Wolf Pack, In Unknown Lands

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  1. Asluna smiles walking around slowly in the snowy weather and grumbling gently the cold air and grumbling gently the female alpha wol;f finally finds them a nice snowy bushes to get some sleep under to help block out the snow from the snowy air and she singaled the pack to sleep. "Get some sleep my pack" She said softly and made sure the three pups were still there and growling gently to make sure they wheresafe and sound. they had eaten an hour ago so this spot would make this place safe for everyone.

    She went to a spot away from the pack and brushed her tail around and made a small clearing spot and laying down eyes closed gently as she yawned gently as the wind blew past them and growling slightly annoyed. She curled up tightly and closed her eyes and started to stay alert awake and alert but asleep.
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  2. Mino the small white puppy growled slightly at the cold as she had a hard time walking and ears flat slightly. She walked but her paws where hureting a lot and growled and yipped for make them stop walking as the pup was tired and cold and needed sleep. The white pup shook slightly from the cold and whimpers gently as she needed warmth laying down in the snow that was as tall as her shoulders and looked around for someone to snuggle with.

    Smoke the dark black puppy growled annoyed at the cold as it was under scar as he wanted to live and be awake the best. Scar's fur often was warm and under him was very warm and barking gently as it cold and barking softly he went around to see who he could sleep with. He wanted to sleep and eyes closed gently as he laid down in the snow tiredly and looked for someone to play with him or sleep with.

    Xeon the female sniffled slightly as she walked along the world with the other and then laid down softly in the snow tiredly. She closed her eyes and laid down softly near another wolf, jeter and eyes closed gently as she then gro=umbled and walked around slowly in the snow and bounced around slowly as she yipped and barked wanting play.
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  3. Nako watched as everyone started to settle in together. She turned and looked off towards the direction that they had just ventured from.
    She carefully scanned the area looking for a sign of anything moving. She looked over the surrounding area, covered in a blanket of snow that laid undisturbed besides the paths and footprints that they had made. From where she stood she looked around couple of times before she felt comfortable enough to sleep.
    She walked over to the spot where Mino had sunk into the snow. She laid down next to her and nudged her gently, inviting her to snuggle up to her.
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  4. Fenris watched over the puppies and the rest of the pack silently, he payed special attention to the puppies like he always did; it was pretty much his "job" after all to look after them, he noticed that Smoke seemed to be tiredly laying down in the snow, alone. Cautiously approaching, he decided to lay down next to Smoke in a friendly manner, it was something he'd never do near older wolves really, for some reason he got really skittish and nervous around them, though he knew he'd probably be risking contact with other wolves doing this. All in all, he had always felt more comfortable hanging around the pups than other wolves, most likely because he'd never really had a history of interacting much with the other older wolves in the first place, except maybe when he was younger. His eyes looking towards Smoke, he wondered what Smoke would do, he wouldn't mind sleeping with him, but, if Smoke was in the mood for a little playing before they slept, he would be quite alright with that too.
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  5. Mino barked and yipped looking at the female wolf and wobbled over happily curling up on her tail happily eyes closed gently. She snorted slightly at the cold air "why does it have to be so cold out here?" she whines gently as the cold ir rushed past them and hides into the female wolf's tail.

    Smoke barked happily and bounced around near fenris and wanted to play and pounces on his leg and paws trying to nip at him but his teeth where still growing and his puppy teeth were rather sharp to bite others with. he wiggled his rump wanting to play and enjoy his life as a pup.
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  6. Sabaku saw in the snow, her tail wrapped around her paws from where she was perched. Her hind left ached dully in the cold, keeping sleep from claiming her just yet. She looked up at the moon and huffed, sighing through her nose. She watched the small cloud float away before glancing over the pack, her ears up and alert. The puppies were playing and restless-- as usual for them. Even with full bellies they didn't seem ready for sleep.

    Flame Tail shifted to keep the pup on her tail warm, despite the cold air. "Your fur's still thin. As you get older, it'll bother you less." She said comfortingly, laying her muzzle down against her paw, closing her auburn eyes. "Sleep for now. When the sun rises, it'll be warmer."
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  7. [​IMG]

    Scar was resting down, watching over the other wolves. He felt Smoke removed himself from under him. Scar didn't even realize he was under there. Scar was too busy looking out for everyone. He got up and started to walk around, Scar would wait for everyone else to fall asleep. He was usually the last to fall asleep.



    Fawn was resting, she had a long day. Fawn was helping the pups get their food. It was her turn to rest. It was really cold, the pack would have to find some shelter of sorts soon. Fawn worried that the pups would freeze. For now she watched as the pups played and she started to doze off.
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  8. Xeon wobbled herself to the wolf she was closest to Fawn and found a nice place around her bushy tail and yawning the small pup streached and curled up into the others fur happily eyes closed relaxing happily eyes closed. It was a tiring day and the female pup needed some sleep and curled up into fawn's fur and tail made herself a nice cozy spot falling asleep.
  9. The flowers were called the Amora flower, the rearist and most beautiful flower to ever bloom. Ever fifty years these flowers bloomed bringing with it the rumors of the great goddess Amora. the white she wolf that controled a realm of the souls and spirits of animals. Every time that these flowers opened there was a legend that the great goddess walked the earth, but she was never seen, sensed or left anything for another wolf to fallow. The moon was full and brightly glowing making shadows of trees. Far off from the pack rising from the Amora flowers was the goddess herself, her white fur pure, white, flawless and not a scratch on it. She stood the same height of a young wolf but the way she faught was unreal and scary to any mortal wolf. The white she wolf walked down the hill invisnble to the world of mortal wolves and smiles seeing the other wolves and raised an eyebrow walking down the hill but left no pawprints or anything and stood a few feet from them looking at them, thrilled to see they had pups. She wagged her stunning white tail happily thinking. The Amora flowers shine brightly as they started popping out of the snow
  10. There was one wolf observing the flowers as they popped out and he padded forward. Shen, his coat rustling with the wind as it blew over him and made his ears twitch in the cool air. He was one of the younger wolves and whenever he found one always seemed to stare at the Amora flowers when they appeared. His mother had told him of the white wolf they were named from, legends and stories so he always paid special attnetion to them. He thought they were beautiful and he couldnt help but wonder if the wolf who they were named for truly existed and whether she was beautiful as well. He yawned, his large canines exposing themselves as his jaws opened. For such a young wolf Shen was one of the biggest, wide shoulders and long legs as well as a thick body built with powerful muscles all matured what may even be considered early at his age. He laid down near one of the flowers, not falling asleep yet and just staring at it for the moment. Dispite his recent yawn he wasent that tired, ever since he got her his paws itched to take to the wind and find how far this strange land went, but he watched for his pack, itch or no itch he wouldnt abondon them. He started licking his paw before looking towards the main group with one eye.
  11. Noka slowly lifted her head at the sound of one of the wolves getting up. She looked down at the little.pup sleeping next to her and slowly stood up making.sure to make subtle movements and not wake the baby.
    She watched Shen staring intently at these strange new flowers. She slowly walked up to where he was laying. She had never seen them before but he seemed to be completely comfortable around the plants.
    "What are they ?" She asked, squinting her eyes due to the wind
  12. Shen looked over at the sudden intruder to his peace and saw Noka looking at him and the flowers he watched. "They are Amora flowers, named after the godess of wolves who supposily watches over the spirit world of all animals." He said looking at the flowers again though he seemed to be watching Noka out of the corner of his eyes. "We've traveled threw year long enough to see more then a few though many are dormant when we see them but most of us dont notice. We check hunting conditions and where we are, yet we dont take in the beauty this place offers dispite the danger." Shen suddenly stands and looks over at Noka. "True this place is more dangerous then what we left, but i dont regret coming here. This is a beautiful place." Then he gave off his usual pleased if not slightly arrogant air. "Besides i dont mind the challenge of this places prey, it keeps me in shape." He looked at the flowers a last time then looked at the sky. "That was so much smaller on our old planet." He said looking at this planets approximation of the moon.
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    Fenris got up as soon as he realized Smoke was in a playfull mood, wagging his tail, he jumped upwards in a playfull manner, landing with his upper body lowered as he continued to wag his tail. He felt like taking turns chasing each other around, but, he looked at Smoke in a slightly quizzical manner as if wondering if he had any ideas of his own.
  14. Nokia listening politely to Shen speak, has briefly glanced over at the two playing wolves but turned her gaze back towards the flowers. She barely remembered the stories but she didn't remember anything about these flowers yet they seemed very familiar. She inched closer and gave one a sniff and poked it with her nose gently,
  15. The flowesr had amora's that made wolves slightly woozy and sleepy making a world of deep sleep for the wolves and fellow animals. The goddess smiles as she walked along the group passing by everyone and sniffed the pups and then sat down and watched as the flowers released their scents around makiing wolves sleepy and pups tired as well. She closed her eyes gently and let the ice cold wind brush past them.
  16. Noka started to feel a little odd, In a slight panic she backed away from the flower unsure of how to feel. She suddenly felt very exposed and wasn't sure why she felt tired. An accidental whine slipped out as she sat down trying to not let the sleep take over. She took a few deep breathes and laid down.
    She tried to push her panic away but found it hard to do anything as darkness slowly clouded around her and she was fast asleep.
  17. Sabaku yawned, pawing at her nose in slight irritation. Exhaustion had suddenly hit like a wave, and it seemed unexpected. "You two ought to get to sleep." She said from her perch, eying Noka and Shen before slinking off the stump she had sat on. She moved over to Flame Tail, her mothers sister, and curled up with her back to the elderly wolf, laying her muzzle down on her paws. Her tail thumped on the cold ground, irritated by the cold.

  18. [​IMG]

    Scar saw how all the wolves and pups looked at the flowers. He knew what Amora flowers were. He was about to bark at them to get away. He started to feel tired. "Damn...flowers..." Scar was feeling dizzy and sleepy. He looked in every direction, he saw a flash of white fur, or was it black, he couldn't tell. Scar just flopped down and fell asleep.
  19. Amora smiles looking at them slowly and smiles watcjing as everyone falling asleep and her white fur flashes brightly as she looked at them slowly and smiles as her eyes glowed sharply as she started to teleport them away into the realm of her's the flowers shine brightly as the flowers magic wrapped around the wolves and taking them to the other wolves and they appeared in the new realm of amora.

    The alpha female woke up slowly and groaned gently looking around , she froze seeing the land was different, strange world around her and the pack now. She got up slowly the forest had no scents, other then the other wolves and she slowly woke up everyone "up come on" she said nudging everyone in slight panic as the world was different to them all.

    Amora sat above them on a large rock and looked at them all "Hello" she greeted everyone slowly.
  20. Shen soon fell asleep like the others, stumpling for a moment before sitting and then laying down. This affect had never happened to him before around the flowers. From what he saw his pack was falling asleep as well. He tried to move, to breath and mmove but he fell and slept.

    When he next gained conciousness he was being woken by the alpha female. He shot to his feet looking at the world around them for dangers only to realize to his shock that they werent in the clearing anymore. "Where?" He questioned to the alpha female in a slight panic before he heard a voice and he looked up at the large rock at a beautiful white wolf. "Who are you..." He asked cautiously. "Where are we?"
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