[WOLF RP] Lost Travelers, New Recruites.

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  1. "We're surrounded!" An ashful slik dire wolf said to an creme black-tipped eared wolf to his side. They're we're baracaded with wolves snarling and waiting for their move first. He looked both ways thinking which way should he move first. He thought quick and hard for a while. Soon, his partner in crime grew dark and pale. She couldn't take the aticipation of the agonizing breed of wolves starring at her vigorously.
    'it's time to make a move.' she thought. she jumped quickly for the one in front of her onto its back biting--teering it's neck fur off. Not a moment to soon, all of its accompanies came brushing through onto her. The black ash dire wolf grew angry. Angrier than any other dire wolf should be. Again--as the same as the creme colored wolf did-- he jumped into the air high enough to land on a thick brass branch, and land back hard onto the set of wolves that are digging upon the creme wolf. One bye one, he tears them off with his narley set of teeth, and gives them a good scratching. It wasn't too long til they've had backed off and fled. "You're ok. Kistu?"
    As she stuggles to sit up, she aquires herself to lick the injuries the enimies left on her. "Yeah. I'm fine. Y-you?"
    "I'm good. You need medical help." he knelt down and help her lick her injuries then nuzzled her comfortably. She giggled lightly to his comfort, and yelped a bit to herself. "Stop being a raccoon, and help me to our next destination?" again, she lightly pressed on her paws to gently get back to her feet again. This time, it didn't hurt as worst as it did the last. Raccoon was his nickname because his fur print looks like as if he was a raccoon. Plus he hides in the shadows.
    "I'm not a raccoon, I am your leader. If it weren't for me, you'd be--"
    "I be what?" Kistu abruptly cut him short with her tone and words. Still limping, she fell onto her captain leg. "Ugh..."
    "Here, I'll carry you there." he suddenly grabbed her by the neck and tossed her onto his back. "..." no one said nothing for a solid short 10 mins. Until; the creme black-tipped eared wolf said: "Thank you... Lust." for doing such an honor of saving her. "For saving me. And being generous."
    "Mhm." he nodded and kept his pace. To him saving everyone was no big deal. But saving himself is another new problem.
  2. Not to far from where the fight took place were two wolves, one a male with black, brown, and gray fur and a brown nose. His eyes where a natural gold as well. The second wolf was female, her fur a golden yellow as her eyes were gray.

    The male lifted his head from where it was resting in his paws, ears perked and listening intently for danger. The female was currently resting in a hole at the base of a nearby tree. The male stayed close to their birth den with a frown as the fur in his back stood in end as his muscles tensed.
  3. As the two arrived at their destination, Lust made the effort to put his trusty teammate down gently onto the soft billowy, snow white ground while he went off scampering to find shelter. And fast. Kistu felt weary and tired of waiting. She felt better off being killed or eaten by a bunch of wolves, or savage woodland creatures that would come upon her flesh and blood. But she wouldn't give in like that. Kistu continued to gnaw on her paws as if she was to pull out a prick. 'I wanna go back...' She thought wisely to her self. Missing home meant to her; Her house, friends, family, mom, everything. But of course now that shes a free breed-- that wants to be called the term "Wolf"-- no dog can ever turn back now. Especially in the town shes used to live in. Finally, Lust came back with wads of sticks in his muzzle dangling loose ends of branches off from limb to limb as he makes his way back to where he left Kistu. "Hey.." He snorted a look at her. An enticing look that only day animals would only find scary. In the day of course. "Come make a den."
    "Nah. I'm good, you can make it." To him, it was more of an order than of an opinion. He could see why she only took him the slightest of bluff.
    "That's an order. You can heal those broken paws and bones if you at least TRY to put pressure on it. Now get up, And go."
    She mumbled across the woodsy forest "Dumb raccoon.." Only to realize that she had stumbled upon a solid cold pebble which she claimed tripped her. "Ow!" Lust rolled his eyes and walked towards the nearest tree then pounced upon the tree to shake some snow off. "We'll just mold our den with some snow and twigs. Since our princess is handicap." soon, a whole set of snow came tumbling down glistening in whats left of the sun in the sky.

    Hours of hours of modeling and molding sculptures of snow and twigs, it is as soon to become a nicely firm and somewhat tight igloo. "There. Ta-da!" He said loudly enough for the 3 birds above to fly towards a next tree. Literally. It didnt quite fit Kistu's taste. So she "Limped" Her way into the igloo and looked around abit. "This is great!--"
    "Its a fragile Igloo Kistu, Please to not touch it with your nose, paw, tail or bum." Silently was she scolded. And immensely was she scolded back. Again, she looked again, marked her spot with in the igloo, and slept tightly. As the same for the dire wolf. Til tomarrow only will the adventure await.
  4. Morning came at a crawl, the birds chirping happily high in the trees as the sun began to light the sky. The female was the first to wake with a yawn and a stretch before nudging her brother, who woke up without complaint. The two siblings started patrolling the area, not saying a word as they walked in comfortable silence. They we're soon at the edge of their territory and eventually found the igloo that Kistu and Lust were residing in. They stopped ten feet from the igloo. The male crouched low and moved closer hesitantly, sniffing the igloo before his ears perked as the fur in his back bristled slightly as he gave a low growl once he caught the scent of wolves. The female stayed in the same spot, both moving an inch as she watched her brother and the igloo for the occupants.

    "Be careful, Lin." The female warned her younger brother, who snorted in response.

    "Aren't I always, Brittney?" He replied sarcastically, causing Brittney to roll her eyes with an annoyed flick of her tail.
  5. It was long before Lust could hear small broken twigs, or some sniffling sounds of an infant streaming by close to their hide out. Maybe closer. Quietly, he knelt up with a mournful yawn attached to it. Lust peeped from ear to ear outside to see what noise he had heard. 'Hmm...' he founded it strange. Where would sniffling be heard in the lost woods? Again, he looked ear to ear; searching for the noise he heard. This time; Lust decided to surprise the--more like whole forest-- woods with an surprise bark. His bark had lived on for ages back where he used to live. Were all the other dire wolves would howl at the moon he was the only one barking. They would call him "The-oddest-of-the-bunch".
    "Whats that..." Kistu kicked her paws immensely then tossed her body around. Suddenly she woke up horrid. "AHH!" Lust could hear more noise outside.
    "Shh! I hear something." He took a step out of his now slightly-melted den and found two scared pups. One seemed to be fused with black, brown, and grey, while another female, gold tinted fur. "Why are you here." He demanded.
    "..." They did not answer.
    "When given a question, one must answer. In this case, either of you. Now. Why are you here." His voice grew stronger and deeper with impression. with out a doubt, Kistu sprawled out the den. "Whats going on..."
    "Go back inside. I got this." Lust gestured his raccoon like head back towards the melted den. "Kids!" Kistu sprinted with joy to the wondrous troublesome pups then began to wag joyfully. "OMG! What joy is to bring thee! Kids!" Then her face grew weary. "... Lust we have to find their parents."
  6. "They're dead." Lin said, relaxing slightly once he realized that the two older wolves weren't any danger to him or his siblings at all. Brittney ignored the two older wolves, deciding that licking her paw clean was far more interesting. The two pups were both six months of age, and rather small and under weight. The two had been living without parents for a good month, their mother had died trying to give birth to their younger siblings and their father died in a fight with another wolf while hunting for them.
    Since then the two have been trying to hunt small rodents and birds but have had little luck.
    The two have done fine concealing themselves in a hard to find den, marking their territory when need be and made sure to stay in the den when packs that had brutal and uncaring alphas passed by unsuspectingly.
    The two usually went in patrols during the morning and before nightfall. Both pups we're curious about what the older wolves would say. Were they in a pack? If not, were they starting one and were they the alphas? Would they take the two siblings in themselves or dump in some other pack? As these thoughts plagued both pups minds they looked up at Kistu and Lust expectantly, patiently waiting for a reply.
  7. Kistu sat all in silent baby-eying her captain, the fae, and mutt. She murmured in his ear "Lets take the kids into our group." As the sprouts continued on doing what they were doing, Lust and Kistu had a quick chat along the lines about take abroad the children into their tribal group. "They're like baby fawns raccoon! Besides they cannot hunt yet; barley make a den."
    "First; their 6 months.--" Kistu glare and rosy cheeks showed a sign meaning something fierce is browsing upon him later on. And she will become the leader of their group.
    "You can help, like a DIRE CAPTAIN WOLF Would. Do." Kistu sat up in a wagging embrace position then faced her way towards the pups. "Come. Your staying with us. My names Kistuname, but you can call me Kistu. or any other nickname for short!" Said with a warm gleaming smile that would brighten up any persons day. She hold out her paw gently gesturing an handshake. "And you?" Today, Kistu sounded polite. politer than any other day. On the other hand, Lust seemed irritably agitated. He mauled--more like rubbed-- his face to create an exaggerate look then looked far off into a distance. Wonder what he is thinking...

    Kistu went off to show the new pups their new den. Of course it wasn't spacy, but at least it was a home for them. "We're going to hunt food later this hour. Want to come? Maybe one of us could teach you?" She sat down waggling her also black tipped tail admiring her crème colored body, making lots and lots gestures to the outside woods and woodland creatures.
  8. "Names Lin, this is my sister Brittney-" the small male started but was cut off by his older siblings.

    "You can call me Britt for short if you want, either way is fine." She said with little enthusiasm. The two followed Kistu to their new den and looked or over before their ears perked at the mentioning of hunting and being taught how to hunt. "We'd love to!" Lin yipped excitedly, tail wagging as he grinned happily while Britt just smiled at the thought of eating more then just squirrels and small birds.
  9. To see the childish look on their faces brought warm joy to Kistus heart and soul. as if she were a kid herself, and Lust had taught her how to hunt. Which he did; but that's a different story. She scampered off into the nearest tree to go mark territory. Scampering back, she mouths a bunch of twigs tand set them where she "Marked." her spot. "There! Now we can remember where to go when we get back, whenever raccoon leaves!" said cheerfully waggling tail with one stick in her mouth. Lust didn't find it amusing really. He found it, pity. He took one look at the fae named "Britney" and starred at her for a while. "So. Do you listen to your brother? Each other rather..." after insisting that last part, he gestured away.

    "Time to go hunting!" yelped Kistu. Frolicing around her captain, she was rashly put down by a paw to the tail.
    "No." he said. Striking a menescing look at the pups, he could could only say this with warning. "Listen to Kistu. Without her, you guys's die. Period. I advise you both head this warning as a precaution before taking one step into the woodland forest."
    "Oh, don't scare the kids." Kistu bit his neck fur hard enough to indent teeth marks in him. Known her captain, he did not feel a thing but an itch. "Ready to go?"
  10. "We usually listen to each other..." Brittney replied with a questioning and curious glance before turning her attention to Kistu. "Sure." Both pups replied, Lin grinning still and Britt yawning a little before both padded over to Kistu, waiting for her to lead them to where they'll be hunting. The two had once tried hunting for rabbits but returned to their birth den tired and hungry. The two were a little frightened by Lust's warning but didn't show it. "Hey, are you guys mates or something?" Brittney asked suddenly curious about if the two older wolves were in a relationship, friends, or siblings like her and her own brother.
  11. While placing her steps intothe woodland forest, a question came upon Kistu which made her slowly came into a stop. "What? No! No no guys, hes my captain!" Maniacally laughing to herself made herself feel weird and such. On the other hand, being mated to someone rather "Bigger" than her didn't seem so bad. Scary it may seem, but not that bad. "Why would you think that in the first place? Where just captain and assistance.-- No, I mean helper,-- No! I--" Trying to find the right word really bugged her. As the pups may see questions may scare her and/or such results like these might be brought about.
  12. "Uh, ok." Brittney said as Lin gave a small giggle. There were times, the young fae mused to herself, that her brother notably sounded like the mix of a young girl and a young boy when he spoke to the point where his gender would confuse most that tried to tell the pup's gender by hearing him speak only. Now, her herself had a rather high and young girly voice. She remembered once time into a rather rude pup that bullied his brother about his, leading the two into fighting and Lin driving the pup away from their turf.

    Both pups grinned at each other when Kistu continued to stutter, today's lesson was going to be VERY interesting.
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  13. It is now mourn. The sun is now high, the moon is down, the stars are gone, the sky is clear, the wind whistles through leaves making the leaves fall whiskly down in its place where it should lay in place the next winter to cover its tracks, bury it low into the ground and start a new soil. Kistu and the pups are now far deep. Deep into the forest where they now see squirrels, birds, ducks, deers, fawns, and other kinds just like them. Kistu crouched low as she kept her pace. Slowly, she came to a stop as she was eyeballing a black squirrel.. "Alright..." inching her ways towards the squirrel, trying her best not to step on leaves, twigs, water, or any other things to disturb her pray. "Rule one. Make way of your clearing. Do not scare off your pray." ears back and folded; front claws out, tail swished into a hushed quiet, everything she learned; she learned from Lust. Her trusty raccoon.
    "Rule two. Keep eye on your pray. If you loose contact, your basically chasing nothing." the clouds shifted elaborately causing the sun to warmly beam on Kistu Creme fur making a light color appear on her. It made her seem like an angel descending from the heavens above caressing wings upon her back gently about to take one leap forward towards a whole new jouney. Again, inching her way up towards the black squirrel--that so happens to be sitting there dumbfounded cracking nuts-- the black squirrel clock a gesture to the side looking around for any preditors. Not thinking twice, it climbs about what's about a wolf-pounce way an oak tree. Kistu snickerd. "And rule three..." trying not to laugh immensely to loud. She sprinted across the field dashing for her prey. Like the wind blows, only will her body feel the trimandence success of power flowing in her before her heart will be able to even take it. "Sprint as fast as you can to catch it before it hides from you!" with laughter pride and judgement, Kistu did not regret this lesson. Catching a squirrel for her actually made her brunch that day. Now, it's the pups turn.

    She turn back with a dead meat in her mouth dropping it to the floor to the children. Waggling happily, bum shaking as well, she seemed do be hyprovenolating. "I caught it for....for you..." she took a lay down looking up towards them. "That was only the small animals such as ducks, birds, squirrels, ferrets, raccoons, baby deer, rabbits... Yeah. Until... Until then, you guys get bigger, then you may hunt bigger animals."
  14. Lin and Brittney gave their thanks, Brittney let Lin have the squirrel, for she wanted to catch her own prey. She crouched low and silently stalked forward on silent but stealthy and quick paws, stopping a few feet away from a bush. She couldn't see what was hiding there, but could smell it and name it by scent: a rabbit. The rabbit had an injured leg, and stayed completely still and quiet, hoping for the predator to leave. Brittney leaped through the air in an arch, the rabbit trying to scramble away, to flee, but it was to late. The dead creature was now hanging by it's snapped neck from a proud young pup's mouth, said pup's tail wagging ever so proudly at her first and actual successful hunt.
  15. Tired with glee, Kistu thumped her tail against the soil. "Good job." It may not seem that she is more congratulated of Brittney; but more proud in a mother kind of way. "Lin, i wanna see you try." Within seconds, Lust came about to see how we were doing. "Hows hunting?"
    "Its coming along well. I caught a squirrel." Said with a lovely smile.

  16. Brittney proudly presented her rabbit for Lust to see, tail wagging as she grinned through the white furball in her mouth while Lin raised his small muzzle in the air and sniffed, catching the scents of many animals, but he quickly locked onto the scent of a nearby squirrel and crouched low. His belly was nearly inches from the ground as he stuck to the shadows of a large tree. He paused once he saw his target, moving closer steadily until was mere feet away from unsuspecting prey, not able to see the pup for he was on the squirrels blind side. Lin dashed of, startling the squire the turned to run but was too slow, Lin brought a paw down hard on the squirrels tail and but into it's neck, silently giving the small woodland creature a prayer before ending it's life.
    Lin padded over with the other, pure pride and a feeling of achievement rolled off both pups in waves that made or seem like almost each pup were glowing in the radiant sunlight.
    They looked up at both older wolves, waiting for a response, a sign of praise as if the two were their own parents or older siblings.
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  17. "Great work Lin! Im proud of you both!" Praise Kistu.
    "..." Lust presence gave off an intense vibe. "I Think you guys pity Kistu for what she is capable of. I think you guys need to try MY strategy of hunting." His vibe grew darker and darker as if he were possessed by ravens and crows, cycling around him relentlessly, as he drenches himself in black Sabbath surrounded in autumn white rose thorned flowers creating the utmost darkest past that would live on for centauries. Grasping the feeling of helping the kids hunt made his heart stop. Then start again. It reminded of him when he was just a little brunt. His father was just teaching him how to hunt. The wind was blowing, the grass was growing, the bugs were buzzing; and the Hunters were hunting. It was low at dusk that night; All the nocturnal animals were just lashing their way out to just get something to eat themselves.
    "This is it son." His father; Standing high and all mighty. He was the leader-- The Alpha of all Alphas. Once was married but was hunted down by a bunch of savage humans. But that also, is another story. "Show them your worst. GO!" Lust--Being age 1 at the time-- Ran at fast as he could. As if he sprouted winged and he soared crossed the fields of spring while the essence filled the air surrounding his ears and body creating a newer him to experience. The target he was trying to catch was a full blooded muscular, tender whitetail deer. Its target was nipping the grass alone while investigating for intruders around it. Of course it felt something was surrounding its territory, but what is it a whitetail to do to stop it? As he dashes beyond the fields of wonders, he yields in for an attack behind the target clawing in on its skin; injecting himself to secure his way so that he does not get bucked off. The whitetail deer was wielding in pain. It tries to jump, buck, shake Lust off but its no luck. Quick it thought, why not brush him against a tree? So it did. Being a descendent from a dire family didn't mean anything to him but possessing a power to make others scared of him was nocturnal. It was almost like he couldn't rather than cant make any friends or companions. The stagger knocked him up against the tree; the biggest tree possible since his a dire and all. But he just couldn't shake 'em.
    "BITE HIM." Shouted his father from a far strongly. Lust jaws dropped immensely then chopped down onto its bum tightly ripping a chunk of skin flesh and bones right off its back. Again, it yelped painlessly and dropped to the ground in pain. Lust was a monster. He ripped its stomach, back, spine, head, nose, everything out until their was nothing lest to see. Yes, he stopped eventually to see the wreckage of what he'd had done. And yes, from that day on, he knew he had a monster within him.

    So Lust taught the pups everything partially what Kistu taught them: The basics. "From here on out, I don't want to here no back talk. only "Yes Sir!" Lust sat a distance from the puppies. "Now." Lust lighting speed across the forest jumping off from tree to tree. And each time he would do that he seemed to get higher and higher to where the branches and loose leaves were at. After his last jump, he pounced off onto a thick brass branch simultaneously eyeballing his "Troopers."
    "You're food source is ALWAYS on the ground if you want the biggest animal. To see them better, get to higher ground." Kistu looked down on him in a sarcastic way. Is he trying to take these children into war?
    He jumped down swiftly and roughly at the kids in a striking position. With his back arched, hair raising, teeth braising; Its almost if he scared the children. "Never. Be afraid to jump. Or you'll loose your pray." HE growled and barked tremendously loud and harshly. "Lesson. over."
  18. Both pups were wide eyed and speechless, even somewhat frightened by the older male. Their father, although rather strict (but still loving) hadn't scared the two, or even came close to, as much as Lust had. The two stood tall, alert, tail between their legs and ears flat against their skulls as they stared at the one they considered their alpha and superior. The pose each pup had would look strange to most, being a mix of both submission and military like stances. (Writers block. :/)
  19. Kistu suddenly pounced up around Lust then snarled at him. A tenement from Kistu ears flicked back, claws out, back arched, was a sign of her being secure of her surroundings. "I think yelling at these poor children for TRYING their best at something their not capable of doing yet, is highly inconceivable in your place!" She yelled with great force. "I think that you should DISOWN yourself from these creatures of nature and let me do the work. Understand? Because you assigned me the task, not you!" She took steps forward with many barks and growls before her. Lust looked at her with guilt and deceit. Looking back on how he treated the kids; how he treated her-- made him realize that he needed to ease down one notch then he often does.
    "Alright." He responded lowering his eyes with out moving a muscle down towards the pups then back at Kistu. "Ill show respect more. As a friend, as leader, as a Alpha."
    Kistu backed down then sat by the brunt. Hesitantly, she likes Lin's fur clean out of comfort and the fact that he needed a bath anyway.

    Now that it is dark, the moon is out, the owls are hooting, and the birds are asleep; The four wolves are bringing their day into a courageous end by re-making their entire den into a shelter like hut fit for two dire's and one regular wolf. Kistu brings herself close to the kids to one side of the den while Lust sleeps on the other. Normally, together, they would hurtle and sleep together but now since caring for two children and making them grow into their small pack, (And she's mad at him for various reasons) she finds it theirs no time to "Cuddle/hurtle" Up when theirs free time involved.
  20. Lin stayed up, not ready to go to bed yet, unlike Brittney, who was already sound asleep next to him. He looked over at Lust, then asked "Tanuki-sama, is Kistu your Beta? If not...is the position open?" He was trying not to sound to hopeful, for he knew that he was too young and inexperienced to be a beta yet. But he had always wanted to be an alpha of a pack, and if not, then the next best thing, a beta. His sister didn't care what title she would get in a pack, just as long as she was happy with a mate. To Lin it felt like it was a long time ago that the two had discussed this subject.
    It also seemed like it'd be a long time before they'd get their roles, but they had patience and wouldn't mind waiting.
    The young male then wondered what it would be like to meet his mate, questions then began to fill his head, swirling here and there. They were: Would she be pretty? Would she truly love me? Would we have pups of our own? How many?
    He decided that he'd wait and see what the future had in store for him and his sister.