Wolves, Supers, and Sonatas

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Which are you interested in?

  1. Wolves

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  2. Sonatas

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  3. Supers

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  1. [​IMG]
    A werewolf pack role play with tweaked pack rankings and lore.
    The Blistering Gale pack and the Cedar Woods pack have both lost their territory and in a last ditch effort to save their heavily damaged pack, the former enemies have decided to make a treaty and merge. The alphas of each pack are both old and already mated, so they agree that in order to properly seal the deal, both of their children will marry each other to officially create the new found Cedar Gale Pack.
    Obviously this presents some problems.
    Genre: Real Appearances, Slice of Life, Supernatural
    Five Sentences Min.

    You and your grandfather had a strong bond. Nobody else in your family could really understand why a teenager loved spending hours upon hours with a ninety year old man, and you didn't care to explain it to them. Your grandfather was an exquisite pianist and he had started teaching you to become one when you were a toddler. He had a book of songs that he had written himself and he told you that when you were ready, he would give the book to you and you could play all of his songs. Unfortunately, your grandfather died last night, but he did leave you the book of songs in his will.
    In a fit of sadness you accidentally ripped the spine of the book, releasing every one of your grandfather's sonatas into the world. That was the day that you found out your grandfather was a musical sorcerer who had entrapped a thousand monsters in his sonatas and by releasing them from the book, you set them free.
    Now you, your siblings, and some other unlikely companions have to hunt find all 1000 pages. In order to recapture the monsters, a skilled pianist must play the songs perfectly.
    (A Big WIP on this one)
    Inspiration: Card Captors, Piano Tiles
    Genre: Anime, Supernatural, Adventure
    Eight Sentences Min.
    The Grandfather's Apprentice (Taken)
    Apprentice's Older Sister
    Apprentice's Younger Brother
    Apprentice's Aunt
    Apprentice's Bully
    Retirement Home Nurse
    Retirement Home Candy Striper
    Stray Dog - Possessed by the creature in the book's cover. This creature is going to be guide to the apprentice. But only because the book cover wasn't damaged. The creature is in no way kind, it just has to keep the apprentice from harm. The other companions it doesn't give a rat's ass about.

    You've been taken. By who you don't know. You wake up in a sterile and bright room shackled to four other kids around your age. There is a man in a while lab coat staring at you five and he has a syringe in his hand. He approaches you with a wicked smile and injects the serum into your neck. You begin to seize and black out. When you wake up you have super powers, but that means nothing when you're still a captive, what will you do? How will you escape with the other kids?
    (This is basically the one above it, but with super powers and no narrator. The rp starts in an institution that scientist made to study and develop your powers and depending on what the group chooses, they will either stay or try to escape.)
    Genre: Real Appearances, Superhero, Adventure
    10 Sentences Min.

    I just want to say right now, that the appearances that I assigned each role play are fixed. They will not be changed, so please don't post in this thread only to say "I would join if it was anime/I would join if it was real appearances. etc"

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  2. I'm all four the third one since I love anything with superpowers lol
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  3. Would love to see the Wolf one since they are like beyond hard to find now a days lol... But , could be swayed to do a Superpower RP. Torn. ^^
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  4. 1 and 3
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  5. :0 i dunno why I didn't put a poll -.-
    But okay, so supers and wolves both have interests so far. :]
    But more interest for the superpowers than for the wolves. Okaayyy.
  6. These are those awful moments I crave for both but... There are alot of superpower ones so I will put mine for wolves due to the fact they are terribly hard to find. If ot does not win I will join the superpower one either way.^^
  7. You can vote for both if you want and I'll just make two rps :3
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  8. My interest is tword the superpower one

    I reread the pianist one and I gotta say I'm getting more interested. I do have one question though. The companions of the apprentice pianist, how do they help? Do they play instruments aswell to help lull the monster in the page? Or is it like Sonic underground where their power comes from playing instruments? And they fire beams of energy at the monsters.
  9. You may find me interested in the second, with third as contingency.
    Of course I suppose the first would be acceptable as well.
  10. Supers has five votes woot xD
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  11. I'm all for the superpowers one. You might have to expand the five character limit, haha. xD
  12. I like the super and the wolves are the two I voted for
  13. That one's like a mega work in progress that'll probably get it's own wiki page. But basically, the companions have their own non supernatural strengths and will have the opportunity to utilize some of the captured sonata demons as their familiars.

    I'm honored to have your pending participation.

    Yeah probably. xD

    Awesomeee. And with that I'm gonna put a cap on the Supers. Cause eight seems like a healthy amount.
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  14. I'm interested in the wolves rp :)
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  15. @Shayla

    Okay so I think I'll be holding off on the wolf role play for a little while because it seems that another user had basically the same idea as me with the warring packs and merging thing and I don't want to have a conflict of interest, so yeah.
  16. That's cool
    If you do decided to do it sometime.
    Tag me, I'll for sure join :D
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