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  1. hello, i'm wolves and i'm looking for 1x1's.
    i can write 3+ paragraphs per post but normally write at LEAST 2 paragraphs per post.
    i can play males and females.
    i will do mxm romances and am very picky about mxf.
    i am only comfortable playing the submissive male in mxm.
    i only roleplay through forum and use small forms for my characters.
    i'm fine with all explicit content i'd like for you to be too. please just nothing too excessively gorey.
    i can respond at the least once a day but often normally three or more times a day.
    i use real fcs (faceclaims) and photos for my characters and my forms are short and neat.

    let's play
    (if its underlined i want to play that role.)
    angels (part avian/maximum ride type with a few differences)
    game of thrones (ocs only)
    teen wolf (ocs only unless sterek or brett x mason)
    the walking dead (ocs only)
    falling skies (ocs only)
    the 100 (ocs only)
    original plots
    specific things:
    - kidnapped x kidnapper/stockholm sydrome
    - omegaverse
    - the maze runner: newt x gally/alby/minho/thomas
    - song based roleplays: i'm open to suggestions! i love coldplay, bastille, linkin park, owl city, woodkid, ellie goulding.. etc. i literally like everything. i'd love to do a roleplay based off of a lyric-less track from a movie score/soundtrack.

    let's not
    master x slave
    animal roleplays unless the plot is really good.
    master x slave (may make exceptions but it depends on the plot)
    scat, watersports, bloodplay or beastiality.
    basically stuff that i haven't listed under what i want to do.

    i love
    smut (non-con, dub-con, hate sex)
    fluffy romance
    action and violence

    ->plot in writing + video (rival/opposing gang romance)
    teacher x student (college or highschool)
    best friends to lovers/hunter x hunted (werewolves) {full plot here}
    vampire prince x werewolf prince
    something with angels like maybe a demon x angel or hunter (human) x hunted (angel)
    age gap werewolf roleplay; alpha (19-20) x omega (16-17)
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  2. I would really like to the Alpha x omega Rp
  3. Interested in high school teacher x student (:
  4. So much of my attention was gained here *-* I'm up for anything bxb except rape crap, I have a 0% tolerance. I really like friends to more than friend or closeted coming to terms with feelings, just the really cute and shy awkward type of rps that just make you go DAWWWW! Smut is forever great so yeah XD
  5. I'm interested in either the shapeshifters rp or the werewolves one. I would say the age gap alpha x omega but I'm looking for more of a mxf rp
  6. i love werewolves. and shapeshifters. and even angels can be good, with a good plot. the age gap thing could be fun. and shit, song-based stuff is cool too! i have a couple of scores and songs that we might be able to do something with.

    i've been trying to expand my horizons on the whole smut thing, so i'm probably gonna have some discomfort with a couple things at first, but i'm trying to be more open as of late. i'm flexible.

    shoot me a pm if you're at all interested.
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