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  1. The small town of Lunawoods had a relatively minor wolf problem within the forestry that surrounded the west boundary. And when I say minor it's statistically one wolf per every human body that lives there. But the people who occupy the town are not bothered by this, nor do they worry or fear entering the woodland day or night. Why? Well...you could say that the people of Lunawoods Town are quite at one with the beasts they share their home with.

    And how is this, you may ask again? Well, because they are both the people that occupt the town and the wolves that roam the forest.

    Lunawoods isn't a normal town. Lunawoods was created for these people. This group of people who have nothing to do with human society and stay hidden within it.

    Lunawoods was created for a pack. A pack of werewolves. And has remained that way, survived this way, for almost 250 years since the Great Journey.

    The Great Journey? That, my dear friends, was during the time some packs from Europe fled to America during times of famine, discrimmination and the growing of hunters and other packs.

    This pack resides in Lunawoods is the Silver Claw clan, who had traveled from the depths of France to be where they are now. Around 120 members strong, the pack has always survived on trust and reslect. Hard-working, the Alpha arranges training sessions twice a week, every week for the pack members. His beta in charge of those aged 14-18, a third-in-commander for the 10-14 year olds and his daughter to look after those 5-10 years old.

    That is how the pack works. Communication. Trust. Respect. And sometimes even love. Everyone knows their job and where they stand in the rankings. Troublemakers have punishments and only rarely are people kicked out of their packs.

    This is the Silver Claw pack. This is Lunawoods Town.

    That's why it's so aptly called Wolf Town.



    1) No godmods. No controlling another person's character as if it's your own without the other person's permission.
    2) Any smut scenes are to be taken into PMS
    3) Please put some details about your character into at least your first post
    4) There is to be one Alpha and Luna. One Beta and one third-in-command. I'll mostly be posting as them but if you wish to take one of them on, feel free to PM me!
    5) Werewolves can have 'mates', if you wish to make this happen with one of your own characters, feel free to if you make one up yourself. Or perhaps ask another roleplayer if they want to have their character with yours first.
    6) You can be from the pack I've created (Silver Claw), or make one yourself! If you read till the end of my post, you'll see why a few more packs might be a good idea.
    7) Have fun!


    Lucianna - Lucie to everyone she knows - Hendricks had just finished off a training sessions with the little kids and was currently trying to get them to go home so they could shower and change. If was alright for even the five year olds to walk home in this town, with a small population and everyone being so close, they knew nothing bad was going to happen to them.

    "Good job today you guys! Jeremy! Leave Kaitlyn alone now! You can spar on Thursday. Jessica! That's enough!" It was difficult to even handle those younger than ten. Even though they wouldn't have their wolves yet, Lucie's father still believed that they should all be trained in hand-to-hand combat in their human form. That starts from the age of five.

    People would usually have their first shift around twelve, which is why it was the Third-in-Commands job to deal with all the crazy hormones and rebellious wolves that were coming through and were just learning their place.

    Lucie could have handled it, being the alpha's daughter - as shown through inheriting the silver gleam to her eye - but she seemed to have a way with kids. They loved her and she loved them. Only at nineteen, she still had some time to go before having her own...she still had yet to even find her mate. But she wasn't worried. Most found their mates by the age of twenty-one anyway.

    Once the kids had dispursed, Lucie headed back into the Pack House - which homed herself, her mother and father, the beta and his mate, and the third in command with his mate. The rest of the pack would be scattered amongst the town, living in their own homes there. Once Lucie had her mate and her father felt ready to retire would the pack be given to her, and she and her mate would be left in the pack house alone. Well...until they had their own beta and third-in-command that is, which would most likely be the sons or daughters of those currently holding those positions anyway.

    After showering, changing and drying her light brown hair, Lucie left to take a wander to her favourite café, stomach grumbling after that session. The kids were a lot more excitable that day, probably because of the up and coming hosting of the Annual Run.

    The Annual Run...where other neighbouring packs traveled to them to participate in the event in which most found their mates. Participants had to be seventeen and older, all unmates but not compulsory until the age of nineteen. So this year, unlike the past two, Lucie had to go.
  2. Cedric was helping his sister finish getting ready for the Annual Run having to prepare for travel. They had just finished their sparing match being today they were told to go against brother an sister. Both rather close in age Cedric twenty still having time to look for his mate another year while his sister had just turned nineteen. Both having to go unlike the last two years. Their mother deceased for last year she had grown rather sick and nothing they tried seemed to save her. Their father the alpha of Moonstone Oasis Pack. He told his son the two must go this year being his sister had also become of age.Cedric had gone the last three years being his father wanted him to go at eighteen but his sister didn't have to till now.

    Like everyone in any pack both had their own responsibilities Cedric just felt more seemed to be on his shoulders being he was the oldest. Usually he had to be the one to pick who would be sparing with who out of the 10-14 year olds but his father said being it was so close to the Annual Run he and his sister needed to be prepared just as everyone else.


    Rona was very different than most of the pack. Unlike her brother who had black hair and blue eyes she had white. He was a black wolf but her fur was white like her hair. Most of their pack had usually, blacks, grays, browns, maybe with a mix of white but it was often rare to be all white like her. Rona's father always said she got it from her mother. This made since being she too was a white wolf. It had hit Rona hard when her mother past recently last year. She had hoped her mother would see her at her first Annual Run but no one can seem to predict the future at times.

    Rona like her brother had finished sparing and was getting ready the pack of those of age where meant to go meet the other packs for the Annual run. Sometimes it was he whole pack even if the kids couldn't really do everything but there sometimes was games for them as well. This year Rona wasn't sure who all would or who may be staying back. She figured everyone would be going but then again she never was sure.

    Cedric and Rona wolf form (open)
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  3. When Lucie finally returned home, she found her father calling for her through the mind link to which she had to appear in his study. She had been expecting this since the moment she had found out they were hosting this year's Annual Run. Large buildings, similar to their own pack home, had been built and were scattered at different points within the forest. It would be where the other packs would stay during the week duration of the Annual Run. They had been built and kept clean as soon as they were completed two days ago.

    "Lucianna, good. I'm glad you have arrived." Her father, Oliver Hendricks, commented once she had entered the study and the door closed behind her. "Now, with the Run coming up, I've been delegating jobs to everyone. Once I've confirmed all the different packs, I wish for you to be showing some of the packs to their designated homes." Oliver asked of his daughter, "Myself and your mother shall be meeting and greetinng the other Alphas, Jason will be taking note of how many eligible runners will be with each pack and Kyle will be busy scouting the perimeter with a group of guards and setting up safety barriers." Oliver explained the jobs of his Beta and third, leaving Lucie to sigh nod. "Yes sir," she murmured, bowing her head with respect before leaving again as she was dismissed.

    Having to show other packs? Which would bound to have the sons and daughters of other Alphas? Just great. A show and trial of power and all the stubborn egos. Arguments were bound to break out between the young, soon-to-be Alphas.

    With a soft groan and rubbing the back of her neck, Lucie retreated to her own room to get a few things sorted for the Run. Their own pack house would be overrun soon by those who were eligible for the Run, all their free rooms would be taken up. It was going to be a fun week...

    Lucie's Wolf Form:
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  4. Cedric had finally finished packing and went to see if Rona was done packing. They were meant to pack a bit light but he knew Rona sometimes didn't think things fully through. When he arrived in her room expecting her to be done he meet a still packing Rona. Sighing he went behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You don't need that much you know." He asked her.

    Rona glanced seeing her brother had entered. She knew that meant he was probable done. Then hearing his comment she sighed. "Yeah I guess I did over pack..." She replied looking at the bags. "Wanna help me get everything I need and nothing more?" She asked him hopeful. Soon her brother began to help her unpack and repack what she would need and it didn't take as long as if it was her doing so alone.

    "Do remember who's hosting it this year?" Rona asked Cedric who was finishing the last of her one and now only bag. "You never listen do you?" He asked and pushed her a bit almost hitting the bed. "Guess not" She replied and gave a light laugh when he had pushed her. "Will you remind me please?" She asked him. Cedric sighed and nodded. "Yes this year the run is being hosted by the Silver Claw pack." He replied.

    Finally finishing the two then heard their father call them by their mind link. Both leaving to go find him met him in his quarters. "Yes father?" Cedric asked when they arrived.

    Their father looked seeing the two had arrived he seemed as though he had just finished with something important it appeared. Their father, Elliot Wilson, looked up at the two. "This year will be different I'm sure your both aware. Cedric for you two reasons. Your sister is coming and going to participate and well.... For you both the absence of your mother." The three seemed to let a moment of silence pass. Then Elliot began to continue. "Now Rona I want you to make sure those who plan to come are packed and ready to leave here soon. Tell them at the latest I plan to leave by twilight." He commented then looked to Cedric. "Son I want you to get a list of those participating in the Annual Run this year before we leave." He paused and looked a them both. "Alright you two?" He asked they both nodded and left.

    When leaving Cedric went and grabbed himself some paper so he could make a list then headed out. Rona had went on going to begin taking care of seeing who needed help finishing getting ready.​
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  5. With the Annual Run being a week long celebration, it meant that there would be a lot of testerone, a lot of showing off and probably a few fights amongst the unmated wolves. Maybe even mated if jealousy got the best of them. That's why there had been an agreement between the packs for each of them to bring some mated fighters that would help keep the peace in case anything broke out. Lucie just hoped that that wasn't the case. She wasn't in the mood for her first Run to be taken up by immature hormones.

    It would be early tomorrow morning that most packs would be arriving, she could only guess that some would be settibg off later that same day or even in the evening. Secretly she was rather looking forward to it all. Parties, food, dancing, runs in both human and wolf form. It was a week long celebration. First night would just be welcoming party, festivities and a general meeting for all the clans to get to know one another. The day after would be the first Run of the week, with it then being alternated between runs and parties.

    By the end of the evening, Lucie was exhausted with the arrangements and just wanted to collapse into bed. The little kids in her sparring class had caught back up to her, surprising her but succeeding in cheering her up a little as she laughed and pretended that she was unable to fight them off. She chuckled, ruffling their hair and praising them for their good work, sending them off to play with each other as they had been doing before they saw her.

    Tomorrow couldn't come around quick enough for her.
  6. Cedric groaned. 'Ugg how many is this now?' He wondered looking back down at all the names. He now had three sheets of paper filled. He wondered if Rona had finished. Soon he finally got the last names and headed back to report to his father. "Dad I think I go everyone who is coming and who is running." He commented and looked down. "I will need to tally the exact number of runners then those coming but I think after that I'll be done." He stated then looked up seeing his father nod. Cedric then began to do as he suggested and began to count.


    Rona had finished helping the few who hadn't fully packed and those who had packed to much like she almost had. Then she looked around and smiled. 'Well I hope Cedric had just an easy time as I did.' She thought and began to head back where they were meant to meet when the two finished to hear her father's plans. Being her mother was gone he had to rearrange his plan for the travel usually they were in the front her and Cedric on the opposite sides of the pack and third command back. Sometimes there mother was meant to travel to the middle but with her gone there would be one less helping him watch everyone.


    Elliot looked up seeing his son and nodded at the report. Then waited as he counted. After his son told him the final number he nodded. "Alright thank you." He stated then stood up. "Now we must go speak with your sister. I've already told our third in command the plan." He said and led his son out. Then seeing Rona he motioned for her to come to them and she did. He glanced seeing who was around before speaking. "As I said we will leave by the least twilight. I assume everyone who is going is ready." Rona nodded so he continued. "You both know how we normally have done travel in the past for the last few Annual Runs when we have not hosted. You both probable have felt it won't be able t work the same as we have done in the past. Being well... Your mother is in a better place now." He said and grew quiet for a time then began once more. "Now I have decided how to make this work. Rona your still on the right, Cedric left. I'm in the lead and our you both know where we keep my friend Charles. Same as before he shall be in the back." He commented. "Now here is the part that's new. We will each take turns in the middle. Rotating, First me, then Cedric, then you Rona, and last Charles." He explained. He waited till the two nodded and the three headed to meet Charles.​
  7. (I keep waiting to see if more people join in but I'm not very hopeful at this point)

    By the time morning rolled around and the clock had struck seven-thirty, Luciana was already outside and waiting for the first of the packs to turn up. Wanting to look serious and important, yet still relatively attractive, Lucie had doned a pair of denim shorts and a red, long sleeved fitted shirt with a pair of running shoes whilst her hair hung down in loose waves around her shoulders. Her gaze occasionally flickered to the watch on her wrist, impatiently checking the time.

    The Moonstone Oasis Pack shoukd be arriving soon. Tread carefully, Lucianna. They have just lost their Luna. A mother and a wife. Her father's voice spoke in her mind and she shook her head with a soft huff. She knew about this pack. About all the packs. She had read up about them and found out more information from whoever she could.

    I know, father. Please, just worry about your own duties-

    Sending them your way now.

    Straightening herself out, Lucie brushed down her clothing and ran her fingers one last time through her hair as she checked she looked presentable and at least half-decent. She wanted to make a good impression. Perhaps even make a friend out there...she knew the Alpha's daughter was the same age as her...perhaps they would get along.

    Elliot. Cedric. Rona.
    Elliot. Cedric. Rona.
    Elliot. Cedric. Rona.

    Lucie chanted their names in her head and placed a half smile of greeting onto her lips as she clasped her hands behind her back and waited upon the imminent arrival of the Moonstone Oasis Pack.
  8. May watched her alpha anxiously, she always got really nervous around the other packs and new wolves in general. She just didn't understand how everyone else could be so calm and relaxed when internally she was freaking out. Repeatedly she ran a tan hand through her Long black hair. Her hair, like her fur was brindled with gold. May grabbed her 7 year old sister's hand before she ran off. The young girl eagrily looked over everything, her green eyes practically glowing with excitement. "Pick me up, May," Jess ordered. With a tight smile, May picked up the brunette with ease. She looked around, seeing the glowing eyes of many wolves watching her and her pack. She felt the shift in her eye color going from brown to bright blue, meaning: She was absolutely terrified.
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  9. The moment she stepped out of her house she knew something was different about today. She just couldn't figure out what. Still pondering this odd feeling she started down her usual walk down the dirt path of the woods and headed to the pack house. Although members of the pack tended to live close to the pack house, Emunah Kade liked her privacy. Seventeen years old with natural chestnut red hair, almond colored eyes, and mocha skin, Emunah Kade was the soon to be Beta of the Silver Claw pack. To her dismay she was well known throughout the pack. This was because of her "feisty" personality. At first glance she seemed cold, distant, and guarded, but piss her off (which took a lot) and you'll experience her temper. The only person who managed to get close enough and look pass her hard shell was the Alphas daughter Lucianna.
  10. Elliot led the Moonstone Oasis Pack with his kids and third in command as he had explained to his children earlier. All had been going well and soon they would arrive actually on time. He knew Rona, and Cedric's mother would be proud of him managing time for once without her. But he did have her children's help. He stood at the front and soon they were in the Silver Claw pack's welcoming. 'As usual you must meet me at the front.' He spoke through the mind link he had with his children. Soon the clan stopped in front of Silver Claw pack Alpha's daughter. It appeared soon after came both Cedric and Rona. The two siblings giving a friendly smile.


    Cedric and Rona approached the front. Rona had her white hair down and it touched her shoulders. Dark blue eyes. While her brother appeared to have Light Blue eyes that had a tint of green. With short black hair that appeared naturally messy. The two were quiet not sure if their father was meant to speak first. Both curious of what this year may bring.​
  11. They must be here, she thought as the pack house came into view. She recalled the Alpha making an announcement that an outside pack were joining them in the Annual Run. As the future Beta, Emunah was required to be in attendance. He didn't need to make her presence mandatory though. She was going to come anyway. Although the female wolf didn't like strangers it put her at ease to see at least know what they looked like. She had just fallen into her place beside Lucianna when a man and two others walked up. Her almond shaded eyes showed no emotion as she took them in.
  12. Lucianna took a deep breath before approaching those at the front. It was easy to tell who was who, at least she hoped that she got it right. Licking her lips, her smile turned broader as she bowed her head in respect. It reassured her some what Emunah was right behind her the entire time, her future Beta and friend was always a constant help and source of calmness for Lucie. Keeping her eyes lowered for a moment longer before bringing them back up as she herself straightened.

    "Alpha Elliot, my name is Lucianna and this is the future Beta, Emunah. Welcome to Lunawoods and the Silver Claw Pack." Lucie commented, looking between the Alpha, his children and his third. Her gaze then lingered on his son and daughter, studying them with interest as she would be the one negotiating and speaking with them in the future, "Cedric and Rona, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I hope we can all be good friends in the future. My father, mother and I, as well as the entire pack, wish to express our deepest condolences for the loss of your mother. She was a brilliant Luna and a lovely person, she will be dearly missed." Her voice turned softer at this point, conveying a sincerity to her words.

    After a brief pause, Lucie finally cleared her throat, "If you so wish, Alpha Elliot, I can show your pack to the house you will be staying in whilst you converse with my father? He is just inside the Pack House, awaiting the arrival of any questions you may have."
  13. Elliot bowed his own head a moment then brought it up to look at Lucianna. He knew just as she had shown respect to him he was mean to to her for one an example to his kids. Two her clan was meant this year to be the host clan. Then he listened to her speak. His smile seemed to grow a bit. "Thank you" He commented when she welcomed them. He let her continue when she spoke to his children. He felt this would be a great year for the three to get and know one another.

    Rona and Cedric had been quiet letting their father do his usual role of being he was meant to do most of the talking when they first arrived. They knew Charles was on his left side while them on the right. Hearing their names the two gave a rather similar smile as their father. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Lucianna." Cedric commented. "And I hope we become great friends also." Rona replied a grin on her face. At the mention of their mother the two grew rather quiet and gave a nod of thanks when Lucianna mentioned their mother their father had done the same.

    Elliot looking back up once more with a smile and the same time as his children listened to the rest. "Thank you. I know Martha will enjoy this year in the next life." He replied. "I believe seeing the house would be nice. And thank you for telling me that if I have any questions I can ask him." He said. "I actually was thinking on speaking to him about our list of runners this year so he would have it." He said with a thoughtful smile. "But when he isn't busy of course." He stated.​
  14. "My father is free to speak to you know, sir. And please, call me Lucie." She continued to smile pleasantly, rubbing her hands together lightly as she looked over them. "Emunah? Could you escort Alpha Elliot to the pack house and my father whilst I show Rona and Cedric to their living quarters for the next week?" Lucie turned to ger friend, head tilted softly to the side in questioning as she studied her future Beta.

    When she eventually looked back, she made a sweeping motion toward her left side, "Cedric. Rona. If you'd like to come this way with the members of your pack..." Lucie informed them, taking a few steps in the direction she pointed to as to lead them, "Since your pack demands so much room, you'll be in our sister pack house. The top floor rooms have been prepared for yourselves, your father and Charles whilst there are plenty of rooms which allow your pack members to double up in or even have on their own if they wish." Lucie explained, slowing down as to walk with the siblings, "It has everything you could possibly need. Even the kitchen is stocked in case snacks are demanded," she chuckled lightly, "Even if we will all be eating together every night. But we also understand that those lucky enough to find their mates soon into the Run may not want to...stick around in the evenings."
  15. May shook herself. She was tired of acting like a frightened rabbit in the midst of a wolf den. She wasnt the same wolf that had crawling to the pack with a history unknown to most. Even when she eas despret, she had told Alpha Elliot that her secrets were her own, and she refused to share them. May let the self doubt slip away and retained her sarcastic, but loving and rather... flirty personality. Her foot steps we're silent on the path, even with the extra weight of her sister and their luggage. This wasn't her first run, but for some reason this year felt different.
    Jessica could see the other pack crowding around Hers, though most still tried to keep a respectful distance. The kids her age watched from behind the others. Jess couldn't wait to get out and start meeting people, the kids looked fun. Suddenly, she and her sister we're in the shade. Jessica was confused until she realized they we're on the porch of a pack house. It must be where the pack was staying for the run.
  16. The look Emunah received from Lucianna was a warning. Be nice, it said. "I understand." Although the pack was about family, it was also about dominance an rank. Who was submissive to who. Emunah was ranked high in the pack. Once the Alpha and Luna stepped down from power, the future Beta rank second. And she wasn't afraid to show how dominant she was. Especially around outsiders. It was this pride that often got her into fights growing up. "Alpha Elliot, follow me." She silently led him in the direction of the pack house. After climbing a couple of flights of stairs they finally arrived at the Alpha's office. She knocked twice, opening the door only after being granted with permission. She stepped into the room with her eyes on his chin. It was considered disrespect to look your pack Alpha in the eyes. "Alpha Elliot is here."
  17. Elliot gave a nod. "Thank you" He stated once more to Lucianna. He then followed Emunah as she motioned what way to go. Letting her lead. He trusted his son and daughter to help the clan get settled. HE also felt them going with Lucianna may have the three getting to know each other some. Soon they arrived where Emunah said was their Alpha. After she opened the door and stated how they were here he smiled. "Alright thank you for taking me here." He stated and pulled out the paper his son made. He looked to the Silver Claw pack Alpha, Oliver. "Good day fellow Alpha Oliver." He said and bowed his head to show his respect for the fellow Alpha. "I figured it would be best to come and give you the list of who from my clan hopes to be in the Annual Run." He said explaining why he was here.


    Cedric nodded hearing his father and the others talk. He watched with his sister as their father left. They nodded and got ready to go in the direction Lucie mentioned. Rona smiled. "Alright" She replied seeming a bit excited. Her brother on the other hand nodded. "Thank you I'm sure all will be great." He commented. He then began to walk with her, his sister following and behind them everyone else. Soon the three were walking together. Cedric gave a grin. "That is wise being you never know." He stated and gave a light laugh. He just hoped this wouldn't be Rona's year. ​
  18. Levi led his small pack of 35 strong into Wolf Town. The Timberland Pack were 35 of the biggest wolfbloods in the world, being descended from the ancient Timber wolves of what is today Europe. Levi was the undisputed alpha of his pack. 6'1", 175 pounds of pure muscle that everyone turned to for answers. He never asked for the command. The former alpha had left the choosing of the new to the pack, and they chose him. This was the first time the pack had been to Wolf Town so no one knew nobody. "Let's find the Alpha," he tells the pack.
  19. After introducing the alphas to one another, Emunah felt that her job was done. As future Beta of the pack she was required to show up for the meeting. Now, she could go. If Lucianna needed her, all she had to do was link. Her hands in her pockets she left casually strolled out of the pack house. She decided to take the dirt path through the forest and to her house. Though midway she took a detour and started her walk to the store. She was craving something sweet.
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