Wolves on the loose

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  1. It was a cold night. A slight breeze went through the air rustling the leaves and causing a slight chill in the night. It was a full moon that night and it was already in the middle of the sky. Each pack had a fire going to protect themselves from the snow that littered the land. In the moonlight everything looked peaceful and calm. It was a good night to relax and enjoy because nights like these didn't come often. The mountain that Blood Scar lived in could be scene from the ground and from the peek of the mountain the forest underneath looked small and week. It also had a slight ominous feeling about it. The pack never looked off the other side of the mountain however... that was a forest no one had braved to enter for some time now... no one ever came back.
  2. Felicitas glanced about the stream before lowering her muzzle to take a drink. Just a mile North of here her small pack was building a fire while she had left to go scouting. There were no signs of danger anywhere near here and so she decided it was safe to go back to her pack. Slowly she made her way back to the campsite, limping slightly. While scouting, a sharpened stick had went through her paw and injured it. It was still bleeding a bit even though she had taken out the stick and dipped it in mud to stop the bleeding. She made it back to the camp and morphed into her human form, quickly covering her body with her clothes. Not many of the wolves had much room to be shy.
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  3. Auctor was staring at the fire. He looked up as Felicitas walked in as a wolf. "Hay what happened to your paw." As she transformed and put on cloths he looked away not wanting the Alpha to get angry with him. "I have some of this." He pulled out a medical herb. They never named it, but they have used it many times before. He walked over to her with it in his hand. He liked to do medical work because it involved saving people instead of killing them. He reached out for the now hurt (foot or hand?) and started to wrap it. He concentrated on it intensely as he worked on the cut.
  4. Felicitas flinched as he wrapped her hand. "Thank you Auctor. You are very helpful." His modesty had not gone unnoticed and she was silently thankful. When Felicitas picked her second in command Auctor was definitely one of her first options. He was very obedient and helpful around the camp and Felicitas was appreciative of the quiet man. He didn't ask questions, and she liked that. She smiled appreciatively as he finished and flexed her hand slightly. "Thank you Auctor I am very thankful for your assistance."
  5. "It was not a problem at all." He said with a slight smile. He tried to keep emotions hidden away because he was afraid they would get in the way. He started to put the rest of the herb back in his bag, neatly wrapped in a cloth. He took time so he would fold it just right leaving no room for the herb to get crushed or for it to fall out. After he had folded it and put it away in a seprat pocket he stood up, bowed to Felicitas, like he normally did though it was not needed, and returned to the fire. He was boiling some water.
  6. Marina was still getting used to everything and the fact that she only knew two things about herself: her name and that she could transform into a wolf. She was still recovering from her wounds she had no memory of getting and decided to get out of bed painfully. She didn't want anyone to think she was lazy. She got out off the den and slowly walked around,seeing if she could help anyone with anything.
  7. Felicitas noticed Marina vibe out of her den and made her way over to her. Felicitas paced her hand on Marinas shoulder and smiled. "Marina you should be resting, you have not yet fully recovered and I wouldn't want you to get worse." Felicitas cared for everyone in her pack, wether after knew them well or not.
  8. An adult beer sprinted through the forest, following it was a sandy wolf that seemed to be catching up at a quick pace. And in the moment of a single leap, the deer crashed into the ground as the wolf's fangs dug into its throat. Deer laid there lifelessly as the wolf dragged it back to its den, it wasn't that far so it arrived after not too long.

    The wolf stepped back from its catch and transformed into her human form, revealing a beautiful brunette haired lady with hard eyes, known as Ashta

    "It time to eat!" She declared, facing towards her den.
  9. Shadow peeked out from behind a rock. After seeing it was only Ashta he ran out from his hiding place and hugged her. Then he turned to the deer. He wished he would have started a fire... cooking it would be much easier... still he wasn't aloud to work with the fire... and the others were not back yet... from... he didn't know what they were doing...
  10. Ashta returned the hug warmly, She smiled and nuzzled her face in his hair.

    "Wow your getting pretty tall Shadow." Ashta smiled, patting his head after severing their hug. She looked back at the deer with him and turned back to him.

    "Lets go get the fire started." Ashta said, signalling with her hands at the pile of firewood to the side of them.

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  11. Marina felt Felicitas' hand on her shoulder and turned around.
    " I know but I don't the rest of the pack to think of me as a burden. I want to be useful. I just wish I could remember something anything. " She said looking at the various bandaged wounds all over her body.
    " Who would try to kill me?"
  12. The fire created a crimson low on the black fur of Sanguinem, it was just too cold to be in her human form now. After a minute or so of letting the black coat adsorb the heath of the flames she walked away from the flickering light. It was just so annoying, this area was theirs and yet there were other packs camping, in their forest. the thought let a low rumble appear in her chest, if she could she would run down, and shred all who came across her. She sat down again, as a guardian for the den of Blood Scared. Her pale blue eyes never stopped scanning the trees and the mountain side before she unleashed a low howl, this all was hers to posses. Yet she had to share it, at least with two other packs. Her fluffy tail swayed from side to side before she simply started walking, hunger making her instinct come alive. "I'm heading out, take care of things here. " She mumbled before picking up the pace looking for tracks of a deer or something else what could mean food.

  13. Dakota was in his human form, sitting by the fire. He wasn't fazed by the chill outside the comfort zone of the fire on his skin. Having only pants and a flimsy white shirt that he never buttoned, exposing his bare chest out towards the fire. Feeling the heat dance off his skin was worth baring the cold. He had been the one feeding the fire ever since it started to snow outside their mountainous den. Occasionally placing a stick close to the base of the fire to keep it going, singeing the hair on his arms and lighting the threads of his shirt. His blue eyes staring intently at the fire. As if he was seeing far more than just fire. Dancing flames of everything the fire stood for, warmth, freedom, destruction. It was a living thing, it brought safety for some and others it only death if used correctly. No animal in nature threw another into fire, perhaps Dakota would be the first one. He needed a new leverage to gain the upper hand, but fire was scarce in a place of barren snow. Where the humans lived it was abundant and easily made like they said money was during the 1920's. Dakota wished he was apart of that era, watching the flames he believed that he would fit more easily in the time period of Mob Families and the occasional business. Only time separated them.

    His mind was focused on the outside his heat bubble, his eyes occasionally lifting up to glance at the two other fires whose light were faint but there like a glowing star in the sky. Hard to see but still there. He was working up a plan for those families. He ran his family with an iron fist, yet beneath that shield of iron was the same thoughts, feelings as a mother with a newborn child. Protection. Dakota turned his head slightly once his companion left. Take care of things here, didn't he always? That's why he was there, protection. He stood up, throwing the last stick into the fire, he eyed however the small light of Misted Shadow. He may venture there on his own in a few days. Observe from a distance. What could he say? He liked to take risks. Moving forward towards his pack once more taking the wolf form most known to him. Taking a spot in front of the fire a few feet to watch the lights that refused to move.
  14. Ashta left shadow to cook the deer, seeing as how it was best he learned how to by himself. She walked around the Misted Shadow territory for a while before she decided to go down to a special pond that she had found. It wasn't as cold as other water bodies were so she could swim in it. Ashta had only done this twice, when her parents died, and after her first big catch.

    She left soon after making her mind. She transformed into her wolf form to save the time and headed in the way of the lake. Ashta felt a slight hesitation considering how the pond was on the border of the Blood Scared territory..
  15. Shadow watched as Ashta left. He looked at the deer and then back at her again as she slipped into the shadows. Stood up and walked over to the deer trying to remember how Ashta would do it. He cut a piece of meat off with his claw and then changed his hand back to pick it up. Now what... He couldn't remember what he was supposed to do... he tried to put the meat over the fire with his hand but almost burned himself. Oh! A stick! He ran outside leaving the safety of the den and searched for a stick. It wasn't easy to do because most of them were too high up for him to reach or buried under snow. He changed to wolf form and tried to dig some out. It was hard seeing he was so young he was only a half grown puppy, but he managed to find one frozen to the ground. He started to claw at the ice. He was starting to get frustrated "Let go you stupid ice." He said. It was taking a long time just to get one stupid stick.

    Auctor took the boiling water and dipped a couple of leafs in it. He found the leafs on a lone bush and he took them as peppermint leafs and he figured they would be good for making some kind of mint flavored drink. After defrosting the leafs in the water he tasted it and now was sure they were the right leaf. Auctor took a poorly made basket that he had weaved himself and dumped all the leafs in. We watched as they boiled then he looked up and saw Marina and Felicitas talking. He wondered why Marina was up but wasn't going to say anything. If the Alpha was talking to her then the Alpha might be sending Marina on her first mission... maybe... if that was the case he hoped it wouldn't be too hard. Felicitas was still too week.

    As he was watching them talk the water popped and a bit hit him. "Ow!" He said quickly pulling himself away with the pot. He put the pot in the snow causing the snow to melt around it. He was trying to cool it off a little before he tasted it.
  16. Ashta found the hotspring and sniffed it like a normal wolf would do, she took a lick assessing the temperture of the lake

    "Ahh, perfect~" Ashta thought to herself as she transformed back into her human form. Stripped of her clothing Ashta laid in the lake, letting the lukewarm water melt her frozen skin. It felt amazing, just like it had back then. She thought about bringing Shadow here, but she felt it was to dangerous and if the Blood Scared were to come around, she wouldn't be able to protect him while fighting them off. But Ashta tossed it the notion to the side and continued to enjoy her pond.
  17. "Marina no one will think any less of you if you just rest a few more days. You were on the brink of death when we found you. For the sake of my sanity I ask that you take it easy a few more days." Felicitas said with a kind tone.

    Suddenly she heard Auctor cry out. She glanced his direction only to find that he had burned himself. "Careful Auctor. When your done with your tea, please come see me in my den. And as for you Marina, please return to your den." Felicitas turned and went back into her den.
  18. Her pace only quickened on her way down, she had smelled it, had seen the tracks of deer and calf, an easy prey for a predator like herself. However strange it might be she still held a dagger between her pointed teeth. It was to say, a bad habit to carry it around in her mouth but since a paw can't hold it it was best to do. She wasn't concerned at all about how she had left the den, he should take care of it, as usual. Now her attention snapped back to what was before her, she had caught up fairly quickly and was now staring at her prey at a distance of about 10 yards. The calf stood close to her mother, quite unusual for the time of year but seeing it was almost the same size as the adult creature she assumed it was just a late bloomer. It was then that the wind carried her scent to the deer and alarmed them, causing them to run for their lives. Just moments earlier she had started to sprint, closing the distance between herself and the calf, separated from her mother and in blind fear. Only a few feet left, one good aimed jump and she would be on top of it. Yet she chose a different way to kill, while the calf ran by a rock she jumped on it, launching herself in the air with her strong hind legs. In mid air her body started to deform, her upper part becoming human and releasing the blade from her jaws. She snatched it out of the air with her hand and used it to cut the throat of the animal open the moment she pounced on it. With the beast still struggling for breath, drowning in her own blood, she laughed.

    After a few more seconds of fighting the creature fell silent, all the movements of its body stopping and allowing her to throw it over her shoulder. The other deer had stopped, called for her child which would never return. The dagger she had clenched between her teeth again, shrouding herself with the warmth of her catch and climbing back up hill. Her paws had a good grip on the rocky surface and her tail helped with keeping her balance, not to mention the fur which kept her warm up to her waist. Soon she would appear in the light of the flames again, dropping the deer and snatching the black tank top from the ground and pulling it over her head. Her arms crossed, very satisfied with her catch.
    "I got you some food." She said before plopping back down on the ground, panting just slightly from her hunt and the climb back up. Her tail had wrapped around herself and her arms functioned as her pillow. "Take however much you want. " The dagger was laying close to her head, her pale eyes had closed and she let herself enjoy the warmth of the remaining fire.
  19. Ashta smelled blood in the air. It was freshly spilled she hurried out of the water and transformed into her wolf form and stood there to smell the air once more.

    "Blood Scared." She whispered to herself, she headed back to her den but slowly, she didn't want to alert them.
  20. Dakota in his wolf form waited until his mate had returned before he slipped down the mountain. Giving her a nod before Dakota had made his way down after making a show of himself. His pack could defend themselves. The Alpha female was there and he felt no sense in staying when he had a feeling that he was not welcome. This feeling happened often so he found it simple to slide away before he drew attention to himself. And he had been curious enough to smell a simple little mishap next to his territory. Another rival wolf near the pond, it bordered his territory and wasn't directly inside but he would figure out whatever it was. Keeping silent as he rushed to the wondrous area. Usually he would be accompanied by a few other wolves but he was going solo. He liked being alone. Good knowledge always came to him when he was alone. Marking his territory a few times along the way. He stopped a foot away, peering through the bushes at a human resting in the pool, his eyes blinked as he made his way towards her. Deciding to stop a few feet from her and take a seat. Though he was behind her, he watched her intently.

    Clearly seeing that she was not from his pack brought conflicting thoughts. He could kill her instantly, but he could also study her from this distance. But before he could focus on her, she was gone, whispering his packs name. He stayed a few minutes after her, just wondering to himself. It was shown to him now that she wasn't supposed to be there, but Dakota shook his head and layed next to the water. Staring at the ripples as silent flakes of snow fell onto his black fur.