Wolves, Vampires, Shifters... Oh My.

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  1. Kyros gave a nod of understanding, stepping carefully as he made his way to his new...
    Dad? Mom? Uncle?
    Whatever this man was to him.
    He turned a bit as he got closer to wave goodbye to Relic. "Bye Rel. See you....well, later I guess."

    Ashke patted the boy on the shoulder.
    "You can see him whenever you like... Come along now."

    Guess they are outta there...

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  2. Relic squirmed away from Alec and bolted out the door, right up to Kyros.
    He knew the risks but they were taking away his best friend!
    Alec had tried to catch the boy but as soon as Relic left the boundary of the house Alec bared fangs, threatening Ashke or Ridel if they acted.

    Relic ignored the adults and shifted back to his wolf form to nuzzle up against Kyros's leg.
    His tail was swishing anxiously back and forth as he whined.
    No taking his frienddddd!

    Ridel eyed Ashke, a bit surprised that the boy had been so brash.
    They could do something right now...but he'd leave that to Ash.
  3. Zack went as tense as...well, as tense as he could be.
    He didn't want Relic to get hurt, but going outside...Well, it could lead to a fight where the kids could end up hurt.

    Kyros knelt and petted Relic.
    "It's okay...I promise I'll come visit...
    The location might be different, but that doesn't end our friendship, Rel."

    Ashke honestly had no idea of what to do...
    Being harsh to children...or whatever...Just wasn't his strong suit.
    Ridel...what do we do now? he asked the other vampire through thought.
  4. Ridellious could hear the uncertainty in Ashke's voice and smiled.

    'Let's just let him be for now.'

    Their fight wasn't with the kids anyways.
    They were just tools for the game.
    "Kyros, let's go. We have a lot to do today..."

    Relic whimpered a little more but after a few moments he retreated back inside, his tail between his legs in annoyance and misunderstanding.

    Alec nodded to Relic, who responded likewise, then calmly shut the door.

    Well, that definitely wasn't what they'd expected.

    Ridellious smiled and grabbed Kyros's hand, leading him to the car that they'd aquired at a certain rich persons place last night while Ashke was drunk.
    It was a really nice convertible with a new license plate.

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  5. Ooo~ A convertible...
    My second dream car, just letting you know.

    Kyros was looking over his shoulder at the house his friend lived in.
    He hoped it wasn't the last time that he would see Relic...
    Though I have a feeling, it won't be.

    Ashke waited for Kyros to climb on into the back of the car before taking passenger.

    After all these years, he still hasn't acquired a driver's license...

    Not really a big need for one.

    He could just run to where he wanted to go...

    Or even have Ridel drive.

    Yeah, no point in a driver's license.
  6. Once everyone was in the car Ridel locked it and then put it in drive.
    A few moments later they were zooming down the road towards the mall.
    "So then, kiddo..."
    This was going to be a bit awkward.
    Oh well.
    "Wanna tell us some stuff about yourself? we'd love to get to know you better."

    "O-oh, wait a second. My name's Ridellious, but you can just call me Ridel for now.
    And this..." He nodded to the side.
    "Is Ashke."

    "Now then, tell us a bit about yourself?"

    They would be at the mall in a few minutes but till then they could chat.
  7. Kyros didn't say anything for a moment...
    Then giggled.
    "I can already tell this is something very new for you two...
    Well, my name is Kyros Jakob Eldric...I'm almost sixteen...
    I have ADHD and a speech problem- nothing really serious and doesn't require meds...
    And I don't know what happened to my original folks.
    Any questions?"

    Ashke's turn to giggle.
    "Little bit like a lecturer..."

    Kyros rolled his eyes.
    He wasn't a lecturer...he just talked a lot and was trying to hide his speech problem...
    Simple as that.
  8. Ridel chuckled as they pulled into the parking lot.
    "That's cool. So you can keep up with Ashke when he gets drunk, hehe. He turns crazy."

    The young vampire go out as he unlocked the doors, stretching a bit after being in the car.
    It might be theirs now but man his back and legs got cramped in it.
    Maybe they should teach Kyro to just run really really fast...
  9. Well, he can just turn into a cheetah...
    Give him some root beer before going somewhere and he'll be fast enough to just be a minute or two behind them.

    Kyros hopped out of the car, not even going for a door.
    Ashke would have scolded him, but he didn't know if that sort of thing would get him scolded or praised.
    Oh well. Let's let Ridel be the father figure- Ashke can be the mother figure. Or creepy uncle figure...
  10. Hehe, creepy uncle sounds perfect.
    Maybe even creepy aunt.

    Ridellious shrugged at jumping out of the car.
    He figured the kid was just super hyper and trying to let off steam whichever way he chose.
    As long as it didn't become destructive he didn't mind what he did.

    "Alright then, what kind of clothes would you like to wear?" The vampire asked as they headed into the first clothing store.
    It was a pretty vague question but he was pretty sure what Kyros had on wasn't his favorite.
    Or if it was he only had that and maybe one other outfit from the orphanage.
  11. Actually he had most of his clothes in a suitcase at the orphanage...
    They'll mail it if one of them calls for it.

    Kyros shrugged.
    "To be honest, I thought you two were just going to dress me the way you wanted...
    Just thinking you both had the say so and all..."

    I suppose this means he had been assigned clothing at the orphanage...
    That or never been clothes shopping.
    Ashke figured it was both. And I don't think he'd agree to being referred to as a female...a young adult, maybe, but not a female.
  12. He played the female roll quitttttte a lot though.

    Ridel chuckled and shook his head, stopping in front of a huge section for young male adults.
    He gestured towards everything with a smile.
    "You can pick out five outfits, pants, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts. Anything you want. Though we will decline things that look a bit too far 'out there'."
    "Then we can go get you some new shoes."
  13. He may play that part, but that could be from his multiple personalities match up to womanly figures from his past-
    His mom...little sisters...heck, maybe even Rose and Aven.
    Shame that four of them died- not sure about Aven though...be old as ever, her, if she is still kicking.

    Kyros looked at the huge section.
    Man...so much to pick from... Well. Might as well get started.
    He started wandering about in the large section... within about ten minutes, he had three outfits picked out, and was working on his fourth.
    The shirts to each outfit revolved around an animal- except the third one. That one was advertising Harry Potter: a green sweater with the Slytherin emblem on the back. Came with a little pin too.
  14. Ridel grinned as he watched Kyros look through all the clothes.
    He actually started to look through a few, eventually holding one up for Ashke.
    It had black stripes all along the cloth but they were slanted diagonally for a slight optical illusion.
    Ridel pressed it against Ashke's chest with a grin.
    "That actually looks really cute."
    Oh yes, he could say that cause Ashke was totally his.

    When he noticed from the corner of his eye that Kyros had finished grabbing stuff.
    "Go try them on in the room right there!" He shouted quietly, pointing towards the dressing rooms.
    "Call us over if your not sure if something fits or not."
  15. Kyros nodded and headed over to the dressing rooms.
    Didn't take long to go in and try on the clothes.
    The only one he had to come out for was the Slytherin sweater with a pair of black jeans.
    In truth...
    He looked like Ashke, just with ash blonde hair instead of white.

    "Um... I can't really tell about this one...
    Too tight?" he asked, gesturing to the clothes.
    He was used to baggy clothing, as the clothes he had came from some big kid.

    Ashke made a cute face at Ridels about the striped shirt.
    Then looked at Kyros.
    "My my my... If they were in need of a recast for the movie, you'd be perfect!"
  16. Ridel glanced over at Kyros and grinned.
    "Heh, yeah, really. You look good in those. Are they all that fit?"
    The two walked over to the dressing room area, Ridel still holding the striped shirt.
    He liked it...Ashke should wear it...

    "If the others don't fit set them on that rack over there, then go find some others to try on.
    You need more than one out."
  17. Kyros looked back to the dressing room that he just came out of.
    "They all fit...I just had trouble on this outfit..."
    He shrugged.
    "I'll go change and I guess we can go check out the shoes..."

    He went back into the dressing room without waiting for a reply.
    Ashke was looking at the shirt Ridel still had. "...Think it comes in red?"
  18. Ridel smirked but shrugged.
    "I didn't see any in red but I'm sure after a few hunts we can manage to dye it nicely?"
    Oh yes, always the optimist, Riddy.

    When Kyros came back out they headed over to the shoes.
    "Grab a pair of tennis shoes and also a pair you can just slip on."
    While Kyro went to do that Ridel sneaked in a quick kiss to Ashke's mouth, not caring that they were being stared at by a few people.
  19. Kyros nodded and hurried on.
    He didn't take long to find a pair of slip on shoes that he liked- fabricated flip-flops.
    Tennis shoes... more of a challenge for him, but he found a good pair- black and silvery-gray Mizunos. Very nice shoes, them.

    Ashke scolded Ridel a little, but a kiss was a kiss...
    And he loved Ridel flavored kisses.
    So he was just let off with a swat on the rear...a very playful swat.
  20. "Heh, you love it."
    Ridel headed over to were Kyros was replacing a pair of tennis shoes that were partially silver.
    "Those look cool. Gonna get them?"
    He picked up the pair of flip flops and smiled.
    "Alright. Anything else you'd like to get while we're here? Books? Games? Food?"
    Yes, he was totally gonna spoil the kid...at least till they figured out if they were really gonna use him to get to Relic.