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  1. Plot : A pack of regular wolves fall asleep one night over a full moon , as they sleep the moon turns into a blue glowing color and takes the pack into an unknown placed a realm of the wolf goddess Amora, the wolf goddess, of wolves, forests, protection, The realm of Amora and also of the spirit and stars. But can they find her in this strange realm or will they learn how to become prey for the creatures that live in the realm of the wolf goddess, they are watched and they may see white flahes of fur, but only time will tell if they can truly find them.
    Pack Ranks
    Alphas: Alphas run the pack and are equals to each other. The is an Alpha male and Alpha female who are charged with making the decisions for the pack. They only hold absolute authority of the group and are responsible for its welfare and securing their territory. The rank may sometimes be challenged for, but rarely will other pack members stand by to allow their Alphas to be challenged. The rank is sometimes handed down to a pup or the Beta after the death of an Alpha.
    [Two – Both a male and a female – Through challenging, claiming a pack land, inheritance, through promotion.]
    {I am the Alpha female, the alpha male shall be choosen later on)

    Beta:The Beta is the second-in-command, as so to speak, as both Alphas share control of the pack. Betas are usually very skilled hunters, are strong and loyal. They are usually older, as experience serves the pack well. They are expected to help protect the pack, help arrange hunts, assist the Alphas when needed and help keep order within the ranks, lay boundaries and remove offending wolves from pack lands.
    [One – Either Gender – Appointed by the Alphas, fights.]

    Gamma:The Gamma is usually the runner-up in position for Beta-ship. They are usually either a little younger or a little older than the Beta, those few years making the difference in ability and/or strength. Gammas oversee the majority of hunts and aid the Beta when required. The Gamma is the bottom end of the pack’s uppermost level of dominance.
    [One - Either Gender - Appointed by the Alphas, fights.]
    Kappa:A little higher in rank than the average pack member. Kappas are around four or five years of age, Kappas usually do most of the scouting and border patrols, though they often aid in Yearling care and education them social structure/behavior and other skills needed to be intergraded into the pack come their second year. Kappas need to be tough and dominant, to help keep the unruly yearlings in line.
    [Four max. – Any gender – Alpha appointment, fights.]
    The Pack : The pack is everyone who is in the pack thats not a high leveled member, they are the ones needing to keep everyone in line, help everyone catch their food and keep their pack and borders safe and controled.
    [Max, Unlimted, Pack decides their own ranks as a pack]
    Omega:The lowest rank in the wolf pack and the most submissive wolf. They eat last and are smaller and weaker than the other wolves; usually very skittish. They often assist is watching the pups and play with them.
    [One – Any gender – Placement determined through dominance; gets pushed down to the bottom.]

    If the thing says Alpha chosen you can't join as one you can say you like the role and in the RP the Alpha (me) shall decide who places who where.
    Be respectful to all wolves even the Omega, This is like a real pack but even then they do show compassion to all wolves.
    Do not powerplay other wolves
    If you wish to ask me something, ask I am always very open.
    Be nice to all players
    Ask for ranks do not say you are the rank, ASK!
    All pack members care for one another

    Join forum

    Name :
    Age :
    Rank you wish for :
    Personality :
    History :
    Picture (real or anime is fine whichever you like)


    Name : Asula
    Age : 8
    Rank you wish for : Alpha Female
    Personality : She is a strong well trained alpha, who will do anything for her pack. She doesn't like to joke a lot, but is a blast to hang out with. She is very much an alpha wolf and isn't afraid to teach others who is alpha and not afraid to kick wolves out of her pack as well. But her temper and attacks are hard to bring on as she is always calm and collected but she can be deadly so watch out. She has been a pack Alpha for t awhile so she knows what ti takes to lead a pacl
    History : WIP
    Picture (real or anime is fine whichever you like)
    Name : Amora
    Age : looks 7 years old (around 320)
    Rank you wish for : Goddess of wolves, forests, protection, The realm of Amora and also of the spirit and stars, camoflouge, speed and stamia, fighting the best at night times. Poser over a spirit flower wolves know as the Amora flower it only blossoms every 50 years in a full moon but in this realm they are everywhere.
    Amora Flower, They come in all colors and glow brightly.
    Personality : Funny and Wise she wolf that understands every wolf personality and feelings. Able to control herself much more then a wolf from the human realm she is often a sneaky female able to get around without getting noticed . She is sly and can pull off tricks but often she play with pups. She is seruois when needed to be and isn't afraid to attack anyone who dares to stand in her way. being a goddess she can be hot headed but her temper is extreemly hard to flare but if you do ....RUN.
    History : Amora is the very first wolf to walk the earth, she became the goddess of the wolves and her realm of Amora. it was said that she was born from the Amora flower and every time when the flowers bloomed she walked the earth to where the flowers grew no where else only on water she can cross . her past is hazy and many wolves just know her as a goddess and nothing else, said to create every wolf in her image but often she is also the one that can take a life away through the darkness of night and coldness of fights with packs or within packs. She never seems to be fully known other then the myth of the Amora flower.
    Picture (real or anime is fine whichever you like)


    - The whole realm is 34,500 miles each way

    - The animals there, moose, elf, deer are twice the size that they normally are and are very agressive and not afraid to charge anything that they deem a threat

    - The amazing Amora flowers flourish here, growing everywhere , up in trees and on the lakes themselves, the flowers share a great role in the realm.

    - The forest is connected to everything in it. The forest is very much...alive

    -During the night you will hear Amora singing and the flowers glowing brighter and brighter, the only peaceful time in the realm is at full moons during the night

    - The great safe land of Amora is impossible to pass alone and to pass through the great lands you must work as a true pack

    - Amora is can see everything and often change things in the realm to make it diffcult and hard for wolves to pass through

    -Nothing is impossible in this realm if you do it as a team

    - There is a tree only that Amora can show others to, its a portal between the earth realm and the realm of Amora

    - the tree of souls is untouched by living creatures paws, five male moose of Amora guard it.
    -Your never alone in this realm, something is always watching you

    The Moose stands ten feet tall, extremely powerful kicks, antlers can kill a wolf easily and they are easy to be agressive

    The deer stand eight feet tall, antlers are sharp, their kicks and bites are what make them deadly.
    The Mountain lions , Big, mean and will kill cubs if they find them
    Spirit Wolves, They stand around eight feet tall, they CAN'T speak to touch a living wolf. They merely look and do nothing as their souls are to this realm and all past lives have been forgotten and now they live here like theur where alive. They speak all forms of tounge, all animals and often they are seen with a mysteryous white she wolf (Hint) They can only talk if they are allowed by Amora, each one is reborn ina different symbol to their heads, some are stars (leaders) some of golden blue swirls (Mothers) some of green glowing orbs on their forheads(Pups) and others are a grand symbol of Star (Elders)

    Speical Places

    The Dream Forest , Tree's give off a sleepy grasping smell, the wolves that pass by here easily fall asleep. They can dream or have nightmares but either way you will dream, sometimes you might get a dream from Amora if you are lucky.


    The Forest of spirits - Spirits live in this forest, wolves, elk moose anything

    The Lake of Amora - Amora will sing or talk on the lake, if yu drink the water you will feel dizzy but you will be fine after a while. You might hear the goddess whispering, yelping , snarling, snapping or giving you advise. But you might think you are going insane but you are not, its merely her own tricks playing out.
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  2. Name :Noka (female)
    Age : 5
    Rank you wish for : Beta or Gamma but I will not be offended if I receive something lower
    Personality : She is mostly quiet and watchful. She puts her whole heart and soul into the welfare of the pack she wouldn't hesitate to die if it meant keeping any of them safe. She believes that she can not be herself without the pack. She can be very sweet and tender but is quick to snap is someone is being disrespectful or endangering the pack.
    She spends a lot of time on watch, very alert, she rarely actually relaxes.
    History : She came into the pack as a very young wolf after her first pack that she was born into was murdered by travelers, she was nothing but a young pup and was the only survivor, she feels guilty about the situation and dedicates herself to constantly protect her current pack in order to try to make it up to herself and the pack she couldn't protect. This explains her cautious and watchful attitude.
    Picture (real or anime is fine whichever you like)
    noka wolf.jpg
  3. Alrighty, Accepted
  4. Awesome :) Do I get to know my rank now or am I waiting?
  5. No we are all waiting till we have more then five wolves in the pack
  6. [​IMG]
    Name : Sabaku
    Age : 6
    Rank you wish for : Gamma
    Personality : Sabaku is a wise for her age wolf, calm and collected, more in favor of looking out for the stragglers than seeking any sort of self promotion.
    History : Sabaku was born into the pack, though due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, was captured as a cub in a bare trap and taken in by humans. They tried to muzzle and train her, though she broke free only a few nights after being caught. She fled into the near by woods and howled for hours until the pack found her. Eventually her paw healed, though in the wold she still favors her left hind leg. She's a fierce hunter and her loyalty to the alphas who welcomed her back into the pack knows no bounds.
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  7. Ah, should I not have posted that yet??? Sorry if I over stepped my bounds!
  8. K makes sense :3
  9. No thats fine, she is accepted, but warned though everyone starts off as just part of the pack with no ranks . Till later on.
  10. Nova, for some reason I can only just now see your bio! I will happily edit mine, since mine seems pretty close to yours. ^_^;
  11. It is alright haha I was just going to talk to you about it and see if we could like, work around it or change a couple of things to make them seem more individual. I don't know if this helps but Noka is a bit anxious, and nervous, slow to trust, not really playful. She is easy to scare.
  12. I imagined Sabaku to be more cold and distant and hard to frazzle. Kind of a 'after what I've seen this is nothing' type of thing.
  13. Can we also have natrual born wolves to the pack as well ? Not all are being adopted into the pack most wolves are natrually born into the pack.
  14. I will change Sabaku's bio. Her personality will remain the same, but I will make her a born member of the pack. Gray wolf then?
  15. Alright cool. Mine tries to be sweet and gentle but she is normally to busy worrying and watching. Her experiences kind of shocked and traumatized her.
  16. How many members will there be in the pack? And yeah I figured whoever joins after this would be naturally born into it
  17. well Aluna is a timber wolf. She would be a timber or gray wolf as well.

    We need 7 or 8 wolves, guy wolves are welcomed to join
  18. Name: Fenris (Male)
    Age: 4
    Rank you wish for: Omega
    Personality: Awkward around most wolves (that aren't pups), timid, nice when you get past his quirks
    History: Fenris was always a more submissive, docile sort of wolf, despite eating last, and being scared rather easily, he was always rather polite and was actually pretty good with the pups, though on the downside he does look a little worse for wear and is weak as a result of his behavior. Over the years, he's always been a little hesitant to communicate much with other wolves, though he doesn't really mind playing around with the pups every now and then.
    Appearance (open)

  19. I've edited her bio, I'm looking for a new picture.
  20. Accepted York, alrighty AngelLass
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