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  1. [​IMG]
    (Yo, this is a fanbased roleplay but really it doesn't require too much general knowledge to join~)

    General Introduction
    Alrighty. Hi guys. So my latest gaming obsession has been the every so well written Interactive Cinema ,Wolf Among Us. I dunno if anybody here follows Telltale like I do but really I think the whole fairy tales modernized into darker versions of themselves has a shit ton of potential for roleplaying purposes. Also like I said obsession. I'm to impatient to wait for the next episode in the series so why not right?

    As my little notice above says - base knowledge about the story/game isn't really needed to join. All you need is a fairy tale character and a modern concept of them and maybe a read on list of important things down below~

    I'm accepting OCs and CCs (canon characters) as well.

    Important Things to know
    [1.] Fables are immortal. They can take a lot of damage but they won't die. The only way to really kill a Fable is by the decapitation of their head.

    [2.] All the fairy tales/myths we read about when we were young all took place in the homeland - all the Fables were forced to leave when a tyrant forced them out

    [3.] Mundies are those of the human world - completely oblivious to the existence of childhood characters like the Big Bad Wolf or Snow White.

    [4.] All the Fables live within a perimeter or precinct called Fabletown. (It's a squared off section of New York) They aren't exactly free to roam around in their true forms but it's comforting to know that more then half of the population all came from the same land as they did. It is expected that the fables act like normal mundies when not in privacy.

    [5.] The story takes place around 1970s and money is hard to come by. Many Fables have turned to desperate measures in order to survive. (Like The Little Mermaid became a stripper in the game after her funds became strapped) Some of the more fortunate fables manage to find jobs within their race's own secret government. (Like how Bigby or the Big Bad Wolf ended up as Sheriff/ Ichabod Crane from the headless horseman being the deputy mayor)

    [6.] Glamour is a special magic created by Fable witches. It's sold expensively to different Fables giving them more human like appearances. Glamour is a requirement for those who live within Fabletown. There are cheaper variations but they are illegal and don't last long.

    [7.] Fables who refuse the general rules of Fable Society; when caught by the Sheriff Bigby Wolf get sent off to the Farm, a country space somewhere in the outskirts of Fabletown which basically serves as a secret prison.

    [8.] I might add more to this list but for now that's basically it. Any questions' answers go here~
    Beforehand know that your character must be from any myth/fairy tail/fable. They need to be modernized to fit the time era (and ingame most characters are not as happy and poppy as the stories tell them). Also some fairy tale characters appear ingame so you might want to google who's avaliable. If your roleplaying a character from the game itself just fill out the form normally. (However Bigby is taken by me)
    Age: (Fables are immortal so most are above two hundred years old. They age slowly so like 220 years is about 22 in appearance)
    Appearance: Picture or desc, your choice.
    Glamour Appearance: How they look in their human form.
    Fable/Fairy Tale/Myth:
    Taken Fairy Tales/Characters
    • Red Riding Hood played by Rufiya
    • The Big Bad Wolf played by Rufiya
    • The King of Beasts played by Eternalfire
    • Bearskin played by Lonewolf
    • The Headless Horseman played by Lonewolf
    • Cinderella played by PardonMeSir
    • Maleficent played by Rufiya
    • Dar played by Kar
    • Cheshire Cat played by Ritual Lobotomy
    • The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs (Kin) played by LuluRS
    • Rapunzel played by Tazelwurm
    • Peter and The Wolf played by Tazelwurm
    • Alice in Wonderland played by Last Bunny
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  2. Such a fantastic game. I can't wait for episode three.

    In the mean time, I will definitely considering joining this. Do you need someone to play Bigby specifically? Or no?

    Edit: Obviously not. I admit I had missed then I first read it. I'll try and think of someone else to play then.
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  4. Save me a spot ok? xD
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  5. If you have a specific fable character you want all to yourself
    pm me who and I'll reserve them for you~
  6. Glamour Form

    Barry "Bearskin" Skidderson
    290, 29

    Kind and caring for other wildlife (Including animal based fairytale's like Bigby or the three pigs). He can also be stern, tricky, or
    aggressive depending on the mood he is in.

    Fable/Fairy Tale/Myth:
    BearSkin, a German Fairytale.

    True Form

    Glamour Form

    440, 44
    Rude, Hostile and Demanding
    Fable/Fairy Tale/Myth:
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    True Form


  7. Yo, you guys are accepted and wow. You made my sheet look amazing - my Bigby and OC sheet might take a bit so I can compete with y'all. Hehe.
  8. Also if y'all could can you help me advertise a bit? There needs to be more hype for this. Haha

    Because I personally want this roleplay to take off :3
  9. This deserves more people.
  10. I know right? :p
  11. Agreed, Have you made a banner for this? And I'll tell my friends >:3
  12. I submitted an app haha.

    Yes spread the word! ;3

    My chara sheets are still in the making but ought to be ready around tomorrow also.
  13. Very goood! Now does this have a plot at all or????
  14. There is a storyline yes - with already planned out event and moments. It takes place a couple years before the game as the residents of fabletown split up into factions.
  15. [​IMG]
    Lucinda Rella
    Age: 230 | 23 'Human' years
    Gender: F
    Although Lucinda appears to be quite a kind and pleasant woman to all of fabletown's citizens and her customers, In reality all of her kindness is mostly a facade to cover up her darker persona aswell as to not reveal what she truly is... A spy and assassin. Being a spy for a princess is actually quite surprising--as she is also well known to the stories told to a child or little girl which is why her shop was made. To cover her dark passenger side up and not reveal or taint her beautiful reputation and ruin the dreams and whatnot of the little ones. Few people know of this 'secret', most notibly bigby wolf as she works under him at certain times aside from her independent work and she seems to enjoy this.

    Because Lucinda is a professional at espionage, it isn't surprising that she can be vulpine, good at persuasion, aswell as being a master temptress and a quick thinker. But to some it would be--because for crying out loud this is Cinderella or 'Lucinda'! The goody princess and kind shoe maker / shoe store owner known throughout town!

    Now here comes the astounding assassin part. How is Lucinda able to kill without feeling of hesitation 'legally'? Because she almost doesn't have a heart. You need a true heart to feel and hesitate during a kill, but Lucinda doesn't have a heart to do such things during a kill. Yes, Lucinda can indeed feel compassion and sympathy, but not truly. But when she does, she won't show it in most cases. Since shes a very independent person, she learns how to deal with things and move on. She kills with reason and good reasons too which is unquestionable.

    "Killing people is easy, making them suffer is an art."
    She once said to bigby, and he understood. No one dares to stoop up to her level, may it be because of her known kindness or secretive reputation, but those who are brave enough to do so--suffer in the end. She knows how to play her cards right and when, because she keeps her emotions in check herself.

    Show Spoiler


    Glamour Appearance: ( Very top images, 3 picture set )
    Fable/Fairy Tale/Myth: Cinderella

    { N a m e }
    Show Spoiler
    Despite having her full name being 'Lucinda Rella' (luCINDA RELLA) which sounds like a dead give away to her fable identity 'Cinderella' no human is aware of it, sometimes even other fables.

    { T h e G l a s s S l i p p e r S h o p }
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler
    Similar to the mad hatter owning a hat shop, Lucinda's cliche is owning a shoe shop for both 'boys and girls' of all ages and sizes. A unisex shoe store basically and surprisingly popular to buy footwear of all types. It may seem small and elegant from the outside ; almost fairy tale like--but inside -which also seems small- is a very deep store with few doors and stair cases leading to different types of ginormous rooms of footwear of all different kinds. She is even known for making shoes hand made from scratch--expensive or cheap they will still look nice with nice fabric and whatnot. Which is probably why people in poverty like her--people in general. Because its her generosity and fairness as class does not matter to this fairly young looking woman. The shop is also used to cover up her real persona and job--which is being fabletown's secret independant spy and assassin for bigby wolf the sheriff.

    [​IMG] { Club 22 }
    - video tour ; replace the disney stuff with fable stuff XD-
    **inspired by disney's club 33 but of course instead of being based on Disney--It'll be based on those in fable**
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler
    Club 22 is a 'secret'..Well a private club where only special members are able to come in -most notably, members of fables and even Prince Charming himself-. In general it is off limits to the general public and located exactly across from Lucinda's glass slipper shop. This building stands out then the rest of the other buildings around fabletown, and its most notable feature is a ornate address plate with the number 22 engraved on it. Surprisingly no one dares try to break in it and the members known and rumored to be associated with it are the 'fable people' by people who know about the fables (no not humans). It is said that the 22 engraved on the plate was symbolic and connected to Cinderella if you were to flip the curly cursive 22 upside down making it a cursive 'C'.

    Yet, Club 22 is no 'party club'. In fact, Club 22 is a fancy wining and dining place mostly, as well as a massaging salon with a bar inside. It is very elegant with curtained windows and few non-fable people are members of the club as well--for a very expensive price. 'Humans' who are members are allowed to come during the day usually, Unbeknownst of them secretly joining their childhood characters from fables without even knowing or realizing it because they're disguised! So making the 'fable people' members being members of the club merely sound like a urban legend or myth. On some extremely rare occasions human members are invited to come at night but that's almost a never and like said absolutely rare since the night belongs to the fable people to be in peace usually. May it be in their true form or not. Once its night, From the outside the club appears to be 'closed' and quiet with lights off but in actuality that's just 'magic' to make it appear that way.

    The meaning of '22' means lots of things secretly. Like if the 2's are flipped it becomes a double cursive 'C', believed to represent ' Cinderella ' and 'Lucinda' secretly (her identities) While it may also mean the 22 main people of Fabletown ( Bigby Wolf, Ms. White, Radford, Bearskin, Pinocchio, Prince Charming, ETC.). Another one that raises speciousness is that one 'C' may represent Cinderella and the other 'C' representing Prince Charming when they were together but mostly after the divorce when Prince Charming 'gave' Cinderella lots of money after their big divorce to be 'forgiven'.

    But since club 22 is known to be extravagantly luxuriousness, fancy looking, and filled with riches and elegance, you don't have to or need to dress up to the nines exactly. Unless theres a special occasion but people do naturally show manners there for some reason. Lucinda in fact, does own this very high class place and its where every fable also deserves to have a break, relax, and hang out whenever they feel stressed usually. They're the ones who get in for free but despite this great deal pay her money naturally because they think she deserves it or as an act of kindness. This club was made around the same time as her glass slipper shop, using Prince Charming's money... But technically it doesn't belong to him.

    { A S e c r e t }
    Show Spoiler
    Like said, Lucinda Rella is a former spy and assassin of fabletown, sometimes -most notibly- for bigby wolf alone. Though her generous and kind behavior is questionable, it is both a facade and isn't--as she is known as being the most 'kindest' and 'fairest' person in fabletown. But very few people know the real deal, Bigby especially knows her true nature and dark personality and wouldn't even dare try and stoop up to her level -unless for a truly good reason, mostly to keep her in check when she loses herself which is rare- because he knows her skillful ability and talents already.

    { P r i n c e C h a r m i n g }
    Show Spoiler
    The womanizer of fabletown, despite being his last wife and ex-wife, she liked him but in a sense of actuality, did not truly love Prince Charming. In other words, she didnt feel much compassion for him like he did for her -which was surprising to all of fabletown that he actually truly loved a woman like her and not leave her-. Everyone knew his infamous reputation of being a womanizer, but the thought of him actually wanting to settle down with Lucinda Rella, 'Cinderella' truly was so.... Shocking and unbelievable. This was not just any marriage compared to being with Snow White or rose where he left them once bored--the man was actually serious about Lucinda. The first person he really fell for truly, yet the last person he would be devoted to.

    3 years he enjoyed being with her in marriage, 3 years she suffered as she deliberately placed herself in the situation with him. They dated when she was 17, married when she was 19 and she was stuck with him until 22. Marrying him was 30 years of suffering in fable years ok? 30 damn years of being with someone she didnt truly feel for. Yes, before in the very beginning she liked the former womanizer and in their first 6 months of marriage enjoyed it but for the next 2 and a half years she remained only to make the marriage seem more realistic. She can't divorce him immediately, so Lucinda bared with it longer and sucked everything up.

    Once the time came, Prince Charming was not happy about her desperately wanting a divorce she longed for ever since. And this was when Lucinda was 21 actually so he refused and didnt sign papers to divorce them. He didnt want to and became wary and easily jealous soon whenever she was with another male. So it would be that now Lucinda would stay stuck with him an extra year. As much as bigby understand and wanted to help Lucinda as a close friend about the situation he couldn't as a sheriff. So she planned.

    When a year passed Lucinda independently managed to make her husband sign the papers. How? On their big anniversary night. Now taking down Prince Charming was hard--but it seems as though dear goody cinderella did it. On their anniversary a big party was held, everyone being invited. It was simple. Our dear cinderella drunkened our dear womanizer prince up first. She then asked with a smug grin but seeing as he wasnt drunk enough he grinned muttering to her,"No.".

    "And how did I know you were going to say that darling?"

    Giggled Lucinda handing him another drink. This time the drink was spiked with a drug that made Prince Charming ditzy and weakened. Lucinda played it cool as he held onto his hand and walked him up some grand stairs inside the castle where their party was held and gave him the night of his life before they came out the room again. A sobbing Lucinda rushing out the room.


    She shrieked. Everyone gasped and soon Prince Charming came out with a grin, still drugged."Everyone, pardon her imprudent behavior." Chuckles the prince who seemed confident. He walks down the stairs holding onto the railing with a wide grin and kissed a girl. Everyone gasped at the sobbing cinderella and despised this womanizer. Now obviously Prince Charming was drugged still, while fooling around in the room before, Lucinda had told him what to exactly say and do, to which Prince Charming drugly agreed. So this was set up, planned, and an act.

    Prince Charming would appear to be the bad guy--who 'threatened' and forced cinderella to divorce him--not the darling Cinderella. So guests threw Prince Charming out and comforted the sobbing cinderella until the end of the party.

    As everyone left, Lucinda asked her close friend bigby to stay and help her clean. He agreed and when the doors shut leaving them two a smirk appeared across her face as she stares at her best friend. Bigby, befuddled at first began to slowly smirk aswell.

    "Help me bring the womanizer back to his room. Where ill leave the legal documents of the divorce on him once he wakes up."

    Said Lucinda triumphantly. Bigby shook his head as he walked outside grabbing Prince Charming and placed him back into his room."I'll be taking the divorce papers and submitting them in. I'll give them to you by the morning where you can show him." Chuckled bigby walking out with Lucinda.

    Soon it was morning. Prince Charming woke up in a room alone and gestured up slowly. A groan escaped his lips as a fat and stuffed envelope fell from his stomach. It labeled in old cursive -which was fancy-.


    The handsome male opened it reading it with squinted eyes and raised an eyebrow looking around. Lucinda wasnt around? He soon reread the letter much more carefully and slowly did his eyes widen as bulge out of anger. Lucinda took everything he had, almost everything atleast--she was generous enough to leave him 2500 $ in his account and a apartment! Prince Charming was ENRAGED, about this outrageous divorce and news--there was also a news paper and he soon ran out the building asking people about Lucinda with the papers in his hands.

    Hours, he found Lucinda at noon. She was outside her shop next to snow white merely talking and prince charming stormed her way. he roughly yanked her by her wrist and began yelling forgetting they were in public. More emphasis on his 'bad guy' reputation she gave him and very one gasped. Lucinda appeared frightened and soon Bigby came along yanking Prince Charming away.

    "You're breaking a law."
    "What law?"
    "A restraining order."

    Soon Prince Charming was taken away and as Bigby looked over his shoulders at his best friend he gave her a friendly smirk and wink, knowing that beneath her two hands that covered her false sobbing face, was a smile back at him and that was Lucinda Rella's happy ending in her opinion. Now its been a year since the divorce. No price charming is not in jail--he only went for a few hours before getting bailed. But he will always remember that Lucinda is a "Manipulative and sneaky b*tch."


    { Bigby Wolf | 'The Big Bad Wolf' | Close Friend }
    Show Spoiler
    The terror-fable Lucinda had used to call him, as this Big and bad wolf was known to being a terror amongst the animalistic fable tales and stories like three little pigs, red riding hood, etc. She couldn't exactly describe their odd way of meeting each other--besides bigby who was hired to imprison her while she was hired to 'annihilate' him in any way possible. The two had one thing in common though, and that was the fact that they were both 'untamable' and unable to 'catch'. They were unstoppable you can say in their own unique ways and little did they know that they were both similar in some ways. At the time being assigned such a task Lucinda was fairly young--16 to be exact. She had just turned 16 and had heard many things about Bigby -who was probably around 18-20-. She was frightened of him yet never admitted such a thing. She heard things but never before has she seen Bigby's true werewolf form. So when the time came the closest she got to seeing was him in his 'half' were wolf form. Where his eyes were wolf like eyes when he was very angered--yet not aggressive enough to show his full wolf form that was as big as a lion as they told her.

    Although they were out to get at each other's throats, it wasn't long before Bigby managed to imprison the former princess whom he realized was very fox like and vulpine. And the relationship between a wolf and a fox was complex in nature. Yet he spared her life for an unknown reason that he refuses to tell even to this day, and cleared out the prison record he gave her before allowing her to escape unnoticed. Somehow he managed to play it slick for her yet he didn't know why he helped her--A 'criminal'. Once freed Lucinda stepped down from the task and immediately was her evil step mother mad. Little did she know, Bigby had done the same with whoever he was working for her as well. He still couldn't explain why he cared so much about her that even weeks without seeing her around any more it for some reason felt unbearable. But in actuality, Lucinda was around fable town away from her evil step mother, once in a while watching him and wanting to talk to him yet fleeing intimidated by him catching the sight of her around. She was like a child running away from a clown or something and it went on again.

    For the second time after a whole month Lucinda was walking with her evil step sisters and step mother. She saw the wolf and stopped behind a tree to look at him a moment before slinking away. Still 16, Lucinda feared Bigby might take her to prison again or even call her out to attack or fight or something and Bigby knew exactly why she ran off every single time he caught her.
    But the third time, the Fox went boldly up to the wolf and, without turning a hair,had managed to say , "Hello, there, old top." To which a friendship was formed with a slight interest for one another that slowly formed.

    Bigby and Lucinda had obviously fell for each other. Yet they never went out with one another. It was a complicated relationship where they were going out yet wasn't at the same time. It was confusing to explain. Whenever asked Bigby would merely say yes, yet Lucinda would say no, or vise versa. This resulted to a one night stand that was bound to happen. But they still didn't call it official because there'd be severe consequences. Lucinda would either be killed by Bigby's pack -at the time Bigby was naturally worshipped by other wolves like a god so was forced to be in a pack- or punished by her evil step mother while Bigby would also be hunted down by his pack of vicious wolves who had a lack of moral.

    But once his pack whom lacked moral caught Lucinda's scent on him it wasn't a pretty sight to see them try and attack her while he fought them off. The short answer: he saved her from his now ex-pack of wolves and finally became a lone-wolf. It wasn't long before he shut her out by force from him until she began dating Prince Charming a year after. Once she dated Prince Charming, Bigby was already in a commited relationship with maisie as well yet the news about the infamous prince charming with a beauty like her had bothered him bit by bit and he didnt understand why if he was over her.

    Slowly the wolf came back to her to which they became long time close friends instead, agreeing that if with each other specifically there'd be way to many unpredictable and dangerous drama. But animal hybrids like him had this undying loyalty they held with an urge or temptation of some sort -especially to their first lover- to which it had occasionally caused small problems in bigby's relationship with Maisie few times before try for married.

    A little after the wolf and the girl's marriage, 2 years passed and news spreaded as fast as the sore of light within the fable world. Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming were getting married! Now, everyone took this fairly well. Everyone yet not Bigby whom didnt show it since he was being mature at the time. Him and Maisie surprisingly went to the wedding and did not object. It wasnt long after that Bigby was the one who longed to hang out with her more, better yet even possibly rip Prince Charming's guts out, but Lucinda was a busier young lady now and it couldn't be helped. It was like a smack in a face to him but Lucinda in the end always managed to make things up for him--often going to friendly dinners together or a simple friendly date.

    With Bigby half the times leaving Maisie to visit Lucinda whether it be at her shop a few distance away he couldn't help himself, that was when Maisie formed a sort of hatred and jealously towards Lucinda ever since bigby's 'obsession' with her came back. To which half the times back at Bigby, Lucinda sent him back deliberately to hang out with Maisie just as much as he wanted to hang with her. It was fairer. But after the first year of lucinda's marriage she found herself disliking price charming and often talked to bigby about him whenever asked about her day or marriage to which the talk began to turn into her own complaint for advice and they began to hang out more often like before.

    3 years Bigby did that little on and off thing and whenever Maisie knew or felt the real deal and scolded him, to which he grew somewhat accustomed to it yet bitterly annoyed the slightest bit whenever Maisie called Lucinda names during an argument. But then again things didnt work out for them in their marriage in the first place.

    It wasnt long before Lucinda and Prince Charming of course divorced. Now that lead to another one night stand. A stressed princess and a wolf who longed for her in his arms again for years finally got what he wanted despite being married to Maisie while their complicated affair went on. Once Maisie found out--she was a wreck. His wife like all wives who had a husband that made a mistake by cheating, went ballistic on him and immediately was a divorce made right on the spot. Afterwards red riding hood indeed became a terrible wreck and went bankrupt nearly being a hobo. The reasons of their divorce is unknown even to this day and not even Bigby tells anyone what happened. He often questions now about the past but it doesn't seem to bother or guilt him anymore.

    Yes, the wolf knows what he done wrong before. But the wolf also knows how to move on and learn. To think it was to 'not cheat on those you are committed to' that was what Bigby already knew but his moral is,"Dont be with someone you don't really love." Along with Lucinda as well who had the same moral. Bigby's only concern really is the wreck Maisie is in and he still seems to have a secret affair of some sort with Lucinda to this day!
    I know it ain't Lucinda shhh D8<

    { Radford Murphy | ? ? ? | ? ? ? }

    { Barry 'Bearskin' Skidderson | Bearskin | Friend / SOON TO BE love interest }
    Barry and Lucinda are on very great terms with each other. They occasionally see each other rather coincidentally and whenever one spots the other somewhere that person happens to approach the other and start a friendly conversation that ends up typically being a long one on some cases.

    Although Barry is a bear, Lucinda is often surprised by his kindness. Generally animalistic fables who are predators are often all tough or confident or other things along those lines, even brooding. She had expected him to be something like Bigby but hes different--naturally kind and usually easy to approach. Even with other fables, and this has somehow got into her in a good sort of way.

    Whenever Lucinda sees Barry she has this odd urge of just being childish with him and hugs him-as to her, knowing that hes a bear--she naturally considers him like a 'teddy bear' almost or a 'cuddly beast' similar to Bigby. She for whatever reason always held a spot for the animalistic fables anyways and so cuddling some as well as babying them was a natural thing for her to do.

    After some time of talking and slowly developing a closer relationship through out the roleplay, Lucinda will slowly start to fall for Barry. Yet its questionable if she actually wants to be with him or he with her.

    { Maisie Scarlett | Red riding hood | Enimies }
    Little red riding hood is a person Cinderella formerly doesn't socialize with in general to be honest. The only times the two socialize was when Maisie was with Bigby or of Bigby invited Lucinda to a special occasion of his for whatever reason. Lucinda is a very civil girl, so politeness was everything. Although her and Maisie chatted few times so little they were never close to becoming friends, until Maisie raised some suspecion on Bigby towards Lucinda that was when Maisie began to look at Lucinda as a natural enemy once she assumed--not Lucinda who is barely that concerned with her at all.

    { ? ? ? | ? ? ? | ? ? ? }
    { ? ? ? | ? ? ? | ? ? ? }
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  18. I surely will stay around.
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    and my pin up scarlett johansson/70's looking set fit for cinderella
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    I just need personality and 'other crap' to add >~< when will the rp start?:0
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