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  1. Hello! I'm wondering about guidelines for image use on this site, as it's been awhile since I've been active on a forum site like this. I've seen some where you need to credit the image/character (if it's a anime character or such), but others you can just grab whatever off the internet and use it. What are the general practices on Iwaku? Thanks.

    Edit: And does anyone have suggestions for where to find character images, or do we just use a google search? Thank you!
  2. We don't have any strict policies on image usages on the site as a whole! We just tell people to make sure they don't use pictures from sources that say "don't take this" and to be respectful of artists, etc. (Credit when you can, don't claim something that isn't yours as your own work, and so on.) And if we ever get a cease notice from artists, we ask the member to stop using the picture.

    Usually if a Game Master has personal preference, they will say so in their plot info!

    I tend to use google myself, but the Roleplay Institute occasionally has good resource threads for stuff!
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  3. Also (this isn't a rule, but it makes you a super nice and considerate person!) A lot of Iwaku users are browsing on mobile devices; try not to use HUMUNGUS pictures as it makes the pages they're on super slow to load on mobiles, and sometimes even freezes the page :(