Wolf's Rain RP : A New Dawn, A New Path

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    (Original Characters only please!)

    The earth is slowly dying, lands that once flourished with life have turned into bare wastelands, with few forests and greenery left. Two brothers, determined to find a place of peace, where there is no pain, no danger, a place full of hope, a place where tomorrow will always bring a brighter day. Paradise. It said that Paradise was found before, by a white wolf and his pack with the help of a Flower Maiden. Could this old wolf’s tale be true? Is time truly repeating itself? The brothers are willing to believe so and are determined to find the new flower maiden and open the path to Paradise. Are you willing to follow them? Do you believe in Paradise?

    Pack Ranks

    Alpha Male (taken): Dai

    Alpha Female (open_ :

    Beta Male (taken): Rune

    Beta Female (open):

    Warriors (they hunt and protect the pack) (open):

    Scouts (survey the area for danger or prey) (open):

    Omegas (care for the pups as well as the sick or wounded, the lowest rank) (open):

    Flower Maiden (open) :

    Rules to the Rp

    The role of alpha and beta are earned through rp, the alpha pair will be mates as well as the beta pair if it comes to that.

    Only wolf or wolf dog characters (expect for the one flower maiden character) please.

    There will only be one flower maiden.

    No one liners, unless there is an excuse (no, being lazy isn’t an excuse).

    No godmodding.

    Wolf/wolfdog characters do not have uber magic superpowers, they only have the abilities the original wolves in Wolf’s Rain had, ie jumping at extreme heights.

    Info on the RP (will add more in future)

    There maybe a few changes to the lore of Wolf’s Rain in this rp. The Flower Maiden will be either born/created through science or through nature, meaning she might be born from a large flower. Flower Maiden also has the ability to heal wounds, but only to a certain extent, if someone his severely injured and on the brink of death, she cannot heal them.

    Characters are to earn their place in the Rising Sun Pack. Do not create a character bio that claims they are already in the pack!

    All characters will currently reside in "The City of Halos" till the rp moves on and characters leave the city.​
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  2. this seems intresting
  3. Yah it seems like a post Apocalyptic wolf pack, which in general seems badass.
  4. well i am definitely in if i can be
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  5. Just know. I was your first xD
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  6. huzzah! [​IMG] people that wanna join ;w;
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  7. that just legit made my day
  8. ill keep that in mind lol
  9. Sorry it's taking me so long to respond... I've been playing katamari forever @~@. Anyways, already made the group in the rp group forum if you guys are ready to jump into the rp c:
  10. so, still looking for people to join c: just so this thread doesn't die faster than a goldfish out of water im gonna post these gifs to show that this thread is still very much alive

  11. Lol love the gifs
  12. I can't find the rp anywhere
  13. Hola, are you still accepting more people?
  14. Thanks so much!xD
  15. Are you perhaps permitting those who have a basic idea of Wolf's Rain's plot, but aren't dedicated fans, to join?
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