Wonderland Academy ( NEW CHARACTERS!!!!!!)

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  1. Open spots:

    (( NEW SPOTS!!!!!!!!))
    • Kids of tweedleDee/Tweedledum (Twins)
    • Daughter or son of the duchess (they can't look like their mom, cus that would be embaressing.)
    • Son of the dormouse
    [Anymore suggestions? PM me]

    Taken spots:
    Daughter of Red queen and Son of the Mad hatter ( @Ashley The Fabulous Neko )

    The son of the Cheshire cat ( @That0nePasta )

    Son of the Queen of hearts/red queen and daughter of the white rabbit ( @Lazy_Not_Bored )

    Son of the White Rabbit ( @Raven )

    Son of Alice ( @Kaz )

    Daughter of Alice and Daughter of the Mad Hatter ( @HollowEastWord )

    Son of the white queen ( @CrimsonHorizons )

    Daughter of the Cheshire cat ( @RinOkumura )

    Reserved spots:
    Daughter of the White queen

    *If a reserved spot hasn't been made a CS within 3 days, it will go back to the open spot

    **the siblings have to have the same last name, so if you see the first sibling to put the CS in that's what last name you'll go with. (Idk if you guys get this, I'll just correct it anyways if this didn't make sense)

    Welcome! To Wonderland Academy, where you are to re-live your Parent's Story!!
    You are the sons and daughters of legends! Now, its time for you to relive your parent's legacy. You are to be trained to live as your parents did in wonderland academy. Meet your friends and your destined enemies, but watch out! Don't make the same mistakes some of your parents did by falling in love with the wrong person...

    Rp Rules:
    • Whoever the parent of your OC is, they ARE REQUIRED to look like they're parent.
    • Create Drama! Of course the kids of Alice and the red queen won't Get along! They're forbidden to!! Create some drama like the daughter of Alice falls for the red queen or something.
    • Wait to be accepted, once you are go here (for now wait til I make it, but it'll be up soon)
    • Create a boy and a girl, I don't mind twins but they CANNOT BE OPPOSITE SEX
    • Don't join if your going to abbandon the RP
    The replies below would be the CS's


    Name: Scarlet Queen of Hearts ♛
    Age; 16
    Gender: Female
    Parent: Queen of hearts/ Red queen
    Personality: Although her mother is known to be the evil Red Queen. She is very enthusiastic and childish. All she ever wants is to have fun, she's also very careless. And that's mostly the reason why some people don't like her.

    Name: Matt Hatter
    Age; 17
    Gender: Male
    Parent: Mad Hatter
    Personality: he usually quiet and stubborn and arrogant. They say he needs to be more like his father, he needs to be more enthusiastic And Jolly like his father they say... But no. The only he got from his father is the habit of drinking tea, a lot...

    Once accpted go to here for further information: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-wonderland-academy.82290/#post-1666494
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  2. Reserving Cheshire cats daughter/son spot!
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Chester Cat
    Age: Looks 17
    Gender: Male
    Parent: Cheshire Cat
    Personality: Chester unlike his father isn't into tricking others, he enjoys helping others and is often scolded for not living up to his father's legacy. Though, never get him angry for he will use his tricks on you. But he'll often play a trick on the daughters of the others only because he thinks their cute.
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  4. Unfortunately you can just have the daughter because the son is already taken, also make a forum for her

    Accepted, just a sec I need to get the rp spot
  5. I'm interested and Could you Reserve the white Rabit?
  6. Which one? Because one of them are reserved too ^^
  7. Well which is reserved for I can play either gender I don't mind.
  8. Well, the person said a child, so I guess they don't mind either
  9. Ah okay should I wait and see then?
  10. Just pick one then make a CS

  11. Um okay.
  12. Oh wait, yours is the son of the white rabbit, sorry >.<
  13. Okay, go make a CS for them
  14. Okay fine by me.
  15. Can I reserve the son of Alice?
  16. Sure! Now that its reserved you can make a CS for him
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  17. I already reserved it for you, go ahead and make a CS
  18. [​IMG]
    Ace of Hearts
    Queen of Hearts
    Ace is as cocky and not as cooky as his mother. He does have aslight temper but is normally a great guy all around. He prefers sports such as football, soccer, baseball, and sometimes flamingo croquet. Ace has a passion for watching horror movies. He's a flirt, and a tease.

    Bunni White
    The White Rabbit
    Bunni is sweet and quiet. She is neat, organized, and you guessed it always on time. Bunni is a music fanatic she likes everything from classical to punk to pop to classic rock. Bunni has good grades and loves to solve problems math, social, or otherwise. She is everyone's friend and a bit of a push over.
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  19. They're both accepted, I just have to change Scarlett's last name
  20. [​IMG]
    Name: Wasically Rabbit White
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Parent: White Rabbit
    Personality: Like his father isn't a fan of being late but can handle it if there is a good reason. He's friendly and kind oh and he's not always the talkative one for listing he likes too. But don't make him angry for he can have a bad temper and who knows what he'll do. He loves music and makes sure his grades our good. He has all his homework turned in on time for if he didn't well he would feel horrible.​
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