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wolves' 1x1 search

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by wolveswillkeepyouwarm, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. hello, i'm wolves and i'm looking for 1x1's.
    i can write 3+ paragraphs per post but normally write at LEAST 2 paragraphs per post.​
    i can play males and females.​
    i will do mxm romances and am very picky about mxf.
    i am only comfortable playing the submissive male in mxm.
    i only roleplay through forum and use small forms for my characters.
    i'm fine with all explicit content i'd like for you to be too. please just nothing too excessively gorey.
    i can respond at the least once a day but often normally three or more times a day.​

    let's play

    (if its underlined i want to play that role.)
    angels (part avian/maximum ride type with a few differences)
    game of thrones (ocs only)
    teen wolf (ocs only unless sterek or brett x mason)
    the walking dead (ocs only)
    falling skies (ocs only)
    the 100 (ocs only)
    original plots
    specific things:
    - kidnapped x kidnapper/stockholm sydrome
    - the maze runner: newt x gally/alby/minho/thomas
    - song based roleplays: i'm open to suggestions! i love coldplay, bastille, linkin park, owl city, woodkid, ellie goulding.. etc. i literally like everything. i'd love to do a roleplay based off of a lyric-less track from a movie score/soundtrack.​

    let's not
    master x slave​
    animal roleplays unless the plot is really good.
    master x slave (may make exceptions but it depends on the plot)​
    scat, watersports, bloodplay or beastiality.
    basically stuff that i haven't listed under what i want to do.​

    i love
    smut (non-con, dub-con, hate sex)​
    fluffy romance​
    action and violence​

    ->plot in writing + video (rival/opposing gang romance)
    teacher x student (college or highschool)
    best friends to lovers/hunter x hunted (werewolves) {full plot here}
    vampire prince x werewolf prince
    something with angels like maybe a demon x angel or hunter (human) x hunted (angel)
    age gap werewolf roleplay; alpha (19-20) x omega (16-17)​
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  2. I'm intrested! Pm me!​
  3. Wow.. A fellow Teen Wolf lover?
    I really wouldn't mind doing that. OC's though if you don't mind.
    We can have a bunch of you want. You tell me.

    Otherwise vampires or lots of romance.
    I have a bunch of pairings that I could list and you could look at them.
  4. mxm? *looks hopeful* and sure either is fine with me.
  5. I kind of really want teen wolf...
    Could we do mxm as a main plot pairing. And an MXF as a side?
    How many characters should we do anyways?
  6. I normally don't like doubling up but I guess we could. :3 as long as I get the sub make in the mxm and the female in mxf.
  7. I might be down for Game of Thrones OCs or a very interesting plot with angels/demons. I'm not familiar with Maximum Ride, but anything depicting angels and demons outside of their stereotypical *heaven* and *hell* shabang is fine with me.

    Shoot me a PM whenever ya feel like and we can hopefully plot together on something :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.