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  1. Strictly searching for mxm's or boyxboy's pairings for roleplays in the mature section.



    • must be okay with sex of course.
    • semi lit please with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    • must be able to play the top/dominant male.


    • werewolves and/or vampires
    • angels and/or demons
    • shapeshifters
    • humans

    -- the role i'd like to play will have a *
    • teacher x student*
    • older x younger*
    • friends with benefits
    • and possibly any other suggestions you might have.

    -- alpha x omega* + older x younger*
    This is in modern day. A small pack of werewolves welcomes a new member, a sixteen year old boy who had been bitten walking home from school by a rogue. The boy is made an omega seeing how he is so young and very new to pack life. The alpha of the pack has always been more friendly to the omega than the other members of the pack. The others seem to hate the boy because he is supposedly the alpha's favorite. The alpha already has a mate but not long after the boy had arrived the alpha realizes he wants him.. bad. But it may be more than just lust..

    NO GO'S
    • scat
    • watersports
    • fandom/book/movie/show related

    • non con/rape
    • rough sex
    • hate sex
    • age difference or underage
    • angst
    • some character development
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  2. I'm interested.
  3. Student x Teacher would be interesting, especially if the teacher is the uke. XD

    I do like your alpha x omega plot too.

    While reading your plot I did get an idea that instead of an alpha it would be a rogue or alpha rogue, whatever works better. :) Being an alpha would be interesting as well since my character would have to think not only about himself but also his pack.

    Honestly, I'll do almost anything interesting so I'll leave most of it up to you.
  4. Yeah I like the sound of rogue alpha x omega of another pack. As long as I can play the omega and the submissive male I'd be happy to do it with you.
  5. Okay ^^ I'm up for it.
  6. Awesome. ^.^ Send me a PM.
  7. Hey I am interested in RP-ing with you just explain to me what does non con/rape mean?
  8. Non-con means rape (forced sex)
  9. Aha, right. So what RP's do you want to do right now? Anything special in mind?
  10. Well right now in open for any ideas if you happen to have any. :3 is there anything you've been wanting to do?
  11. Hmmmm, perhaps a Vampire x Human RP or Teacher X Student? I am kind of burned out on the Teacher X Student idea, but I would do it anyway if you want to.
  12. Sure, we could do a vampire x human? Mxm or mxf?
  13. Hmm, definitely MXF if you don't mind. Also I would like to play the male. :-)
  14. Sure. Could I play the female human then?
  15. Oh, you want to be the human then?
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