Women in the military

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  1. Title says it all. Do you think women should be accepted on the battlefield and the military in general? Discuss it here.

    This will no doubt generate some heated discussion so be sure to stay on topic. Please Refrain from insulting others.
  2. Why is this even a question? Everyone is gonna say yes either way.
  3. Yep. I sure do. Seriously, if they're willing to go out onto the battle field, have the skill to do it like any other trained man, and will deal with it (for the entire month *cough*), then let them go. Why waste hands and bodies that can be used to fight for the country (granted I'm against drafting people for stupid, pointless wars)? Especially with the whole gender debate thing, there's gonna be some dude that's born female and denied into the army because he's physically a she but doesn't feel it; and it raises the question, if he identifies as male shouldn't he be in the army? I dunno, it just seems pointless to differentiate between women and men entering the army in the same way it's stupid to differentiate between men and women in any form of job.

    As Drakel said: It shouldn't even be a question. Makes me sad that it's 2015.
  4. Why is this even a question. Becouse the risk of getting raped? If the lady in question is willing to take that risk, similair to the risk of getting her head blown off by a sniper or leg blown off by a IED, then let them. Hell, women in wars is not a new thing. Tons of cultures have done it thusands of years before the entire gender equality struggle really became a big thing. IS your problem the fact that it would be harder on male soldiers for whatever reason, then get off it. If a man has aproblem being around women, perhaps he should reconsider his career choice.

    Women are capable of withstanding pressure just as well as men, and if they feel like they want to join the army, and fight for what ever country they represent. That is is their right. I know women in the swedish army, who are distinguished, talented people. I am pretty sure the Swedish army has done nothing but benefit from their presence.
  5. Yes? This seems like such a wank bait question.
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  6. ^ I agree with them. *smh*
  7. Can women fire guns? Yes.
    Can women meet the physical requirements of a battlefield? Yes.
    Are women capable of making their own individual decisions about their lives, which may increase their own risks of being raped or killed? Yes.

    This question is nonsense.
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  8. No doubt gonna get hated but I'm just gonna throw it there. I'm against women in the military.
  9. The so called 'fairer sex' has won the right to equality in all areas and, as such, this matter should be considered no differently than any other matter -- if someone is qualified to do a job, then their race or even their gender should become a moot point. End of story.
  10. All right, I'll bite. Care to elaborate on your point?
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  11. Care to share why?
  12. I'm going to regret this I think, but, why?
  13. If anyone wants to do something and prove themselves to be capable then they should be allowed too. Shit.

    Women have fought in wars many times over. Mulan, The Amazonians, Queen Tomyris, Queen Artemisia, Queen Boudicca, Queen Zenobia, The Trung Sisters, and many...many many more...I'm not even scratching the surface.

    Women have been on the battlefield since the dawn of war itself because they, like men, are also people, human beings, whom fight for their beliefs and faiths, and loved ones.

    Yes, History has proven to me that Women are very capable and should, if they so desire, be front line and center to fight for what they believe.
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  14. Do share your no doubt nuanced, clever reasoning behind we should deny women more rights then we already are.
  15. This was the same thing I was talking about. I will just repost what I said to CoShocker previously. I will ink the video that he showed me bellow. Now, I am not poking at him merely discussing with the others, I find this discussion intriguing because I am fairly interested in the military.

    To be quite honest the thing I am looking at does touch up on subjects that are very touchy-touchy, but in the end of the day nobody puts a gun to their head and says go to war or die are they now? The women/men that enter the military don't go in expecting they will get cookies and play games all day are they now? They go in to fight and protect something they had put their trust into and will bleed for it if need be. While I understand the point DevilDog is trying to make with women in the military I find his mindset completely wrong... also what angers me most is when people say this guy was this and this guy was that and just because of that he has the right to speak, no... no my friend no-one has the right to speak about things they are not directly involved with and acquiring a title of sorts does not automatically give you that right to talk, now that put aside coming back to the topic at hand. As much as the frontline may be unhygienic, dirty and unsanitary or how some put it unsuitable for female you got to ask yourself is this WWII or not? Is this Vietnam or not? Those places were unsanitary and unhygienic and if you tell me in this modern 21st century where we have freaking automatic toilets and ass wipers that a soldier cannot get an comfortable bed, food and a shower I think you need to re-check your thinking, I say this in the most non-offensive way possible my friend, if we can fly unmanned aircraft what makes you think the soldier struggles for a decent meal or a bathroom or even shower? They drive around in HUMVEE's with .50 caliber machine guns mounted to the top but they have no decent food and such... something is wrong with this picture.

    To end this short because this is a RP not a discussion board the woman can adapt to any kind of surrounding if time is given be, the same goes with the male. That's why we are 6 and something billion on this planet so we can all adapt to our own way. Think about it, don't enclose yourself in this barbaric thinking that the woman only belongs in the kitchen to me it only signifies that someone has a problem with their manhood and their ego and don't get me wrong I am not implying that you are or stating any kind of offensive or aggressive behavior towards you my friend, but things need to change and we need to move on from that kind of thinking, it's old and foolish.

    Anyway that's all I had to say. If you want to continue to discuss upon this, just PM so we don't clog up the thread. Or hell, if you even want to have a broader talk post something in the general chat, it would be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

    But people let's be clear here, everyone has their opinion and let them keep it. No need to poke at them just discuss like normal human beings. No need for unsavory words or rude or aggressive behavior, keep it clean folks.
  16. I have full respect for anyone who wants to serve in the military, female or male. I don't see why women shouldn't be allowed to join - it's a completely voluntary process and if they're willing to risk their lives for their country, then let them.
  17. Actually men can still be drafted into the US Military, whereas women aren't. So in the event of an emergency, men will still be thrown into the grinder first, voluntary or not, and any women that choose to do so will be welcomed.
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  18. What countries are there even that still don't allow women in the military? And how are they faring against countries that do?
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  19. Here. Women technically aren't allowed in front line roles in the US Military, though that article was in 2013. (Mind you, they are allowed as arty officers and fighter pilots.)
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  20. Unit cohesian. There is without a doubt going to be seperation of the sexes. Men in one barracks, women in the other. You can NOT put them together. Grunts are fucked up guys. They will fuck, rape or bully the women if they're together. You can't keep them seperate because that will cause a divide. They won't trust each other and they will not risk their lives to save each others asses. It can't work.
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