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  1. Before you play!
    This RP is going to be push forward by the players instead of me! I want this to be enjoyable by everyone and if someone has a great twist to throw in then I don't want to hold anyone back from doing so. I only ask that you don't drastically change the RP in one sudden post but you can if you do it slowly over time. You might want to bring all the wolf tribes into wars and so first you have to start building tensions between them for example.

    What are you supposed to be?

    You are a Human who can turn into a wolf. Whether you want your character to favor being a wolf, human, or somewhere between is up to you!

    Whats going on?
    You are part of a pack of wolves that currently is in an area close to two other packs. Some want peace and others want war. The packs have had conflicts with each other for years and most are sick of it by now.

    What the environment?
    The area is cold and most of the time covered with snow. It is not all dense forested areas however. In the center and a couple of other spots there are open rivers with either frozen or running water and a couple of snow covered plains, mainly located in the center of the forest. The borders of the 'play area' is surrounded by a dark and creepy forest that is rumored to have monsters. All of them believe it... The only game the wolfs have is a small population of large dear that can feed up to 5 wolves and fish that live in the rivers.

    Who are the packs?

    There are three wolf packs that live in the same forest. Depending on who you want your character to be depends on what wolf pack your in... or you can be in one that doesn't fit your character just to be the odd one out!

    Blood Scared
    A wolf pack bent on taking over the forest! They feel they are the biggest and strongest and deserve a forest all to themselves. They realize the forest is big enough for all three packs but being the best means there is no room for sharing! Most wolfs that are in this pack are born into it and are raised to be great fighters. The pack leader has let a couple of outsiders in but keeps a close eye on all of them. He can be mean at times but only when trying to keep everyone in line. They live in an open field connected to the dark forest.

    Silver Moon
    A pack of wolfs that like peace. They are strong fighters, though not as strong as some of the Blood Scared. They are large because they accept almost everyone who asks to join. Their numbers helps them stick up against the Blood Scared pack. There leader is calm and rational and likes to protect the week. They try to be honorable and think highly of themselves. They live near the center of the forest and each have a den that they share with one or two others.

    Misted Shadows
    A pack of wolfs that are small in numbers and the newest formed pack. They survive by staying hidden from others. Most of them are childish or hate fighting and because their den is so well hidden they don't have to worry about being attacked. When they do leave their den they stick to the shadows and travel with at least one other just in case they get into trouble. They normally only leave to fish in a river just outside of the den. They don't have a leader. They live in one larger den that fits up to 5 people. (That caps the population)

    Please delete everything in the () and the first to pick leader gets it and multiple characters is encouraged! (Just don't put them in the same pack)

    Appearance: (Wolf and Human)
    Born into or joined:
    Any family: (Keep this between players)
    Weapon: (Only Blood Scared needs to have weapons others its optional)
    Extra: (Anything else?)
  2. Name: Sanguinem Unguem (Blood Claw)
    Appearance: -Wolf
    In her human form she has long black hair, a fair pale skin and pale blue eyes. She has a rather slender figure which holds quite some power. She as a couple of scars on her legs and arms from fights but that's not very important. She stands about 5'7" tall even when her lower part is still wolf. Often she just quickly puts on a tank top to cover herself.
    Tribe/Pack: Blood Scared - (Alpha female)
    Born into or joined: Born into
    Personality: Not very patient and easy to anger, once she's on the loose she won't stop. Blood will flow from many wounds unless she's stopped by force.
    Any family: Despite from being the alpha female she doesn't consider any of the wolves in the pack her family, growing family bonds makes you weak in her opinion. Better it is to not have feelings for each other at all so in battle you could kill without regretting it later on. Though she has a small weak spot for the murderous ones....
    Weapon: Always seen carrying around a neatly forged black dagger, even in wolf form she likes to keep it close.
    Extra: She often keeps her lower body in wolf form, walking around on her hind legs with a dagger in her hand.
  3. I like it. Your in Sinderi ^.^ I really like your character but I have one question. Do you want Blood Scared to have an alpha male? and if so who has ultimate say?
  4. Since this is a wolf based roleplay I would like to play one Alpha male for whichever pack needs it. I will go ahead and make a wolf if it is permitted for me to be an Alpha. If not I will be one of the betas and so on. I jsut wanted permission before I allowed myself in.
  5. You can be Alpha, no problem!

    Well the only two who have Alfa is Silver Moon and Blood Scared. You can be Alpha for Silver Moon without a problem and if Sinderi want to have a male alpha as well as female then you can be the male alpha for Blood Scared.
  6. Seeming that she is offline i will wait for her decision before I make my character.
  7. Oh I have no problem with that at all, and I wouldn't mind it if the male was the one with ultimate say, maybe he could keep Sanguinem in check, no?
  8. Sounds well. Ill have my character all set and ready the next time I'm online. Later tonight.
  9. Name: Falina Drago
    Appearance: Wolf
    Human: As a human Falina has hip length blond hair, ice blue eyes and is 5'10" tall. Her build is lean and well toned.
    Tribe/Pack: Silver Moon
    Born into or joined: Born
    Personality: Falina is very playful, sweet, and can be goofy at times but she can fight and fight well.
    Any family: Parents are dead and her two older brothers are missing.
    Extra: Falina can shift back and forth between fer wolf and human form as much as she wants with no drain on her physically. She remains strong and alert instantly after shifting.
  10. Looks good to me. You sure you don't want anything extra? You could always add it later I guess... so your in! =D
  11. Name: Dakota Falconite (human name)
    his human form stands at "6'0
    Tribe/Pack: Blood Scared (Alpha Male)
    Born into or joined: Born into the pack
    Personality: Dakota hates disobedience, and often thrives to stop it before it begins. Most outsiders have died under his fangs and he is a brutal fighter. Though he does not train others to fight like him. He tends to over think things and during Battle it will be his analyzing that will make the battle short but cause many deaths. His fighting consists of targeting one wolfs weak points and attacking th with some death blows into something near him at the time. His human side has gone to the human zoos and wildlife territories ad watched animals fight for meals an battle others. His fighting style comes from a mix of personal knowledge and his observations of other animals. Dakota rarely lets new comers into his pack, until they have proved themselves. His test of worthiness is one he only gives to the males and leaves them scarred and branded with their place. He tends to have a soft spot but it only shows towards pups and the occasional female. He is even still a mystery to all who know him well. Very easy to anger.
    Family: He considers his pack to be his family.
    Weapons: switch blade he keeps on him only during battle

    (can be fixed if need be)
  12. If allowed I would like to be alpha female of the Silver Moon tribe.
  13. You can be Alfa female. Would you like to have the final say or second to the Alpha male... if you want an alpha male that is.

    It looks good mistah j. Your in.
  14. I wanna reserve the female alpha if any are open. I'm making my application right now. ^^

    Oh yeah and Nor your first thread is thriving way more then mine. Congratulations! Hehe
  15. Both alpha females are reserve. One alpha male is open and yu can be the 'alpha female' of misted shadows even though they don't consider themselves a 'pack'
  16. Thats all good with me. :>

    She'll probably be the one to try and unite the pack and stuff. And I'm like a major wolf nerd.

    Name: Ashta Jenakov
    Appearance: Wolf Mode
    Show Spoiler

    Human Mode
    Show Spoiler

    Tribe/Pack:Misted Shadow
    Born into or joined: Ashta was born into Misted Shadow
    Personality: Ashta is very daring and courageous. She feels that her tribe is a bunch of pansies and ninnies that are to afraid too take a bite or two and need to grow up. Ashta is also evidently quite skilled and self-disciplined, because she's known to have hunt bigger game by herself, by training vigorously on bucks she encountered. This leaves multiple scars all over her stomach area and one big scar down her right shoulder. Her strength and courage gives her an alpha female-like position in her pack. She had adopted Shadow as her little brother, due to the moment they met each other she felt a connection with him. Shadow is Ashta's top priority, will to even let go prey if he needed help with anything. She also shares some deer with him and promises him that she will teach him how to hunt like a real wolf when he's older.
    Any family: Adopted, Shadow.
    Weapon: Ashta just needs her claws and her teeth.
    Extra: I plan on Ashta to be the girl to unite her pack and the girl who teaches them to hunt for themselves. Also hoping she can get a love interest as well. So yeah. c:

  17. Your in ^.^ When I can get on a computer I will post the thread =D
  18. Awesoome~
  19. Name:Marina
    Appearance: (Wolf and Human)
    wolf2.jpg tumblr_mf5h8as3Mj1s0dr5lo2_250.png
    Tribe/Pack:Silver Moon
    Born into or joined: The Silver Moon pack found her injured with no memory about three days ago.
    Personality: Sweet,sarcastic,intuitive, protective
    Any family: None
    Weapon: None
    Extra: She has visions of the future that cause her extreme pain.
  20. Your in as long as you ask me before adding a vision of the future.
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