Wonderland: Nightmares and Daydreams

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  1. So Here's What Going On:
    So the premise of this RP is that in Wonderland, there are people who have been placed in predestined roles. They have born as either Nobility, Vapor Animals or Hybrids, Working Class or Lower, or even the Nowhere People. I've got a more in depth description of most of the Roles you can choose from Right Here. Except for the Nowhere People, who as I've been told are similar to the Working Class but with more...... manic tendencies.

    In this Roleplay, everyone has to deal with an upcoming threat from a completely new and different World, Across the Pond, a sort of foil to all of Wonderland's craziness, but they have the same types of Roles. Though they live in somewhat different conditions.

    To be put shortly, it's war. And even the most nomadic Vapor Animal can feel it. and that's not the only fighting that you'll have to go through. There are shadow wars plaguing nearly every noble family in Wonderland, and even in Across the Pond, the Nobility seek to destroy each other.

    Who will survive in the most dastardly War on Two Fronts o ever be encountered by the likes of Wonderland? Could there even be a winner given all the fighting. That is more likely up to you.

    Right down here I got your Character Sheet.

    If there's anything I'm missing, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm not perfect






    Physical Appearance: (Leave nothing out)

    Extras/Deformities/ Animal Appendages if needed/ etc.:

    Affiliation: (If your a Royal/Noble, a Vapor Animal, Hybrid, or Nowhere/Mad People or Worker/Lower Class.)



    Where you're from: (Where in Wonderland or in Across the Pond and where is that place. Spade, Heart, Diamond, or Clover)

    Weapons: ( The Nobility and Mobster/Gangster Roles carry a weapon somewhere on their person at all types. It is war. The weapon is usually in some discreet unrecognizable form. ex. Pocket Watch to Flintlock Pistol)
  2. Can I reserve a male nobility. I can post a cs tomorrow as I am about to go to bed.
  3. Name: Paleolallia DuChemin

    Age: 35

    Height: 4'10"

    Weight: 50Kgs

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: Very, VERY gaunt on top of having a small frame. Has amber-colored eyes, pale hair the color of pure snow (turns out his hair is actually feather down), a thin, long nose, very thin lips and is paler than moonlight (except for two dark patches of skin towards the lower back and orange eyeliner). Loves to wear sleeveless safari clothing (complete with the awesome Colonel Mustard-style hat), but only if that clothing includes shorts. Because screw pants.

    Extras/Deformities/ Animal Appendages if needed/ etc.: As previously mentioned, has feather down instead of hair. This ties in with the fact he is partially a large Secretary Bird, with it's legs and tail (and that's only the visuals - all of his bones are hollow) on top of having large feathers dangling from his arms, allowing short flight. His left eye is double-irised, and his thumbs have an extra joint. He can lick his nose. Oh also, he often swears in an ancient language most probably no one in Wonderland even remembers.

    Affiliation: Vapor Animal

    Personality: Bouncy. Like, REAL bouncy. Like like... Can't even stand still for a moment. Loves jokes and is generally in a good disposition, but Queen help you all if someone pisses him off.

    Biography: He came from Across the Pond and beyond that, he doesn't care about that cold place. He never fit there anyway. Lately, though, he's taken a liking to a little town in Clover territory, earning his living with an acrobatics show.

    Where you're from: Across the Pond, Spades

    Weapons: See, he carries two of his own tail feathers on his sleeves. These feathers? Albert Einstein Two terrifyingly sharp, lightweight and opalescent white swords when he's pissed.
  4. I'll probably post a CS for my own female nobility tomorrow, she a queen though. Be warned, for now, good night.
  5. Okay, here we go.

    Name: Valentine Beaumont

    Age: 19 years old

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 185 lbs. (or 83 Kgs.)

    Gender: ....Female

    Physical Appearance: She has a very petit, light frame, very fragile and frail-looking. She sports two deep crimson eyes, and a drawn on heart tattoo under the left eye. She has thin lips, but wears red lipstick to make them appear bigger, and that's about as much make-up as you can get on her. She often wears small taffeta dresses, with corsets around them, and long buffeted trains in the back. Always in varying colors of Red and Black. And she wears a red rose pin near the bottom hem of all her dresses. And every outfit is accompanied by long, black buckled-up boots.

    Extras/Deformities/Animal Appendages/ etc.: She sometimes has a very odd temper, and it can make her voce dangerously low, to where she sounds like a boy.

    Affiliation: Queen

    Biography: She was the newest Queen of Heart Country, and had found out her role at around three years old. Her family, a mother, father, and older sister haven't seen her since, and she can only assume that they've all died. She has instigated many past rivalries in her Country, and she isn't ashamed in the slightest. In her mind she thinks that kit would be better if everyone feared and respected her. Which has gotten her quite the reputation as the youngest "Bitch Queen" Heart Country has ever had. She is very much like the past queens of Wonderland, with the whole....temper, and wearing red and black thing. She refuses to marry because it would be aloes of power on her part.

    Where I'm From: Wonderland, Heart Country

    Weapons: Her rose pin can turn into a rapier, which she can use to some extent, thought it's more for hacking, slashing, and......cutting off people's heads.
  6. Name: Moira Mac Alistair

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 120lb

    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: A tall, young woman, with a thin, semi-athletic build. Robust auburn curls fall past her ample breasts in loose ringlets. She boasts a euphoric grin and a bold blush at all times, courtesy of her drink. She often wears trapeze dresses, tall laced boots, and light-colored capes.

    Affiliation: Gin Rummers Cartel

    Personality + Bio: A rich girl with an excessively limb love life, stemming from her father's omnipotence, Moira turns to drink and drink she does. She's a clingy, whiny, drunk of a woman - with an underground army at her fingertips.

    Where you're from: Wonderland, Clovers

    Weapons: A hair ribbon that becomes a barbed whip.
  7. Not sayin' but just sayin', I totally saw the busty drunkard facsimile dominatrix woman character coming with all these arguments.
  8. You could've also predicted it from the part where I said she's going to be a good-for-nothing drunk.
  9. Guys. I'm happy your both here. And that your characters are up.
  10. I meant it like you were "OMG NO don't remove romance and drama or I leave" and then you pretty much make a bona-fide copy of the "drunk, sexually liberated and well-endowed pretty woman" uncreative character that I was trying to have avoided in the first place.
  11. Hey now. @Yiyel, we have room for the drunken character, she still has to participate, she'll just be.......very drunk most of the time, and sort of like the comedy release of a tense situation. Like I mentioned earlier.
  12. I'm not arguing against it, I'm just saying I saw it coming from a light year.
  13. As did I.@YandereNoodle is always like this, ignore it.
  14. U fookin wot
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  15. I'm not saying anything against it, just observing the fact. As a matter of fact, this is going to be fun...
  16. I'm happy that you agree. I was thinking at most, if you wanted, you can have two characters. One to be cool and main plot....and the other....well if you want another.....it's just if you think you can handle that much.
  17. Name: Lolita Underwood

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 110lbs

    Gender: All female

    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]
    Lolita wears what is seen in the picture above. Her tail is black too though and not white. Her hair trails on the ground from never having been cut. She keeps it in a pony tail with multiple red bands. Her eyes are a peculiar glowing orange.

    Extras/Deformities/ Animal Appendages if needed/ etc.: Kitsune tail and ears

    Affiliation: Royal/Noble Vapor Animal

    Personality: Lolita is quiet, she watches from the shadows and studies others. She is a stealthy attacker and a vicious one. She uses her tail to whip at people, then kill them. Lolita is friendly once you get to know her, but do not underestimate her, if she thinks you are a threat to her existence, she will simply disappear, and you may end up dead.

    Biography: What is there to know about Lolita? Besides her lethal nature, no one including herself really knows of her past. She has been on her own since she was little, she has memories that flash, but she doesnt understand them, nor does she try to.

    Where you're from: Wonderland, Heart.

    Weapons: She keeps this hidden on her upper thighs under her skirt. She is quick when pulling them out and deadly accurate with them.[​IMG]

  18. Love her!! @DarkStarLove90 Hey did you draw this character, she looks awesome!!
  19. @Adelaide Belial
    If I sat down and put my mind to it for a good hour, yes I could have drawn her. But no I didnt. Go to Google and type in Artgerm. AMAZING artwork. Pepper Sunkiss is my favorite. But they do Superheros and Heriones and what not. They are awesome!
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