Wolves of the Apocalypse: Atlas & Davina

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    :: Personal Information ::​

    Full Birth-Given Name: “My name is Davina Marie St. Claire.”
    Preferred Name // Nickname: “Since I don't really know anyone besides my wolfdog, Athena.. I tell people my name is Harley 'Rogue' Hawkins."
    Sexual Orientation & Gender: “Well, I don’t look like a guy, do I?! I’ve got C cups.. among other things to prove that I’m a girl. I shouldn’t have to show them to prove it!”
    Years Since My Birth: “It’s been 21 years since my parents had me. I have since left my birthday buried deep in the back of my head.. nothing good ever happened around that date, so I’d rather not remember it. Plus, birthdays are pointless being celebrated in the type of world we live in now-a-days.”
    Also Knowing: “I prefer to stay in my wolf form. I only come back to my human form if it’s absolutely necessary, or if I feel in an artsy mood, then I'll pull out my drawing pad and begin to draw. Drawing is something I've always enjoyed doing since I could pick up a pencil.”

    :: General Information ::​

    A Secret Told to No One: “The boy I was falling for, I haven't seen him since before things ”
    My One and Only Reason For Existing: “I don’t have any significant other.. but the only thing I have left anymore to live for is my wolfdog, Athena."
    Those Who Brought Me Into This World: “Safrina St. Claire and Beorn St. Claire. My father’s last name he was born into was Alexander but wanted to continue on the St. Claire name for my mom's father who hadn't produced a single son. From what I heard, my father was a great man.”
    Those Made To Survive This World Alongside Me: “I had an older brother, but I don’t know what happened to him, where he is or if he is even still alive. He was named after my father, Beorn. He was a military man. Navy Seal, of all things. He was my best friend.”
    Faithful Furry Companions: “I've managed to keep my wolfdog, Athena alive. She is all white with bright golden-yellow eyes and stands at about 2'8", weighing approximately 75 pounds."

    :: Other Information ::​

    Song That Best Describes Me: “I really think the song Saving Amy by Brantley Gilbert connects to me well. Everytime I think of it, or hear it.. I think of my mom, and how I lost her. So much of the song really hits me at home.. Brantley sings,

    My Possessions: "..."
    My Picture Album:
    Weapons Carried on My Person at All Times:
    “At first I didn't have any personal weapons because I was just running wild, attempting to survive.. I had no need to carry a bunch of crap along with me in wolf form, so… no weapons, but a while back I 'teamed up' with this older girl named Allie for a good while.. her and I found a pistol that I have gotten fairly good at using since. With little ammo, I’ve had very little practice but I have mastered using my pistol as much as I possibly can.”
    Here's the Story of My Past and How I Have Survived This Long: "How have I survived this long? ..pfft, well.. before this apocalypse shit, life definitely wasn't a stroll in the park. Let's just say I was used by my own stepfather as a lab rat after my mother passed away from breast cancer, and now I'm about as fucked up as they come.. if I got through everything I was put through with Joseph, don't you think this apocalypse 'end-of-the-world' shit would be a piece of cake?" Davina looks off, then adds, "It's a lot easier than dealing with the memories, that's for sure."
    How Some People Might See Me: “People would see me as a quiet, suffer in silence type.. the type of girl who doesn’t have the slightest bit of trouble with standing up for herself and has issues with authority. With the things that happened with my stepfather, I became quite reclusive and it’s hard for me to trust others. As for me personally, I am one of the most trustworthy and loyal people you’ll ever meet. I’ve been told I’ve got a big heart and that it never runs out of space. I may act a bit stand-offish at first but if you can gain my trust, I could be your potential right hand girl.”
    Standing Before a Mirror, I See: "I am approximately 5'5" in height and 140 lbs in weight. My hair is dark brown, almost black in some light and dark brown eyes. There's not really much to say about me, to be honest. Most I can say is, I've got a bright smile but my eyes are where all my secrets hide. Problems are easily hid behind a beautiful smile, don'tcha know..?"
    Accessories: "The one important thing I have left of my mom's is her engagement ring from my biological father. I've kept it since she passed away.. never taken it off.
    The Beast Within Me: “I am almost all black in my wolf form, not including the white spot on my chest and my 'milk mustache' marking on my mouth. I have silver slash marks all over, in random places.. they are scars beneath the fur. My stepfather is to blame for them.. ‘She’ stands at about 3’4” tall and weighs about the same as I do, give or take a few pounds.. yeah, from what I've heard that’s pretty small for a wolf of our kind but I am kinda short, so.. you can’t really blame ‘her’. Oh, and my eyes change to a bright blue when I change forms. I don't really know what that means.. I've ran into a few other wolves like myself, but never seen eyes like mine. My stepfather had blue eyes in his other form as well, so I just figured it was a thing passed on through being turned.”
    Photographed Picture of Myself:
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  2. :: Personal Information ::

    Full Birth-Given Name: "My birth name is Jessie Valentine. The name I go by now is Atlas Recluse."
    Preferred Name // Nickname: "Atlas or Recluse is just fine."
    Sexual Orientation & Gender: "Heterosexual male.."
    Years Since My Birth: "November 13th 1989. That makes me 25 years of age if you couldn't figure that out yourself."
    Also Knowing: "I not only have a wolf form, but I also have this sort of...'second form', that reminds me a bit of a movie series I watched once called Underworld. My shift is completely different then when I shift into a wolf.. the initial shift takes longer than it does to 'go wolf'. It looks like this when I shift, but I look a lot more like this. I can stand on my hind legs, but not for an extended amount of time."

    :: General Information ::

    A Secret Told to No One: "Nobody at the moment. It's the freaking' apocalypse. I think if anything my left hand would be-- never mind."
    My One and Only Reason For Existing: "Again, I’m not with anyone."
    Those Who Brought Me Into This World: "Jason and Elizabeth Valentine."
    Those Made To Survive This World Alongside Me: "I used to travel with a small group of people just like me. We went our separate ways after a while...which, I mean.. it was fine by me. I didn’t get the nickname 'Recluse' just for the hell of it. I haven’t seen them for about five months, now."
    Faithful Furry Companions: "Well she’s not furry but she’s a companion. She’s a northern gray hawk. She is my eyes in the sky. She doesn't hunt food for me.. I can handle that part my damn self. She’s there for anything that might harm me. When she sees something she calls out to me and whichever way she’s flying I know there’s something in that direction. Her name is Phantom."

    :: Other Information ::

    Song That Best Describes Me: "Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold would probably be the best fit for me."

    Weapons Carried on My Person at All Times: "I’ve grown rather good with a tomahawk. I carry around two of them with a black long barreled revolver. The words 'The Rev' are carved on the barrel."
    Here's the Story of My Past and How I Have Survived This Long: "Like I said I used to be with a small group. It was me and six others. When we were together we did a good job watches each others back. It got to the point where we all had our own things we wanted to do so we spill up. Who knows where they are now and if I had the chance to go back I don’t think I would. I’m fine with being by myself for now. As long as you’re smart and know how to defend yourself in this world, you’ll be fine."
    How Some People Might See Me: "Some people might see me as the silent type and others might see it as me being a rude prick. I’m not really the talkative type. I do what needs to be done and I do what I can to survive. Making friends isn't at the top of my list. If me surviving involves me working with others at times, I’ll accept it. I won’t go out of my way to make friends. It’s just not who I am."
    Standing Before a Mirror, I See: "Well there really isn't anything unique about me to be honest. I’m about 5’10, black hair and brown eyes. I wear a brown leather jacket with a black T-shirt under it. Black pants and finger-less gloves. My skin is somewhat pale, I have no idea why though, I spend a lot of my time outside. I have a long scar going across the underside of my neck. Someone tried to off me, but they failed. I don’t know how I made it out of that alive but I did."
    The Beast Within Me: "The beast inside me is a typical Omega wolf, which fits perfectly for someone with the nickname Recluse. (Me, if you had forgotten already.) When I change into the wolf, my fur is jet black and my eyes are a deep violet color."
    Photographed Picture of Myself:
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