WMMWWM: Wane Moonscars Massive World of Wild Miscreants (No OoC's)(No rules)(Just pure fun)

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  1. Wane Moonscar's Massive World of Wild Miscreants (No OoC)(No rules)(Just pure fun)

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    Did I say no rules? I meant no rules unless I say so >:P, now have fun.
    Any type of character, any story, it could go anywhere

    Name: Wane Moonscar

    Age: 16 3/4

    Personality: Crazy, Narcissistic,Makes stupid jokes a lot,Flirtatious, the kind of guy you want to slap accross the face for being annoying and stupid

    Appearance: Black hair, Blue eyes, wears purple cloak, black clothes, blue amulet

    Weapon of choice: Chainsaw launcher (Is that range or melee? I don't know) and magic (Blue Aura: Stun/Paralyze enemy Purple Aura: Harm/Do the Macarena enemy)

    Other: Don't touch his cookies
    *Bio goes however the hell you want it to go, go crazy. Or don't do a bio. You lazy...must restrain cursing...

    Wane was bored. He was so bored that life just couldn't keep up with how awesome he was. In fact, he decided, it was time to start fresh. So with a wave of his hand over his blue amulet he teleported himself to his own universe.

    There was a large grassy field, it had many wildflowers and poisonous mushrooms scattered about, well, he wasn't sure if they were poisonous, he had yet to taste test. There was a giant rock to the edge of the round field, A few large trees and bushes went around the perimeter of the grassy circle, and there was a sparkly lake that he could just see behind some trees, sea monsters and mutant looking fish jumped out from it "Cool!" he laughed, just like the time he dumped radioactive waste in his local pond. There was a gold box at the center of the field, inside it was anything imaginable. Any weapon you would ever want, any food, any feminine (or manly man) hygiene product, and cookies. It was at his fingertips.

    "Sweet", his fangs glistened as he grinned mischieviously, it appears he suddenly has fangs now, despite the fact that he is not a vampire and a short while ago he did not have said fangs. "There's only one thing missing here" He waved his hand in the air and the amulet glowed.

    "Come everyone, transport to my awesome epic world of epicness" he then furrowed his brow and growled "But no one touch my cookies!"

    It is now possible for anyone to transport into Wane's World of Wildness.
  2. (This looks sweeeet! :D)

    Name: Zara Nobody

    Age: 17 4/4

    Personality: Cold, distant, sarcastic, cool, confident and has a reputation of being one of the most deadly and cruel assassins out there. Once you crack the rock that is her shell, you get a honorable and trustworthy warrior, who is a very good alley to have... If you want all your enemies around you to lost the upper half of there bodies in a split second.

    Appearance: Zara tands at 5"8'. Her skin is pale, her eyes are a dull metalic grey and her hair is red at the top, but becomes black as it flows down. If someone has never heard of Zara (which is unlikely) they would never guess she was an assassin. Her clothes are quite normal and a little figuring hugging. They are black and white in general, with some contrasting red thrown in (Sometimes, it's not an accessory or a pattern...)


    Weapon of choice: Energy Whip (Info: It's name is Punishment. When not in use, the whip is in stand-by mode and sits comfortably in her criss-crossing two belts. That is when you just see the black and silver handle. Then, when Zara activates it, the whip is a crimson red colour and can stretch out to any length) (Range or Melee: Range) (Magic: None. Zara has imense and frightening skill with her whip and many find that quite supernatural!)

    Other: Zara can tell when someone is lying in the instant they do so. She also is hopeless in emotional situations, having a nervous break down when someone cries or is deeply upset, having no idea what she has to do.

    Bio: Little is known about Zara. No one asks the questions and Zara is content enough not to answer them. Zara has no memory of her life. Some hazy events come back to her in dreams, but it is a mystery to her as it is to everyone around her. She woke up stormy night, covered in rain and blood. Dead bodies lay around her and in her hand, she clutched her Energy Whip. Then she just walked... She didn't even try to figure out who she was, why she was just lying there or why she might have killed the ones around her. She gave herself the name "Zara Nobody". She was no one. She had no identity, no family or friends. She was nothing. She got Zara from... Zara was just a pretty sweet name. She just walked and killed those she found disgusting. Scum of the earth. No one could deny the people she killed were horrible people, but it was just the way she did it. She was so cold... So... "Used to it"as she put it herself. After the first few kills she name the Energy Whip "Punishment" as that was what she carried out with that weapon of hers. Whispers spread like wildfire about a girl who killed the wicked without remorse... For free. Soon she was getting clients. People in tears, pleading her to kill the ones had had ruined her life. Zara did so. Zara is bored now. Bored of her surroundings and the people there. It was a clean world thanks to her. She had brought redemption. She has punished all the wicked... So I guess she has to find some more!

    Off into the Massive World of Wild Miscreants!

    Zara blinked... Where was she now? Zara always forget how she did things that weren't assassinating people. How did she get into the room? How did she open the pickle jar without realising it? Things like that. She looked around and shrugged, "A place is a place after all... And a place has evil." She looked down at Punishment, snuggled in her belts, ready and willing to be called upon. She smiled softly, "I guess I'll just do what I always do when I wake up in a strange place. I take a walk." Zara chuckled to herself. Remembering that fateful day always made her do so? Should it? Oh well.

    She walked on, her hands swinging by her side. She made sure the fingers of her right hand brushed against Punishment's hilt. She stopped and bit her lip. She felt uneasy in this world...She sensed something. Danger?... AWESOMENESS! The irrational part of her mind that woke up from time to time, screamed gleefully at her. She mentally crushed it back into it's dormant state. Awesomeness? Pfft. No place could just give off an aura of awesomeness!... Or could it? She laughed out loud at herself and then walked on, "This place is quite strange though, making my mind act this way... And did I just laugh a second ago?"
  3. Wane saw that a female with black and bloodred hair had arrived "Aha, a wench has arrived" he transported in front of her "Greetings, wench, I am Wane Moonscar, the most sexy and awesome person of awesomeness ever!" He became subject to his maniacal laughter, his body racked with tremors and he fell to the ground rolling around like an (awesome) idiot. He then stopped, stood up, and cleared his throat as if nothing had happened. Wane gave a mischievious smile and the crescents under his eyes made him seem harliquin-esque. "It appears you have come to bask in the glory that is me. Well come woman, do bask, bask I say!"

    Wane floated over to the goldly golden box at the center of the field, he opened it and threw random objects into the field. A rubber duck, a flaming sword, a giant plush bear, a chair, a salt shaker, an old man, a bar of soap. He nearly threw some old spice, but stopped, rubbing it accross his body and eating some of it before proceeding to throw it. He continued throwing random objects out of said box. Finally, Wane had found the object worthy of epicness.

    He pulled it out of the box, fingers trembling, then fell to his knees, his arms holding it to the sky like some sacrosanct relic "It's...a cookie!..." He began to break into tears, consumed by the glory of the cookie "Isn't it beautiful wench, a cookie!"
  4. Zara stopped and looked at the boy that had magically appeared in front of her. She retreated just a little bit when the boy started rolling on the floor laughing manically. Something about sexiness awesomeness? She wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying... Until she remembered a few of his sentences. Woman? Wench?! This boy was strange. He was crazy. This Wane Moonscar obviously had a death wish.

    She watched him with cold, killer grey eyes as he started playing with that golden box. He pulled out something eventually. Holding it up to Heaven. What did he say it was? A cookie?

    ......... Four times. Three for WENCH. One for WOMAN. Zara took a deep breath and closed here eyes. Then as quick as a viper, she whipped oit Punishment and without opening her eyes, she hit the bottom of his legs, hopefully tripping him up. She cracked the whip, opened her steel eyes slightly and coiled it round his wrist and hand that held his devine snack. She twisted the hilt, trying to hurt him like hell. Then her head snapped back, the wind blew back her hair in a deadly and pretty damn epic fashion. Her eyes were fully opened now, coolly piercing into his soul. Then she smirked, "I really don't think you have the right to call yourself awesome... Until you're an assassin... And can do that."

    Zara then prepared herself to say the most embarrassing line in her career, "Call me by my name, boy or... Or" (Be strong Zara) "The Cookie gets it!" ... Even growling the sentence didn't make it sound less stupid.
  5. Wane tripped and her whip gripped his snacking wrist, the wind whipped her hair like some awesome demented woman that was a harbinger for punishment. This was a lady worthy od the title awesome that constantly emanated from his world. She said something about being an A sass inn, whatever that was, why would she call herself something like that? "Call me by my name...or...or...the cookie gets it." She stuttered

    Wane shrieked like a girl "No! Not the cookie! The cookie has done nothing wrong!" Wane's lower lip trembled "I am sorry 'by my name', but please, spare the cookie! Spare the innocently innocent cookie!"
  6. Zara wrinkled her nose in disgust at the boy's high pitched shriek. Why was he making such a big deal out of a cookie?... Well, she had already established he was strange... Maybe she would be nice and leave it at that for now. She gave a loud sigh, flicked Punishment's hilt and the energy quickly flashed and retreated into it's black and silver base.

    She scowled at him and pointed the hilt at him, "Nobody. Zara Nobody... If I can remember this correctly, you are Wane Moonscar." she said coolly, examining him up and down. Then she spotted the golden box, raised her delicate eyebrow and looked back at him, "Tell me where I am and what you do here." She wasn't asking. She was ordering and she hoped he would realise that. This world was...Was... In a crude description... Messed up.
  7. "You are correct Nobody, I am indeed Wane Moonscar" he stared at the cookie reverently then wolfed it down voraciously, crumbs falling from his face "And as for where you are what you do here. This is my world, I created it to make the sorry lives of people less miserable and more awesome. I personally made it possible for anyone to teleport here of their own will." He beamed "Here, you can do whatever you want. The chocies are ENNNDDDLEEEESSSSSS!!!!!" He dissappeared, popping up far away, at the lake. "I am on a seahorse" He stood atop a hippocampus creature that whinnied in annoyance and bucked. Wane flew into the air. A long snakelike seawater launched out of the water with a spray of seafoam, sharp teeth bared. Wane made a chainsaw launcher materialize in his hands and pulled the trigger, releasing a chainsaw and cleaving it in half. He landed on the shore and gave her a wide grin from afar.
  8. Zara's heald cocked to the side, "A world of your creation? Endless possibilites?..." Zara thought about what she could say in responce. She went with, "I see..."

    She watched him do his magical tricks with a black expression, her thoughts somewhere else. She got transported her of her own free will? She'd never heard of this place before, so how could she possibly be brought here?... Maybe it was because of her boredom. Boredom with the dark, cruel and bitter world she had lived in. She had killed in. She looked away from the boy as to actually absorb the world around her. She hadn't realised how bright it was. Probably because of all the "awesomeness" that radiated from it. She rolled her eyes and looked back to Wane, grinning at her.

    She game a slight smile. She wasn't used to giving genuine smiles, so it was probably very chilling to Wane, "So this place? Is there anyone else here or do you have to materialize them first?.. Where are you originally from? I mean... You must have been born in another place and then created this one, right?"
  9. ((Not very many people joined D: I'll probably make a new character than haunt Lee if he/she doesnt show *Cocks chainsaw launcher-*))

    Wane slid over to Zara until he faced her, still holding his clownish grin. Then shrugged "People may come as they please, whether subconscious or voluntary" Wane gasped "Oh no! I sounded smart!" He plucked up the mushroom from the ground, sniffing it. "I refuse to sound smart! It is too much like lame people of my lame universe. But I was better than them, I was more edjumacated at magic, because I'm the best. But they were too smart and boring to be fun with magic. Magic school sucked 'No creating parallel universes' they said 'It can kill you' they said, 'The amount of power required for such a feat would be of epic proportions and could kill the user and the known world'. Feh! But here I am now! I am the best of the best! I refuse to be a lame smart person of smartness. I am much too awesome for such nonsense!!!!" His voice had risen dramatically during his whole rant.

    He then took a bite out of the mushroom, then his pupils shrank to the size of a period. He twitched and spasmed, "No, the horror!" his mouth began to foam, "Tell my family I.......hate them!" he cried out dramatically. Then he stopped, wiping the cool whip from his mouth "False alarm!" He then pulled out a cookie from his pocket and put cool whip all around it the top edge of it, and a bit at the bottom as well, resembling hair and a beard. "I shall call you...Frank". He hugged the cookie tightly, getting cool whip all over his black shirt.

    He then looked at the girl "Now Somebody, shut your smart questions and do some awesome stuff!" He licked Frank for a moment "Oh Frank, why must you be so delicious!!!"
  10. (im sure more people will join! Ti awesome :D)

    Zara closed her eyes and listened attentively. Then he began discussing his own universe. It sounded like he hated where he came from as well. Then he jumped to the subject of magic...Magic.

    Where Zara came from, magic wad whispered about. Never practiced, never even heard of in some parts. One of Zara's first targets was said to have possessed magical skill, something unheard of in her world. It seemed obvious thast those secrets and abilities were the reason he was wanted dead, but Zara never asked questions. She just did her job. She did however research into the rare matter beforehand.
    Magic. The parrell opposite of science and reality. Something that broke boundaries of nature, one example being someone who turned thread into gold. She wanted to ask him if the world they were in was completely made up with magic and appatently... "Awesomeness" But Wane didn't want to answers questions and besides... He wouldn't be much help anyway.

    Somebody? Zara almost flew her hand back to grab Punishment, but decided that itt wad better than woman or wench. She smirked and raised an eyebrow. Do something awesome?... Alright. While she was here she should play the game. She walked over to the large glistening lake. She had wanted to experiment with her Energy Controlling skills anyway. She took a deep breath. If she was right about this world... This would work. She took a deep breath, kneeled down and brushed theop of the fingertips. The blue became a dazzling crimson. She whiped out Punishment and throw the whip to the right. The lake lept up and followed with it. She threw it to the left and like before the red lake surged up and followed it. The power around the lake was stronger. It gurgled and bubbled and a strong wind around the area picked up. She was only getting started.
    She de-activated Punishment and throw the hilt to the middle of the lake. The energy burst into even more life. It swam and jumped towards the hilt. The energy got sucked in and absorbed until where the lake was a dried up patch with Punishment floating in mid-air, a deadly aura buzzing around it..Slowly she turned to face the boy Wane, who she had actually forgotten about. A killer smile crept onto her lips, " I wont say this again, Wane Moonscar." She brought her hand up, index finger and thumb not even inches away, "Nobody. Zara Nobody." Then that smile became one if the most chilling grins known in history. Shark like teeth, narrow eyes... The grin for the ones who had no hope. Then she clicked her fingers.

    A HUGE flash if red energy exploded from the hilt. The wind roared and tore at her back, but she stayed perfectly still, her hair only moving every so slightly. The red began to become blue has it rushed back into it's home, coughing up a volcano if white foam has it did so, "Tell me..Was that awesome enough for you?"
  11. Wane whistled "Impressive S-Nobody" he grinned, knowing full well he made a very slight mistake and that he could easily blow a fuse on this dangerous woman by saying the wrong thing, but he reveled in pushing the limits. It was a game of danger, and he had an interesting enemy should she become one. "I deem you worthy of awesomeness, I approve Nobody" he gave another goofy grin, he looked at Frank, took a bite out of him, then ate the whole cookie. Seeing what he had done, Wane fell to his knees. "No!!!! Why must you be so tasty!!!"

    Wane teleported to the giant rock, and with the chainsaw launcher he pulled out of his cloak he fired successive amounts of roaring chainsaws and the stone, chiseling letters onto its surface until it read "RIP Frank". "Come Zara, mourn the loss of Frank with me, then we shall continue our battle of epic proportions." Of course, he didn't actually intend a battle to the death, or not even a battle. Just some form of awesomeness to do in this world. He continued to kneel before the rock crying overly dramatic tears at the loss of the cookie Frank.
  12. Name: Aiden Hart
    personality: calm collected but has some serious anger issues. You don't want to make him mad. a walking contradiction.

    Appearance: Cropped brown hair green eyes. light brown skin. usually wears a green cloak. and black pants.

    Weapon of choice: Imagination. Can create things with his mind at the speed of thought. But cant imagine something to die if it has the will to live.

    Aiden opened the door he had willed to materialize in front of him. "Take me somewhere new." He said to it. And walked through.
    He came out on a grassy knoll. and saw a man and a women.
    Aiden watched as the man and women fought. At least from his point of view it appeared to be fighting. "Hehehe a fight." he muttered to himself. This looks like it could be fun. He stood back and observed. Trying to stay out of sight.
  13. A silly person appeared on his grassy world and thought he had not noticed him, "Hello there person, you thought you had slipped my vision" He didn't even turn to look at him for a few seconds until finally he rotated his body eerily. "Welcome, I see you have joined me and Nobody."
    He grinned, this ought to be fun now with another person as well.
  14. Name: Yuki Haru

    Age: 16

    Personality: Silent, reserved, calm, cool, clever, leader, gets dragged into thing often, blunt, honest, low self esteem, admired, nick name is The ice prince,

    Appearance: http://media.animegalleries.net/albums/media/133/fb_yuki002.jpg?=123

    Weapon of choice: A garden spade.

    Other: http://fruitsbasket.wikia.com/wiki/Yuki_Sohma <<< Adapted from this guy. He annoys his rivals, gets dragged into things by his friends, and neglected by his family. This has made him fed up of life and... bored.

    Yuki didn't realize he was in another universe for a while, as in both he'd been sitting on a rock staring at grass. It wasn't untill he heard the shouting of silly people he realized he'd been transported. He hot up and wondered towards the voices.
  15. Name: Riley Whatz

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Wears a brown crop top and green shorts and a cape of black she has multiple belts and straps on her body.

    Personality: Childish, :3 Hot headed, easily confused, but that is just an act. can know when to pull it together in serious matters

    Weapon of choice: Magic (auras) Or at times a staff that is taller than her it can collect itself and she puts it in a belt on her upper thigh.

    Other: She likes animals

    "Lets kick some ninja butt!" Riley yells. She looks around at her surroundings and looked very confused "Its those ninjas I tell you! LITTLE CHEATERS!!!" She looks around and sees 3 men and a woman. "Thats just wrong" She begins to walk over to the rest of the people
  16. Name: Fiora Ceirai

    Age: 19 4/4

    Appearance: [Link]

    Personality: Childish emotionally, needy, peppy, impulsive.

    Weapon of choice: Spear

    Other: Rides a horsey, woot woot~

    Hearing voices, Fiora spurred on her black tobiano mare, brandishing her spear. "Okay, girl, we might have company. Just do your kicking thing." She grinned.
  17. Yuki turned around to see who was screaming about ninjas. It was some girl about his age, wearing a flowing cape. "Get serious- there are no ninjas here!" At least that's what Yuki thought. He looked around to check, when he noticed an ebony mare...he sprinted away in the other direction (towards the fighting 3). Horses were scary. Really scary. He didn't care who was riding it, he just needed to get away from the horse. "D-don't eat me! It's not cool to eat me!"
  18. Fiora noticed the scared youth running from her and her horse, Nexa, and she laughed. "Nexa won't eat you! She only eats grass and the occasional bug!" Nexa snorted, as if in agreement, and began to gallop faster.
  19. Name:Kat Kitty
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Very pale wearing a little red and black dress (kinda like one you would see Red Ridding Hood wearing) with a hood that has cute little kitty ears. And has short, shaggy brown hair and large blue eyes.
    Personality: Shy, naive, and a little cat like (I'll try anyways)
    Weapon of Choice: A basket of cookies.
    Other: Is a great cook.

    Little Kat looked around confused. Just one moment she was packing up a basket of cookies to deliver, the next she was in a strange garden with screaming people.
    "Uh... Did someone order cookies?" She called out, hiding her face behind her basket.
  20. Zara's head was swirling. To many people were coming into this world. She hated people. She scowled, turned and began to walk away. She just kept walking away from the rest of them. She was on a little path in about five minutes. Where it came from? She had no clue, but as long as she was walkin she didn't give a damn.
    She stopped and then thought back to the display of "awesomeness" she had let Moonscar witness. It came to her that she could control some aspects of the world. Even thought it was technically his world, she could command some weak aspects of it. She looked up to the sky. World domination? It was so silly. A ridiculous notion. She then looked around and gave a smirk. Maybe it would be amusing to be the "villian" of this world. She continued walking... Then she started to chukle... Then she started to laugh. Maybe she could have an army... Maybe that was too over the top. Maybe she could have a castle fortress... Zara stopped, frowned and shook her head, but couldn't stop another smile coming up on her lips.