Wolven Affairs.

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  1. 'Closer..Closer..' He thought to himself as he stalked closer, his body flat and crouched as his ears laid tightly back on his furry white head. The grey swirls in his coat didn't give him away, thankfully. He was silent as he padded forwards, his eyes focused on the rabbit ahead. 'One shot, don't miss it. Don't mi--.'

    Just then, she ran over and tackled him in a playful manner. "Hey Jaq, what's up? Why so tense?" Her tail wagged back and forth happily as she pawed at his stomach. The rabbit hopped off. Jaq sighed.

    "I was practicing for hunting. Hey, any word on if the pack will let me in or not? Your father's making the decision, right?" Jaq looked hopefully at the female with dark blue eyes. He had tried to prove himself to her father a week or so ago that he was wrothy to become a pack member. Otherwise, he'll just stay a lone wolf. He was only doing it for her, she asked him too. How can you say no to that face?
  2. Tiarra could smell him. He must be there...She thought and her red bushy tail lashed in thought. She spotted him as he padded forward, and without a second thought raced over to tackle him playfully. "Hey Jaq, what's up? Why so tense?" She wagged her tail back and forth as she pawed at his stomach teasingly.

    She listened to him as he spoke and nodded her head. "Yeah, he's thinking 'bout it." She chuckled. "I begged Ivan to get on our side and after a cute pouty face from me, he agreed. He's speaking to father right now." She moved off him and padded around him in circles, her tail waving like a bright red banner.
  3. Jaq rolled onto his stomach, and stayed laying there, stretching his front paws forwards. "Mmh. That's nice. I can't wait to hear what your father says." He watched as Tiarra circled him, her tail moving fast but beautifully. "Wow. Looks like fire. Or..a banner." He said, as he went to stand up. She his body stood up, it morphed into his more human form. The fur shifting into clothing, his body shaping in a human form... It felt natural to him by now. It had only been a few years ago when he had found out about his special ability.

    "So, Tiarra, whatchya wanna do? I'm kinda bored, now that you scared away my rabbit." He flashed a to-die-for smile at her.
  4. Tiarra chuckled wolfishly, morphing into her own human form. The red and gray fur shifted into her gray hoodie and black jeans. She was always glad that for her morphs her clothes stayed on. She had seen some wolves less lucky than she. She clapped, jumping up and down in her excitement. "Oh! Let's go exploring!" She grinned at him before becoming sad. "I'm sorry about your rabbit..." She looked up at him with sad eyes.
  5. He grinned, and wrapped his arm tightly around her shoulders, bending her down and giving her a noogie. "Mwahaha, you shall pay for my rabbit." After a moment he let her up, and fixed her hair. Then he straightened out his own black leather jacket, which he wore over a black tank top and blue jeans. He always had two rings on his left hand- one ring went down his whole finger, but flexed with his hand. The other was a pinky ring. Both rings he had gotten in his old packs- one from "The Kin" and "Midnight Aura." They weren't too close to here.

    "Exploring? Sure. I know a place close by we can start from." He bent down so she could get on his back. "Climb on, pup."
  6. Tiarra squealed as he gave her a noogie. "Stop Jaq!" He quickly let her up and fixed her hair. She watched as he straightened his jacket. Reaching fingers up she twirled the red hoop that hung from her ear. All the females recieved pack earrings so as not to confuse mating bands with the pack bands. She watched as he bent down, but pouted. "Jaq! I am a full year older than you, not a pup!" She pouted, her bottom lip sticking out. Tiarra's brown boot dug in the soil as she kicked at it in frustration.
  7. Jaq laughed. "Full year older says the one who's been living at home since she was a pup. And here's me trying to let you have a piggy back ride.." He stood up, and turned to face her. "I on the other hand have been living alone since I was nine. So I think I win this battle. Again." He smiled. Even in his human form, he had the wolven ears as he did in his wolf form, both forms had three piercings on them. His ears twitched, and he put an arm around her upper torso, and one under her knees, and picked her up. "We're off to see the wizard.." He grinned, and walked, holding her in a bridal style.
  8. Tiarra curled up in his arms. "Well, blah blah to you too." She fussed at him. "Yes, I have lived at home since being a pup but that means nothing." Her features turned serious for just a moment in thought, before they turned playful again. "Oh, a wizard?!" She asked loudly, almost springing out of his arms in excitement. Her bushy tail lashed back and forth, coming out of its hiding spot in her hoodie.
  9. He sighed, chuckling softly. He ran his fingers through his hair. "There's no wizard..It's just a song." He shook his head slightly, smiling. "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz." He watched as Tiarra's tail slipped out from under her tail. He ran up behind her, and pushed it back under, and then wrapped his arms around her lower waist. Then he lifted upwards, picking her up, and ran forwards a few feet. "Oooof. Too heavy." He dropped her on her feet, grinning.
  10. "No wizard?" Tiarra gasped with a pout in disappointment. She looked behind her as he stuck her tail back up under her hoodie. "See? This is why I have to wear these things, plus I'm cold without my fur." She chuckled, but went limp as he lifted her upwards. It was almost as if she was a pup caught by the scruff. He ran a few feet, spoke again...this time about her weight, before dropping her. She shook herself as if trying to rid herself of water. "I don't think I'm heavy." She pouted.
  11. He laughed softly next ot her ear, then the next thing she knew he was in front of her. "I was kidding, Tiarra. Take a joke." He looked her in the eyes, and smiled more. Then he turned around. "Hut 2 3 4." He marched towards a swamp area- no pack owned this area due to the stories it held of demons, ghosts and vampires living in the swamp, ready to attack all newcomers.
  12. "Ohhhhhh are we hunting ghosts?" Tiarra asked as she jumped up and down.
  13. Jaq smiled. She was always so full of energy, and willing to do anything he brought her to do. "Even better." He pushed some branches of dead trees out of the way, breaking a few off, and let Tiarra walk in. Then he stood next to her as they looke over the landscape.

    It looked like a giant pond, filled with black water and mucky dirt. There were weeds and dead trees everywhere. The water was stagnant and growing bacteria on the surface, and you could see it. Without her noticing at first, Jaq moved his right arm behind her, and then poked her side. Then he quietly clasped his hands behind his back. "I heard you can talk to the dead in this place..And summon demons."
  14. She watched as Jaq broke off branches and showed her the pond. Her tail once again escaped from her hoodie and lashed about. She stood there quietly and looked across the pond. Tiarra enjoyed the view but squealed when something poked her side. "Demons?!" She asked in fright as she jumped back.
  15. Jaq got behind her, and whispered in her ear in an eerie voice. "Aye, demons. The nastiest of all things on this planet. They'll drain the life from you after seducing you to come closer and closer...They'll hypnotize you and make you walk right up to them, and give them everything they want. They may make you do their bidding. Aye...Demons." Jaq snapped his head to the right. "What was that?!"
  16. Tiarra shook as he spoke and when he snapped his head to the right and asked what it was she lost it. Squealing, she shifted into wolf form, growling at anything that moved. Clinging to his thigh, her ears back and tail lashing she sniffed the air.
  17. Jaq barked in laughter, grinning form ear to ear as she shifted and showed how frightened she was. "Sheesh, your gullible." He pet her ears gently and still grinned. "I was kidding. There's nothing here. Plus, there's no such thing as demons, no matter how much anyone wants to say there is. Everything has a soul- so demons don't exist." Jaq nodded confidently. Far off, on the other side of the pond, three small demonic snake listened in.
  18. Tiarra looked up at him, her wolf eyes looking pitiful as they silently begged for them to leave. She knew the rumors of the place. Her people had howled the warning for many generations. Her ears lay flat on her skull in fright and her tail lashed.
  19. Jaq sighed softly. "Oh, alright alright..." He couldn't say no to her- she was the only one he just couldn't say the word "No" to. He picked her up, holding her tightly in his arms and walked out of area.
  20. Tiarra curled her tail around his arm. She looked up at him, her tongue sticking out of her mouth and her ears laying flat on her skull.