Wolf's Pride

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  1. Kira darted across the clearing, and sat in the middle, her snowy white chest heaving with the exertion of running so far. She waited for the rest of her pack to join her, and her mind ran over them all:

    There was her loyal mate, Ashtorith, a regal, sliver and black wolf with the intelligent green eyes. She had met him some years previously and they had mated together. Those cubs had grown up and left them, but she loved them still.

    Then there was Zarn - a careful and shy black male, who had followed them out of Transylvania, and eventually joined them. Kira smiled fondly at the thought of him -he was like the baby of the pack as opposed to....

    Yanzee..... the elder of the pack, yet not the Alpha pair like Kira and Ashtorith were. Yanzee was still respected for her wisdom and her experience in the world.

    Red was another young one, but not as young as Zarn. Kira adored Red, and intended for the young wolf to become the Alpha Female when she herself died.

    Finally the Beta Female, and the wolf closest to Kira - Adsila. Adsila had been a good friend of Kira's even when she was the Beta Female of another pack, and when she had been kicked out of the other one, Kira had let her into her own small pack.

    Kira smiled as she watched the wolves approach.
  2. Ashtorith had finally caught up with his mate Kira. Though she was the fastest in pack, he still could manage. Though, he always liked chasing her. Like the beginning, when they first met.

    They had started out like a normal pack. The only difference was, they weren't together at the start. Ash had to chase her. To be his, he had to be hers and more. Even til this day, he gets lost in her eyes.

    But today, we were running. Don't know why. Hunt, moving, natural disaster? He didn't care. He was with his pack and that's all that matters.

    As he caught up, he saw Kira out of breath. The lights colored coat under her belly glistening with sweat. "Tired?" He asked. Then went over to kiss her.
  3. Zarn came running after a bit behind Ashtorith. He made sure to keep a little distance between himself and the alphas, not wanting to get in trouble. He did not want to go looking for another pack again.

    He looked at the alphas for a moment. He was okay with not being one. He knew that his size would always come in his way for something like that. He still hoped he could find a mate of his own though. "One can always hope..." He mumbled to himself, before looking back, trying to spot the others.
  4. Kira smiled, and licked Ashtorith on his muzzle. "Only out of breath." She told him, and glanced around at the rest of the assembling wolves. She growled softly in welcome to Zarn, and lay down, her head on her paws.
  5. Bounding past Zarn with a quick woflish smile aimed at him, Red raced to catch up with the alphas. She'd only stopped to look at a hedgehog for a few moments yet the pack had travelled ahead a fair amount in that small space of time. She reached where the alphas rested and whined a greeting at them before flopping down on the grass.
    Boy was she exhausted!
    She breathed in a deep breath and eyed the alpha's affections for each other. She was slightly envious: she was only an omega but that didn't mean she didn't want a mate of her own someday. Maybe even pups. That is, if Kira let her. After all, the pack would have a hard enough time looking after the alpha's pups nevermind the omega's.
    Red let out a sigh but then her ears perked up. A fly. It buzzed near her head and her eyes followed its path.
    Darn, she'd missed. She pounced again and missed again. Pounce. Miss.

    The ground was soft beneath her paws and the air brushed her fur in warm little gusts as she trailed behind.
    Yanzee eyed each member of the pack: Kira, Asthorith, Zarn, Red and Adsila. She felt affection well up for each of them inside and a smile split her face. She was glad for the comfort and warmth the pack offered- and grateful that after so many years she'd found another pack.
    She quickened her pace slightly. She didn't want to seem a burden by being too slow and so she hastened to reach them. When she did she sat down and panted for breath.
    "I hate running," she muttered.
  6. Kira looked around at them all and let out a welcoming howl. "Good evening everyone. This is the full moon tonight, and that means that the humans will be looking out to hunt us-" She snorted at the silly superstitions. "-So, just be on your guard. We will hunt in a further part of the forest in small groups. Yanzee, if you will hunt with Adsila.... Red, you are paired with Zarn." Kira flashed the young wolf with a knowing smile. She knew that Red especially liked the young black wolf, and she approved of the pairing. "I will hunt with Ashtorith. We shall all meet together again when the moon is at its highest in this clearing."

    She looked to her mate to see if he wanted to add anything.
  7. Red stopped chasing the fly as Kira howled- mainly because she was strartled at her sudden greeting- and grinned her wolfish smile at her.
    She felt uneasy at her mention of the humans, but like Kira she didn't think that they could do much harm. What could those silly two-legs do? She was a wolf and a wolf was the fastest creature of all.
    She blinked as Kira paired her with Zarn and turned to look at Zarn. Black-furred Zarn with his brown eyes. Red suddenly realised why Kira had paired them together- how couldn't she with that knowing smile- and narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. He was young still, younger than her if only by a little, but you never knew.
    He might make a good mate, she pondered the thought.
    She bounded up to Zarn, eager to hunt. She loved hunting: the poucning and chase was almost like a game to her.
    With a lopsided smile she snuffled a greeting,
    "I love hunting, don't you?" she said, tail wagging, "But I hope the humans don't get in the way."

    Yanzee yawned, showing a row of neatly pointed teeth. She was glad to be paired with Adsila. Sensible and strong. Yanzee understood that Kira had probably paired her with Adsila as she was the Beta and therefore a good enough, if not ecellent, hunter.
    She herself was too old to properly hunt down the prey, chasing it and such, but she could devise clever traps and kill the prey with her strong jaws.
    Her yawn ended with a snap of those powerful jaws. She heaved herself to her feet, still slightly tired after the run, but eager to fill her empty belly.
    She wondered at their pairing off, but decided it was best, as Kira had judged. The humans were hunting tonight and pairs would attract less attention than a whole pack.
    She almost chided the pack's assumptions that the humans wouldn't be much of a problem- she could tell by Kira's snort and it showed clearly on Red's face- but caught herself in time. It wasn't her place to correct the Alpha female like that. Still, she couldn't help resenting the fact that they took the matter of the humans so lightly. It was humans who had destroyed her pack and she wasn't going to forget it.
    They are dangerous and the pack should remember that.
  8. "Before the hunt starts, do a perimeter sweep to ensure no humans. Attracting them is dangerous. Pair off and head out. Meet at the cave after you've caught enough prey to carry back, but not too much to slow you down. Howl for any danger. These are harsh times, but we will strive. Now, head out."

    Ash eyed all his "pups." Even if he wasn't the oldest, he was still the alpha and had to look after the pack with compassion and strength. Though, he did noticed Yanzee's hesitation after Kira gave them orders. She's just worried. As am I. I don't blame her. Of course, after her last pack died, she never trusted humans. None of us ever did. But he noticed it grow in her. To always be wary of dangers.
  9. Zarn was slightly take aback by Red's eagerness. He liked hunting, or rather, not going hungry as well, but was never that great at it. He could run, but he wasn't all that strong, which made actually killing anything a bit harder.
    "Y-Yeah, hunting is fun." He stammered out. "And the humans are slow, so I don't think they'll be all that much of a problem." He continued, thinking about what he had been told about them, as he had never seen one himself.
  10. Kira nodded at what her mate said, and she added, "That's all now." She nudged Ash with her nose, and smiled. "You are a great alpha male." She loved her mate, and she would do anything for him if he wished it.

    She lay down on her side and gazed up at him, her bright blue eyes shining.
  11. Adsila had listen to her Alpha's order's and in a way was glad that she was paired with Yanzee, she may not be able to run for the pray like herself but she knew that she had loads of idea's up her sleeve and smiled a soft smile and kept her head on the ground between her paws, she knew not to go near the humans and mostly not to go near them when it is a full moon and out on the trail, but still listened to the Alpha's, Herself and Kira had been best friends in the pack and she would always listen to her. Adsila laughed a wolfy laugh at Red, Adsila loved how hyper she could be, Adsila got up and trotted over to Yanzee and and smiled a little "You hungry" Adsila said with a wolfy smile that looked a little evil and wanting to go and get some prey for the pack
  12. Ash looked at his mate, Kira. And yet again, was lost in her eyes. He knew they needed to hunt, but he wanted to be lost in those eyes forever. He nudged her muzzle, but knew, everyone needed a little rest after a long run. "Alright everyone, you have your order. But I will allow for everyone to rest for a short moment. We head out in a little bit."

    Ash gave his mate a kiss and lied next to her. He knew he'd need enough energy to stay up with her and hunt. Of coarse they would be able to get a good catch. But he was worried about humans. It has gotten worse of late. Always moving and having to be on your toes is exhausting. But what's needed to survive is worth it. Even if it means minimum sleep to keep watch or running all the time.

    "Let's head out." He said after he felt it was time to leave. They only had so little time, and so much to get done. What's best for the pack. ​He always told himself.
  13. Kira nodded, and stood up. AS she stood though, she got a sudden head rush and had to sit on her haunches again. She shook her head softly to clear the fuzziness. She had been having these moments of dizziness often lately, and she didn't know what it was.
  14. Adsila turned her head towards the Alpha male and listened to him, Adsila jumped a little in excitement that she would be able to hunt, but she noticed Kira get up and have to go back down again, Adsila trotted over to Kira and nuzzled her in the head and whined a little at her "Are you okay" Adsila said softly
  15. "I just felt a bit woozy. I've been feeling like this for a while now...." Kira replied thoughtfully. There wasn't very many wolf illnesses, and none that had the symptom of light-headedness, so that only left...... She gasped and had to lie down, she was so shocked. "I think I might be with cub." She murmured, stunned.
  16. Ash heard what Kira had admitted. It was good news, but bad news all in one. To raise a cub(s) while on the move and being hunted isn't good.

    "Red, Adsila, Zarn. Take off and find prey for everyone. Yanzee, you and I will take Kira to the cave." He said with a growl. He hadn't meant to be mean, but he was still in shock. "That's an order." He said, softer than before. "Let's go Kira, Yanzee. We don't have much time to waste."

    The next few months were going to be rough. One would have to tend to Kira while the rest hunt. It also meant double guard duty for me. But the love of the pack overdrove the worries of the future. We'll get through this.
  17. Kira looked up at her mate and growled, "I can hunt fine! I will be fine for another couple of weeks." She hated feeling so helpless, and she wanted to do her job as Alpha Female.
  18. He loved that Kira would fight for what she believed in. And right now she believed she could hunt.
    "No, there is no arguing. The others can manage. No strain is to be put on you."
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  19. "Fine - but at least let Adsila look after me." Kira growled through gritted teeth. She would then at least have her best friend with her during her so-called convalescence.
  20. Adsila was shocked a little but smiled a huge grin, she loved little cubs, she enjoyed looking after them and playing around with them, like if she was a auntie or older sister to them, Adsila looked at the Alpha male and growled a little at how harsh he sounded, but didn't want to get into a fight and just started to walk off to hunt with the others, but smiled a little when she heard Kira and turned around totting over to her and licked her head "I will get prey and then stay with you" Adsila said with a smile and looked at the alpha male with a eyebrow raised