GROUP RP PLOTTING WoD, its on... soon

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Interest check and plotting for a new WoD (world of darkness) game.
The books that will most likely be used are:

World of Darkness: Core Rulebook
Vampire: The Requiem
Werewolf: The Forsaken
Mage: The Awakening
Breedbook - Nagah
Demon: The Fallen
Hunter: The Vigil
Ghouls - Vampire: The Requiem Sourcebook

So thoughts? feelings? WHat are you lookign for in a WoD game?

Post so that we may ignore you and then do our own thing.

(To be GMed by Vay and Ozzie)
I was the original inspiration, so ofcourse im interested XD just let me know when you get a character sheet up.
As I said... Mage is not one that goes well with cross genre as they litterally can over power the other genres.

However Mages do present a good enemy... Banisher Cabals are kinda like Hunters. While they go after mages they might see a vampire as some sort of blood mage.
I do believe I might play a vampire for this if I have the chance to join.

Mr Faces would be fun...
Carter, Sly, what would you like to play?