So, what would happen if new arrivals came one winter day during the Festival of Light, many at once, and kept their minds? What if they were not brainwashed by the town's laws then what would become of them? Would they go along with the routine? Would they try to change the laws and rule over the town themselves?

    What would happen if change came in the form of a young angel?

    Let's find out.
  2. Re: Sign Up Sheets

    You can play as a new arrival to the town or a Mahoreopmec (angel). Your character will come in and pick any job you would like to do. You have a mind, a personality, but no history as you remember nothing about yourself before arriving at the gates except for occasional dreams or visions. Some will be gifted with certain powers eg. magic, speed, strength etc.

    Character sheet:

    Race: Human or Mahoreopmec
    Power: (optional)
    Appearance: (Pictures are okay.)
  3. Re: Sign Up Sheets

    Name: Geneva Anna Elser

    Age: N/A

    Race: Mahoreopmec 

    Height: 5’9” 

    Weight: 124 lbs.

    Power: Geneva’s warrior powers are seldom seen because she prefers to blend in with the general population; however, she is known as a healer amongst the people that do travel on the fringes of the forests. With a single touch she can heal the slightest of tooth aches to the deepest scars. This magical style focuses on both emotions and light. It requires intense concentration.

    Job: Geneva is a caretaker/owner of a half way house for Mahoreopmec called the Fine Blessing Inn. To the average human, it just appears to be a café house.

    Appearance: Geneva has bright orange colored hair that reaches down to her hips. She is generally seen wearing dark blues with various star patterns printed on the clothing. Geneva is rarely seen without her white bowler cap she got from a dear friend from her days beyond the wall...

    Personality: Geneva is a calm natured woman, presenting herself as a formal Victorian like lady. She is delicate and refined. However, she also has a great knowledge of folk medicines and healing spells, which make some call her a witch. Geneva rarely gets mad but when provoked does get a sharp, commending tongue.

    For discussion of plot, characters, general comments, etc.

    These are some "house rules," I'd like you to follow while posting:

    1. Expect some character hijackings by GMs, that'd be Diana and myself.

    2. Please make a consecrated effort to post. This is a limited run event RP. What does this mean? It's only going to be up until January, so think of it like a "Winter Mini-Series."

    3. Can you be something other than the two character types mention in the Character Sheets? Only on a limited basis, please PM me your idea and I'll be more than willing to give your character a review.

    4. If posts are more than one paragraph long, mim. 5 sentences; please add a SUMMARY.

    5. If there is anything else that you feel needs to be addressed, once again please PM either Diana or myself. The only way for a RP to work properly is if we are all on the same page.

    Last but, not least, have fun. The reason why we RP is because it is a hobby not something that needs to be forced.
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    I'm interestin in making an angel, is it the same deal as last time? with the light and dark?
  6. Re: OOC TALK

    Yes, though the dark angels will not be going on full war scale for this episode. If there is enough interest, I'll continue the plot from the end of this arch.
  7. Re: Sign Up Sheets

    <b>Character Name:</b> Hayden Van Buren
    <b>Gender:</b> Female
    <b>Species/Race:</b> Human
    <b>Age:</b> 29
    <b>Occupation:</b> Librarian
    <b>General Appearance:</b> Light Brown hair, Green Eyes, 5'4" 105 pounds. Average figure. Hayden has an "every day" look. Nothing about her appearance really stands out. She prefers wearing simple and practical clothing. Slacks, comfortable shoes, form fitting blouses with soft fabrics. Color choices are also subdued. She never wears bright colors.
    <b>General Personality:</b> Hayden is a misunderstood introvert. Most assume introverts hate people, are shy, etc. That is not Hayden's case. She is comfortable with herself and enjoys having long periods of private time. That is why she likes her job so much. Yet, in social situations, Hayden is friendly and at ease with other people. She's very particular about her personal space and does get annoyed when people over step their boundaries. Bullies are unacceptable, and she can't stand it when people are rude. Hayden loves children and animals, has a natural protective instinct. She has issues with knowing how to deal with ANGER. Rarely does she have a reason to get ticked off, so when it happens she tends to flip out unreasonably or even cry in frustration.
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    I can has Sorrow Keeper Julius nao?
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    Name: Charlie Warren (Known as Charlie Tom the Green Coat…or Green Coat)
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: A bit on the thin side for his height…whatever that is
    Power: Charlie-Tom has two powers, one of which he can manifest at will and the other he triggers unconsciously.

    Emerald Whisper: Wrapping his tattered Green coat around himself, Charlie can become insubstantial, as a fine mist and drift about where he desires. This ability is by no means perfect and can be disrupted by sufficient energy. Otherwise, all barriers save the Wall are able to be passed through while he’s in this state. While he can communicate, he can only express things in a whisper.

    Revival: This unconscious ability is perhaps the most dangerous ability Charlie-Tom has. The ability to awaken the otherwise zombified workers within Wonderland and return their minds to a semi-sentient state seems to have been granted to Charlie for reasons he cannot explain. This awakening is only temporary, but the more the person strives to be conscious, the less likely they are to revert to the way they were.

    Job: Odds and Ends Trader- Charlie appears to make, steal, find, and sell small items that the people of Wonderland came with. Most small things he finds upon another’s person or on the ground he tried to repackage. It’s hardly a job worth mentioning…but the Wonderland economy is a joke and Charlie has his mind set on other goals.

    Appearance: (Pictures are okay.)
    Show Spoiler

    The only other thing to note of him is the long tattered green coat he seems to be wearing whenever someone sees him.

    Personality: Brash and sometimes impulsive, Charlie is an outspoken, almost vehement individual. When he believes he’s doing something right there is little one can do to convince him otherwise. Curious to the point of fixated stupidity, the Wall has taunted his consciousness since he arrived in Wonderland, prompting him to investigate it as best he can from any and all possible angles. In the mean time, he tries to motivate cohesive thought from those around him, disturbed by the ‘hive’ mindset and set upon breaking what he believes is a dark hold over the population of this ‘prison’. Violent when provoked, Charlie tries to maintain his credibility by keeping his temper in check…but often finds it hard to control when things aren’t going his way. Otherwise caring to his fellow man, sometimes he vies with what is more important…Knowing…or the peaceful oblivious ignorance?

    Perhaps those of Dreamland are best left…dreaming.

    But the wall still taunts him…and it’s only a matter of time till he takes to the soapbox again.
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    I have no idea what's going on! Wheeeeeee!!!

    Name: Luthor Reece
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 80kg

    Power: His consciousness is linked to his pistol. It allows him to function on a constant stream of high adrenaline. This brings a higher pain threshold and a focussed perception ('tunnel vision') that helps him experience things in slow-motion. He can be likened to a juggernaut - he survives on momentum, but if the pistol leaves his hand he loses all energy and motivation.

    Job: Taxi Driver.

    Show Spoiler
    In certain lights, he bears a strange resemblance to Charlie Warren.

    Personality: Haunted, paranoid and driven to the point of obsession. Luthor was recently 'awoken' by Charlie Warren, snapped out of his dreamlike state and granted consciousness. Unfortunately, he was holding a gun at the time, and his sentience seems to depend on physical contact with that pistol. The longer he spends without it, the more detached and empty he becomes. Since shooting up his home in the city, Luthor has been in a manic spiral, convinced that he is a protagonist in some dark conspiracy. His delusions grow stronger ever day, in particular his desire to slaughter Charlie Warren, his supposed liberator.
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    Thought maybe you could use a non-mindless character that didn't want change...

    Character sheet:

    Name: Sophie Anderson
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 124
    Job: Waitress
    Appearance: http://dark-spider.deviantart.com/art/Amber-89246825
    Personality: Sophie is genuinely outgoing; friendly and caring- and uses this to keep herself distracted from the seemingly irrational fears that plague her. She was running from something, she can't remember what. She's about four months pregnant, she doesn't know why this terrifies her. She knows she doesn't belong here, knows this place is not right, but she will fight to stay- to keep things as they are because it's a nice dream and she's terrified what it ending might mean.
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    Name:Adene Haydn Seraphine
    Age: Haha no..
    Race: Mahoreopmec
    Power: She can manipulate fire and bend it to her will. When she walks into a room fires tend to burn more brightly and steadily. She can only create fire is when she becomes uncontrollably angry or extremely threatened. She does not use her power as people may think of her poorly.
    Job: Manager at a small Mom and Pops Diner
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: She is calm, outgoing and very easy to get along with. She treats everyone the same and if she has something to say she says it. She is not a very shy person and sometimes she as as subtle as a brick, despite her good intentions. She generally keeps a good attitude. She keeps a good control over her emotions because she does not want her powers to get out of hand.
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    Name: Barry Fitzgerald

    Age: 30 (D.O.B. September 21st)

    Race: Aleator
    Show Spoiler
    In Latin, their name means "Gambler", or "one who takes chances". Seemingly human in every aspect, they possess no physical differences from other human beings, nor are there many psychological differences, and as such, are very easy to blend in to a crowd of other human beings. Some may even pass through their lives and never realize what they are. What sets an Aleator apart from ordinary human beings is their power, to which their names are derived from; many of which they hold are intricate, typically ignoring and even defying the laws of nature that were set in place eons ago, yet can be used to as an offensive, defensive, or even simple support ability. Their powers are ultimately limited by what they affect, and the users' creativity.

    However, there is a downside - regardless of their power, there is always a remuneration, to which the Aleator is quite literally compelled to make. The remuneration, like the power an Aleator is born with, is completely random - some may be minor inconveniences, such as drinking an alcoholic beverage as soon as reasonably possible, singing out in public, madly scribbling to make an image with a pencil until it breaks or smoking a cigarette. In these cases, depending on the lifestyle of the Aleator, these "inconveniences" can actually be used for benefit, and are not really a downside at all. However, there are just as many more vicious ones out there - breaking a finger, consuming something of an acidic nature, committing arson, or even some that the Aleator may not be directly doing to themselves - such as aging their internal organs every three years, or internal bleeding. When such remunerations are in place, an Aleator must proceed with great caution, and only use their powers in the direst of situations.
    Height: 4’11” (151cm)

    194lbs (88kg)

    Power: Barry has the ability to phase inanimate objects through other inanimate objects. Gravity still affects these objects. The range for this ability is as far as Barry can see, hear, or perceive. However, as an Aleator, Barry must, after using this power, consume or inhale something which possesses SiO<sub>2</sub> (silicon dioxide) - which can range from simple sand and quartz, to powdered foods which contain silica (which, thankfully, can be eaten alongside regular food), to actually eating glass or ceramic objects.

    Job: Jazz Pianist

    Appearance: See Image

    Personality: Mellow and soft-spoken, Barry is a humble and down to earth man who is friendly to many, if a tad meek. Barry enjoys books, art and intelligent conversations, and is conscious of his bearing and manners. He has seemingly unlimited patience, and very rarely gets angry, only showing such an ugly emotion if abused in whatever form over long periods of time. However, this, paired with the insecurities he has about himself, can make it difficult for him to truly open up to others. Some of these anxieties may hold some truth to them, such as being hindered somewhat by his obesity and short stature, while others, such as if he might be sweating or screwing up during a piano practice play, can be true, but are mostly simple paranoia that he hasn't overcome. Though he has lost his memory, Barry knows this despite nonetheless fearing these feelings, and has set a goal to be able to assert himself more easily. Becoming a pianist, paired with his own favoring taste of jazz music, he feels, also has something to do with this ambition....
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    The Festival of Light is going to be a fun filled holiday event for the townspeople! :3 Lots of good food, dancing, maybe even gift swapping... And the snow is fresh and pretty!

    I do hope no meanie faces are going to try and ruin the festivities! D: Wouldn't that be an unexpected disaster!

  15. My sheet (open)

    Name: Naomi
    Age: 28
    Appearance: (open)
    Naomi in real life was quite a beauty of a woman. Long blonde hair that reaches her butt, exotic yellow eyes that match her hair, a hourglass figure with perky medium-size C cup breasts, and with her uniform...well anyone that saw her tended to have trouble keeping their eyes off of her. The fact her uniform revealed her cleavage, and part of her lacy black bra....along with those pantyhoses, and green skirt to go with her jacket...well that outfit really helped draw the eyes. That cute little hat she wears that matches the rest of her outfit only complicated things more for people trying to resist.

    In life, and the game however....well she originally matched her real self. But after a certain incident she switched to taking a younger form while in the life-work program, and the 'game'. She choice a cute 14 year old girl, with exotic pink eyes, pure white hair, a slim and slightly curvy figure to better match her appearance age, and her race in the game was a Inu, or dog-girl. She had some cute fluffy ears, and even a tail. Although she wraps her tail around her waist so it wont get in the way of her kimono outfit. Her weapon? A Umbrella. She was a virgin in reality, work-life, and in the 'game'. It was quite ironic for her to choose a Inu character in the game when in real life she was more of a cat-person.

    In real life she wore undergarments, but in her younger form in life-work, and the game she only wore her kimono. Nothing else. As for how she went from using guns in real life to using a umbrella in the game. That was quite simple. For starter her umbrella could fire bullets, but only so many at a time before she had to recharge to make it more fair against sword users, but her umbrella was consider near-unbreakable, and this meant she could fight a sword user up close with it. Her 'class' was more of a classic monk or priestess where she had greater defense, and physical abilities over actual magic, or other possible fighting abilities like other weapons. Just a innocent priestess who tempts stupid males, and fires bullets up their asses. A few of her...abilities or advantageous was kind of cheating such as her high-defense, but then again. She was in this to make money to help actual people in life, and not make freinds. So she did not care if she pissed people off.
    Bio: (open)
    In real life, Naomi, grew up like most girls except she went to a military school, and when the world went crazy....Naomi and others who survived tried to go about helping others, and they form a group. The older Naomi got, the better she got, the more she helped, and the more times she went on solo missions. A least till one mission where she tried to create a new path for a family to escape the building they were trapped in went horrible wrong, and the family got hurt. Since then she tried her best to help the family, and more importantly the younger girl that got hurt the worse. It was hard to monitor the family, but when she realize the family was unable to help their daughter injury beyond the basics, and that it may cost the girl her arm or even life...well Naomi knew the girl had to get into the game to get into a city where she could get help. Naomi would like to just give the girl the money, but she knows it wont keep the girl in the city, and some people may ...well it was better if Naomi did not go that route.

    Some people may get jealous and try something, or what if Reia's family expected her to take care of all their needs for the rest of her life or something? Although...she may be willing to do that for Reia herself since Naomi did hurt the girl quite badly with her stunt. As in this destroyed world not only was physical and mental abilities important, but hacking itself started to be quite important. Well, more specifically programming. But it was nearly the same for Naomi. As she used her skills to access Reia's data. Naomi found, and went over Reia's specials, and was impressed with Reia work. Once Naomi learn who Reia's mother was...well she blush a bit. From what Naomi knew...Reia's mother was one of Naomi's own mothers best freinds....and they were quite 'close' till Reia's mother got serious with her current husband. Naomi wonder if Reia would grow up to be a ...hellcat or vixen like her mother was...the fact Reia was going with a 'fox' race sure did support that theory...Reia just needed to lose her remaining innocence.

    Too bad Naomi was a bit too old, or she would try to make Reia her girlfreind. Maybe...using her younger game-self would a least get her close enough to Reia to be the girl's friend. A least till Reia learns Naomi was the one to indirectly cause her injury, and the girl starts to hate Naomi. Still...she been helping Reia for a few years now....how does she suddenly enter the girls life as her friend? Wait...Reia signing up for that new tournament...maybe...if she can pull off a major hack on the system she could enter the tournament as a new person without anyone realising who she really was....luckily she could pass her similar looks or even exact copies as a girl that admires the top female player. So no one would look much into her looking like her real self. After all, why would one of the best player-killers enter a newbie tournament?

    Naomi thought about what Reia may think about her 'game' self. Naomi was actually consider the top player period. Or at least if you go by ratings. It was hard not to get behind the 'sexy girl who likes guns' fanclub. Others were leaning more towards Player-killer hunters, but Naomi was not like the other player killers, and she went after other top players including the hunters. A cat chasing a rat only for the dog following the cat to realize the cat just lure the dog into a trap. Girls? They also watch her. It not just the boys liking the guns, or seeing a sexy girl. But the girls who love the fact a female is in such a position, and being such a great role model. Well...maybe for the girls, maybe not so much in the parents eyes. As how did you handle young girls going around playing like they shoot boys in the butt if they misbehave? Still as the top player that meant she was one of the wealthiest people. She used it to help families beyond the physical and rescue help she does in the real world.

    Make no mistake though. Naomi was a criminal in the real world. She however was not evil. She tried to limit her targets in the game to bad people that waste the money they gain despite the state the world is currently in now. Still, Naomi was smart enough to figure out how to create a 'second' bank account or so forth. And that meant even if she died she would not lose all her money. Her hacking was another reason the people behind the game did not kick her out for possibly cheating. As she could do a lot of damage if they upset her. That, and the fact most people left in the world were her fans to a point. Even if some had other favorites they still favored her a little. Or maybe it was because while her mother was not a programmer for the game, but the head of the security that...well that did not just include the physical security, but the cyber security. So she may not know secrets about the game, but she sure in hell knew how to be 'evil' if she got pushed into it. Not that she was clueless about the secrets as she had picked up a few things over the years, but not everything.

    And yes, Naomi realized she was ...obsessing over the girl she hurt. But it was the first time she made a mistake on such a large scale that it may cost someone their life. She did not go through no war. She grew up in a military school, and so she had training. But the only real experience she had was in the game, and a few problems she had in real life. It was not difficult to locate families when any that were still living required food ,and so she just had to get a hold of the delivery data. And she used that data to save several families over the years. But it was difficult getting around safely, and even more difficult to deal with each family's problems. Naomi may had got a bit arrogant with being the top player, and helping so many families over the years...but it still shocked her quite badly once she managed to hack into the network, and find out more about the situation with Reia's family. Still...its now time for the big day. So she going to finally meet Reia face to face.
  16. Re: Sign Up Sheets

    Character sheet:

    Name: Xylian (ZEE-lee-ahn)

    Age: 13 1/2

    Race: Mahoreopmec

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: Approx. 100 lbs.

    Power: Air and wind manipulation, controlling the wind, air currents, that sort of thing. She's still a Winged Fledgeling so control is, of course, an issue. Maybe if she keeps practicing she'll stop bringing the house down--literally!

    Job: Housekeeper/maid/unofficial greeter for Geneva

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: There are a lot of words to describe Xylian. Spunky. Energetic. Hyperactive. Rumors have it she can dish out 100 words per minute and ask a thousand and one questions in a single breath. She's always doing something and most see her as being too cheerful and too passionate for her own good. You would think a girl like that would find it difficult to keep a secret and that she would let something slip easily. But you would be wrong. Xylian does rant but she has a habit of ranting pieces of trivia that may or may not be true, such as the identity of the first Miss America pageant winner.
  17. Re: OOC TALK

    This time of year in Wonderland is loosely based on the holiday of Hanukkah, the actual Festival of Lights. No, this does not make our characters Jewish; the basic concept of is exactly as Diana has mentioned. It is a time of year our characters will meet up and for once in their long boring lives have fun. :)

    So for your first few posts focus on what your character plans to do~
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    Name: Arumaic
    Age: 26
    Race: Mahoreopmec
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Power: He can charge his sword or armour with lightningm it will only discharge on physical contact though.
    Job: Guard
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Spending most of his time flying around the walls or training he enjoys his time alone though is always willing to talk if someone wants him and is even willing to help if someone needs it. He believes the laws are paramount to life withing the walls and enforces them on the human populace though he has never know anyone to break them.
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    *realises he has fatally misjudged the genre* o_o
  20. Re: OOC TALK

    *Realizes this fatal judgment flaw may STILL result in his character death*
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