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  1. Hey there, does anyone play the game WolfQuest? I'm just curious. c: I recently started the game and I was hoping some people on Iwaku were a fan of it.
  2. The game where you literally play as a wolf? No magical elemental psychic wolves but just plain fur and fang wolves?

    My little sister used to play that. Used to tease her because her end-game for it was acquire a mate and hunt a moose or something.

    Edit: Sure enough it is. I always assumed it was a cheesy mmo from how it was described to me. Turns out it's a wildlife simulator.

    Might give it a look since it appears free.
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  3. Lmao, yeah it's free. Downloaded it, I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it though. Tell me what you think, I haven't tried out the servers multiplayer yet so I haven't much to say about it.

  4. >Play as a fox,
    >Rouge mode activated.
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