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    (( Lets just say that's the Red Queen's son. ))

    The Cheshire Cat's Son. The Red Queen's Son.

    The two paired up as children, but Chester - The Cheshire Cat's Son - Disappeared for a few years. He finally came back, both now being 18. Chester though, has changed quite a bit. He used to be so kind and very loud, but now he's cold and quiet. Once he sees - Your character -, he flips and tries to avoid the other male at all costs. Of course though, things don't go the way he wants them to. So they meet in the forest, well, they sort of meet. Chester's tail is the only thing that is being shown, since he had fallen asleep on the tree.


    You may choose if your character has changed or not, but just a warning. I am one whom likes to be dominant, but I also like playing the submissive roles during some part of our RP. I cannot remember if it was Seme, or Seke though. Anyways, I hope someone joins! :D​
  2. I would love to take you up on this! First off, no insult meant in this clarification...
    Seme- Complete Dom
    Seke- Mostly Dom
    Suke- Mostly Sub
    Uke- Complete Sub
    Or at least that's the way I do it. Seme and Uke always mean Dom or Sub, though. Anyway, I'm fine with working with being a dom on occasion, as I am mostly an Uke in these things. I just have one little question. Would I have to play as the Red Queen's son, or could I play as the son of someone else?
  3. Oh my gosh thank you so much for telling me. I can't exactly look that kind of stuff up on the computer I'm using because this is my mothers - Since mine isn't working properly. - e-e So if she found out about that, she won't let me use her computer.

    Anyways, you'll be playing as the Red Queen's son. Sorry if I didn't make that very clear in the first post because I was in a rush, plus I was very.. Very tired.​
  4. Okay then. I assumed so. Mind if I make a slight character appearance change? You know, since he is the son of the Bloody Red Queen.

    Cadis.Etrama.Di.Raizel.full.1449951.jpg Rolan.Flamberge.full.1701043.jpg
  5. That's fine. I like the character change.

    Anyways, so do you think we'll need a CS? Or not? I'm just curious.​
  6. I don't think we will. Besides, the more mystery, the more natural our character's reactions to each other will be.
  7. Yeah, you're right. Well shall I create the thread? Or do you prefer PM Rp's. By the way, I won't be able to create either until... I'm not sure. But I plan on going to sleep for maybe.. An hour before anything.
  8. PMs or threads both work for me, so whichever you feel more comfortable with. I can wait.
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  9. Forgot that I had to do this ~ Sorry. I'm creating the thread once I get home. Anyways what's your Characters name?
  10. Crowley sounds like a nice name.
  11. OOOOH!!!! I wanna be e Cheshire cats son! I'm fine with this idea, send me a pm!
  12. Actually, I was kind of hoping to be The Cheshire's son, but it's totally fine if you would like to be him!. I'll message you later when I get home!