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  1. Isaac was wondering around in the woods after he had ran out of the house because of a heated fight with his father. He was still busy calming down, kicking sticks and stones, stuff like that. He had light brown hair that covered his scalp and freckles all over his body. He hated those stupid spots but his little sister told him they were cute and well, she was the experts wasn't she? Or was that narrow minded? He didn't really care much about that.

    After a few miles of walking he decided to take rest and sat down against a tree. He took out flattened candy bar that was all melted thanks to the warmth of his leg and started munching on it while looking up into the sky. It was rather late, the moon had come up already. happy for him it wasn't full, because he didn't fancy changing into a wolf right that moment. He kept angrily eating his candy bar but stopped when he heard a sound, footsteps.