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  1. Amirite, men?
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    It took Sam all of two hours to get the information he needed from some of the local bums squatting on the streets. They saw and heard an astonishing amount of information, readily available to those willing to part with a bottle of liquor or a pack of smokes. Now Sam had the location of his latest prey and at least some idea of the layout inside the office building that was evidently his base of operations.

    As Sam suspected, his prey - the brander - had some ties to Pattaya's criminal underworld. He was buying up prostitutes from someone, after all. It turned out that the office building Sam was heading toward fronted as a shipping company while actually housing one of the more robust bordellos in the district.

    Sam broke in easily enough. He had to duck into the blind spot of a few security cameras and then work out the hinge-pins on a backdoor before he could slip inside. From there, he found the nearest maintenance closet. Some baggy coveralls were haphazardly thrown against some of the shelving, which he donned for a disguise. He quickly skimmed the remaining shelves for anything he could use. He soon filled the coverall's many pockets: a screwdriver, a half-used roll of duct tape, some dirty wash cloths, and some turpentine and bleach that he put into some Ziplock bags.

    Thusly armed, he started exploring the office building while carrying a toolbox he found in the maintenance closet, looking for all the world like he belonged there. The other office workers, dressed in suits and pressed shirts, just ignored him as they passed.

    Things became more raucous when Sam reached the lobby, just as a pair of identical twins burst through the front door. They were a unique sight: both in cloaks, one white and the other black. Sam wisely kept to the walls to watch things play out. Someone was off about these two, other than their anachronistic taste in outerwear. Sam couldn't put his finger on it, but they didn't feel normal.

    The sudden appearance of the twins sent the other office workers into a panic, with most fleeing into the hall. A pack of security guards stormed in with pistols in hand, shouting, "Don't move! Hands in the air!"

    Sam stayed where he was, near the wall and close to the hallway. He was behind the guards and out of easy line of sight. He eyed the guards carefully. Though clad in uniforms, they didn't have the feel of sworn-in officers. No, their burliness, crudeness, and hardened expressions were those of true street gangsters.

    Sam took out his pilfered screwdriver, wrapped a wash cloth around the shaft, and dipped it into the turpentine. In his other hand was a lighter.


    The "guards" turned to look at him, some a little surprised that they missed him the first time. Sam calmly lit his makeshift torch.


    Then he threw it at one of them, the fiery distraction catching the gangsters by surprise.
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    AUGUST 14, 2016
    Detective Jacob Phantom
    Beep, Beep, Beep
    The alarm clock stirred the sleeping man awake. He smelled of cheap liquor and stale cigarettes. Beside him on a night stand, a half drunk cup of whiskey sat next to a empty bottle of pills. Groaning, the man went to turn the irritating alarm off, swiping at it. Instead of finding the clock, the cup slipped off the night stand and shattered on the ground. Slamming his hand on the alarm, the beeping came to a sudden stop. He glanced at the time,
    Its too early for this shit.
    Jacob said sitting up, running a hand through his messy, unshaven beard. He slicked his hair back and headed to the bathroom. Splashing water on his face, he stared at himself in the mirror, trying to remember anything from the past three years of his life. As usual, his head started to hurt thinking back on it, but he still didn't remember anything. Something white moved in his eye, moving across his pupil and deeper inside his brain.
    The ghost that haunted him was awake. It was the only thing that gave him a clue what had happened to his mind years ago. It whispered the names often enough, murmuring it in his dreams, and wouldn't say anything else. Again, he heard the whispering all around him. It was a single voice, yet sounded like numureous. It only hurt his head more.
    The Greysons
    He headed back into the motels main room. Papers covered a table in the corner, several files were still open from the night before. One infact, was labeled "The Greyson Siblings". He didn't have much on them, just pictures, rumors, and a shit load of questions.


    His hunt for the two brought him to Australia, and after questioning a few goons in Sydney, the only name they knew about was someone under the name of The Black Weaver.
    Was the only thing he had to say about the name, but regardless, he headed to a country that didn't speak his language. He took a flight two nights ago, leading him to this dirty motel he sat in now. The night before, he managed to get some information from a group of guys who were afraid of ghosts. And skeletons it seemed, as they kept murmuring something about "The Skullman." It was a name he heard often, but nothing he was concerned about.
    He was tipped off to an office building he was going to head too today, and he quickly gathered his things, slipped on a button up shirt, pair of brown slacks, military boots, slipped his chest holster over his clothes, and but his trench coat on. He mainly were the coat to hid his side arm. Plus it completed his whole "Detective" look.
    A glass of whiskey and an hour later, Detective Phantom sipped on some coffee to give him some energy. He spotted the building, but two men stuck out as they kicked open the door, rather aggressively. Dropping the coffee, he strode across the street, reaching for his side arm on the side of his chest. Pulling it free from his holster, he surveyed the room the moment he took a step in.

    In front of him, the two twins stood, one wore a black cloak while the other wore white. In front of them, were the line of security guards, who stood with guns drawn. Finally, behind them was a shadowy man, who tossed a torch towards the security. Sighing, Jacob called out to the twins, gun pointed to the taller of the two.
    You two! Ying and Yang. Hands where I can see them, stay turned away from me. No sudden movements or I'll put a bullet in the two of you, capeesh?
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    AUGUST 14, 2016
    @Razilin @Lonewolf888978

    The twins had on small grins as workers scattered, and 'security' forces dashed into the front area, demanding their hands in the air. Just as they had seen so many times before, a truly respectable-looking front. But that was all it was, a front. However, two things happened that they were not expecting. First was what seemed to be worker mutiny, the other a detective behind them, ordering the same thing that the men in front were.

    What do we do, Sen-Onii? Those men don't bear that aura. We do as we always do, Ne-Nii. We destroy our enemies. Let us hope, then, they choose not to be our enemies

    Their mental conversation took a mere half-second, and without turning around, The brother on the left, with the longer hair, spoke. "You might wish to reconsider your stance sir. We have no quarrel with you. Do not make one." And then, as soon as the screwdriver hit the ground, they were off.

    Quicker than the naked eye could track, the twins were off into the group of ten. Only a trained martial artist would be able to reliably watch their movements. Faster than most and stronger than most, the pair of them together could perhaps rival Skullman. One brother would leg-sweep a gangster, another slamming a palm into his chest as soon as he was in the air, already onto another one. In mere seconds, five of them were down, the others freaking out.

    "H-holy shit, where are they!?" "I don't.. get the fuck out of here!!" The panicked mobsters spit and ran, Three charging towards that workman (@Razilin), the last two towards the front door and the detective (@Lonewolf888978). Neither of them could be nearly as scary as what they were running from, right?
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    "To be honest... well... don't tell Chiaki this, but sometimes I feel a little... how do I word this? I'm a little unsure if I'm truly helping her. She's a great friend of mine, and I get VIP tickets when possible. But at the end of it all... well... you know the basics of the idol industry, I know the basics of the idol industry, and what I know probably isn't scratching the surface of what Chiaki-chan knows... and Chiaki-chan isn't really the type to know everything... and by everything, I mean the everchanging rules of the long-lived idol industry... oh sorry, I'm sidetracking a little...

    ... but overall, as long as I know the ways, we still maintain a great friendship. Paparazzi issues can be dealt with by passing me off as a lady, with my build and height. I see Chiaki as an inspiration to improve my average self. Maybe some day, I'll have a task that outdoes her - a magical girl, or even a superhero!"

    Hikaru puts his palm at the back of his head.

    "J- just kidding... Those things... are make-believe, and don't really exist in the realm of possibility, but if I had the chance, I probably would. I wonder what kinds of powers I would have as a superhero, if I ever became one..."
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    Oh right! Other people could hear him talking to Remy, how would be explain this. Bravado turned to face Hikaru and answered "Just an old friend. Say hi Remy!" before switching his suits audio to speaker mode. Meanwhile he figured he should test if there was a way to communicate to Remnant privately. Only real way he could imagine doing that was to think to himself and hope Remnant picked up the brain signals.

    "Row row row your bot gently down the nuke! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, please don't carbonite me!".

    Though once Hiraku asked the question about Chiaki he simply shrugged and stated "She'll be fine. Just needs a little time to get use to her new upgrades... Then she'll be going wild and there won't be a power in the verse to stop us".

    "Wait... Scott and the other pussies didn't follow you? Did they?".

    And why is snuggling not allowed?! *snuggles all*
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  15. Chara Bios

    Please post bios for all of your characters for the Dreaming Awake rp here. Keep in mind you have a four character limit and NPCs (Non Player Characters) don't count as an actual character. The reason is because they just exist to fill in places that would be lacking without them. Anyway...if you want more than four characters ask me. If I approve it (I most likely will...as long as the amount of characters is balanced out.),I will post your character's name here so everyone knows. Characters can have the status of Alive, Comatose, Awake, Asleep,Missing and Deceased. Character statuses will be updated if they change in the role play. Oh and...Please don't forgot to use a spoiler for your character's bio if it's kind of long. Thank you!

    Here is an example list of beings and creatures that your characters can become once in the Realm of Dreams. Characters can stay human if you want. What your characters becomes should reflect something about them in some way. Like personality,likes,dislikes or how they view their selves. Also approved NPCs will be in the second post below this one.

    Example List (open)

    Elf (Archer,mage,warrior or knight)
    Werewolf (with human form)
    Dragon (with or without a humanoid form.Limit 3,so that there won't be to many.)
    Fawn (Half goat half human)
    Telepath (No mind reading without the person's OOC permission.)
    and so on.(Please refer to the Group Rules and Requirements thread.Under Rule #1. for ability limits.)

    Dreaming - Awake List of Approved Characters:

    ~My Characters~

    Main: Shiori Watanabe (Status: Alive)

    Supporting 1: Mizuko Inaba (Status: Alive)

    Supporting 2: Daisuke Izawa (Status: Alive)

    ~Other Player's Character's~

    Main: Sir Edward (Status: ??? )


    Chara Bios

    Main Chara (open)

    Name: Shiori Watanabe.

    Gender: Female.

    Species/Race: Human/Japanese

    Birthday: September 18.

    Age: 14.

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 123

    Sexual Orientation: Straight.



    Current Goal/Purpose: She wants to become a professional violinist someday.

    Talents: She plays the violin,cooks and plays chess.

    Inabilities: She is shy so she has a hard time making friends.She stutters sometimes when speaking in front of a group of people.

    Fears: She's afraid of drowning and has a phobia of strange men.

    General History: As a child she was a very bright and outgoing girl.Sadly one day she overheard her best friend.She was with the group of girls who always picked on her.She was making fun of her behind her back and telling her secrets.She said very cruel things about her and even spread a rumor that she liked girls.

    Present Life: Shiori has yet to hear the song or see the news on tv.Her life is pretty uneventful.

    Realm of Dreams Info:

    Name/Aliase: WIP

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: WIP

    Appearance: WIP

    I'll post a picture of Shiori's dream realm appearance later.

    Supporting Chara 1 (open)

    Name: Mizuko Inaba.

    Gender: Female.

    Species/Race: Human/Japanese

    Birthday: March 3.

    Age: 15

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 125

    Sexual Orientation: Straight.



    Current Goal/Purpose: She wants to become a professional singer someday.

    Talents: She plays soccer, she's a gymnast and she sings.

    Inabilities: She isn't good with computers,she has a bad sense of direction and she isn't the best at dancing.

    Fears: She's afraid of being abandoned and being abused again.

    General History: When she was 7 her father walked out leaving her mother, her 3 year old brother and her all alone. Her mother became angry and started to take it out on her by physically abusing her. Her mother died in a terrible car wreck when she was 12. After her mother died her brother and her were taken in by her Uncle and aunt.

    Present Life: Mizuko has heard the song but hasn't hasn't gone to sleep yet. She also hasn't seen the news on tv.Her life is pretty normal. Her younger brother nags her but he doesn't know what she's been through.

    Realm of Dreams Info:

    Name/Aliase: WIP

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: WIP

    Appearance: WIP

    I'll post a picture of Mizuko's dream realm apperance later.

    Supporting Chara 2 (open)

    Name: Daisuke Izawa.

    Gender: Male.

    Species/Race: Human/Japanese

    Birthday: July 9.

    Age: 14.

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 134.

    Sexual Orientation:



    Current Goal/Purpose: He wants to become the CEO of his fathers' incorporation one day.

    Talents: He plays the cello, he's a chess champion he's a black belt in Judo and he's good at organizing projects.

    Inabilities: He doesn't know how to express his feelings toward a girl (He has never dated), he doesn't know how to relax and have fun. Also he isn't good at being part of a team.

    Fears: He's afraid of not being good enough in his fathers' eyes. So far no other form of fear seems to register to him.

    General History: Ever since he was born he never saw his mother much. At age 3 he was completely taken away from his mother. That was because his father believed that spending any more time with her would make him soft. Being raised by his strict father, he never heard the words 'I love you'. His father only praised him when he did a good job at something. Otherwise he was harsh and referred to him as trash when he failed.

    Present Life: He life is all about achieving and over achieving. He is a straight A student and the class president. He had already seen the news about teenagers ending up comatose. He even heard the song in class but hasn't gone to sleep yet.

    Realm of Dreams Info:

    Name/Aliase: WIP

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: WIP

    Appearance: WIP

    I'll post a picture of Daisuke's dream realm appearance later.

    Other Players Characters

    Main Chara (open)

    Name: Edward, last name unknown.

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Knight, English

    Age: ???

    Height: 6'8"

    S/O: Asexual

    Appearance: Black hair and Dark Blue eyes, his skin is pale underneath the armor he wears, his body is covered in scars.

    Talents: Wielding weapons and protecting humans frrom the true dangers in the dream.

    Inabilites: Can not swim, not good at talking.

    Fears: Water, not being able to protect the humans that come to the dreaming world.

    General History: The only thing Edward can remember has been the dream, it seems like an eternity has passed since he first woke up here. The only other thing he knows for sure is he has a brother somewhere out here ... but the question is where? And so he searches for his brother, and his memories.

    Present life: After the song began to being more humans into the Dream world Edward has had his hands full. Trying to help the humans who have become trapped in the dreaming world.

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