Woah, a lot's changed!

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  1. Hey everyone! Not trying to be a downer, but, if anyone missed me, I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly! I'm back after like 6 months of inactivity! I had some intense family issues arise, my brother in law got into a very bad car accident and we had to g oout of state to help him. After a month of that he flew back to VA via the hospital and now we are helping him rehab! He is doing much better and he is lucky to be alive after flipping his car 5 times and hitting 2 trees >.> (Fell asleep at the wheel).

    Anyways, I hope everyone is faring well and I look forward to getting into some new RPs soon! If you have an RP in mind, feel free to drop a link here!!
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  2. Woah, I'm glad your brother is okay and I wish him the best in recovery! Also, welcome back. We haven't met before but it's okay, we have now. :)
  3. Welcome back, Pepper. If memory serves, you're a Prosperos kinda dog.
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  4. You know me too well, [MENTION=10]Asmodeus[/MENTION]. I'll be thinking up a character today and hopefully joining by tomorrow at the latest.
  5. I'm happy you are safe and back, Pepper-sans.
    We're here for ya, mister Doctor man.
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