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  1. The town's Facts:
    This town's population consists of about 30% mortal, 20% immortal, and 50% other. I would very much like it if some of you were mortals. That means for every ten people that join, there has to be 3 mortals. If your character goes to High School, then they will go to Wolvesbrooke High. If they go to Junior High (middle school) they will go to Wolvesbrooke Junior High. If they go to anything below, they go to Little Wolves Academy.


    • God modding
    • Making others do stuff in your actions
    • Automatically killing someone
    • Profanity
    • No Random posts- No posts like about what you're currently doing and stuff, it just creates clutter!

    • Name-
    • Age -
    • Gender -
    • Pets -
    • Relationship(friends too) -
    • Species(only one) -
    • School -
    • Personality -
    • Looks -
    This is my info-
    Name- Lily Marie Dunham
    Age- 16
    Gender- Female
    Pets- J.R.T. (jack Russel terrier)
    Relationships- Carter, Gage, Kairi, Seth, James, and Caleb. {all not here, gotta get my friends to make one soon}
    Species- Werewolf
    School- Wolvesbrooke high
    Personality- Happy-Go-Lucky, but can be aggressive when protecting family and friends
    Looks- Black, wavy hair. Hazel eyes, kinda tan, thin 5'6"
    Theme (favorite) song- "Oath" Cher Lloyd

    You can add some things about your character, like likes and dislikes, and clothes choices. You are also allowed to make more than 1 character although it's not required. Like, my character lives by herself while her parents are in Africa studying African diseases.
  2. Hey Dunham, welcome to Iwaku.

    You've put this in a slightly wrong section. This should go in the Modern Sign-ups, so people can find it when they look for new roleplays.

    I'll get this moved over for you. You can start your separate "in-character" story thread here, and that way it won't get cluttered up with random Out of character comments.


    PM me if anything I just said doesn't make sense. >_>
  3. Name- Caien(Ky-en) Hakubi
    Age - 16
    Gender - male
    Pets - Small red fox that loves nuts, fruit bat addicted to pomegranite
    Relationship(friends too) - just moved so none yet
    Species(only one) - Arachnae (half spider-half human creatures.)
    School - wolvesbrook high
    Personality - Caien is normally a little shy at first, blushing enough to see even with his skin tone. Usually saying little but as he warms up to people he gets a bit darker in humor and words, although he rarely if ever uses profanity. However when he is completely comfortable with someone he gets slight sexual, using inuendos and jokes that would have a pimp flushed in the face.
    Looks - Caien has a russet skin tone with electric green eyes that have slightly slit pupils. He has an athletic build and stands at a good 5'9". He has medium length, dark brown hair that brushes just past his pectorals, shor bangs that reach the just past his eyebrows.
  4. Name- Raine (pronounced Ra- In) Avalone Tallis
    Age - 17
    Gender - Female
    Pets - Huge black Maine Coon named Cheshire ( Chess for short)
    Species - Elf
    School - Wolvesbrooke High
    Personality - Friendly and sweet, if a bit ditzy at times. Enjoys talking. Has a short attention span sometimes.
    Looks- Vibrant, wavy red hair which comes upto her waist, which is in a constant state of disarray. Slightly tilted cat-like silver eyes and a tattoo of a butterfly on her neck. Very pale, almost translucent skin. She is of a willowy build at 5'7".
    • Name- Nia
    • Age - 12
    • Gender - Female
    • Pets - None
    • Relationship(friends too) - None
    • Species(only one) - Human
    • School - Wolvesbrooke Junior High
    • Personality - Mostly keeps to herself, doesn't speak often. Shy when speaking to with strangers but super sweet and friendly otherwise
    • Looks - Light yellow eyes, frail body build, Long, brown hair that stretches to her waist
  5. Name- Baily Holly Emeralds
    Age- 15
    Gender- Male, but most people think he's female.
    Pets- He considers the various plants that he's growing to be pets.
    Relationships- None yet.
    Species- Arboren (short for arbor renascentia). If you've not heard of it, it's basically the fruit of a tree which makes new beings from old corpses buried near its roots. They are other (not immortal or mortal), and Baily in particular comes from a 21 year old elfen dress collector, an 11 year old human choir boy, and a 15 year old human shy girl.
    School- Wolvesbroke high
    Personality- Quiet, loving, sweet, honest, gullible, weak, unintelligent, kind, good manners, clumsy.
    Appearance- http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/09152008/6/6/7/5/6675fc288bd2e0_full.jpg
  6. Name- Earth Seele
    Age - 150
    Gender - Female
    Pets - A wolf spirit
    Relationship(friends too) - She calls all the animals and plant of the world to be her friends and family, but has no close relationships
    Species(only one) - A tree spirit, her body was cut down
    School -Wolvesbroke High
    Personality - Calm, quite, slow moving, loving and kind, strong willed and motherly

    Looks - (She wears clothes though, and can have normal feet)