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  1. Hello, I am Haviara, the alpha of the MoonGlaze pack. There are only 4 official packs allowed, this includes my own. I will allow other animals but wolves are preferred. You must consult me before starting your own pack. Lone wolves are very welcome!
    Now for details:
    The setting is set in a large canyon, It is a very large forest with a beautiful blue green lake in the middle. Many deer live here along side us wolves and other animals. The trees change along with the seasons, the winters are harsh and the prey are scarce. The packs normally live in hallows, the Moon Glaze pack hallow only has two enterences, the main and the emergency. It's lined with thick trees with a large grassy clearing in the middle, small rocky dens spot the clearing and the edges. There are many fish, rabbits, deer and other animals of prey.

    If you wish to start your own pack that's fine, but there can only be 4 packs in total, and you must consult me first. My pack is the starter, how ever you may not challenge me for the tittle of alpha in the Moon Glaze pack. Lone wolves and others are very welcome!
    You must be kind and take your pack members opinions into account.
    If someone is an animal of prey you may hunt them, but do NOT kill.

    Starting your own pack:
    If you have reviewed all of the rules before submitting a form randomly say potato in your form.
    Talk to me before doing so, so I may tell you if there is an opening.
    You must have a name and a description of where and what you want the hallow to look like.
    If you wish(and so it stays entertaining) your pack may start a fight with Moon Glaze.
  2. I'm gonna join!
  3. (May I join but instead if a wolf as a bear?)
  4. I'd like to join!
  5. I would also like to join o3o
  6. Yaaasss, welcome to the rp :3
  7. ... If this roleplay is still going on I would like to join...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.