Wolves' War (IC)

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  1. Luna was not pleased that her creations were about to go to war. She knew it would happen eventually, but she still wasn't happy about it. The wolves had separated themselves into sides good and evil. They were supposed to be one, but she knew that they would split. She could see it happening from the beginning. She decided that she would try to talk them out of it, though it would not help. She could command them to be peaceful, they had to listen to her, but she did not want to mess with fate.
  2. Shaw was resting atop of a stone that overlooked a small clearing, where deer were busing themselves grazing. Her silvery grey matched nicely with the stone, and with the the trees' branches hanging over her forms, offering her shade and covered, she was nearly invisible to eyes of the deer. It would be the perfect opportunity to hunt, but she was not hungry and was in no mood for a run. The older she-wolf gaze a wide yawn and swiped her grey muzzle with a pink tongue. She wonders what her pack was doing now, "Perhaps I should scout the borders." Shaw didn't mind relaxing, but she didn't want to become some lazy old wolf either, there was always something to do int these woods.


    A young wolf groomed herself by a clear pond. Her cream and white coat gave the faintest shine, it looked too well-groomed, too sleek t belong tot hat of a wild wolf, and yet it was. Soola cared much for her appearance, she wouldn't dare go anywhere to look like to some raggedy mutt, unlike some. If Shaw where here, the troublesome old wolf, she'd call the young omega more cat-like than wolf. The mere thought made her fur bristle, "Ugh! Now I have to smooth out my coat again!" Soola sniffed while worrying over her fur again.
  3. Axis sat looking down over his pack, he was ready in fact they were all ready he had them training constantly if he wanted the land to himself he needed to be harder on them than normal. Loss was definitely, but annoyingly the supreme alpha wasn't happy with both his and Drax's war that was going to happen, yet she has called for a summon to talk peace. Axis wasn't stupid he was going to bring an beta with him, his favorite Baku who has guarded him for sometime. He howled to call Baku to him to discuss what they were going to do about the summon.

  4. Luna, her white fur glowing like the moon, was waiting on the boundary between her two packs. There had been tension, she had noticed, at her summoning. She would think that they were at least curious of what she had to say, considering that they had not seen her in over a century. She was sure that she would resolve that mistake she had made. She would be coming down more often as the war progressed. She howled to the Alphas to bring all of their wolves, not just the dominant ones. They needed to hear what she had to say. They needed to be reassured that they would not die without a good reason.
  5. Shaw's ears stood high above her head upon catching wind of a howl, it was like music, a melodious song that twisted harmoniously with the wind. It was like a calling howl, though it wasn't directed towards her, not exactly. Still she was drawn to it and without much of a thought, got to her paws and trotted towards the song-like howl. The herd of dear lifted their heads and finally took sight of the old she-wolf and fled, but Shaw could careless, her mind fill with the alluring howl.


    Soola was finally finishing her coat till her ears gave a twitch from a howl in the distance. "Who is that?" she whispered softly in awe, it made her ears hum pleasantly and muscles fall lax. Suddenly, the young omega found herself on her feet, tracing the howl with her ears. Her brisk trot turned to a sprint as she dashed across her pack's territory, almost mindlessly. Once she realizes what she was doing it was too late, she skidded to a halt, just at the edge of pack turf. Her pale blue eyes widened in surprise to what she has done, surprise and eyes only grew as she turned her face to a she-wolf, whose coat was as white and pure as the moon. Soola was transfixed on her beauty and twinge of jealous began to take form deep inside her.
  6. "Hello, Soola. I am Luna, your Ultimate Alpha. You are such a fine young she-wolf, I might even be a little jealous," Luna spoke harmoniously, laughing as she spoke. "Now you should wait for the rest of your pack and my other pack to get here. Make yourself comfortable." Luna soon heard the pawsteps of Shaw coming near. "Hello, my child. Don't be hesitant to come near. I will not harm you. Come sit with your packmate," Luna spoke to Shaw, knowing she would hear.
  7. Lexi wasn't in the mood for any meeting, nor was she in the mood for any form of interaction with other wolves at all. With practically being the lowest of the low, it wasn't as if she had many friends, she was perfectly happy with being a loner. The only time she would be...social would be when it came to fighting, and then would she give that other wolf hell. Fighting and hunter were the only two things she knew she was good at, everything and anything else...well, she didn't care about.

    She was toying with a mouse when she heard the howl, batting the small creature between her two front paws whilst the evening moon reflected from her dark pelt. Her eyes narrowed as if frustrated or annoyed with her own thoughts despite her mind being blank as she rolled the little vermin from side to side. As soon as the movements stopped though, it took off, leaving her to growl irritably at the fact that the call had interrupted what little entertainment she had managed to find. But it was the Ultimate Alpha...and she wasn't able to resist.

    Upon her arrival, Lexi bristled at the sight of two Good females. Her body tensed and her hackles raised as she slowed her approach, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. The last time she had seen any Good, they had been from her old pack and attempted to convince her to join them. But after so long of being tormented by them...she couldn't stand to be with them any longer. Lexi took a place as far away as possible, her gaze then being drawn to the raise why she was there in the first place....the Ultimate Alpha.
  8. "Hello, Lexi. Please do not attempt to cause trouble. I know you do not like them, but be civil," Luna addressed Lexi with a calm yet silent command. "This is a peace zone as long as I am here. No one will attack anyone." Luna started to pace around the area were her packs would eventually gather. "We will wait for the rest of your packs here. If you would like to ask me any questions, you may. I'm sure I'll have the answer."
  9. As Shaw approached the boarder she could now see why she was placed in such a trance by the howl. It was the Ultimate Alpha, though she has never seen the Alpha, she has been told stories as a young cub that her fur was white like the moon glow on snow. And glowing she was, that and somewhere deep within her, she could just feel this was in fact the Ultimate Alpha. The old wolf bowed her head and tail in respect, not meeting the moon-like she-wolf's eyes as she was acknowledged. Her ears and grey eyes did however flick over to one of her younger packmates. Soola was standing there gaping in awe at the Alpha, giving Shaw an annoyed prickle through her coat. She slowly made her way to the omega and grunted lowly, "Show some respect cub." her voice was graveled and stern.


    Soola couldn't see what was more unbelievable, the Alpha, the Ultimate Alpha was standing right in front of her or the fact the Ultimate Alpha gave her a compliment. Her trance-like state was broken once the old, grumpy voice of Shaw growled into her ear. The young omega sheepishly ducked her head and shuffled her paws, uncommon, lowly behavior for Soola, but the sight of the Alpha was enough to make her humble, for the moment. Both she-wolves rested on the forest floor at a slight distance from each other, though they were pack mates the two never got along. While Shaw laid on her side waiting for the rest of her pack like the Alpha instructed, Soola's eyes were staring dead ahead at a black she-wolf coming into view. The cream and white wolf bristled as the pungent smell of rival pack enter her nose, "What's an Evil wolf doing here?" her voice was clear and full of disgust and by the looks of the black wolf's expression, she didn't seem to care much for Soola or Shaw either. The older she-wolf growled warning to the younger, "Watch your tongue cub. Less you insult the Ultimate Alpha." Soola only snorted in retort, "Well why is it- ahem, I mean the Evil wolf here? Why does the Alpha want us near," the omega's eyes narrowed towards the black she-wolf "that." she nearly spat in finish.
  10. Baku strolls through his pack making his way to the alphas domain . Because he was covered in blood with a severed head of another wolf in his jaws ,Some wolves step back at the sight of Baku as he passes. When he reaches the alpha Baku drops the head before pushing it with his nose to roll the head closer to Axis . "the light ones are on the move " Baku says licking the blood from his fangs.
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  11. Just because the command was to not fight, didn't mean that Lexi was going to let some imbecile of a young cub - a Good one no less - talk about her in such a tone. Releasing a long and low growl, she narrowed her gaze onto the insolent vermin, "I'd watch what you say, this won't be a peace talk in a few hours." The threat was laced between her words, a challenge gleaming in her black eyes. "Then we'll see how much you bite instead of bark, you incompetent pup...if that's what you really are. You look more like a skinny little rat if you ask me." Her gaze flickered to the older she-wolf, but her quarrel was not with that sickeningly-good crone. It was with the little brat before her instead.
  12. Kira was Splashing in a stream when a howl rang out. She got out of the water and shook out her tawny fur before loping over to join her packmates. The Delta Female growled when she saw her Evil counterpart, Lexi.
  13. Soola's once smooth coat bristled till she looked more like a creamy-white fluff. "Rat?! Rat?! How dare you, you-" the omega gave a sharp yelp as she was immediately silenced by Shaw. The older wolf had given the younger wolf and good smack on her muzzle. Before Soola could snap, Shaw quickly interrupted. "Silence foolish cub!" the older wolf gave a snarl making the the younger wolf shut her muzzle tightly. She grimaced and flashed a glare towards the black she-wolf before huffing and throwing her nose int he air with a "Hmph." and turned her back on her pack mate and evil wolf. Soola began licking her coat again, trying to sooth her hurt pride.


    Shaw could only shake her head slowly at the omega. The cub wasn't well disciplined, the black wolf, an evil wolf seemed to have more sense than the youngster. Though the black she-wolf threw out her own insults, she had common sense to not start the fight. Besides, it be dishonorable to go against the Alpha's word, not to mention the black wolf looked far stronger than Soola, she could easily rip out her throat within seconds. Not that Soola was much a fighter to begin with. The older wolf said nothing, though her expression gave away her distrust and unpleasant feelings towards the evil wolf. As she continued to wait, Shaw lifted her head to see another packmate, Kira. The blonde wolf came to a halt and growled towards the evil she-wolf. "I would calm yourself if I were you, Kira. The Ultimate Alpha does not want blood shed. Not here." the silvery old wolf grunted before placing herself on the ground once more to rest.
  14. "Good work Baku, you always seem to impress," Axis replies, "You should have heard the call as did, we must go to meet the Ultimate Alpha. Get the pack moving now, I'll meet you there." Axis walked past Baku and headed out towards the meeting ground beginning to sprint across the plains. He approached the area within a decent time as he just wanted to get this over with, he spotted the four other wolves that had appeared, one of which was part of his pack. Slowing to a walk Axis walked up to Luna, "Why must you continue to pester me?" he said in a hushed voice to her, "I know you do not wish war, but it is to happen I will follow orders of peace but I will not like it." He finished walking away to wait for his pack to arrive.
  15. "I'll have no such disrespect here!" the Ultimate Alpha snapped at the group of wolves, glaring slightly at the present Alpha. "Go sit with your packs and be quiet before I am forced to put a wall between the packs, and if I do that, there will be no war!" she growled. This mess just made her angry. She walked up and stood in between the two packs. "Sit," Luna commanded.
  16. Kira sat at the UltimateAlpha's command. The tawny she-wolf was not happy about being in such close proximity to the Evil pack. It made her pelt crawl, like a frea infestation.
  17. Baku followed Axis's command by commanding the the other wolves to follow there alphas lead. He made sure to stay close to there alpha as they approached the gathering of wolves. Baku remains standing as the others from his pack began to sit . since he did not trust anyone he didn't bother with lowering his guard . " you must forgive me for my impudence, but this is pointless" he whispers to axis before looking at the other wolves " do not align your self with these cowards Axis " Baku says expressing his feelings about the meeting .
  18. He slid his way beside Kira , this was his opportunity to be an annoyance , being annonying gave him purpose. " You seem to be enjoying yourself." He said sarcastically. He began trying to use his tongue to remove stands of meat between his teeth. Drouf sighed " There's plenty of meat but , we're hunting faster than their reproduction. This will lead to depletion and less variety in meat, which sucks." He gave a sinister grin. "Here's an idea , how about you sacrifice yourself for the good of a well balanced economy. Or do even you ' good wolves ' have limits to your kindness ? " He tilted his head joyously. " Face it , we all have that selfish voice that tells us to survive no matter what the stakes to sacrifice others for our own gain , why bother denying it ?"
    Drouf rolled around on the floor an yawned "You could join us , you know. Someone like you would only benefit us. Consider it. "
  19. Soola had ducked her head at the Utimate Alpha's voice and slunk away. The creamy white she-wolf took to her coat again and busied herself to taking no notice of the grey wolf who had wandered towards Kira. But Shaw took absolute notice of the situation. The elder wolf's muzzle wrinkled catching the evil wolf's words. Carefully, she slowly walked towards her packmate and grey young wolf. "Do you bother this young she-wolf? Shouldn't you be with your pack? I'm certain your alpha wouldn't like one of his subordinates flirting with the enemy." the silvery she-wolf grunted, the look of disapproval was clear on her face. Her eyes, however grew soft once they fell onto the younger blonde she-wolf. "Kira, have you've seen our alpha lately? With the Ultimate Alpha here, I am certain that this meeting could only be of the utmost importance, especially with the discussion of war."
  20. Luna was still standing between the packs, listening to their conversations. She was sad that they could not get along as she had hoped they would for longer than they did. None of them knew that they used to be one pack; they were too young. This war will be harsh with their numbers, she thought. The Ultimate Alpha was hopeful though. They at least conversed a little. Maybe they'll come back together after this war, Luna thought.
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